THE FATHER | Scene at The Academy

THE FATHER: A conversation with director Florian Zeller and actors Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman moderated by Clayton Davis.

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THE FATHER | Scene at The Academy

100+ comentarios:

Thingy 101
Thingy 101:
Hopkins should be winning best actor by a mile imo
Alexandra V.
Alexandra V.:
Anthony has to win the Oscar
Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas:
The change from charming to cruel is chilling.
Charlotte Vale
Charlotte Vale:
The daughter was devastatingly hurt here. The parent knows just what to say that hurts the most — even if they are not in their right minds. 😢
Alexander Ponce
Alexander Ponce:
Anthony that Oscar is yours, don't let go
mus terd
mus terd:
Hopkins and Colman just terrific
aritro bagchi
aritro bagchi:
The screenplay and editing deserves both anthony hopkins and colman deserve the oscar
zeti akhtar mokhtarudin
zeti akhtar mokhtarudin:
Ohhhh i do feel for olivia's character.....absolutely heartbreaking
Ceyda Özdemir
Ceyda Özdemir:
if olivia colman doesn’t get that best supporting actress in oscar, i’ll be so pissed of. she’s the best in all nominees
The Cinematic Mind
The Cinematic Mind:
Best Actor
Best Adapted Screenplay
Academy Awards 2021
PhdOf Nonsense
PhdOf Nonsense:
It is scarry to imagine that 2/3 of somebody's life could be poisoned by the relative on the war with dementia.
Catherine Jackson
Catherine Jackson:
My mum has been in residential care for 8 months now ,we cant visit because of covid restrictions,we can ring my mum I'm trying hard to understand that while my mum dosent know what year it is she knows my voice on the phone she knows which one of her 3 daughters I am.
El Diego
El Diego:
The performance of Anthony Hopkins was so amazing, si powerfull, so painfull, so Beatiful, i mean he deserves the oscar by far.
Neha Thomas
Neha Thomas:
Wow, the Oscars actually gave the award to Anthony Hopkins. I thought Chadwick was going to win but this was well deserved.
Vihan Tagra
Vihan Tagra:
Sir Hopkins and Olivia are such brilliant actors. This movie is the proof. Worth a watch
Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas:
Olivia's face when she realises he wants her to pour the drinks. 😁
richard gornalle
richard gornalle:
Olivia Colman is wonderful and simply superb. He, of course, is brilliant and deserves his Oscar.
Pr Sam
Pr Sam:
This entire scene feels like I'm peeping into my neighbors window... soo realistic..
Frida Lizine
Frida Lizine:
I'm not sure if I ever was scared to watch a film but I'm already sure I'll be an emotional wreck afterwards
Glenda Connolly
Glenda Connolly:
OMG What a performance.Anthony Hopkins draws you into the mind of such a tragic character's experience of severe dementia.What is real & what is not...
I just finished and blew my mind... What a strong script and editing. what a fantastic jaw dropping performance from Hopkins and Colman. absolutely amazing Fantastic movie. Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
zita nawn
zita nawn:
Pure British ROYALTY acting veterans who openly bare their souls in this MASTERPIECE! Nobody beats the British once again in the movie arena.
shara7 mala7
shara7 mala7:
capitano moe
capitano moe:
Sir Anthony done it again ladies and gentlemen
Just Alex
Just Alex:
I hope you win in Oscar deserved it ❤️
Watching Anthony Hopkins for even a few moments is a master class in acting. Every moment is riveting. The best of the best.
Antonio freitas
Antonio freitas:
No doubts about the Sir Anthony is a Legend in Cinema... He deserves this OSCAR 🎦👏👏👏👏CONGRATULATIONS
Eunicito Barreno
Eunicito Barreno:
Hopkins and Colman will win the Oscar!
Ivan Gentolizo
Ivan Gentolizo:
acting masterclass.
Sophie Waghorn
Sophie Waghorn:
I really want to see this film!! Such a great cast. I wish them all the best at the oscars this year.
Namrata Das
Namrata Das:
Anthony Hopkins deserve the Oscar. His terrific performance is the proof, nothing but pure brilliance, this is what we call a legend.
David Oldham
David Oldham:
From one Welshman to another congratulations Sir Anthony yet another oscar and rightfully deserved now for the hatrick plenty of time for you yet 👍
J Carson
J Carson:
I’ve seen a number of the nominees and I have to say this rose above the rest! Amazing! I want to see it again.
Robert Jasso
Robert Jasso:
I watched the entire film. A tour de force, Anthony Hopkins nuanced performance had me on the edge of my seat... the cracks appearing his ability to cope had me anticipating Hannibal Lector may ooze from out of the fissures.
patris lemair
patris lemair:
this really makes it easy to say goodbye
Zamir Tarmu
Zamir Tarmu:
Hopkins is incredible but Olivia captured my heart. I have to laugh at myself of course but wow, such powerful incredible people here. A terrific interview, all four of you. Olivia you are a force
Jie Tong
Jie Tong:
Fantastic! Can't wait to see this! Read the director's books when they first came to the UK, has been following his work since. His plays shown in London are great also. Such a talent!
Sukay Smith
Sukay Smith:
im taking care of my dad hes in his 90s its a very hard job....he is just like the character here and me....exactly the same
Natalie M
Natalie M:
I can really relate to this.
Grainne Gowen
Grainne Gowen:
He thourougly deserved the Oscar no question but my heart was with Chadwick Boseman 🥺🥺🥺
C M:
Living through my father's decline with Parkinson's was so so difficult, and the worst part in the end the normal vocal, animated charismatic personality is trapped in the shell of the body that once could.
Knowing of that trapped spirit and intellect and artistic talent and just plain voice is crushing. Thank you for this beautiful work of art and thank you for this Masterpiece of Human experience. Bless you, all.
Anisha Roy
Anisha Roy:
I will be devastated if Anthony Hopkins doesn't win an Oscar for this. He has to. There is no other option.
Sonia Colletto
Sonia Colletto:
Anthony, you have been my favorite actor for many years. You are simply great
Nicole Song
Nicole Song:
I’d be really happy if he does win, or if this film wins anything.
Rondalyn Reynolds
Rondalyn Reynolds:
Haven't seen the movie yet but this scene mimics real life too well.
Lauren LaStrada
Lauren LaStrada:
Academy, please understand that by giving the Oscar to Chadwick Boseman out of sentimentality, you're not honoring him, you are disrespecting his legacy. You wouldn't want your tombstone to say that you invented or discovered something that you didn't because that would be undeserving and disrespectful to your first and foremost. There are plenty of other ways to honor Chadwick, and he will forever live in our hearts as one of the greatest actors of all time. But this year it is Sir Anthony Hopkins who gave the best Lead Actor performance and Chadwick would be the first to graciously admit that himself if he were alive now and were able to see the magnificent film that The Father was. Please don't let the great 90+ year old tradition of rewarding the best achievements in movie history fail on April 25th. Do the right thing. Do the noble thing. That's what Chadwick would want you to do, too.
Carry Hall
Carry Hall:
Bizzarly have just had a similar experience with my 90 year old mother who is very ill with a heart condition. The mind is a organ of can never tell when it will change and engolf into a life altering situation.
Nicole Song
Nicole Song:
So popular a clip..... good good. Love these actors and this movie.
Maria Guzman
Maria Guzman:
That was intense!
Bill Blinky
Bill Blinky:
Thank you very much for making this available to me. It was such a pleasure watching, listening & learning. Well done!
Sunil George
Sunil George:
Just wow! Brilliant duo!
Anne MC Garry
Anne MC Garry:
Love to see this film love Anthony And Olivia brilliant actors ❤️☘️🌼👍
Delight Loves Movies
Delight Loves Movies:
Anthony Hopkins is sublime.
Sally Martin
Sally Martin:
Looking foreward's To watching. Congratulations
Vaibhav Kumbhar
Vaibhav Kumbhar:
Great Acting
Great Screenplay!
Adina Adi
Adina Adi:
For my father., too......Sir Anthony Hopkins is a huge, a great actor. But with this movie, he is so into the reality of many of us.... I thamk him fot that.
A C Gilbert
A C Gilbert:
It's been a couple weeks since Oscars.
I'm happy for Sir Phillip Anthony's record winning best actor win.
Immediately cries of a 'snub' to Chadwick Boseman. He was not snubbed. He was one of 5 performances honored. A majority of Academy voters chose Hopkins performance. Each actor is still honored. Yes, Bozeman won most of the awards leading up to Oscars but there have been 'upsets' before & will again. I liked the distribution of awards in the female category, it looked like Frances early on for every award but each actress had individual wins. ( Frances happened to be my choice)
Anyway, Boseman left a short but memorable collection of performances and was honored many times, he will continue to be a source of pride whether he 'won' one more or less award. All 5 actors were the chosen & nominated and that in itself is wonderful recognition for each actor.
Yaroslav Vdovenko
Yaroslav Vdovenko:
It's a so genius and heart breaking movie😍
Primmy Ruth
Primmy Ruth:
I believe Hopkins should get the Oscar. His performance was way better than the others.
adrian mott
adrian mott:
No doubt!
Lissa T
Lissa T:
Brought to tears.......
ubk werhe
ubk werhe:
very nice conversation
Magaret Hu
Magaret Hu:
So great film!I watched three times!
Belle Chalmers
Belle Chalmers:
Great interview . Thank you .
Manuela Leal
Manuela Leal:
Jim Henning
Jim Henning:
nahid poladi
nahid poladi:
Excellent quality
Ratheesh Mani
Ratheesh Mani:
Who is here after “Anthony Hopkins won the best actor “
Tom Tyrone Beiron
Tom Tyrone Beiron:
Should have been dedicated to all the families who had to endure a similar character in their lives, an elderly family member who is animated and charming towards strangers and others, and intolerably abusive in very manipulative and subtle ways to their own family members acting as caregivers. On the other hand, in a perspective study, this film allows us to explore what one and the other genuinely feels about being treated as such: 'heartless and manipulative'. 🤷🏻‍♂️
So you'd rather take a way an Oscar from someone who has given, presumably, one of the BEST performances ever given and hand it over to someone who has done a good job but passed away? That's how it works? Sentiments? Well how about you honor Anthony Hopkins for the fact that he played this character when he himself is 83! Do you have any idea how difficult that must have been, to explore the frailty of that character when they're the same age? How painful it must have been to embody those emotions and put your own mortality into questioning? HONOR THE MAN ALREADY!!!!!
Em Es
Em Es:
I've been waiting for this movie to come out since I first heard about it. Movie theaters are closed, right? So where will it be released? Netflix? Amazon? Youtube? I can't find it anywhere. Could someone tell me where I can watch this?
As an alcoholic I wonder what Anthony Hopkins was given in his glass instead of whisky? 🥃
Original beauty
nahid poladi
nahid poladi:
Mud Piez
Mud Piez:
Amogh Jadhav
Amogh Jadhav:
I really wanted Riz Ahmed or Mads mikklesen to win Oscar this time....two of my favourite actors....but I don't think it's possible it?
carla bessa
carla bessa:
Anthony Hopkins deserves the Oscar
Andreia Modesto
Andreia Modesto:
amy clarke
amy clarke:
got to c it
D Grant
D Grant:
For all these people praising Hopkins, did you all watch Ma Rainey's Black Bottom? Hopkins is a great actor! BUT Boseman really had to come out of himself for that role where as I feel Hopkins does a great job playing the same character in different situations. I worry too many people assume that is how Black people already act (which is false at least now) and don't realize how much work it takes to change your entire way of speaking then to even completely switch personas in the movie and showing the ptsd in that character... Just my personal feelings. I love Hopkins and had Boseman not been in the category I would've wanted him to win.
Adam dahr
Adam dahr:
i love sir Anthony Hopkins
I was a tap dancer
Antoine Martin
Antoine Martin:
Acting lesson
Mephisto Lestat.Morgan
Mephisto Lestat.Morgan:
This interviewer sounds like a peasant.
Cancel Disney
Cancel Disney:
“Don't try to ruin my life with lies when yours can be ruined with the truth." - Gina Carano
The Oscars are going to lose more points in ratings if they continue to let it be a stage for political opinions.
Take a lesson from sports, whom also dropped in ratings.
Preaching to the public doesn’t work for us. Just stop. Please.
The bellends in the comments thinking they’re actually doing something 🤡🤡🤡
Toffee Lover
Toffee Lover:
Amazing movie, frightening for those of us living with a loved one suffering from this devastating disease...nothing more heartbreaking than to watch your loved on loose all of his memories of a beautiful life.....and to lose the ability to feel empathy or to get excited about events, hear things, hide things, it’s just horrible. All of you that protested as he is just an old whites man, need to educate grace, , support each and every nominee, just as in the days of glamour, that was why the Oscars came to the glamor days the reaction would not be like this. YOU ARE ALL BEHAVING LIKE TRUMP DID WHEN JOE WON...OH NO, ITS FAKE..THATS WHAT YOU ARE DOING...SHOW CLASS.... I DISAGREE WITH THE DIRECTOR WHEN HE SAYS IT IS NOT ABOUT DEMENTIA.........BUT IT IS.,.,,,,,THATS WHAT CAUSES THESE PEOPLE....MY HUSBAND....TO BEHAVE LIKE THIS AS THEIR BRAIN IS ACTUALLY SHRINKING.......THATS WHAT CAUSES AND DETERMINES THE PROGRESSION IT WILL TAKE.......,BUT OF COURSE, ITS THE LOVE.....I FELT HER EVERY TEAR, EVERY THOUGHT, HER HEART BRING TORN APART.....SHE WAS AMAZING.......I DONT THINK THIS MOVIE WAS PROMOTED AS IT SHOUKD HAVE BEEN, ALL OF US, CAREGIVERS, ENTIRE FAMILIES STRUGGLE DAILY.....OUR WORLDS CLOSE AROUND US, OUR LIFE IS AT A STANDSTILL........TO REALIZE NO MORE DRIVING TRIOS THROUGH Fence, or going to lake Garda. or Christmas or birthdays or Valentines, they no longer hold’s a disease people don’t understand, just put it off to old age....not understanding that the brain in actually shrinking...,horrible.
betoh finger
betoh finger:
“Don’t try to ruin my life with lies when yours can be ruined with the truth.” - Gina Carano #FireKathleenKennedy
West Kagle
West Kagle:
“Don’t try to ruin my life with lies when yours can be ruined with the truth.” - Gina Carano #FireKathleenKennedy
“Fade In“

„I’m Not The Only One That’s Ever Been Bullied By This Company”- Gina Carano
#FireKathleenKennedy #WeLoveGinaCarano #CancelDisnwyPlus
Robert Rehfeld
Robert Rehfeld:
“Don’t try to ruin my life with lies when yours can be ruined with the truth.” - Gina Carano #firekathleenkennedy #weloveginacarano
ViAr ACh
ViAr ACh:
Sir Hopkins and Olivia Colman should win their respective categories.
“Don’t try to ruin my life with lies when yours can be ruined with the truth.” - Gina Carano #FireKathleenKennedy #WeLoveGinaCarano
Gregory W
Gregory W:
Waiting 2 weeks and then flooding your page with dozens of vids at once won’t silence us. It doesn’t make Kathleen Kennedy any less hypocritical or lessen our demand for justice. #firekathleenkennedy #istandwithginacarano .
Concerned Gamer
Concerned Gamer:
“Don’t try to ruin my life with lies when yours can be ruined with the truth.” - Gina Carano #FireKathleenKennedy #WeLoveGinaCarano
News Redos
News Redos:
"Fade in" why were all comments and dislikes removed from Kathleen Kennedy video? The Oscar's helps support the destruction of strong women actors careers. #firekathleenkennedy #weloveginacarano #cancelDisney+