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Marie Skłodowska Curie’s revolutionary research laid the groundwork for our understanding of physics and chemistry, blazing trails in oncology, technology, medicine, and nuclear physics, to name a few. But what did she actually do? Shohini Ghose expounds on some of Marie Skłodowska Curie’s most revolutionary discoveries.

Lesson by Shohini Ghose, animation by Anna Nowakowska.

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Pınar Eser
Pınar Eser:
i agree marie curie should be a role model for women, but pierre curie also should be a role model for men. he stand against people for his wife to win the prize with him.
Yoshi Yoshi
Yoshi Yoshi:
"he shared his lab and his heart with her" give me a partner like that
Tooba Shaikh
Tooba Shaikh:
I guess you could say that Pierre and Marie had chemistry between them xD
Tanu’s Miraculous Corner
Tanu’s Miraculous Corner:
Girls, forget the guys from movies. You need a Pierre Curie. Period.
Kid Peligro
Kid Peligro:
I also give props to her husband, he did not let the social mindset of his time deprive his beloved of the honor she deserves. He truly loved and had high regard of her.
"surviving largely on bread and tea and sometimes fainting from near starvation"

I see college students haven't changed over the centuries.
Marie Curie is amazing but what amazes me more is that she had worked with radioactive substances without any protection for half of her life but none of her children had radiation disease and she had lived quite a long life. That's a miracle
Women don’t need Prince Charming we need a Perrie Curie.
Who can open his heart, lab and fight for our right.
Giulia Vigoriti
Giulia Vigoriti:
now imagine if women had always been granted access to education
Meladora's Creations for Crochet
Meladora's Creations for Crochet:
When you mentioned that her coffin had a lead lining, it made we wonder "how and why does Iron block radiation?" Could you please do a video on that?
Jake Sklodowski
Jake Sklodowski:
Cool little fact, Marie Curie is my great great great great great great Aunt, I of course have her maiden name, back then ladies name had certain letters replaced, Hence Sklodowska, as opposed to Sklodowski, which is my last name.
charlie jazzy
charlie jazzy:
props to my ideal guy, pierre curie, for not only being a smart chad but also defending and giving his wife credit for both of their findings. get yourselves a man like pierre curie, ladies/lads!
Md. Tawhidul Islam
Md. Tawhidul Islam:
Random country wins 4 or 5 Nobel prizes.
Curie family alone wins five Nobel prizes.
Gulien Ithilmir
Gulien Ithilmir:
She was and always will be a role model for many, many Polish girls and women- as shealways was and is for me :) Her persistance, strong will and endless curiosity is a goal to reach for!
Bubbly Mochi
Bubbly Mochi:
It’s so nice that she married such a good man that would allow her accomplishments to be recognized. What a power couple.
Cinéma "Liberté":
Few mistakes.
0:35 Marie couldn't study because she couldn't afford it in first place. She worked in occupied Poland to pay for her sister education in Paris. Even wealthy Poles didn't want to study at Russian Imperial University (Russian language, Russian professors and students). This was due to boycott of the university by Polish students
Why you didn't mention that part of her life? - "She taught country children to read, write and count; This activity was forbidden and severely punished by the Russian authorities."
0:45 Flying University - The purpose of this was to provide Polish youth with an opportunity for an education within the framework of traditional Polish scholarship, when that collided with the ideology of the Russian authorities.
It means that it was the only higher educational institution that provided education in Polish language by Polish professors in Poland occupied by Russia.
01:19 She returned to Warsaw to visit her family but she was denied a place at Jagiellonian University in Kraków occupied by Austria. And Warsaw is not Kraków ;)
Despite these few minor mistakes you did great job!
Silvercries ofwar
Silvercries ofwar:
Little known fact: Marie Curie was left handed, and her husband and daughter are also thought to be left handed
Damn my Science teacher always admire her work and talk about her during our class
Patmat hub&tom
Patmat hub&tom:
Hey, it would be nice if you included her full name in the title. After she married Pierre she kept her polish surname.
Will Q
Will Q:
1:07 damn college students have been starving themselves forever huh
Minh Khánh
Minh Khánh:
Marie : Physics Nobel Prize and Chemistry Nobel Prize
Pierre : Physics Nobel Prize
Her first daughter : Chemistry Nobel Prize
Her first son in law : Chemistry Nobel Prize
Her second son in law : Peace Nobel Prize
damn, the Curies and the Nobels should really make a wedding
Tamal Banik
Tamal Banik:
Marie curie was a very talented lady
She was the inspiration of all the girls at that time
Grim The Ghastly
Grim The Ghastly:
Can we take a moment to appreciate the deep bond the Curies shared with one another? Couple goals if anything.
Rajni Shukla
Rajni Shukla:
"Shared his heart and lab with her " ♥️
"That Thorium.... "

Nischal Prajapati
Nischal Prajapati:
let's not forget her daughter AND her son-in-law both won nobel prizes too.
Jakub “Lordzik93” Hędrzak
Jakub “Lordzik93” Hędrzak:
this is Maria Skłodowska-Curie. Why everyone forget about her first surname!
Sakina Shabir
Sakina Shabir:
Every woman deserves a husband like Pierre Curie 😊 How supportive he was, during a time when women didn't have as much freedom as they have today 💛
shabrina har
shabrina har:
from what i know, she became a tutor to pay her sister's studies. then after her sister married a doctor in france, they paid for her studies.
Carla Marie
Carla Marie:
I'm glad her husband was so supportive and stood up for her
Abdelaziz habiba
Abdelaziz habiba:
She's the best role model a young scientist could have, male or female. Her sheer perseverance is astounding! She's such an inspiration
>fully botches Maria Skłodowska-Curie's name<
>says perfectly Becquerels name<
Karen Gomez
Karen Gomez:
Pierre also learnt Polish for her a banned language at the moment.
How to trigger all of Poles?
*Marie Curie was a french*
Alicia torres
Alicia torres:
Wow she was amazing!! I wish i could have her talent and mind in science! Science is so difficult to understand and master it!
Neslen B. Fulminar
Neslen B. Fulminar:
and up to date, jake paul still thinks education isn't important
Ellery Rillaine
Ellery Rillaine:
My inspiration and one of my heroes!
a truly remarkable woman! :)
Aimee Strawbridge
Aimee Strawbridge:
Can you do a video about Ernest Rutherford who was first to split the atom.
Night Shade
Night Shade:
Omg I remember her! I did a report in her! She was one of my favorite scientists!
Abi Auman
Abi Auman:
The Curies are such an inspiring team! *Love and Passion together* <3
Abera Cadabra
Abera Cadabra:
Wow, truly inspiring for women in STEM. Bravo!
Nightcore Lab NCL
Nightcore Lab NCL:
No bell prize
Ella Wong
Ella Wong:
"he shared his lab and his heart with her" I see entrapta and hordak from She-Ra or Dracula and Lisa from Castlevania
Kell Bell
Kell Bell:
I love marie curie I have a poster in my room dedicated to her as I have customized it to have her story on it, besides from that I have also made multiple paintings of her❤❤ I dont know why but ever since I was little she was one of my favorite persons I history
Cleinaldo kevine Araújo de lira
Cleinaldo kevine Araújo de lira:
2:19 my agony is to see her holding a radioactive element
So emotional from the perspective of a physics enthusiast 😢
sergio vela
sergio vela:
such a remarkable woman, is it weird if I cried a little bit watching this?
also, she and Pierre are my OTP
She's so undervaluated. It's such a shame.
My entire admiration for her.
JaJar N.
JaJar N.:
1:12 "shares his lab and his heart with her "

A better love story than twilight
That couple rocks! I've always admired they both, they're so inspirational.
That couple rocks! I've always admired they both, they're so inspirational.
Abhilash Dash
Abhilash Dash:
this is a better love story than twilight
Zosia Suszko
Zosia Suszko:
I'm so glad that you included her polish surname in the thumbnail, maybe it's not in the title, but I feel like people start to forget that she was polish.
Imagine if women had access to everything like men at that time.We would be now in 2040
French scientists are really cool :3
The way you butchered her last name “Skłodowska” 😂 loved the video tho!
Her daughter Irene also won a Nobel prize, making Curies family with most Nobel prizes.
1:04 the 1800s equivalent to living off of ramen and energy drinks
Musica Nota
Musica Nota:
Marie Curie always reminds me of my best friend. They both have that 'you can't stop me' vibe.
꧁Twilight UnderSky꧂
꧁Twilight UnderSky꧂:
I love how it tells the story kind of in a boink of an eye ( I mean like a blink of an eye in the video)
L. M.
L. M.:
She’s such an inspiration ❤️
princess peach
princess peach:
Marie Curie is one of the most inspirational women and scientists for me! Especially for her enduring efforts even though it hasn't been always easy for her back in the days.
Thanks for this video!
Surabhi Kumari
Surabhi Kumari:
*I got lost if I was watching an educational or inspirational vedio or a beautiful love story.*
Debitara Dutta
Debitara Dutta:
This animation & background music giving me goosebumps
Ivan Corluka
Ivan Corluka:
"the idea was radical"... badum tssss
Shane Ribaya
Shane Ribaya:
I feel so empowered. Also, i want to find a man like Pierre.
Mira Singh
Mira Singh:
This is my favorite Ted-Ed animation!
John Watson
John Watson:
I do cry a little at the end of this video every time i watch it i have to confess
Hannah Whitby
Hannah Whitby:
this is the first time I've heard someone say oncology that isn't me!! it's my dream job
Carina Mathias
Carina Mathias:
Que mulher incrível!❤❤😏👏👏
Kemo III
Kemo III:
It is sad that our school book, only Henri Becquerel was mentioned and neither Marie Nor Pierre were mentioned when talking about radioactivity.
Y Đình Đặng
Y Đình Đặng:
We have a highschool named after her in Vietnam ❤️ it's 99 years old now.
I’m An Introvert (Quarantine Sucks)
I’m An Introvert (Quarantine Sucks):
I guess that Marie and Pierre’s relationship was chemical love ❤️.
Manab Mukhjerjee
Manab Mukhjerjee:
These types of women are rare and amazing, but nowadays most don't want nerdy guys. That time was different 😕
Catherine 不是Katherine
Catherine 不是Katherine:
A heartfelt applause and bow to you, Madam Currie!
Moni Milenkova
Moni Milenkova:
That sounds interesting. I've just studied something new. Thank you!
Truly, they are AMEY-ZING!
This was an amazing video! I've learnt so much about her life and the animation was perfect
Gwen B
Gwen B:
"Dzielił z nią laboratorium i serce"
Ha, chciałabym by mieli godne laboratorium!
Aria Leen
Aria Leen:
Awwe. After watching big nag theory, I appreciated Madame Curie and her love life more as it inspired the story of Sheldon and Amy.
Aria Leen
Aria Leen:
Awwe. After watching big nag theory, I appreciated Madame Curie and her love life more as it inspired the story of Sheldon and Amy.
Aqsa Younus
Aqsa Younus:
Okay but this made me emotional for some reason like *wipes tears* you amazing sis!
Brian Chappel
Brian Chappel:
This was truly amazing, well done 👍
john samuel
john samuel:
A heartful applause and salute to you mam!👏🙎✋
I love you, Marie Curie! <3 <3 <3
Afia Imtiaz
Afia Imtiaz:
Okay so this has to be my favorite Ted ed video.
Jomar Axel Yambao
Jomar Axel Yambao:
Because of her inspiring story, she became my inspiration to be a Chemist
she's def my favorite chemist and physicist. I look up to her ever since i knew her.
Soufian 27
Soufian 27:
Why is this making me emotional
Wolf Bae
Wolf Bae:
l never knew this much about Marie Curie. What a wonderful woman she was - the first woman Nobel laureate , the only Nobel laureate to have won 2 Nobel prizes in 2 different fields - just WOW!! Thank you so much , Ted-Ed. l love all your videos. Keep on doing the great work. Kudos to you.
Marie Curie is in my science textbook, this is so cool.
Shreya Chopra
Shreya Chopra:
Of all the TED-Ed videos , this one is definitely my favorite. I love Marie Curie and hope to one day be like her.
sneha aggarwal
sneha aggarwal:
As a science student, i found this video really heartwarming and inspiring. Great job Ted Ed!!
Ricki Manda
Ricki Manda:
Her daughter also won the nobel prize in chemistry (for discovering... dunno the english word but when the radiation is not natural but caused artificially). As a second woman in the world.
Adil khan
Adil khan:
One of the greatest secret was atom & Nuclear bombs. Period
Spread Love
Spread Love:
I'm tearing up... Thank you Marie... 💖💖⚗⚗☢☢
Aryan Shukla
Aryan Shukla:
Ma'am you're such a great Inspiration..
Tyra Tutt
Tyra Tutt:
this video made me feel so confidant
"These benifits to humanity may have come at high personal costs..."

A True Legend

Edit: no one still noticed that I misspelled benefits, except everyone was just blowing my prof pic