The incredible story of Ansu Fati, FC Barcelona's biggest talent | Oh My Goal

Ansu Fati is an exceptional player, and Ansu Fati has just become the youngest scorer in the history of the Spanish national team by scoring against Ukraine! But Ansu Fati encountered some difficulties before reaching the top. Learn the story of the greatest prodigy of Spanish football, Ansu Fati!


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100+ comentarios:

Fati: **Is Barcelona’s biggest talent since Messi**

Messi: _you make me so proud_
Mark Akoury
Mark Akoury:
It's like fati's injury at 13 actually made him stronger
Messi Is GOAT
Messi Is GOAT:
Just watch Bartomeu trade him for Lingard
HJ 99
HJ 99:
He will be big for not only Barca but also Spain, hopefully Bartomeu doesn't come up with some stupid way of selling him!
Muzammil Ahamed
Muzammil Ahamed:
Our Academy is full of talented youngsters. They got selled most time. However, Bartomeu's little freaky stupid brain doesn't tell him to sell this Superb kid makes me happy
Shamit Siddique
Shamit Siddique:
No one:
Literally no one:
Bartomeu: Lets swap Ansu Fati with Ibrahimovic..
Me: hears Ansu speak in spanish for the first time

Me: what, is that Messi? Lmao
Gamer 2.0
Gamer 2.0:
This guy is two years older than me. What have I done with my life
Sach Pavasiya
Sach Pavasiya:
According to oh my goal all Barcelona players came close to sign for Real Madrid
Mohamed Mahmoud
Mohamed Mahmoud:
See what happens when you dont call a young talent the next messi or cr7, saying that puts too much pressure on a young player
Rueben Maraj
Rueben Maraj:
Ramos would rather have him on his team right now than hazard
KabOOM!! Animations
KabOOM!! Animations:
Imagine him in the left wing
Lautaro as the striker
Messi , Trincao , Dembele sharing the right wing and
Coutinhio / Messi as attacking midfielders.
Shree Desai
Shree Desai:
He is so lucky that his family supported him.
Omg no one has said first I think I am in heaven lol
Kanchan Hande
Kanchan Hande:
Oh my goal: The incredible story of ansu fati


Me: Then shouldn't it be posted on Oh My Goal - Soccer Stories
Die hard Real Madrid fan, but I can say this kid is special after seeing him play. I wish him the best. He’s humble as they come.
Vedanth Nair
Vedanth Nair:
Will there ever be a footballer who actually sounds how he looks
Oh My Football
Oh My Football:
When Xavi was coming to barcelona....
Bartomeou : It is time sign ibrahimovic in a swap deal for ansu and 70 million.
Xavi:What?Ibrahimovic is 39.
Board:That is what makes it better.
Mohammad Misbah
Mohammad Misbah:
Last time i was this early gigi used to play for FC Pompei
Mark Akoury
Mark Akoury:
Barcelona's next big talent
Messi TV
Messi TV:
Bartameou after watching this:- WOW What A talent and Now just Transfer him for Zlatan
If he actually becomes like a new messi this will be historic
Fifa Mobile with Stegen
Fifa Mobile with Stegen:
i didnt even know our legendary Goalkeeper Victor Valdes was some sort of coach
I eat penis because
I eat penis because:
There have been a lot of these "best players" and "great talents" that failed. Let him play a few more years and let's see in what category he falls
He really inspires me even though I am of his same age and I really want him to become the best player and would like to take him over from messi the reigns of barac's best player ever
Fifa Mobile with Stegen
Fifa Mobile with Stegen:
i wonder what other records will this youngster break!! and i hope he gets a Ballandor when he is 21+ just like Messis first one :)
David Dumitrică
David Dumitrică:
I really really hope that in the future he doesn't end in OMGoal's Series of "What Happened to the __ Messi?!"
He is truly amazing and if he keeps his feet on the ground hes gonna 💯↗
I eat penis because
I eat penis because:
Well, until he leaves Messi is still Barça's greatest talent
We have a new era of goat coming up❤️
Ramesh Sathe
Ramesh Sathe:
Only fear is, bartomeu exchange him for a deal who is 30+
MT10 Creations
MT10 Creations:
I request ohmygoal to make whatsapp chat 😭😭
Omkar Gavandi
Omkar Gavandi:
Omg I beg to you that if he does not perform well this season then do not post a video saying "What the hell happened to Ansu Fati?"
ambesh karanjit
ambesh karanjit:
Ansu Fati 🔥🔥 he's the next big thing 💎❤️❤️
Cant wait to see cid about what the hell happen to anau fati in the future ovverated player🤫
Yanto Mahadi
Yanto Mahadi:
Stay focus young man, the future is bright and hopefully i will have the privilege to see it. God bless
Never ever
Never ever:
Ansu fati = barcas new hope
Bartomeu: trade deal for higuain
Gamerx - GP107HD
Gamerx - GP107HD:
Don't forget Riqui Puig ( the Iniesta )
Kornard Jr (the Pedro) , iñaki peña ( The ter stegen) , Araujo ( The Pique)
All of them are generational talents
Yung NJ2 gamer
Yung NJ2 gamer:
Man I hate people who flex for being early!
Bhavya Shah
Bhavya Shah:
Well let's hope he doesn't end up like others being called' The New Messi'
If he wants to shine there is only one way
"Bartemou out'
Best of luck ansu 🔥🔥⚡️⚡️
XD Daantje
XD Daantje:
@omygoal talk about what means the 5 stand form chelsea
faiza jahan
faiza jahan:
Me:Reads the title “The incredible story of Ansu Fati” *Chills*

Also me:Reads “FC barcelona's biggest talent” *Is Messi a joke to you?* 😡

A.Fati is a young talent,no doubt.But but stop calling everyone next Messi.There is only one Lionel Messi🐐⚽
Valentino 7gad
Valentino 7gad:
Oh my goal /god 17 mins ago 51 comments 201 likes 1.2k views😥💯
Mithlesh Pandey
Mithlesh Pandey:
I have never been so early!
momogray 48
momogray 48:
Ansu fati barcas greatest talent?? Wrong👌 future greatest talent, Right👍
Avela Luckazzet
Avela Luckazzet:
At the beginning what track is that from?
Jorge Saenz
Jorge Saenz:
imagine if he never got injured
Salman Butt
Salman Butt:
Ansu Fati is the best barca talent
This is my favorite soccer player
voicer lab
voicer lab:
And here I am at age of 23 laying in bed and watching the video
Fabstiger YT
Fabstiger YT:
Lol Im first and I don’t to be first
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf:
Riqui Puig: Am i a joke to u?
tymoorlabib Miah
tymoorlabib Miah:
Mohammed Nadir
Mohammed Nadir:
Do a video on why Van Basten retired so early. Pleaseeee
Owen Drugan
Owen Drugan:
What is the name of this song does anybody know? 4:23 - 4:43
Karthik Sabareesh
Karthik Sabareesh:
Bruh he's just gonna be like 2005-2008 Kobe. Amazing player in a shit team. It's sad. Unless major changes happen fast and Barca go through what is a post Messi rebuild ina historic pace, that's what's gonna happen.
Donald Edwards
Donald Edwards:
Football 4ever
Football 4ever:
Premier league predictions:

Man United
diego martin migliore
diego martin migliore:
Parece un Messi Español con esa voz jaja
fati will probably become the best football player in the future
Viral Mobile legends Highlights
Viral Mobile legends Highlights:
To the 1% of the people who are reading this comment,
You will live a healthy and a happy life from today
Shuraik Kader
Shuraik Kader:
1st view
Tekkz Football
Tekkz Football:
Omg: andu fati, the greatest talent in barca

Messi: am i a joke to you
Messi:Am i a joke to you?
Wanted Outlaw AM
Wanted Outlaw AM:
I hope he stays in Barca and hopefully one day he will be one of the best players in the world . I am praying that he won’t chose money and join PSG like Neymar
Funny how you didn´t mention that he was rejected by Sporting Lisbon
Afraz Arshad37
Afraz Arshad37:
Bartameo will sell him if he’s not stopped😂. Bartemoeo out
Hunor Csenteri
Hunor Csenteri:
That thumbnail is such photoshop
Natanel Ezra
Natanel Ezra:
With respect to Fati, Puig is Barca's most talented youngster
Patrick Opisa
Patrick Opisa:
Is it me or does he sound alot lik Messi
Brain Brown
Brain Brown:
I heard he got injuries Again
Vinicius who?
noob yes
noob yes:
Shouldve been 17 years and 309 days
Obaid alblushi
Obaid alblushi:
He is a young prospect
Tobey Maguire
Tobey Maguire:
Just in: Barca are doing 50 mill+ fati for ozil
Mickey Maus
Mickey Maus:
Next Transfer window: Barcelona sell Fati and get an over 30 Player in return
Prince Abraham
Prince Abraham:
Riqui Puig would be the next star and he could easily do the role of Great Iniesta. Mark my words...
Prabesh Tripathi
Prabesh Tripathi:
What about kaka can you tell me 🤔🤔
Red Pill X X
Red Pill X X:
Victor Valdes is aging well
Leo Messi
Leo Messi:
I am too early I don’t now what to comment
sazzad sheikh
sazzad sheikh:
I m watching first... Big fan of ur videos
Roy Varghese
Roy Varghese:
i wanna be like ansu for my country
Ababalwe Maseti
Ababalwe Maseti:
The New Pele
Under Rate
Under Rate:
anyone not talking about saul their most expensove player not in the spain team
Biggest Talent ?
devil heart
devil heart:
I thought it was Messi speaking if I don’t see Fati’s face
big chips
big chips:
next neymar?
The one person who disliked is Ansu fatis enemy from elementary school
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
What a player
Noah Asmar
Noah Asmar:
Best teenager
Task Force
Task Force:
Man United wanted our young prodigy for €120 Million but no thanks to Bartomeu who didn't sell him and now he's said to be the replacement of Messi.
Ansu fati sounds like Messi 0:01
I am early yay
Jesse Ordonez
Jesse Ordonez:
He's good. But he's no Messi. Still have a long way to go to prove himself.
Syed Faiq
Syed Faiq:
Who thinks he speak like Leo Messi!
Rìtvîk Pãthäk
Rìtvîk Pãthäk:
Bartomeau sells ansu fati for buffon to play buffon on wing.
Dead Pool
Dead Pool:
Bartomeu is a

Hes a future star for sure
Elo Ukatu
Elo Ukatu:
Very early once more😛
Muhammed IRFAN
Muhammed IRFAN:
Bartemeou is looking to sign Buffon on swap deal with Ansu..