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Battling internet bullying and dealing with thousands of negative comments daily, Lele feels the weight of the world on her shoulders while she deals with a hectic schedule, music demands and faces heartbreak in her homeland of Venezuela. Overcoming criticism and backlash, Lele prioritizes her humanitarian efforts over hate while taking center stage in a global crisis.

If you or someone you know needs help, visit STOMP Out Bullying for resources & support:

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Lele Pons
Lele Pons:
This was the hardest one yet. Thank you for watching. I'll see you next Tuesday for the finale of The Secret Life of Lele Pons. Don't forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!
I absolutely LOVE how Lele is opening up to us, she's such an inspiration
Tanner Bonesteel
Tanner Bonesteel:
She wouldn’t have survived 2 minutes in a BO2 lobby
Madison gunn
Madison gunn:
Everyone who talking about you isnt talking about your race. There talking about the type of content you make

I always thought you seemed like a decent enough person until you brought race into a situation where race has literally nothing to do with it
Orlando gonzales
Orlando gonzales:
Lele pons is the embodiment of Loud equals funny
Chad 69 nice hill
Chad 69 nice hill:
I think the title was the only genuine part of the video
x _*KaseyP*_ x
x _*KaseyP*_ x:
The internet has got so toxic, I’m honestly disgusted, she is a human being and such a inspiration to me! Stay strong Lele we love you 💖💖
The Real Fusion
The Real Fusion:
Maybe make better content, the internet doesn’t like u because the content u make is for 7-8 yr olds and that’s like 0.06% make better content
Dan the one And only
Dan the one And only:
To be honest I laughed more at the comments in this video in the comments displayed in this video then actual Lele Pons content
kibata C:
kibata C::
she wouldn’t even last 40 seconds in kitchen nightmares.
The Eggman
The Eggman:
Things about the internet: It’s ruthless. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. That’s just how it is.

Death threats ain’t constructive criticism. Meanwhile, if you’re consistently told “loud doesn’t equal funny,” “pulling a weird and quirky face doesn’t equal funny.” Evaluate that. Improve and make yourself better for a wider audience.
Crying over criticism is petty.

Again, humor is subjective. This is just my thoughts.
Sz Hk
Sz Hk:
Imagine how many influencers are going through something like this but never gonna find the courage to talk about it ..
DB Shepard
DB Shepard:
I honestly don’t think anyone was making fun of your race. People just don’t like the content you make anymore. Please don’t bring up the race thing when it wasn’t even being talked about.
Phoed Marrow
Phoed Marrow:
Lele pons is literally gabby embodied as a latino who isn’t funny
“The Internet hates me.” So i’m gonna make a series about how troubled I am and have ads shoved down peoples throats every time they open up youtube.
Aww is she a little uncomfy because us gen z realized what she was posting when we were 12
Ompaloompa Lookin Lady
Ompaloompa Lookin Lady:
I don’t understand how people can say such terrible things about her. She is human, just like the rest of us. The suicide comments are unbelievable. I don’t have OCD, or Tourette’s, or Tics but I do have Trichotillomania, and get made fun of everyday. I completely understand how she feels. It was a trend at my school to say hurtful things to me, and the people who hung out with me. Lele is beautiful, funny, supportive, and she goes out there, puts herself on the internet, she opens up to us. But people still want to say these things. This is crazy, she truly doesn’t deserve this. We love you Lele💖
Loud and random does not equal funny. Every high grossing comedian would agree with that statement.
A Person
A Person:
When your mom won’t let you eat more Dino nuggets
Harpoon Gravy
Harpoon Gravy:
It’s just constructive criticism and you can’t handle it
Skittle Animations
Skittle Animations:
Then don't make awful content.

It's that simple
a n n a
a n n a:
i saw the thumbnail and said “ooo” and then started the video and said “ohhh...”,,, her comedy is not my cup of tea but to see her in this light makes me feel so bad for her. we all have feelings, and we all are affected by bullying one way or another, and people don’t realize that even though they aren’t speaking directly to the person, it still effects that person, and can hurt someone’s soul if they type even the slightest offense. praying for lele. i hope she sees brighter days ✊❤️
Kyle Jesus
Kyle Jesus:
You know what else hurt. Getting sliced by an angle grinder
Nobody's making fun of your looks or your race lmao, they're just criticizing or sometimes making fun of your content.
FBI- Federal Bureau of investigation -
FBI- Federal Bureau of investigation -:
Mw2 wouldn’t give her a chance.
Nit _
Nit _:
If people are saying that you aren’t funny then make better content.
Jake Powers
Jake Powers:
Whole series is her brainwashing her audience and distracting from the fact that shes never made anything but click bait wastes of tine
Ethan Zavala
Ethan Zavala:
Nah it has nothing to do with race you just aren’t funny
The Cheezegg
The Cheezegg:
the camera men watching her cry: 👁️👄👁️
Louis Zambrano
Louis Zambrano:
Lele after this vid:
Now ima wait and claim all them revenue of those commentary videos they make on me
*Laughs in Spanish*

Btw for them triggered bois, im hispanic too. So im not making fun of her race or nationality or whatever is called
Gustavo Ángel
Gustavo Ángel:
I’m not a big fan but, the fact she’s even doing this series, massive respect
I cant wait till diesel patches sees this
ADGV King:
*You’ve have awoken the ancient one*

*diesel patches joins the chat*
Dobber Williams
Dobber Williams:
Imagine if she played cod or was in a ps4 party u would get fried
Kobs X3
Kobs X3:
she really crying because people memed her
Ella Mayo
Ella Mayo:
I don’t like Lele’s content. It’s not my style of humor. But I’m not an asshole. Hope you feel better, it’s not easy to get out of downs like this but you will get there❤️
Sounds like someone wants a pity party thrown for them
Keep searching boys, we gotta find who tf asked
bret schmaz
bret schmaz:
Never heard of her, who cares. Looked to me like classic narcissistic tendencies. I don't think her parents helped her with that.
Text her “loud doesn’t equal funny”
amina me
amina me:
Ppl went from not liking her content to death threats like bruh she is human too she has feelings
Matt Enten
Matt Enten:
There’s a reason- several reasons- you’re hated on the internet. Most of it is well deserved
Carlos Ochoa
Carlos Ochoa:
I accidentally clicked on it. 20 seconds in and she’s already crying!!
Didn’t she say that she was the bully in school?
Wouldn’t survive mw2 rust lobby
Vuyelwa Phota
Vuyelwa Phota:
"I'm not gonna let them break me because you know what...I'm not going anywhere".
Giant Oof
Giant Oof:
didn’t need to read the title to know the internet hates you
I See
I See:
She won't admit that people don't like her because she just isn't funny and she pulls the race card 🙃
King Clanka
King Clanka:
Wait, I’m a bit confused

I’m not really sure

The weirdo 101
The weirdo 101:
I was depressed too and I didnt get my own youtube special
I really don’t like her content but she doesn’t deserve anything bad. She’s just trying to have some fun. Hope you get better
Alex B.
Alex B.:
She's actually doing it! She's crying us a river lmaooo
Slender Man 186
Slender Man 186:
Congats everyone, we memed her until she cried.

*Time to make memes about her crying!*
Kevin Smitty
Kevin Smitty:
Negative comment iz like really a big problem for rich people they can’t handle the pressure guyzzz we must be nice to them and there millions in the bank
You are right.. we dont like you..
Samantha Gonzalez
Samantha Gonzalez:
When she said "that sometimes they forget she's human too." And she started crying, That broke me 😭
brian boyd
brian boyd:
Hahaha. Another “influencer” making they’re own documentary?!? Wtf!!! This world is doomed. The youth looking up to all these “influencers” is destroying kids and they’re goals and what they think real life is..
Jude Honrado
Jude Honrado:
Use me as a “no one asked” button
Luke Lemon
Luke Lemon:
"The internet hates me."

Yes Yes we do
David Valdez
David Valdez:
She really threw in the most successful jesus how self absorbed are youu
Mohammad Amin Ghavipanjeh
Mohammad Amin Ghavipanjeh:
I never have seen Lele cry. That’s how bad people made her feel sad.
Hard working citizens are losing their jobs and are on the brink of homelessness. But no. We should be talking about death threats from edgy 15 year olds.
Shoepreme Winn
Shoepreme Winn:
this whole video, didn’t make me feel bad at all. She has all these great friends and family members plus wealth while most people have to work with minimum wage and have to deal with other real life problems. She has it too easy.
Domics Tv
Domics Tv:

Also Lele: makes a 20+ video on how amazing and unique she is while flexing her big ego...
Bradley Adams
Bradley Adams:
Your life isn’t hard quit whining
miyah n
miyah n:
i personally dont like her but no one deserves to be treated like this. she is human and she has feelings.
Lauren :)
Lauren :):
She’s rich huh? I keep seeing her ads. 😂😂
Rod Moreno
Rod Moreno:
40 seconds In and she’s already crying. I’m out
dry sushi
dry sushi:
I'm only here to say I'm very tired of seeing her ads forced on me by youtube. 0% of content I watch is related to anything she is about.
Did I mention I'm Latino.
Robin Ogle
Robin Ogle:
I’m not the biggest fan of her stuff, but this did make me respect her more than I ever have. I’m sorry Lele.
Did anyone immediately start laughing in the first ten seconds
Finally. You now accept that you have no comedic talent
All this because some tv head brit said loud overlapping stock sound effects aren't funny?
She just needs to make new content that’s not loud equals funny
Mariah Quilon
Mariah Quilon:
“They don’t know I’m a human” that broke my heart.
Casey Cole
Casey Cole:
For someone who makes millions of dollars you sure do complain a lot
“The internet hates me” CORRECT
Jonah Waite
Jonah Waite:
Lele pons has such a hard life. Must be tough to have 16 mil subs
ice wallow come
ice wallow come:
Ur like spongebob and we’re
like squidward
mackenzie hughes
mackenzie hughes:
I'm not a fan of her humor but I can honestly say that she is a kind, sensitive, human being
Pepto Bismarck
Pepto Bismarck:
"The internet hates me."

*Everyone agreed with that*
14 year old girls have entered the chat
I’ll be back Someday
I’ll be back Someday:
Imagine her playing search and destroy
phor shor
phor shor:
Bet she controls her ticks during her “glam” sessions
Analyah Rodriguez
Analyah Rodriguez:
Literally people have been bullying her for years and they don’t realize how much it hurts her. They think just because she is a YouTube star and stuff they can make fun of her and she won’t care.
Vexed Moth
Vexed Moth:
Can’t take her mom serious with those *fabulous gLASSES*
Plus Corrupted09
Plus Corrupted09:
I'm hoping Diesel Patches will make a video about Lele pons soon
Posting a video of you crying on the internet about how the internet hates you is not the way to go
Michael P
Michael P:
This is a common attitude of a generation self-absorbed...dont get mad at people for not caring about your problems.
“You Can throw rocks at her and she’s not gonna say anything to you. Because that’s the way that I am. But it hurts”
I felt that, that was me through high school
Adrian Paradez
Adrian Paradez:
Lol the only reason I clicked on this is for the comments and it was so gold
Lele Pons Crying! (30 hour loop
Grady Balog
Grady Balog:
Idkw but she just seems so ungrateful for her fortune. It's like u can't take a little critism.
Atticus H
Atticus H:
I'm starting to really enjoy these videos not because she's opening up but because the clash between her fans and her haters in the comments is so bloody fun to read
Nina Espi Estragues
Nina Espi Estragues:
The saddest thing is that hating her literally became a trend. I'm glad she's doing okay after all these bullying and trolling. It's great to see her opening up like this tho. I love her..❤❤❤
Aidan Heinz
Aidan Heinz:
Anddddd I need scooby doo and the gang to help me figure out who tf asked
Exolz YT
Exolz YT:
I must have alzheimer's because I don’t remember asking.
Andy Villarreal
Andy Villarreal:
was definitely funnier than any sketch from her or her friends
Lane Warner
Lane Warner:
Professional victim.