The Last Of Us 2 - Part 1 - IT'S FINALLY HERE!

Woohoo, The Last of Us Part 2 or Last of us 2 is out now. here part 1 of my playthrough, get hyped!
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100+ comentarios:

Here's part 2. Just warning ya, you can also chose not to watch it.. wish I knew
Jordan Youssef
Jordan Youssef:
I don’t know why, but hearing Felix say “My wife” hit different
Abigail Eldritch
Abigail Eldritch:
7 years ago, I was laying on my belly on grandparents couch watching all his Last Of Us Play throughs of the first game. Now here I am 7 years later, both of my grandparents are dead, and that home is sold. And it still feels like last night. I can still smell the laundry detergent on the blanket I had on me. Time really does fly. Jabba The Hut was so nostalgic
Kai Gray
Kai Gray:
“Was it 7 years ago?” Me realising I’ve been watching this man for over 7 years wow time flies pewds EDIT: well this comment has blown up a bit I appreciate it boys 👏
Baby Bean
Baby Bean:
It gave me anxiety when he was playing the wrong chords
Glass Shark
Glass Shark:
Pewds: I'm a hardcore gamer let's play it on survival
Also Pewds: *Selects moderate*
Omar Nairab
Omar Nairab:
he brought back the “Jabba the hutt” song, literally brings back so many memories when i started watching him
Gonzales Davey
Gonzales Davey:
"jesus christ joel, what'd you do?"

flashback Pewds :
*E L . D I A B L O*
Ze_ Baguetteboi
Ze_ Baguetteboi:
pewdiepie: *is a multi-millionaire*

also pewdiepie: "i still have crappy internet"
Eye Oops
Eye Oops:
Remember back in tlou, when joel got injured, Ellie said, "If I get us out of here, u're so singing to me."

and Joel just did.

EDIT: holy cow, aint we all just gonna get sad xD

and btw, i fixed the grammar. sorry for making yall catch your breath by reading those lines hahaha
SLY cooper43
SLY cooper43:
Felix: Edgar you’re replaceable
Edgar: you too
Zae Holmes
Zae Holmes:
When he couldn’t figure out the guitar part so he just made his own song😂😂
Shamea Yoingco
Shamea Yoingco:
*sees green poster guy*
Pewdiepie: It's jacksepticeye!
Jacksepticeye: Hey, it's me!
Maheen Mazhar Ali
Maheen Mazhar Ali:
"I promised I'd teach you how to play"
Elvin John Paragas
Elvin John Paragas:
"Little Girl" lyrics

Hey little girl
we kill the zombie
i lie to you girl
about curing the zombie
Torishima Hashime
Torishima Hashime:
I remember Joel being a fucking mad tank that was able to take 30 bullets while normal people died to 2-4.
*Pewds: "Hey look, it's Jacksepticeye's band!"*
*Jack: "Hey look, it's me!"*
It scares me how they're so connected
Anyone else notice the weird tension between Ellie and Joel in the beginning? It made me genuinely uncomfortable during my first play trough
Sri Vatshan
Sri Vatshan:
"I borrowed headphones from my wife".
It's evolving just backwards
Maria Montufar
Maria Montufar:
This game: is in an apocalypse
When you played the first game, i was a university student, now i have 1 year old baby. Time is cruel 🤷‍♀️
Maheen Mazhar Ali
Maheen Mazhar Ali:
"Is she drawing the bunny that she murdered"
i really laughed at the clock joke i must have a really basic sense of humor
Connor Duquette
Connor Duquette:
Joel: This'll just take ONE second...
Joel: *strums aimlessly on random chords for five minutes*
Never change, Pewds XD
Insecure Session
Insecure Session:
Watching his optimism after seeing his reaction to the ending is more heartbreaking than the whole game cuz atleast Felix's disappointment is genuine
Tryston Martinez
Tryston Martinez:
Joel: tries to do a wholesome song for Ellie

Pewds: hEy LiTtLE GiRL
Pewdiepie when zombies are attacking him: C A L M
Pewdiepie when little kids are throwing snowballs at him: THIS IS NOT DOKI DOKI
RAm Otaku
RAm Otaku:
"ouch, my shoulder"
wraps bandage on wrist
Ju Ward
Ju Ward:
maria: theres been a lot of sightings of infected recently...

pewds: LoOk At ThE sQuIrL
Jaclyn Phua
Jaclyn Phua:
“Inverted? What am I a psychopath?” that sent me for some reason
Diana Bandicoot
Diana Bandicoot:
Joel’s song had me literally cry my eyes out. This game broke my heart.
Elizabeth Gomez
Elizabeth Gomez:
Pewds: " Sleepung during the day and shit. What the hell?"
Me: *wakes up at 6pm to eat breakfast* 👁👄👁
Albert Law
Albert Law:
Man, the first Last Of Us was the game that introduced me to Pewds. How far he's come since then. Looking forward to watching another full play through of the sequel with him!
Carl Gustav Larsen
Carl Gustav Larsen:
"omg that's so cute..."

Also Felix:
"that baby is doomed"
NoMercy Karma
NoMercy Karma:
The memories hit when he put the “should i order the game online” song in
It's hard for me to remember what happened in he Last of Us because when I watched it when I was 8 ahahahha
13:30 remember what ellie said in part 1 when joel was hurt falling on the sharp pole?..."if we survive this u are soo gonna sing for me joel"...thats why hes singing a song
Glitch & Pilgrim
Glitch & Pilgrim:
“I’m a pro gamer, survivor” instantly flicks back to moderate 😂
The worse thing is this game actually looks good graphically. They could’ve done so much with this...
Bri Bryant
Bri Bryant:
7 years ago.. I was watching this at 12. Doesn’t even feel that long ago.
wafflehouse mp4
wafflehouse mp4:
I rewatched Felix' playthrough of the first one just for this and the emotions of having it all together are immeasurable.
When he said Mel's pregnant I was like 'Its gonna be like aj from walking dead'
Johnny Carreon
Johnny Carreon:
* chooses moderate fast * 🤣🤣
did anyone else catch that
Anna Yocom
Anna Yocom:
She wants to kill Joel and the guy used to be her boyfriend and then they broke up and now he has a wife and her
got Pregnant
watch my dad play the game
Hey Hey
Hey Hey:
2013 Pewdiepie: "Wish this is out on PS4"

2020 Pewdiepie: "Wish this is out on PS5"
29:33 i've never seen such rage in someone's eyes
Aiden Ashworth
Aiden Ashworth:
I can't believe I'm jealous of people's lives in the post-apocalypse....
In english:
Pile of homosexuals

Funny Life
Funny Life:
For the 1% people who see this, god bless you and stay safe. You are a smart and awesome person.
I damn near had a heart attack when the “should i order the game online” came on. That brought back some good memories.
james moore
james moore:
I can't believe this took me four years to figure out...

But Joel definitely made the right choice. Even if the fireflies had taken all of her blood there still wouldn't have been enough for everyone.

So killing ellie was definitely the irresponsible way to go. They should have taken a small portion of her blood and figured out the cure.

That kind of thinking brings to question if they even had the brains to figure out the cure at all anyway.
Ishy Aberin
Ishy Aberin:
When pewdiepie said that he played Last of Us 7 years ago, I had a sudden realization that I have been watching his youtube videos for more than 7 years already. <3
Amanda Braun
Amanda Braun:
It is so nice to see you playing this, welcoming Ellie and Joel back into everyone's lives. It is a good feeling. At the time you played the first game, I was going through some hell in my personal life. Watching you everyday, it was a break from what I was going through back in 2013 and 2014. Seeing the clip of you at the beginning when schmoyoho remixed your words was like a welcome relief, all the memories of you saving my life in a way coming back. I honestly cried a little bit during this and not because of the game. It's been over six years since that happened to me. And if it weren't for watching you everyday, I don't know what I would have done to myself. So I want to say thank you. Thank you for being you and for being there for people who are going through some shit. I love you and I can't wait to go on this journey of Ellie's with you. xoxoxoxo
Anyone else slightly frustrated when he couldn't play the guitar? Then laughed so hard when he found out how to do it? 😂😂
Dead Below Zer0
Dead Below Zer0:
They’re millionaires and he still borrows his wife’s headphones. Wholesome.
Red head Works
Red head Works:
" i asked my wife" I've waited since he first said that Mariza was his girlfriend for him to say that.
2013 confused about the names in the game 2020 the exect same
#Super Cool#
#Super Cool#:
The Last of Us part 2 can never beat the Part1
You can’t run from a Swedish man with a ball “suck it”
I yearn for true gender equality
I yearn for true gender equality:
Anyone else feel good inside hearing him say “My Wife” instead of “My Girlfriend”

Edit: Yes I’m aware they’re married. I’ve been a fan of Pewds years before he got married. I was so use to him mentioning Marzia as his girlfriend and now he calls her his wife so it feels good to me as a fan of them both for many years. Therefore It felt nostalgic. Now like my comment lol
Slice Dice
Slice Dice:
Spoiler alert:

Me when playing abbey: is there a suicide button?
Remy the Rat
Remy the Rat:
Felix playing a random song on the guitar as it tells him to do the highlighted chords killed me 😂
Jasey Sibert
Jasey Sibert:
“I asked my wife-” that made me so happy like I know y’all have been married for a while now but it makes me so happy
19:54 on the shelf you can see the toy that she gave Sam right before he died 😢
i dont understand how "press x to talk" is gameplay. wouldn't it be more immersive to just let the scene play out and not have you push useless buttons?
i noticed in the beginning she’s listening to the same song she sung in the first trailer 4 years ago
"lets play survivor" "scrolls back up to moderate"
Alfredo Landin
Alfredo Landin:
We’ve all waited 7 years for this moment 😭
Gosh Joel singing that song broke my heart. I love that guy too damn much ;-; <3
bruh gaming
bruh gaming:
Joel looks and sounds like a younger version of my grandpa.
Umarali Mullajonov
Umarali Mullajonov:
He said he’ll play survivor and went back to Moderate 😂😂😂
8k Baby
8k Baby:
I came back to watch PewDiePie play the last of us 2 an I watched him play 7years ago an now I’m a upcoming rapper life is amazing 😉😭👼🏽
Kendall Bard
Kendall Bard:
“Gonna play on survivor mode” *changes it to moderate* 😂
Banana X Farah
Banana X Farah:
Do you know what’s weird? I just finished playing the game- IN A GOD-DAMN DAY
Imran 123
Imran 123:
10:16 : *everybody dislikes*
10:28 : *everybody re-likes*
the 6k dislikes : *hold my ragequit*
Angela Gabasa
Angela Gabasa:
1:13 he literally said that when last of us DLC came out
WeirdosAre MyBros
WeirdosAre MyBros:
"Edgar, you're replaceable."
*sad Edgar noises*
Giovanni Armando
Giovanni Armando:
Joel entering Ellie's room like:" Are ya winning son?"
Sebastian Tinson
Sebastian Tinson:
Pewdiepie: millionaire and doesn’t have a not broken controller at the start of a video
Like 5 minutes into the game and pewds can't figure out how to strum the guitar properly LMAO. This is why I miss him as a gaming channel so much.
Thomas Björklund
Thomas Björklund:
Says: Play in survivor.. choose moderate :D
“That baby’s doomed” 😂😂😂
otp stylincum
otp stylincum:
Pewds: "Survival. I'm a pro gamer"
Also Pewds *clicks MODERATE*
20:26 minor glithes look at ellie's hand while wearning gloves
Jiji Jojo
Jiji Jojo:
When Ellie appeared, I could still feel my qw year old self trying to contain my crush on her omfg
Ahad Alav
Ahad Alav:
We know how much pewds love kidss when he runs at them punchin around😂
VMiguel Gonzales
VMiguel Gonzales:
I’m so lucky I grew up watching felix. The nostalgia hits hard man.
sakura please
sakura please:
Don't mind me, just here to watch from the beginning since he uploaded the finale
عبدالرحمن الحربي
عبدالرحمن الحربي:
The game’s introduction was amazing, just a shame the rest wasn’t
its a DOG
its a DOG:
I've always learned a few things when playing Last of us 1 and 2. 1. ALWAYS carry around bottles/bricks or anything you can throw to make noise to distract the zombies or break things when you don't wanna waste your bullets. 2. ALWAYS check EVERYWHERE for anything no matter how scary it looks JUST CHECK if a blood trail is leading into the room or the door is a bit open it either means 1 zombie or cut scene. 3. ALWAYS check your surroundings when you've gone through uncleared areas. Uncleared as in not knowing what is there like zombies or materials. There are some zombies in the game that like to hide around A LOT and attack at ALL angles such as Stalkers (I think that's what they're called) so check everywhere or if you're too scared to go in and don't know what you should do press the button that lets you have enhanced hearing I don't know what the button is for you guys but for me it's R1 on ps4 controller I'm pretty sure. Also in Last of Us 2 the characters you play as have things they collect such as Ellie collecting Hero/Villian trading cards and Abby collecting coins from states so if you wanna get all those cards/coins as the character I suggest you look around a lot when you have the chance to. Once I played the game again as Ellie I found a LOT more cards then I did the first time playing. I know this was a bit long but if you're planning to play 1 or 2 for the first time or again please just followed these rules. They help A TONNNN I'm not kidding! Hope you all have fun and soon begin to wonder what is next for Naughty Dog or Last of us. <3
Theresa Ambat
Theresa Ambat:
The music when they ride out of the garage on horses is absolutely beautiful.
petition for Felix to do his old intro and outro for this entire series
C N Ah Theivagt
C N Ah Theivagt:
When he said “bro fist” i literally got my hand ready so fast but then the video ended WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME????
pewds: I'm a pro gamer, I'm puting it in survivor!
Lets go!

Also pewds: (Puts it in moderate)
Trevor Brown
Trevor Brown:
Just crazy to be watching this now. Can’t believe it was 7 years ago when I watched you play the first one🥺
"I'm a pro gamer, I'll play survivor!"

*Immediately selects moderate! 😑
Jean Chen
Jean Chen:
"Im a pro gamer lets play Survivor"
*Scrolls up to survivor and then back to moderate*
Game: "You have selected MODERATE"
Me: that's a pro gamer move
”It’s eight in the morning!”
*Starts up Playstation*
Danielle Workman
Danielle Workman:
I cried when Joel sang to Ellie. We’ve been waiting seven years for it 😪
Joel: Promise you won't laugh
Ellie: I won't
Ad: *You're my favourite granddaughter!