The Last Of Us 2 Review After Finishing The Game - Spoiler Free (The Last Of Us Part 2 Review)

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Blank Blank
Blank Blank:
Perfect recreation of what seatlle is
“No spoilers in the video” and then shows a cutscene with spoilers.
Anderson Pessôa
Anderson Pessôa:
Pro tip: hold triangle to collect all the loot.
Is there a Seattle space needle 😂
No disrespect but you dove into the positives but didn’t dive into any negatives. So it’s hard to separate this review from any other review. I need some deep dive into areas that need help or bad parts of the game bugs etc.
Stanetti Els
Stanetti Els:
Wow. I didn’t think you’d be a shill too. After watching your video about your worries with the direction ND were going, well I didn’t expect this. Literally all of your concerns in that video came true in this game, yet it’s all good. Wow. I suppose you’ve got to keep that access. One tip;
Once you’ve sold out you won’t have an audience left. I don’t usually do this because people have different opinions. Yet with your history and your previous, this review goes against everything you’ve stood for in the past. That leads me to conclude this review isn’t entirely honest. Like I said though, you’ve got to keep those free review copies coming in. Can’t believe you, man.
The Big Bient
The Big Bient:
I wonder if the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is in the game 🤔
Not a single negative comment I don't know ... That whole Abby thing got me worried. I do not doubt for a minute the gameplay is amazing but the way the characters will be motivated that is what I care about.
Pokemon Pokemon
Pokemon Pokemon:
00:34, radbrad be like “oh ma gah, a dog to pet!”
Grim Asialander
Grim Asialander:
I feel that this is not really a review as many elements have been in hush-hush, more of a marketing trailer. This is why I don't like to see early review copy "reviews". You'll get your credibility eroded either you're being honest or not.
Original Virtuoso
Original Virtuoso:
Mans said the marketing is interesting because it gives you a different idea of what the plot will be. Sounds like lying to me lmfaooo
Shadow Of Light
Shadow Of Light:
So weird to see people having finished the game when I’m still hyped for it...
Mustakrakish The Baked Troll
Mustakrakish The Baked Troll:
*mentions coolest moments* *pets doggo*

Me: ok that's pretty damn cool
Adam Gardner
Adam Gardner:
Not gonna buy this game at full price after the leaks, but I can appreciate that it looks nice and plays well even if the story isn’t something I like.
aaliM art
aaliM art:
I’m convinced JorRaptor is Bentley undercover from the Sly Cooper series.
Ahmad Fadhli Rahman
Ahmad Fadhli Rahman:

Wow what a PERFECT game. It deserves a PERFECT score!!!!
Orgasskye PSN
Orgasskye PSN:
I love how you keep telling us don’t expect anything like the first game, because 70% of us know what happens and, well you know.
I_ miss_my_shots
I_ miss_my_shots:
"Can be a horror game sometimes" That pretty much sums up the infected
The LOST of us part 2
Neil Druckman told us in one part of the interview series for the game that you can finish the game without killing the dogs. Did you try that?

This is actually a question for your other video. 😊
D Rami
D Rami:
Stalkers already terrified me in the first game, so knowing they’re even scarier? God help me
Sol 3 UK
Sol 3 UK:
I think this review is incomplete, you have not addressed how the recent leaks fit into the narrative. Even if you avoided them beforehand, you could have viewed them after playing the game, contextualised them and addressed if any worries from fans were justified.
Liam Statham
Liam Statham:
Is that Buckley at 30 seconds? I was hoping he'd be in this game. 😂🤠
Hp Hazy
Hp Hazy:
Jor: Don't what
Don't give me hope
D Rami
D Rami:
The part where Bear was shot and the cry from the woman made me feel guilty when I didn’t even do anything. Bear looked like such a good boy
Anthony C
Anthony C:
JorRaptor, you do great work, but you literally never bring up any negatives. I wish you would be more critical with your reviews. It feels like you're not being fully honest about your real opinion.
You need to be more thorough with your reviews. After playing the game it's obvious that this "story -based" game has a really badly put together story.
Graphics are great but people don't buy these kind of games for the graphics or even the game play (very basic not much improved from previous game, but works fine). If the story is shit playing through hours to reach an utterly unsatisfying end is just terrible.

But everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
Was wishing you would talk negatives, disappointed you just said good things and didnt even state any flaws with the game. guess its a 10/10 must buy then.
Z Zantrax
Z Zantrax:
Not a review. Not by a long shot. What a joke.
Dry Saliva
Dry Saliva:
I'll wait until launch and see what people think about it, sony didn't even let reviewers review this properly, they can talk only vaguely without demonstrating the arguments to their opinions.
Ace XO
Ace XO:
When she screamed bear at the moment Elie killed the dog.... i kind of felt that. 😢
MacCheese Pooka
MacCheese Pooka:
You getting kinda spoiliry here my guy I could care less about the story but you spitting out too many gameplay Aspects .
Does the 28 hours include watching cutscenes?
You weren't compelled to re-play Part 1 but the game play of this one has you itching for more. I think your priorities are opposite what most people who loved the first one were: story over gameplay.
E J:
God almighty, these graphics look fantastic
jafar alwasiti
jafar alwasiti:

Yo dude love your vids they're great but I just wanna know are you paid in any way by naughty dog ? because u seem to have a surprisingly positive experience considering u played the whole game (or that's what I gathered).and if so were you ok with both of them getting killed.

Btw it's totally fine if you were paid you've got to earn that money and if you genuinely have no problem with it then good for u man the whole point is to enjoy your self.
So honest🤔, keep sending those review copies Sony/Naughty Dog
J Money
J Money:
It’s a mosterpiece lol your voice so weird
The Last of Us: The Twighlight Years.
Cryptic wave
Cryptic wave:
You can loot all the buildings in Seattle!! Just like real life, How immersive!
I'll still play this

I'm excited that there is a new outlast being made :)
Just finished the game. I Have to say, the game was really really great for 90 % of the story. I was really enjoying most of it, even the part with a certain someone.

But that ending... was so incredibly unsatisfying... It seriously breaks my heart a bit right now... really wish they would've taken a different approach from the beginning... now I'm sad...
Jor you call it a "technical masterpiece". I believe you on that. I believe that gameplay detail is fire considering the demo. But no one has said the links aren't true. So I'm not buying it till sale
J B:
It looks like a depression fest. Not what we need right now.
Straight To The Point
Straight To The Point:
Hey Jor, the open area in Seattle is it tedious to explore everything like Gears 5?
Kind of giving spoilers away.
CL Supreme
CL Supreme:
That was a super awkward “goodbye” at the end of the vid Lol
Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart:
It does feel next gen amazing even if story is wierder
One of the more peaceful, crybaby free comment sections.
After 41 hours, I finally finished the story tonight!
You were so right about needing time to understand and appreciate the story. I had really mixed emotions initially after beating it, but after a month and a replay through it, I’ve really come around to it.
Logan Grubbs
Logan Grubbs: the Clickers still insta-kill you or no? This game looks so GOOD! Nevermind, don't answer that...😂
Dan Bruechert
Dan Bruechert:
Also would love more info on how the bow feels. Especially compared to Horizon Zero Dawn and the first game. The first games now was very weirdly controlled and took quite a bit to get used to
Solo Playzz
Solo Playzz:
I've never played a game that had 0 negatives... this review doesnt seem the one for me. Glowing praise normally only means one thing...
Ewald Wip
Ewald Wip:
Everyone keeps mentioning that the enemy NPC's have names.. why is that. If this wasn't given as a talking point by Sony I'm sure no one would have noticed...
You should mention the restrictions imposed by SONY for what you can show in the review (you are not allowed to show any content/gameplay or discussing the second half of the game). A lot of people might feel misleaded if you don´t open with this information.
You can watch SkillUp review to see how a review is done objectively. Have to unsubscribe because I prefer to watch reviews that don't feel paid. Will still watch your guides though if they come in my recommended list.
RugratsNappyNerd -
RugratsNappyNerd -:
Really awesome review man! Can’t wait to play this game on the 19th. I can tell this is gonna be an incredible experience.
Kushal Dasgupta
Kushal Dasgupta:
Every time I listen to this guy's videos I wonder wth is that accent? 🤔 Slavic mixed with something else?
JorRaptor, thanks again for an amazing video! Based on your review and from what others have been saying, this game will have an amazing story and great combat. That's all amazing. But one thing that scares me, because noone has yet touched on it, is the "REPLAY VALUE" in this game since it is not an RPG or Open world. I always get disappointed of some great games that keep me wanting more, but I can't because there was too much focus on just the story.

What would you say the replay value in this game is? Is there enough of it, and I don't mean just with "Game Plus". I mean like being able to revisit the same areas over and over and still fight enemies, loot, ect...

Thank you!!
Gavin Weaver
Gavin Weaver:
I want a copy of AC Valhalla, I was anticipating this game for a YEAR AND A HALF 😂😭
Potato Salad
Potato Salad:
I'm guessing 0 replayability
If it doesnt include the "autonomous" zone in seattle, I'll have to take off points for it not being realistic enough. LOL just bsing
Joe Reid
Joe Reid:
looks amazing i really holding out for PS5 verison though so enough videos for me!
Jason Van Stone
Jason Van Stone:
This was like the complete opposite of skillups review lmao
How much did they pay you?
RcK DrUmm3R
RcK DrUmm3R:
Love this review and other videos. Can't wait for Friday!
Just for the fact that theres no Factions MP and Neil Druckmann's toxic liberalism, I wont play this. Add the pandering and dumpster fire story and characters.

Great gameplay and beautiful graphics doesnt fix any of that. So my money goes elsewhere
Nawaaz Suleman
Nawaaz Suleman:
I really want to know if they introduced any new weapons and it's not just the same weapons from the first game
Dan Bruechert
Dan Bruechert:
6:37 you say that melee kills and attacks are super satisfying. Can’t wait to see how much better this will be on PS5 with the haptic feedback
Jade Morgan
Jade Morgan:
Just subscribed due to your in depth review. Thanks JR!!
Sherwin N
Sherwin N:
Trash and disingenuous review by another shill. Either is completely lying to himself about the major story issues of the game or is being compensated for this poor, inaccurate, and unrealistically skewed review.
Black White
Black White:
I think we all know it's a masterpiece gameplay wise. What I wanna know is this; Are the conclusions or claims we arrived at, after watching the leaks true? Can you refute or confirm any of them?. Are we misled by judging the plot of the game from the leaks alone? That's what I wanna hear not how great the game is. Because as stated earlier I think we all know (even those who ain't buying it) it's gonna be the best Single player game of 2020. Period.
Cris Bonilla
Cris Bonilla:
hi can you watch skill ups review of the last of us part 2 please he says sony has put restiction on how people can review and say about the game, is this true?
monster of time
monster of time:
1:40 "Easter axe" Xd
Graphics don't make a game good, especially not a story driven game...
Sicario Gamer
Sicario Gamer:
Damn 28 hours. Should be able to do that this weekend 👍🏼
Garrett Leonard
Garrett Leonard:
Pre ordering it tmr. Too excited to play this
Hector Osborne Rodriguez
Hector Osborne Rodriguez:
I am so worried to watch spoilers that I haven’t seen videos like this. I’ll save it in watch later list and not read comments until release.
angelo lopez
angelo lopez:
I can't helped, where the leaks were true
IBlade Rap prodigy
IBlade Rap prodigy:
Some of those scenes and facts sound like spoilers 😥.. but it's all good. I'm still excited for next week
Kenny Dziengiel
Kenny Dziengiel:
Is a golf club a melee weapon in the game?
Everyone knew the gameplay would be good but with a story driven game, it kind of needs to have a good story. Was hoping you’d say something more about the quality of the story but it sounds like it’s exactly what I feared.
Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams:
Dude holy shit I’d kill for an open world The Last of Us
So what I'm getting from everything is that everyone is complaining that the story isn't going how they wanted it to and is actually changing up its narrative norms and they are being babies about it. Interesting.
Just wanna ask you 1 question, is the storyline is the same with its was leaked?
Oh . I thought the game was available after the release .
susan cannon
susan cannon:
I,m just about to scratch that itch scratch, scratch,scratch oh yeh man let's play The Last of us 2 scratch,scratch
Jackson Y
Jackson Y:
[SPOILER] You can tell that it is the beginning of the game because the horse is alive. RIP Shimmer 😭😭
Jörmungandr, The World Serpent
Jörmungandr, The World Serpent:
Dude your content is awesome. You helped me so much with Borderlands and AC Odyssey!
E. Artemas
E. Artemas:
this will be epic i can't wait!!!
Ammar Ali
Ammar Ali:
Since IGN gave it 10/10 would you say its as good as god of war? I am trying to see it from a different perspective since I didnt like the layoffs and company politics inside, let alone the leaked story...
Pawel Ziebrowicz
Pawel Ziebrowicz:
Please may you do a watch dogs legion video I searched up on amazon and apparently it’s already out would you please just verify
Are there unlockable outfits. If so, how many are we talking about?
SlammDunk Productions
SlammDunk Productions:
I thought "Oh JorRaptor review...this will be honest and open" sad i was wrong. sounds more like a fan boy trying to hide something. Everything is just great is it? I MUCH prefer Skill-ups review and he was clear about being restricted in what could say but still managed a 'fair/unbiased' review. I guess you need to make sure you get that Last of us 3 review copy? i mean "don't expect a similar experience as part 1 because naughty dog challenges you to see the world in a different light" oh behave Mr Raptor! lol
Hacs Yt
Hacs Yt:
I just finished playing the last of us and it was a thrilling experience. This review just convinced me to buy part two. All I want is improved gun play and combat in general.
sahil m
sahil m:
Jor u really need to figure out what scenes to put into the review some of the scenes like the part when the floorboards collapsed? Would have liked to see that myself
when is the embargo for the ending over???
Darth Kermit
Darth Kermit:
Kinda seems like a sellout video by your part jorraptor, you're making the game sound waaaaaay better than it is. Sad considering you and other reviewers are silencing the truth in order to remain in the "good side" of devs and continue to receive free copies.