THE LAST OF US 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (Last of Us Part 2)

The Last of Us 2 (Last of Us Part 2) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes the Intro, Review, Campaign Mission 1 of the Last of Us Part II Single Player Story Campaign for PS4 Pro and PS5 (Playstation 5) later. Thanks Playstation for giving me this review copy. This 2020 The Last of Us Part 2 Story Campaign Walkthrough will be the Full Game including a Review, Prologue, All Story Chapters, OST, Cut Scenes, Cinematics, Missions, Joel, Ellie, Abby, Artifacts, Trading Cards, Journal Entries, Workbenches, Safes, Chapters, Jackson, Seattle Day 1, Encounters and more until the Ending of the Single Player Story.


The Last of Us Part II is an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Playstation 5. Set five years after the events of The Last of Us, players enter the role of 19-year-old Ellie, who comes into conflict with a mysterious cult in a post-apocalyptic United States. The game contains survival horror elements and is played from the third-person perspective. Players can use firearms, improvised weapons, and stealth to defend against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus.

The Last of Us Part 2 is played from the third-person perspective. Players can use firearms, bows, improvised weapons, and stealth to defend against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus. The gameplay mechanics in Part II have also expanded upon its predecessor, The Last of Us. In it the player character can traverse the environment more openly by being able to reach higher vantage points by jumping and climbing while playing as the more nimble Ellie. Players can also crawl in a prone position to evade enemies. Throughout the game, players will have a non-player character assisting them. Additionally, large portions of the game are set in Seattle, Washington.

The game also sees the return of "Listen Mode" allowing players to locate enemies through a heightened sense of hearing and spatial awareness, indicated as outlines visible through walls and objects. Additionally, players can collect supplements to upgrade skills in a skill tree. The three main branches of the tree are Survival, Crafting, and Stealth. Survival upgrades improve health, Listen Mode's range, and throw distance. Crafting upgrades allow for melee upgrades, increase to Ellie's crafting speed, and the ability to craft smoke and stun bombs. Stealth upgrades improve prone movement speed, faster stealth kills, and unlock pistol silencers. Part II also introduces guard dogs that can track the player's scent.

The Last of Us Part II takes place five years after the events of the first game and about 25 years after the outbreak of the Cordyceps Brain Infection began. Ellie, who is now 19 years old, will return as the main protagonist whom players will assume control of, as well as Joel in his mid-fifties. The story will be split into four seasonal chapters, starting with Jackson County, Wyoming, during the winter months. The pair, having settled down in Tommy's settlement, live in relative peace within the thriving community. While there, Ellie has even managed to form friendships with Dina and Jesse. However, the survivors face constant threats from the Infected and other hostile survivors.

Characters include:
Ellie – The playable protagonist of the game. Ellie was formerly a denizen from the Boston Quarantine Zone and is immune to the Cordyceps Brain Infection. She returns from the original game and is now nineteen years old and sports a tattoo over the bite scar on her right arm. She is fueled by hate and is on a personal quest of revenge against unknown people.
Joel – The deuteragonist of the game. Joel is a survivor of the CBI outbreak who returns from the original game, alongside Ellie. He is now in his early to mid-fifties.
Unnamed woman – A stocky woman whom Emily hunted for unknown reasons. Her name remains a secret.
Dina - A young woman, Jesse's ex-girlfriend and Ellie’s associate.
Yara – Yara and her brother Lev were former members of the Seraphites.
Lev – Lev is Yara's younger brother. The pair left the Seraphites for unknown reasons.
Tommy - Joel's younger brother, also returning from the original game. He is one of the leaders of the community in Jackson.
Jesse - Dina's ex-boyfriend and a friend of Ellie.
Emily – A member of a religious cult called the Seraphites, set to wipe out all 'sin' in the world after the outbreak.
Nora - A high-ranking member in the Washington Liberation Front. Ellie pursues her through Seattle.

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Just wanted to say thanks for any and all support you drop on this video. Been looking forward to this for 7 years and I’m glad to have you with me again fam.

Update: I'm pretty blown away by the support on this series so far and I just want you to know I appreciate all of you for watching.

Update 2: I chose two winners based on the comment and just found two that stood out.
Winner 1: Adam Sniffing -
Winner 2: The Time Lads -
Reach out to my email and I'll get you both sorted out.
Brad has a daughter? man, i remember when he talked about college and girlfriend. well, congrats, Brad.
one of my favorite things about Brad is the fact that *he knows when to stop talking* , maybe during a cutscene or a cinematic event or somewhere where people are supposed to pay attention, he *actually stops talking* unlike a lot of other youtubers
Adam Stover
Adam Stover:
*Brads daughter watching his vids when shes older*
"Wait this girl is named clementine too!"

_How convenient_
Appa The Sky Bison
Appa The Sky Bison:
I don’t know if he named his daughter clementine after the walking dead series but it’s badass anyways
"Ah, I hurt my shoulder."
*Bandages lower arm*
"That oughta fix it."
Ethan Sommerfeldt
Ethan Sommerfeldt:
He's no longer the rad Brad anymore he's the rad dad now
akash shetty
akash shetty:
remember in 2013 when brad was exited about his 1 million followers. 7 years later we are at 11.6 Mil. congrats Brad.
Valter Lassen
Valter Lassen:
*Amazing looking snowy mountain tops in the distance*

Brad: Yooo, look at the detail on that backpack!
One Conn
One Conn:
Ok for the crap people give this game, the start when Joel want to be a father again after 20 years, even down to the dad joke is all I needed, I love the character, I know what happens but this is all I needed to see, been a fan since the first game came out and even tho I’m disappointed, Joel finally being vulnerable if even for only a moment, is what he deserves
Alexander Supertramp
Alexander Supertramp:
Brad: “If we get 50,000 likes”

Me: * looks at like bar *
So, you have chosen death.
Anushilan Dahal
Anushilan Dahal:
I literally just found out Brad has a daughter, I feel so old I'm gonna cry
saurav santara
saurav santara:
i just finished watching part 1. And the part 2 has started exactly where part 1 ended. That's so cool.
Get me 100k or no i will steal your pizzas
Get me 100k or no i will steal your pizzas:
What I like about theradbrad is he never talked when a cutscenes plays.
Man... Ellie's face when Joel says "I swear." It's art. So many thoughts and emotions portrayed through a facial expression and eye movement.
"G'night kiddo" wish that joel had the chance to say that to dina's child😢
22 :
22 ::
I remember those middle school days I would sit back and watch brads walkthroughs everyday, I’m about to turn 20. Time really flies.
Samantha Mantziaris
Samantha Mantziaris:
It would’ve been cool if they made this the story plot: Joel and Ellie were on an adventure and Joel got bitten. They make it back to camp before he turns and they lock him in a cage. Then Tommy tells Ellie about what Joel did at the hospital and Ellie realizes that she can save him is she can make the cure. So then she goes on an adventure to find a way to make the cure. You can still have Dina as Ellie’s love story and Abbey who is searching for Joel and Ellie trying to exact revenge.
Dragon Piper 369
Dragon Piper 369:
Brad's voice matured lol, unlike 7 years ago he sounds like a dorkly gangstah ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️ love ya brad!
All Mixtape
All Mixtape:
Man, just finished watching TLoU 1 gameplay, and here, your voice really changed now. Love ur channel mate!
Demetrius Quarles
Demetrius Quarles:
Hey Brad, started watching your vids when sleeping dogs came out so I was still in elementary, I graduated now but I've always loved how you've stayed true to yourself. Congratulations on your child any kid would be very lucky to have you as a father bro 💯
EBT Lik:
Imagine being with brad through the first last of us now he has a family in the second one 🤯
“Chances are that I will play this again”...
Oh boi, I don’t think that comment will age well.
*Who like “The last of us 2”, leave like 🙂*
aHaHa 117
aHaHa 117:
“So we can upgrade the bong and use it as a weapon”😂😂👌🏻
Will Connors
Will Connors:
Rad brad why u talk like everybody loves Raymond I’m jp Man U recommend this over dying light 2???
Marina GuardadoReed
Marina GuardadoReed:
One of the reasons i love watching TheRadBrad i cause he NEVER talk during cutscene
Everytime there is a cut scene and Brad goes complete silent and he suddenly starts talking after the cut scene ends. And i be like : Oh yeah , I am watching TheRedBrad
The Nadfin
The Nadfin:
That first interaction we see between Joel and Ellie is tremendously awkward.
ДомАр end
ДомАр end:
I fell in love with this girl ... god seeing her is like loosing something for a long time like a your home and years later you come to see it again... 2013 was long time ago how i miss it some times (posted Aug 8 2020)
Jirachi Star
Jirachi Star:
At the beginning:ok let's get my REVENGE!!. At the end: ellie seriously
He named his daughter Clementine that’s beautiful he’s a true nerd
Jaylon Landry
Jaylon Landry:
“The Alley-oop” never gets old 😂😂💯
candice nguluvhe
candice nguluvhe:
18:03 Brad checking the bathroom,"Nathan Drake are you in hear"
david wolstenholme
david wolstenholme:
I can imagine rad brad you will be playing resident evil 8 when it comes out in june 2021
Hear me out... “The Last of Us Part 3- ELLIE”. Or just “ELLIE” by naughty dog
Subrena S.
Subrena S.:
Dang I remember when you just had a dog and girlfriend now a daughter crazy how far you came! Congratulations 🤍
I'm convinced that if there isn't a horse its not a good game.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy:
Kids: "It's over Ellie I have the high ground" Ellie: "You underestimate my power"
paul tak
paul tak:
After watching, I feel Ellie’s an out of control sociopathic spoiled brat that obsesses on murderous revenge... And Abby got the short end of the stick thrown under the bus... Abby by far on a much higher moral ground
Kellee G
Kellee G:
"I love you, just-- I think, more than I've loved anybody my whole life." The love of a father is really life changing. Congrats on your daughter Brad! I remember when you first started YouTube. Funny how life turns out.
The Time Lads
The Time Lads:
“Dedicated to my daughter, Clementine” wow that made me realize how long I’ve been watching. I think I started watching around the Dead Space era, but I’m sure I was here for the Walking Dead. It’s been a good 8 years, man.
Raq Citi
Raq Citi:
Brad: Gotta do this *murders doctors*

Ah... the memories 😂
Hey Brad I haven’t owned a ps since ps2 but whenever there’s a Sony exclusive here is where I come to watch I remember when you played the first seems so long ago now never stop dude thankyou 🙌🏼
smitty werbenjagermanjensen
smitty werbenjagermanjensen:
“if this gets 50k likes”
the likes: over 180k
*thats what we call a pro gamer move*
Mike Sanchez
Mike Sanchez:
They took so long to make this that I dont even remember wat happens in the first 1 lol
"My daughter Clementine"
Someone's a walking dead fan.
NewbAt AllGames
NewbAt AllGames:
Brad named his daughter after the best character in telltale games TWD. That's so awesome
A Hero For Fun
A Hero For Fun:
As a father that spends every day wondering if I’m making the best choices for my son, and as a parent that unconditionally loves their child, I truly believe the message you left for your daughter is a treasure. I sincerely hope you remember this and that she gets to see it when she’s all grown up.

Much respect buddy!
28:14 when she started to walk with the brown horse, I was instantly reminded of my horse from red dead 2 and I wanna cry
Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment:
I remember 7 years ago brad was talking about college and just being able to make enough time to play games for us. Now look where we are. Congrats Brad and thank you for everything over the years and hopefully for more years to come
The last of us came out

Me: Im gonna check radbrad for this.
Bela Dosa
Bela Dosa:
It's amazing how far you came Brad I mean it feels like it was yesterday I was watching your walking dead season1 play through I was 16 at the time didn't have too many games and I was so excited to watch you play I would stay up late expecting more parts that was a very important moment in my life because you showed me all these games which I never would have known of and ignited my passion for games and here I am still watching you play new games after all these years we getting old man now you have a daughter who you named after Clementine that is amazing congrats by the way and I hope she'll watch this when she grows up and hear how much you love her. Let me stop rambling before this emotional ish gets out of hand. I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you for all these years and always staying classy😄 You mean a lot to us. Love you man❤
aniyah myelle12354
aniyah myelle12354:
I watched the other series allllll the way through for THIS exact moment
Gaming with C Mays
Gaming with C Mays:
I found ur channel yesterday it's great I've been watching the last of us 1 for memories of Joel and to see the beginning of the last of us also your voice from 7 years ago is a LOT different ur voice now is more deeper 7 years ago was like a higher voice kinda
man that dad just destroyed a whole place i wouldn't wanna mess with him
Vendetta Activist
Vendetta Activist:
The time capsule thing that theRadBrad did for his daughter at the end of the video was sweet.
mark salonga
mark salonga:
I Cried at The Last of us Where Joel's Duaghter Died now he finally had one
Vira Stefaniya
Vira Stefaniya:
“Is there a clue on the bong?” “Horse’s name is Japan, should I write it down?” Sounds like you’ve been playing too much resident evil LOLOL
Fancy Bear
Fancy Bear:
I remember the first game where I’d be so scared of going up or down building floors
Ruchie Cruz
Ruchie Cruz:
Cure: i will end this video game

Players: na ah were still going to have a part 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 infinity x infinity for this game

Creators: were rich boiz
Lewis Arts
Lewis Arts:
Wait did Brad just say he has a daughter?? Congratulations brother💯👍🏾
Ben Keys
Ben Keys:
I remember when you commented on how a second the last of us wasn’t necessary... for reference that was part 55 of the last of us
Hey Brad, I've been following you since the beginning of the channel in 2011, man it's been a long time, hasn't it? I just want to tell you congratulations for being a father, Its awesome! ... a Latin American fan, Colombian to be precise. You are the Best YouTuber so far I saw. Keep it man!
Show Town
Show Town:
Not a much improvement from the last remastered game! Watching this, I feel like I am not missing out on anything by skipping this game. Maybe I will consider it if they decide to put some hard work and creativity in the multiplayer mode! The intro highlighting the unique relationship between Ellie and Jeol just shows how shitty the new plot is.
i like how he says "How Convenient!"
Sujata Athawale
Sujata Athawale:
Brad literally named her daughter Clementine after finishing the walking dead game series and giving tribute to our lovely clem
Maria being ellis mother figure warms my heart.
Jb King11
Jb King11:
Me: sneezes
Theradbrad: you know what that reminds me of COVID-19
Me: o really
antoine 333
antoine 333:
been watching you since i was 11 and i’m now 18 time flies but you’re still the wholesome guy you was back in 2012 one of the very few youtubers who didn’t let money get to him
Wolves Creek
Wolves Creek:
Never known you had a daughter she must be great all I rememberyou talking was college and girlfriends so congratulations, Lov your videos been one of your subscribers for about 2 years now I think and you are exactly what I remember about what my dad says about you and my little brother you make them smile when the watch your videos that's all that matters ao thanks
its van3sssaa
its van3sssaa:
brad naming his daughter clementine is the most cutest thing
Shanice Naomi
Shanice Naomi:
Here after watching Detroit: Become Human. Hopefully this is just as good!
Marco Lopez
Marco Lopez:
I found your channel back in like 2013 when the las of us came out. I was like 11 years old and I had just gotten “the last of us” on ps3. I looked up videos on the game and came across your channel. Since then I’ve been watching your videos.
20:38 Bro! That's Gustavo Santaolalla in the background!! he composed the music for The last of us 1 and 2
Anyone know what difficulty he's on? I'm on Hard and it seems he has infinite ammo to me. I think I've screwed myself over. :p
Also, is Clementine named after Telltale TWD?
Oscar Ramirez
Oscar Ramirez:
WOA! Hold up, when did my mans get a daughter? That's wild, congrats my man
fahad azad
fahad azad:
"Ah my shoulder" *wraps up arm*
I just finished up watching Brad’s gameplay of Last of Us 1 and throughout the whole series, he kept gushing about how great the TellTale game of The Walking Dead was, so it’s adorable that he named his daughter Clementine 🥰
Greatest quote of all time "How Convenient!"
Lukas Wagner
Lukas Wagner:
I've seen the last of us when you originally posted it. Brings back memories dude.
Mike K
Mike K:
Not gonna lie when Brad said his daughter’s name was Clementine I started tearing up
trudie wiggins
trudie wiggins:
me and my brother have been watching you for ages now and i just wanna say, you have changed loads, and it was definitely worth watching you for so long, also, congrats on your daughter, i didn't even know XD
Emily An
Emily An:
When he said "good night kiddo"... That touched my heart
Andre Corr
Andre Corr:
I’ve been watching Brad for years now. And I never knew he had a daughter. Congrats man. I love you!
Grace Cynthia
Grace Cynthia:
I was here when Brad only had 30k. So glad to see such an awesome gamer get the subscribers and recognition he deserves 😊
Solar Flare
Solar Flare:
I knew he had a daughter but I didn’t know he named her Clementine that’s so awesome
David Lyttle
David Lyttle:
I found your channel when you started playing days gone. Have watched most of your videos since then. My favorite youtuber by far!
da beast
da beast:
I just finished watching your LOU and I loved it. Then I see this and I think I cringed for half of the episode. Whats up with these characters? :/
I love how brad used to talk about being excited for the PS4 in the OG playthrough. And now he does the same but with the ps5.
Adam Chebaa
Adam Chebaa:
He is dedicating his daughter,we getting old guys
Task Force
Task Force:
Aaron O'neil
Aaron O'neil:
Watching you play the first game was what really brought me to the channel, the attitude was fun and you let the game play without chatting over characters or having a face up on the screen, really appreciated that. A tad difficult to watch this one since you were so much louder than anything in the game itself for the first stretch, but still feels real nostalgic.
Nathan Cave
Nathan Cave:
I first found your channel when I was younger looking for people to watch play games bc I couldn’t get them. I love watching your videos and watching you play the games. I love watching your videos. I’ve wanted this game but I still can’t get it and probably won’t be able to. Thanks man. Again love the videos. I would be so happy if I got this ❤️
Danielle Vargas
Danielle Vargas:
I remember when I would watch your videos YEARS ago especially the first Last of Us but eventually died out of watching watching people play video games. The minute I found out Last of Us 2 came out I had to watch you play it again. It's good to be back Brad I missed you!
Sarah Shaikh
Sarah Shaikh:
Found your channel when you played the last of us and youve been my favorite ever since 😭 now watchin you play the sequel! Congrats on your baby girl brad 💕
i found you because of the first the last of us and here we are watching the second. brad u r the best
Jason Sinks
Jason Sinks:
I love you dedicated this to your daughter!! Clementine is such a sweet name!! I am so damn excited for this game and have been playing it, but have to put it down at points. Love you RadBrad!! Keeps doing what you do been watching you since Dead Space!!!!
MJ Barreca
MJ Barreca:
Wow I remember finding you back when you first played the walking dead. You were the one who got me into that game and made me want to get it. That's an amazing game and I love your daughter's name, it's amazing. (I think TWD was what got your channel to blow up?) Time flies man
Gamer Wins
Gamer Wins:
I had to refrain myself so much from watching this video, cos I wanna get the damn game.
But seems pretty unrealistic to get it rn. So Brad you have a returning fan xd