The life and controversy of Rush Limbaugh

Longtime conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh succumbed to terminal stage four lung cancer on Feb. 17. He was 70 years old. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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I think he's exaggerating his lung cancer
dale blue
dale blue:
I'm concerned about Satan's well being
Michigan Madsen
Michigan Madsen:
Conservative is not accurate. Radical right is closer to where he was. He also believed in keep them angry, keep them afraid and they will make you money.
Super Duper
Super Duper:
May he receive the same compassion and empathy that he's always shown others.
Where can I find one of those Melania jackets?
Thanks WP for not disabling the comments! 😃
Donald Zinman
Donald Zinman:
My condolences go out to the people he spent a lifetime savagely attacking.
Rhyme& Reason
Rhyme& Reason:
"I would like a medal for smoking cigars" ~ R. Limbaugh
Holly B
Holly B:
The fact that this vile person had an audience is a sad statement on America. That fact that our equally vile potus gave him the Medal of Freedom, cheapens that honor.
laig 46
laig 46:
I'm sure he will be shown empathy in his after life as much as he did while living.
buddy camp
buddy camp:
moral of the story don't smoke
Rush Limbaugh had an "AIDS Update" segment that mocked the deaths of gay people.
D E:
May he receive the same compassion and empathy that he's always shown others.
The man who mocked aids victims
And, in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make.
-- Paul McCartney,
Mr MojoRisen87
Mr MojoRisen87:
Limbaugh on the death of Jerry Garcia: “Just another dead doper”—while Rush is gobbling down his illegally obtained opioids. The hypocrisy of that man and his followers is breathtaking. Yes, we are “piling on.” Rush has reaped what he has sown.
Chandler Fitch
Chandler Fitch:
If you do not have anything good to say - don't say anything at all ! I have nothing to say.
Rudy Ramirez Jr
Rudy Ramirez Jr:
“It seems to me that if you or I must choose between two courses of thought or action, we should remember our dying and try so to live that our death brings no pleasure to the world.” - John Steinbeck
Leonardo Castagna
Leonardo Castagna:
May he receive the same compassion and empathy that he's always shown others.
2:19 "in 2015...", proceeds to show 2012 clips..
Duane Hawkins
Duane Hawkins:
Don’t smoke, get in touch with nature, avoid comfort pills 💊
That was fair. Thanks God.
Gabsie 72
Gabsie 72:
Finally, some good news.
Geee Jjjj
Geee Jjjj:
A lot of charming people leaving comments.
When we die, we must experience everything we have done to others.
Good and bad.
Joy, pain, suffering, compassion.
Only, we are forced to experience everything from their perspectives.
We see what they saw. We hear what they heard. We feel what they felt.
Imagine killing someone. When you die, would you want to experience their death, from their perspective? You experience everything they thought and felt up until they breathed their last death. You experience the complete result of your actions toward them . . . but from the victims perspective. And the victim keeps looking into your eyes.

Too bad we could not create a device that would allow criminals to experience that.

Rush Limbaugh, I cannot imagine what you experienced a few moments after you died.
And I hope I will never have to live through such a mind and soul wrenching nightmare.

I suggest the movie . . . "Powder".
fred obermyer
fred obermyer:
Rush was a star........and by star I mean a huge, gaseous, bloviating windbag.
Michael McRoberts
Michael McRoberts:
Rush was so right about all of this.
Zack Harris
Zack Harris:
Just here for the comments. 🍿
.... ehhh.
E- World
E- World:
Life goes on
Trent Geer
Trent Geer:
Like having a tick removed
M L.
M L.:
He's in a much warmer place now.
Ralf Bond
Ralf Bond:
See, I Told You So
Κατερίνα Κατερινάκη
Κατερίνα Κατερινάκη:
Is he really dead or dead like in Paris 1971??
Are we sure?
N Bambina
N Bambina:
Lol finally
Rainbow Bright
Rainbow Bright:
We're better off! What a jerk
Thoughts and prayers or whatever
Aperture Images
Aperture Images:
Y'all say "rush is right". We say "Rush is DEAD right ". Woo hoo!
Rising Tech
Rising Tech:
The tall radiator proximately press because brain ultrasonically grin of a maniacal airport. sudden, absorbed slime
Yumi Tokushige
Yumi Tokushige:
Ohmygoodness. I heard that he was saying they he didn't expect to survive this much (or something like that) on the radio last year. I heard him talking almost choking prior to that but his talk sounded like he recovered last year. I kind of presumed that the election could affect people. WTH
Mr MojoRisen87
Mr MojoRisen87:
Headline: “Cancer Takes a Cancer.”
Rosè- a -Bleu
Rosè- a -Bleu:
“You can do anything the left will promote and understand and tolerate as long as there is one thing. Do you know what it is? Consent. If there is consent in all who involved in the sex act it’s perfect fine, but if the left ever senses that there’s no consent in the equation? Then here come the r*pe police” - Rush Limbaugh.
May he rest in PISS
Rush died on Ash Wednesday. For Lent, Rush just gave up his lungs. 😂
Hahaha. This is like your obituary on Kobe Bryant pointing out all of the "controversial" things right after he died. It's hilarious that this is all you could find after 30 years, 3 hours a day on the air. Your bias towards outrage is so obvious it's laughable.
Jesse Shaum
Jesse Shaum:
“That’s what Rush Limbaugh really brings to the airwaves. A 3 hour talk radio program, in which it’s basically him talking into a microphone.”
Smoke em if ya got em, macho macho man.
Chuck Johnson
Chuck Johnson:
The Hound's of Hell are very happy tonight .
I liked Rush until the 90's but after that I think he lost touch with reality
I’ve Got The Gift Of GOODBYE
I’ve Got The Gift Of GOODBYE:
For some reason I had to turn my TV down to read the comments🧐 I’ve NEVER done THAT before NOW! 🤔
Joseph joestar
Joseph joestar:
fred obermyer
fred obermyer:
Pass the Champagne !!
rufus jones
rufus jones:
RIP Jim Morrison.
Buny Mustard
Buny Mustard:
Rush is the epitome of whyte America 👌🏾🤮🇺🇲
De L
De L:
Less disinformation spread
Tige Lee
Tige Lee:
May your maker judge you for your contribution while you were here on this earth! Hate never win!
Oj Post
Oj Post:
Lmaooooo go push up daisies
Leo Baart
Leo Baart:
Rest in piss Rush.
See ya!!!!
Joseph Gemin
Joseph Gemin:
Can’t wait for the Everton-Manchester City game today. Don’t count Everton out, just yet!
Diego Love
Diego Love:
Rush Limbaugh is pro life, yet he died. Explain this to me
MGM Dinero
MGM Dinero:
I am so delightful he's gone 😊
Edward Flores Jr.
Edward Flores Jr.:
He was welcomed into hell by Lee Atwater.
Ad Astra
Ad Astra:
I wonder where Rush is it Tropical there 🔥?
I remember when Rush got caught with hundreds off Oxi Contin pills and Jeb bush got him off. I bet he regretted that.
BrahamGod YT
BrahamGod YT:
Now allah will judge him entirely and only
Brandon Marguet
Brandon Marguet:
Hey, remember when Rush Limbaugh would read the names of people who had died from AIDS during his show and then play a celebratory soundtrack?
Bendito tato que iba de shopping 🛒 en el 2006 con las Percocet que descanse en paz.👁️
Red RuM
Red RuM:
Man Alex Jones must be crushed rush was his grampa lmao
Rocky Slope
Rocky Slope:
4:24 this was all an act. Rush knew he was getting the PMOF. That look of surprise was deliberately faked. All ready sitting next to the First Lady in preparation for receiving it. Give him an Oscar posthumously, too.
Fred Obermyer
Fred Obermyer:
Is rush still dead?......😁
Wow, what a great way to honor essentially a hero...
Hit the ground running
Hit the ground running:
1-down.....sooo many to go,
For all the criticism you might hold for Rush he has been and will always a radio icon and legend. Especially among conservatives.
Leaetta Hyer
Leaetta Hyer:
I doctor shop too but I only go when they are on sale.
fred obermyer
fred obermyer:
Finally..............some good news.
Savid Watkins
Savid Watkins:
Diarrhea mouth has gone down for the count.
Awesome As Ever
Awesome As Ever:
Limbaugh put out misleading information and encouraged bigotry for decades.
Jack Straw
Jack Straw:
He earned 500 million dollars selling pajamagrams lol no chance he was getting paid by billionaires to foam up the rubes
Joshua Snyder
Joshua Snyder:
On the bright side, Hell has plenty of fire for him to light his cigars with.
Eas in crucem
Fred Obermyer
Fred Obermyer:
rush found a very hot climate to rot in for eternity
Ryan O'Malley
Ryan O'Malley:
You people have no respect.
Oskar Evans
Oskar Evans:
Born Blazed
Born Blazed:
The conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has long extolled the glamour and societal benefits of smoking, while downplaying its dangers. its karma his death was tobacco related.
Girth Worm Bill
Girth Worm Bill:
Texans are in a very cold place right now, but Rush Limbaugh is in a very HOT place right now.
Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit:
I know that he said a lot of things that people detested, and I was one of them, however, when people die I don't say ill of them. It rubs me the wrong way. I wanted to say this on this forum.
I will not write unkind things at this time, however I will just note that when I first saw Rush Limbaugh on television with his ditto heads I literally thought it was satire.
Hemanth kamana
Hemanth kamana:
Why Me
Why Me:
He was a great man. He was a true legend, and an American patriot (on opposite day)
Tal Moore
Tal Moore:
It's moments like this that I wish hell actually existed.
kat dengler
kat dengler:
and scene
Mr MojoRisen87
Mr MojoRisen87:
“Doctor of Democracy.” Fanatically supports efforts to overturn our democratic election.
R N:
J J:
Maria Costa
Maria Costa:
Not for us to judge...but...he did alot of damage to society 😶
Watching this paused, so I don't have to hear the wind. Rush was BAD FOR AMERICANS.
Divide & Conquer warrior.
May he find a peace that he never promoted for this country in death.
Ryoichi Uemura
Ryoichi Uemura:
Na na na nah...Na na na nah...hey hey hey...Good bye!