The Magic of Ansu Fati 2020


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Lit Nemo
Lit Nemo:
Ansu Fati plays like Messi, scores like Ronaldinho, and is as humble as Kante.
The kid is very special. Crazy to say a 17-year old should be a starter for Barcelona atm, but his end product is crazy good for his age.
Not the next Messi, not the next Ronaldinho - first ANSU FATI
Tommy Coraisaca
Tommy Coraisaca:
From Dinho to Messi and now to Ansu, he will carry on the legacy. Let’s hope he does
Roy Chamorro
Roy Chamorro:
Fati's playing makes me tear up. Football is beautiful
Marcos Valdivieso
Marcos Valdivieso:
Im extremely hyped for seeing him and Dembele take place in an attack with Leo as CF
I love his dedication! If he gets fouled, he doesnt instantly fall to the ground, but gets back up and keeps on going.
Jesse H
Jesse H:
His ability to play on the professional field is so natural. Calm, calculated, and for his age!
Koushik Maji
Koushik Maji:
Here after he got the surreal no. 10 today. Excited to see him back on the pitch.
Ankit Raj
Ankit Raj:
Man it's been so long that I forgot how good he was last season 😔
I miss this kid😭. Associating him with Depay will be a whole fire🔥.
Amol Paradke
Amol Paradke:
Fati and Haaland has some serious Goal scoring boots 🔥 I'm just imagining Fati and Dembele on wings and Messi as false 9 ❤️
Ansu is just simply refreshing, young fearless player. Knew you had it in you. All he needed was the minutes. This ain't even near his prime. Generational player. Lots of work to do young man.
Abdel Alomerovic
Abdel Alomerovic:
Everyone:Wow this kid is amazing.
Bartomeu:Can we replace him with a 30-year-old player?
konj konjski
konj konjski:
6:01 is messi,ronaldinho class pass.That proves that he is not only amazing finisher and dribler but also very good passer and he is gonna learn even more from messi.His finishing is already world class.
bhupendra kumar
bhupendra kumar:
when I saw his Header goal one minute after coming as a substitute. I was like, that is Ronaldoesque. Such an accurate header. Such good positioning skills. He is fast, likes to take matter in his hands, does not feel inferior to superstars in the team. I wish he reaches his true potential.
Stefan Rojewski
Stefan Rojewski:
5:15 this pass is a masterpiece
Més que un sub
Més que un sub:
I really believe he's the future of Barcelona, he just have to keep this level of dedication 👏
سعد القحطاني
سعد القحطاني:
0:18 That pass against Rues is 🔥🔥🔥
twitch_ krYpToZ
twitch_ krYpToZ:
What a Player he Could be without injurys
Gabriel López
Gabriel López:
The future is here. Future in the making. Hope he does well this season with the new number of Barça.

Oscar Perez
Oscar Perez:
Recupérate pronto ANSUU, contigo de vuelta el Barça estará que arde💥😫
Fhhuo Ghikhh
Fhhuo Ghikhh:
7:05 he handled 4 players single handedly 🤯🤯🤯
Abhi Patil
Abhi Patil:
The wonderkid of Barcelona has much talent embedded in him.He can show to the world about his capability at any time stay blessed😎😃😄
Juan J
Juan J:
Es un delantero que me recuerda a Samuel Etto, bravo y con mucha picardia
Uriel Bermúdez P.
Uriel Bermúdez P.:
Un talento enorme!!!!
Soutrik Sarangi
Soutrik Sarangi:
I am not comparing Ansu to anybody, but his style reminds me of a young CR7.
Moussa 66
Moussa 66:
He is so calm on the ball and so mature!
Prasann Chavan
Prasann Chavan:
Barca's No.10 has been passed on!
This talented guy now has very great responsibility on his shoulders and huge shoes to fill in.
Il est incroyablement fort j’espère qu’il va revenir fort cette année ! visca al barca 💪🏼
He has neymar's skill messi's intelligence and Ronaldo's speed
Luis Camacho
Luis Camacho:
Ya le hacia falta un jugador asi con esas características a la selección española
Alerxz twist kid
Alerxz twist kid:
Watching him alongside messi reminds me of Ronaldinho and messi
Enrico Nord
Enrico Nord:
His ball touches are totally efficient and effective, with just a couple of touches he managed to outplay 4 defenders, then such accuracy with both feet and header, this kid is the present and the future of Barcelona
I stan Lil Uzi Vert
I stan Lil Uzi Vert:
Skill like Neymar and finishing like Ronaldo 🔥🔥🔥
Kadir Mallea
Kadir Mallea:
Vuelve pronto Ansu, el barca te extraña 😓
Gerard Reilly
Gerard Reilly:
He's living everyone's dream well done pal
Jermaine Nelson
Jermaine Nelson:
Bro! I watched your video closely and I just realized how of an amazing talent Ansu Fati is. Oh Wow!!! This young kid is brilliant.
Sg Sugan
Sg Sugan:
his offensive awarness is very good for a youth player
Dani Adyus
Dani Adyus:
All he need is the right coach to get the best out of him. And also he is the right player for every coach
Que te importa
Que te importa:
If he comes back like this, he is absoluty fighting to be the best in the world
Omar Sharif Ali
Omar Sharif Ali:
Never afraid to shoot at all when he gets the chance and that's what makes you the best in your position in the club. No one can snatch it from you. He's just 17 and already showing his potential. The future is bright for barca
Enoch Adeleye
Enoch Adeleye:
This boy is an upcoming legend !!!!!
Henicker Hillman
Henicker Hillman:
Well Barca, you've got a talent that can finally fill the void Neymar left. I'm surprised he even moves like the Brazilian and at 17 he's amazing. Extend his contract for the next 5 seasons to be safe.
Abcdefghigjklmnopqrstuvwxy And Z
Abcdefghigjklmnopqrstuvwxy And Z:
Scores like Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, as fast as young Messi, as humble as Messi
As good as Mbappe
ben sher
ben sher:
Incredible when you think about it that a 16/17 year old has been our second best player all season and didnt even play all the time
Really unfortunate that he got injured. He was well on his way to becoming the next after Messi. Now we don’t know what will happen after that bad injury….
Armaan- Haron
Armaan- Haron:
What a young Star!! What a history maker!! Oh my fati I love u from Bangladesh! ❤🇧🇩
Nnamdi N
Nnamdi N:
Damn what did I just watch. This kid has everything. I mean watching this have me goosebumps. I’m happy we have him
Jordi Virgili
Jordi Virgili:
Muy buen video que ganas de verlo titular esta temporada
Dribbling + pace outstanding compilation 💥💪🙌
Konami Street
Konami Street:
oh the way he strikes the ball!, the deft touches, the awareness of the goalpost, 17 years old..sweetness
Benny Fehr
Benny Fehr:
This kid is INSANE for his age !!!!
Fhhuo Ghikhh
Fhhuo Ghikhh:
9:05 awesome skill🤯🤯🤯
Quien le lesionó debería estar mínimo en la cárcel hacerle eso a un jugador promesa así tan joven ... la temporada que nos hubiera dejado en el Barça .. y en la Eurocopa con este chaval llegamos a la final fijo ya que solo nos faltaba un goleador .. en fin .. ojalá vuelva al mismo nivel
Leyton Val
Leyton Val:
He reminds me of a Manchester Utd Ronaldo mixed with Neymar !
I hope he enjoys an injury-free season. He will fill a lot of faces with smiles.
elmer alegre espinoza
elmer alegre espinoza:
Tiene todo para ser los mejores del mundo, asociación, pases, gol, regate...
What a mighty player he could have been
Caled Jesus
Caled Jesus:
Ver a ansu me recuerda a un samuel eto moderno.🥺

Espero que el barça no lo venda como thiago alcantara o Ronaldo nazario.
Arnau Sansano Pascual
Arnau Sansano Pascual:
And finally… HE’S BACK!! 😁😁
Enso Isaraj
Enso Isaraj:
Just outstanding. Destined for greatness. Hopefully the bum in my avi can stay fit so we can have them both on the pitch at once
Lejzer Tejzer Pejzer
Lejzer Tejzer Pejzer:
0:58 the dude straight up LAUNCHES himself and his whole body for the goal. Absolutely mentall. I'd dare to say this kid could challenge to be the best of his generation, surely if he keeps on delivering like this.
The new legend of Barca . #10
Om Sharma
Om Sharma:
He will surely have barcelona' s legendary number 10 which is passed to next world's best from current world's best
It's so satisfying watching him play
Carlos Mendoza
Carlos Mendoza:
Nothing compared with messi and CR7 let's see the future!!
He returns.
I am coming after Batcelona-Levante match.
We love you Ansu💙❤️
Ronny Kazadi
Ronny Kazadi:
He has more goals than any footballer at his age


Lit Nemo
Lit Nemo:
When you realize that he is only 17...
johnet ntemgwa
johnet ntemgwa:
Fati reminds me so much of a certain Samuel eto, speed, agility , passing but he's a better finisher than Etoo was. His finishing is too good for his age.
By Pascu
By Pascu:
He is like CR7+Neymar
jackson mwangi
jackson mwangi:
Everything happens for a reason. Neymar Jr left,now it's Fati time👍
Nadir Amine bou
Nadir Amine bou:
This kid did in few matches what lot of players can't do in their whole career ... And he is staying discret we don't hear a lot about him ... Some players don't do anything and we always hear about them especially young English players ...
Rehaan Malik
Rehaan Malik:
He scores atleast 20 this season🔥
Kartikeya Joshi
Kartikeya Joshi:
I think we're looking at a future "Best in the world"
Ashraf uddin
Ashraf uddin:
His playing style and roles seems like neymar and ronaldinho. He will be one of the best in near futurr
Virtual realistic
Virtual realistic:
He will be one of the best player in future..
Ansu es alguien que brilla con luz propia trasmite muchas cosas dios lo bendiga siempre
BADTTW Penphis
BADTTW Penphis:
Rest In Peace to all the Barca fans who thought he wasn’t ready for the first team
Abcdefghigjklmnopqrstuvwxy And Z
Abcdefghigjklmnopqrstuvwxy And Z:
Imagine a frontline of
And Coutinho behind them🔥🔥🔥
Adrian Gonzales Lapponi
Adrian Gonzales Lapponi:
Plays as a combination of Samuel Eto'o, Thierry Henry, CR7, David Villa and Neymar.
Luis Neves
Luis Neves:
Tiene tela de calidad el tío.un dato curioso es que los jugadores d la cantera d el Barcelona x lo general son bajitos eso si dribladores.esperemos que en el camino que va el fútbol actual tan fisico puedan demostrar su calidad partido tras partido
Jair Alvarado
Jair Alvarado:
Ojala se recupere pronto este crack
Muhamad Satrian
Muhamad Satrian:
Ansu Fatii The Next Star From Barcelona.....👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sawerb 10
Sawerb 10:
that is why on this day he is wearing the number 10 jersey!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻
F .F
F .F:
7:17 he outpaced achraf hakimi...This boy is real business.❤💙
He is very talented boy , i like his skill with ball, good luck!
Manu Dennis
Manu Dennis:
He just needs to work on his finishing and his physique and he’s gonna be a gem
It’s crazy to think that this guy is only a year older than me and he’s a starter for Barcelona
siddhant shinai
siddhant shinai:
You make Great Videos..Kudos to you❤ Keep up❤🔥
Fantom 10
Fantom 10:
Something special he has. He will be very successful.
Becaye Ndiaye
Becaye Ndiaye:
He will become one of the best in the world
La vida es maravillosa
La vida es maravillosa:
Vamos Ansu,a liderar al Barça 💪💪
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez:
fresh Brain TV
fresh Brain TV:
Laporte know what he is creating for the team. Pls keep loving Nd supporting u won’t be disappointed. Trust me 🙏😍
Gaming star
Gaming star:
He plays like neymar... And he has the ability to fill the gap of Neymar in Barcelona for sure.
Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria:
OUR NEW 10 💙❤️
Hardi Ali
Hardi Ali:
3:34 creativety ....genius level there. Super curious how fati develops