The Magician Facundo Campazzo • Best Of • FIBA

Facundo Campazzo is a real magician on the basketball court! The Argentinian point guard impresses with his fancy passes in the first place, but as well with his nice finishes! Check out his best highlights from FIBA tournaments in this best of - enjoy and let us know your opinion on Campazzo in the comments below. Don't miss any highlight play of the NBA player from the Denver Nuggets!

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100+ comentarios:

Who is here after he agreed a two year deal with the denver nuggets?. He's a good pairing for nikola jokic and a great passer too.
Mitchell Neessen
Mitchell Neessen:
Welcome to Denver!
JR Thomas
JR Thomas:
The Joker and The Magician
I'm french and the semifinal against Argentina still gives me nightmares.
But like, good nightmares.
Fantastic team
Necovekk X
Necovekk X:
He is still appearing in my dreams after Serbia-Argentina world cup game, world class player.
Eleazar Perez
Eleazar Perez:
Every time he makes a good play for the nuggets I’m going to say “what the fac”
Marx Spridge Galang
Marx Spridge Galang:
Nuggets just signed this guy for 2 yrs!!! damn what a nice pick upppppp
Tomás Gauchat
Tomás Gauchat:
He needs to go to the dallas mavericks, him with luka doncic would be unstoppable
Jason Smith
Jason Smith:
Never heard of this guy here in the US but he is among the best passers I've ever seen. The bounce pass at 3:30 is almost too crazy to believe...
Ahmed Urías
Ahmed Urías:
Jugadorazo con nivel de nba, saludos desde Mexico 🇲🇽
I remember one game in the olympics against usa, nobody can't guard him that's why they decided to use kevin durant to guard against him. He's so good.
He just sees the game differently, something that cannot be taught.
Ken Clark
Ken Clark:
Who’s here after hearing the trade news ? He’s definitely one of the best passers I’ve ever seen wow !
OAB Bolty
OAB Bolty:
Welcome to Denver!
Greyson Adams
Greyson Adams:
Welcome to
Denver my friend
Ryan Gonzalez
Ryan Gonzalez:
Welcome to the Nuggets!!!
Hasse Jr
Hasse Jr:
The man is a baller, happy he's in the NBA
Glenard Coleman
Glenard Coleman:
He signed with the Denver Nuggets.
Gonzalo Urrea
Gonzalo Urrea:
the father of france..
Welcome to the Nuggets, Mr. Campazzo!
J C:
4:21 Now they're teammates.
Abel Asmamaw
Abel Asmamaw:
welcome to the Denver Nuggets
Panagiotis Manologlou
Panagiotis Manologlou:
I mean, I knew him, but the guy is basically flawless for his size. Respect, and a joy to watch.
Erson Velasco
Erson Velasco:
World Class Pointguard...
Finally the nuggets get a bit of help from someone who has a bit of experience
Gustavo Tovar
Gustavo Tovar:
Imagine having to defend him and Jokic at the same time, Nuggets about to have crazy ball movement
Campazo debe firmar con Dallas Maverick, es el complemento perfecto para Luka y Porzingis.
Isaac Sauce
Isaac Sauce:
Super excited to see him play for the nuggets
Campazzo crack🇦🇷
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez:
Nuggets baby!!
A Love
A Love:
10:30 Campazzo takes Jokic to the hole
Daegon Miguel
Daegon Miguel:
A steal from the nuggets 💯
Mark Eli
Mark Eli:
Just a hooper and having fun while doing it. Excited to see him in denver
Mr. Moore
Mr. Moore:
He reminds me of Tony Parker a little bit
bill kevin
bill kevin:
Perfect for a JJ Barea replacement. Mavs, do your thing.
Pablo Enrique DIAZ
Pablo Enrique DIAZ:
I've already watched several times, but, no problem, I could watch it many more times. Facundo, The Magician!
1:09 Haha Delfino is just one more fan here
Ryan Tsang
Ryan Tsang:
Welcome to Denver
A Love
A Love:
He's already a fan favorite in Denver 👍
Yeah I’m here after the Woj announcement
Philip Andrew Soan
Philip Andrew Soan:
I hope he gets enough time playing for my fave team, the Nuggets. However there are concerns about the defensive ability of the bench (even the starters) especially if he will play alongside Morris. Still, hoping for the best!
Jonathan Wick
Jonathan Wick:
Lmao denver tryna magic they're ring,,
They stayed silent lmao n took a great player
Massimo Ferrari
Massimo Ferrari:
Here after that nuggets deal
dvie rabino
dvie rabino:
Welcome to nuggets 🙌
Artiom Mikhailov
Artiom Mikhailov:
Welcome to Denver. I'm impressed. He seem very unselfish with great vision and passing ability. He could be a great fit with Jokic and Murray. Let's go Nuggets!!!
Jr Smitty
Jr Smitty:
welcome to Denver!!
Donovan Doyle
Donovan Doyle:
Lol the nuggets got him
Ab Ata
Ab Ata:
It's gonna be an exciting show for the Denver's Backcourt Tandem of Campazzo and Murray. A good passer and a fiery scorer
4:06: And with this trick I will demonstrate, True Finger-Roll!!!
Sergio Godoy
Sergio Godoy:
Cuando vi lo que hacía "El Mago" Campazzo con la naranja , sabía que llegaría a la NBA !! Good Facundo Campazzo ! Congratulations! 👍😀🇦🇷
I heard he may go to Denver. God please yes!
Nick Rogers
Nick Rogers:
When did the Satanic "666" symbol become the way to show you just hit a three pointer?
jar jar lewis
jar jar lewis:
Who's here after hearing he might come to the NBA
Juan Vago
Juan Vago:
3:39 jaja como los durmió a los polacos con ese pase rápido y magistral. Un crack Facu.
Brennan Shimic
Brennan Shimic:
Him and Jokic about to light it up with the pass game!
Gonxalo 27
Gonxalo 27:
Crack Facu!! Welcome in denver 🇦🇷👌👏👏
MC Lava
MC Lava:
Pure Magic...he should go to Orlando, nah joke please Mavs sign him!
urban structure
urban structure:
EL MAGO coming to NBA!!!
Alvar C
Alvar C:
His defensive skills are just as good.
Dallas? San Antonio?
Fede T
Fede T:
the magiciaaaaaaaaaaan
Dzuy Ho
Dzuy Ho:
He is so quick sure will earn a spot in NBA
Wayne Chan
Wayne Chan:
What's with the star trek soundtrack tho 😅
Johnlen gaiming
Johnlen gaiming:
Maccabi 💜
Ángel Carcaño Basketmental on IG
Ángel Carcaño Basketmental on IG:
Hammer An Anvil
Hammer An Anvil:
Damn he’s like Isaiah Thomas’ height
Ainge The Mechanic
Ainge The Mechanic:
Tha name will sound beautiful at the garden ..Facundo !!
This 5'11 guard will surprise you.
Carlos Tiviroli
Carlos Tiviroli:
Antonius Nandiwardana
Antonius Nandiwardana:
He is dancing on basketball court
I think he’ll love Denver 💙💛
Knicks definitely should get him I like his style as a point Guard
Marquis Eberhardt
Marquis Eberhardt:
I heard the knicks were interested in signing him
Artur Barros
Artur Barros:
Look this behind the back pass

Jourdan Chaney
Jourdan Chaney:
He is going to make the nuggets guards lives easier
Knife Legs
Knife Legs:
Glad Denver Signed him
Perseo Eridano
Perseo Eridano:
Kingdom Thinker
Kingdom Thinker:
I am so mad right now! The Denver Nuggets just picked up a guy that I wish the Pistons could have got.
OK, now imagine this: Navarro, Parker and Jasikevicius all merged to make the best offensive player. If we took the average of their skills, we'd get a quite unstoppable guard. Except that Campazzo does everything better than average. Maybe he's the best small man in Euroleague.
Alejandro Damian Bevilacqua
Alejandro Damian Bevilacqua:
Ronald Jacinto Jr
Ronald Jacinto Jr:
now hes playing with the denver
Basketball4 dummies
Basketball4 dummies:
You are the best ever.
Soloista Ph
Soloista Ph:
He reminds me of Jayson Kidd
Levi Schaffer
Levi Schaffer:
Twolves are gonna sign him I hope and pray
Rogue Panda
Rogue Panda:
like how he pass the ball
you are missing out on something big here NBA
Diego Chavez
Diego Chavez:
The next ginoblii
Kevin Orio
Kevin Orio:
who was here because this guy signed with denver?
Canxii TV
Canxii TV:
The next Milos Teodocic
Vince Salcedo
Vince Salcedo:
Jokic told management get this man after he couldn't stop thinking about that Serbia game
He is so good... glad to see him with Denver. Laprovittola is great too.
Nish M
Nish M:
Omg that 6:40 pass was why the spurs should draft him !
John Sams jr
John Sams jr:
Denver back to the wcf
grande campazzo! un ´placer verlo jugar en el real madrid
Miljan Stanojević
Miljan Stanojević:
New Nugget
Mythfic_ Gamer
Mythfic_ Gamer:
the first
commentator sound like stewie
Young Preston800
Young Preston800:
Tony Parker 2.0 great pick up Denver
Sebastian Montivero
Sebastian Montivero:
Es un Crack ! 🏀🇦🇷
ben andre
ben andre:
nuggets fans are happy
such a great player