The meaning of life according to Simone de Beauvoir - Iseult Gillespie

Explore the life and works of Simone de Beauvoir, the author of “The Second Sex” and existentialist philosopher who influenced early feminist theory.


At the age of 21, Simone de Beauvoir became the youngest person to take the philosophy exams at France’s most esteemed university. But as soon as she mastered the rules of philosophy, she wanted to break them. Her desire to explore the physical world to its fullest would shape her life, and eventually, inspire radical new philosophies. Iseult Gillespie explores the life of the revolutionary thinker.

Lesson by Iseult Gillespie, directed by Sarah Saidan.

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100+ comentarios:

Elite Striker
Elite Striker:
Simone de Beauvoir: *masters philosophy*
Also her: _Yeah...naw._
usha gupta
usha gupta:
The concept, the style of narration, the visual effect and the animation is itself an art. Its awesome that Ted ed dwells into topic one hardly knows about and fascinating...thanks ted ed!
AuRoara Animations
AuRoara Animations:
*As soon as she mastered the rules of philosophy, she wanted to break them*

When you understand a law so well that you get the right to change it..
"A freedom which is interested only in denying freedom must be denied."
Atmika ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Atmika ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ:
Humans: exist
Philosophers: But why would you do that?
Sartre looks like a fun quirky dude in these drawings.
Fauzan Kamil
Fauzan Kamil:
Sartre on date night be like:

"Hey gurl, you want some existential crises?"
Seth Leoric
Seth Leoric:
Existence: exists
Philosophers: do you really tho?
A Philosopher
A Philosopher:
I'm a simple man.
I see a philosopher, I click.
1:00 the 'e' flew away because existentialism is spelled existentialisme in french!
AJ thebest
AJ thebest:
"our greatest ethical imperative is to create our own live's meaning"

This is such a good quote.
Aadiv Rath
Aadiv Rath:
People should really read a bit more about philosophy, it's absolutely amazing.
Plato: discovers philosophy
Simone: I'm gonna end this man's career
Weegee Is Mad
Weegee Is Mad:
“As soon as she mastered the laws of philosophy, she wanted to break them”

*We used the laws to destroy the laws*
Weegee Is Mad
Weegee Is Mad:
“To convey the importance of her work...”
“To show you the power of Flex Tape...”

*Coincidence? I think not.*
luis pinto
luis pinto:
Lets just remember she was a philosopher, not a social scientist.
Anyone else been stuck in aroutine and is feeling a bit depressed because he's not working on bettering himself but he's not working because he's depressed?
Vitto Prince
Vitto Prince:
Simone de Beauvoir: we live in a society
Jody Carter
Jody Carter:
“Created the foundations of Existentialism” ???
I guess Kierkegaard and Nietzsche came after de Beauvoir. I’m a fan of her thinking but this is a misleading statement. Her concept of freedom is well expressed.
Martha Then
Martha Then:
For me, the meaning of life is to touch other's life and make a difference while we still exist.
Sebastian Muñoz Ochoa
Sebastian Muñoz Ochoa:
Of course parts of her life are controversial, wanting to change the age of consent in France from 15 to lower ages is bad.
Self Elements
Self Elements:
"As soon as she mastered the rules of philosophy, she wanted to break them."
Steven Karl
Steven Karl:
the meaning of everything is 42 ;)
I’ve been searching for the meaning of life, my whole life!

Sometimes I think of just dying just too know if theres a meaning after life.
Aïe Aïe
Aïe Aïe:
"Elle est exclue de l’Éducation nationale en juin 1943 - non pour détournement de ces deux mineurs comme on le dit souvent (cette affaire se clôt en effet par un non-lieu), mais parce que le recteur d’académie dénonce le fait qu’elle vit en concubinage, qu’elle enseigne Proust et Gide à ses étudiants et qu’elle affiche un mépris supérieur de toute discipline morale et familiale.

Le recteur demande aussi la révocation de Sartre, qu’il n’obtient pas.

Beauvoir sera réintégrée à la Libération mais décidera de ne pas reprendre l’enseignement."
Abeeshan Sridharan
Abeeshan Sridharan:
Simone: breaks laws of philosophy
Others: de Beau whaa
Sebastian Elytron
Sebastian Elytron:
There is only one place in the world where you can find the meaning of life

The dictionary.
Geese Couch Taming
Geese Couch Taming:
The meaning of life, is when a creature is not dead.
Matt Fz
Matt Fz:
"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life."

Albert Camus
2:28 Can someone identify the people in this segment? I only recognize Albert Camus
Literally no one :
De Beauvoir : *blasts everything and everyone*.
"What do you want a meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaning. Desire is the theme of all life. The meaning of anything is merely other words for the same thing."
--Charlie Chaplin
Malainine Ebnou
Malainine Ebnou:
That's some impeccable pronunciation of those French names. Really good hear, just like a Parisian accent.
Erik Walle
Erik Walle:
"In the face of these accusations, she had her teaching license revoked". Trump remains president.
Did anyone else see Albert Camus on that bench, or is it just me?
Marcus V. Terra
Marcus V. Terra:
For me, "La Vieillese" by Simone de Beauvoir is her greatest work.
Mr. XYZ:
That's her definition, find yours.
When a subject is greatly conditioned by a human's fears and insecurities then you can not take any of these things seriously.
This reminds me
of the film *"Pursuit of Happyness"*
Samuel LW
Samuel LW:
2:17- Nice Easter egg including Camus as one of the guys.
Trevor Martin
Trevor Martin:
The entire composition of this video: the voice, the animation, the content, everything, is wonderfully pulchritudinous.
04:10 I love this channel because they chose to include this side of her.
Lordy Costelo
Lordy Costelo:
This is prolly the best channel in yt ngl.. God speed!
Bellick Thapa
Bellick Thapa:
LiFe HaS mEaNiNg.
the meaning of life is: The time between birth, and death.
Random fact: The electric chair was invented by a dentist.
Akshay Joshi
Akshay Joshi:
Love this video. Nice background music. Puts on the perfect theme.
Victa family Forever
Victa family Forever:
I’m doing school and this just popped up
Star Cherry
Star Cherry:
I learn of her through Ethics of Ambiguity!
Shame it wasn't a hit earlier on, they didn't know what they were missing ☕️
I laughed at how they drew Sartre's eyes.. and when they pushed her off the bench. LOL! Sigh.
I feel so connected to her reading her memoirs, idk I just love her
Aaryan Goswami
Aaryan Goswami:
Ted-ed's videos are always a delight to watch
Cinderella Sequeira
Cinderella Sequeira:
Thank you for the beautifully animated and very inspiring video! Please make one on Judith Butler too!!
I watched till the end even though I couldn't grasp much actually!!
But liked it!!
Tanmay G
Tanmay G:
Living In Fictional Entity!
Gustavo Gonzalez
Gustavo Gonzalez:
Life’s meaning is to have a life at the very least. Life has including you have all the meaning in the world to exist. So what if life’s or us are without meaning great. This means we can make our meaning up.
Star the Kirby
Star the Kirby:
Chanced upon this video wanting to learn something new.
Realized as soon as the video started, I had already learnt the same things - with my own thoughts.

Is this fate?
Dana Villano
Dana Villano:
What an amazing video! Thank you ao much for this, TED-Ed!
"there's no divorce between philosophy and life."
ali ali
ali ali:
meaning of life - enjoy it when/while you can, cherish other life in general
watch it
watch it:
I never thought you could make an interesting topic so dull with a tone
Jiyeon Kim
Jiyeon Kim:
한국어...한국어가 시급합니다ㅏ
"A sweet two minute story about the meaning of life" answers the eternal question: "What's the point of it all?" :
Harry Adamas
Harry Adamas:
Happy Women's Month to all brave, fierce and strong girls out there!
Charles Chong
Charles Chong:
A 1 is not a 2 or 3. There, I just created an "other."
1:35 oh the modern day irony, not many people follow this principle.
Ori nattiv
Ori nattiv:
Simone de Beauvoir started all of this!
I'm inlove!!!
Dana Trick
Dana Trick:
Fun fact: In the video game Nier: Automata (2017), there is a boss named after her.
love your videos Ted-Ed, there so interesting.
Abhra Udvashini
Abhra Udvashini:
14th You now have 14 comments,65 views and 52 likes, 1 more view, comment and like from me ;)
Darío Cohen
Darío Cohen:
Great video, it is beautiful. I wonder why existencialism is not talked about this days, maybe because we are living in a shallow era of domination where thinking about freedom is seen as an economic problem
Edward Backman
Edward Backman:
Id love to see more videos like these. Nothing too ambitious, just an impression of the meaning of someones work. There should be one for every major thinker.
Thiago Corbari
Thiago Corbari:
She's the perfect example of "do what I say but not what I do".
Jenny S
Jenny S:
Christianity doesn't claim that people came with a predefined destiny. We say we have FREE WILL. "LIBERUL ARBITRU"
Ry B
Ry B:
Yes! I didnt know about Simone, but I agree with all of her points. I'm glad you posted this video TED.
Joaena Hyewon Ryu
Joaena Hyewon Ryu:
Love how at the end of the video the editor timed the appearing of the women's heads with the beat of the music.
I can't really separate the paint from the painter. She was on radio Vichy, was antisemite and was a pimp for Sartres. Sartres and her really were the worst things to happen to french philosophy, right there with de Biez.
Helpful Edits: Comedy
Helpful Edits: Comedy:
I already knew all this, from the title you would expect the video to be something else. Deceptive.
So we’re going to attribute existentialism to Sartre and de Beauvoir and not even mention Kierkegaard or Nietzsche...
@TEDEx, will you be interested in making a video that goes deeper into this philosophy? I find your videos often to be very good in explaining complicated topics.
Loving the animation and awesome art style mixed with education. If i learn stuff this way when i was in school, would have been much more enjoyable experience!
Yasmin Mendonça
Yasmin Mendonça:
She was... just... I can't even explain. ❤🥺
Syed Areeb
Syed Areeb:
Still what’s the meaning of life
Ay Mate
Ay Mate:
I love the animation and music selection.
Sanjogita Gulati
Sanjogita Gulati:
People are talking about philosophy while I'm still interested in the accent of the speaker.. Such a beautiful voice!!
Scio 93
Scio 93:
This content is great! But can you make more life improvement videos like the one "How to boost your confidence"
ROVNA art:
This is the right way to tell a story! And important one!
Kien Lee Ng
Kien Lee Ng:
The animation is so good
Lucas Randel
Lucas Randel:
To stay her work has been 'expanded upon' by adding other ways been have been othered kind of fell out of line with the rest of the video and honestly reeks a bit of identity politics propgaganda.
uchiha_ neeraj
uchiha_ neeraj:
Immortality can only be achieved after death,,, I believe this after I see how she was boycott that tym N read now
Jonathan Derby
Jonathan Derby:
You can’t stop the story of Lilith, and Adam !
I Am Jabby
I Am Jabby:
Love it nice concept i often think this way. What i follow is stoicism.
G S4ndy
G S4ndy:
Life and Death... Always in Equilibrium
Trân Vũ
Trân Vũ:
I like the speaker’s voice
Liz 372
Liz 372:
Congrats on saying the names really well !
Xuanqi Li
Xuanqi Li:
Anyone played Nier Automata and finally got what the Simone boss is referencing after watching this video?
Arpita Phatak
Arpita Phatak:
I love this so much. Thanku for making this ❤
ashim karki
ashim karki:
Law of equivalent exchange
『Laird Bob』
『Laird Bob』:
*f o r t y - t w o*