The moment Aston Villa learned they were staying in the Premier League!

Brilliant scenes as the Aston Villa players got confirmation that their point away to West Ham was enough to keep them in the Premier League after the season went right down to the wire!

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100+ comentarios:

L Maz
L Maz:
Watford deserve this. Absolute banter club for sacking the manager that got them out of the relegation zone. Sacking managers for fun.
Savage Child
Savage Child:
Villa deserve to stay up meanwhile Watford deserve to be relegated, they sacked Nigel Pearson for no reason, they sack managers every 5-6 months which makes no sense, I'm pretty sure Nigel Pearson would have kept Watford in the premier league 🤷🏻‍♂️
sunil deshpande
sunil deshpande:
They are more happy than Liverpool winning Prem
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
This is lesson learn to other teams in future, never sack your manager with 2 league games left.
Tajrian Khan
Tajrian Khan:
I love how Mcginn and El mohammedy started celebrating before they had conformation.
The first time Savage has spoke sense. Douglas Luiz has been brilliant
Orlando Trustfull
Orlando Trustfull:
Look at Dean Smith clinging on to Grealish like a Koala Bear.

Tesco Robinson
Tesco Robinson:
"Imagine what they'll be like if they ever win anything" - Roy Keane
Fahim Ahmed
Fahim Ahmed:
Watford deserve it 18 manager sacked in a few years is like that them for. Nothing g as well as Nigel pearson
Trendy Sport
Trendy Sport:
I'm really happy for them. Aston Villa Leeds united Nottingham forest Belong to premier league.
Talvinder Singh
Talvinder Singh:
Villa Wolves and baggies in the perm next season. Great for the midlands. UTV.
Stomm X
Stomm X:
As a Wolves fan I am delighted that there will be 6 derby games next year! Enjoy your celebrations Villa fans!
Luke Kenny
Luke Kenny:
Ismailia Starr in the championship. Sorry but he’s gone. I know he hasn’t played great this season but his class is 🔥. Villa deserve that Well done to them.
Villa were screwed numerous times by VAR this season so all this hawkeye talk can bore off. We lost Heaton and Wesley for the whole season in the same game, McGinn was out for months, no strength in depth whatsoever. Amazing we survived, next season we will push on with or without Grealish!
Slimy Skinrag
Slimy Skinrag:
Karma for sacking Nigel Pearson
Chazz _b_
Chazz _b_:
Bet Deeneys not laughing now
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens:
Robbie Savage calling himself a legend really sums him up.
Pete Buck
Pete Buck:
The way Smith went on in the MOTD interview it was like he personally engineered it, like he was the saviour. They just got lucky
Bobby Love
Bobby Love:
Well done Aston Villa I’m sad to see Bournemouth and Norwich go down Watford don’t care about I’m a arsenal fan so every year is like a relegation lmao I feel the pain
Scruffy Sandra
Scruffy Sandra:
Well done lads from a Wednesday fan. Dean Smith played for us. Always liked Villa. Good on ya. Love Jack Grealish.
Gary Hunter
Gary Hunter:
So 100 million gets u one point safe these days
Grandson Little Billy
Grandson Little Billy:
I was speeding around Birmingham city centre in my mobility scooter. Cmon fellow Aston Alvin and the chipmunks fans let me hear that brummie cheer waaaaaaaaaa
Tom Moore
Tom Moore:
Can we agree that Yarmolenko’s was absolutely ridiculous
Muhammed Sahil
Muhammed Sahil:
Roy Keane - ‘why are they celebrating. They haven’t won anything.’ 🤣😂
Just goes to show what keeping your manager can do Watford deserve to go down but feel for their fans because it could of been us! UTFV
I was watching with a smile 😄, congratulations to Aston Villa.
epicrite 6gaming
epicrite 6gaming:
Wow I am a wba fan next year their will be 6 derby's wolves villa and leicter all the Midlands teams except for Birmingham lol
sheed -
sheed -:
Really thought they were gonna do a Fulham with all that money they spent
Danno GNR88
Danno GNR88:
Also known as 'the moment Jack Grealish released it's now gonna be ten times harder to leave' 😂
blessing mugwagwa
blessing mugwagwa:
i love aston villa- cz of our own Zimbabwean Nakamba. im happy for aston villa.congrats!!!!!!!!!! wonderfull grillish,our own african trezeguet.and everyone.
Villa are lucky cos of that Sheffield United goal that didnt stand but I'm glad they didn't go down and Watford did
mohamed bendary
mohamed bendary:
Egypt pride , treizeguit and Almuhammady . congratulations 🏆
Jack grealish can now be a club legend if this is his last match
Why Watford sacked the manager is one of the biggest mysteries of this season. They were stone dead last when Pearson took charge, he managed them to this fighting chance and even beat a Liverpool side that wasn't on holiday at the time of the result. Watford have nobody to blame but themselves for this Relegation.
Marknoble16 Acsosaloba
Marknoble16 Acsosaloba:
we did it, we stay in the first division " Congratulations Aston Villa 😂👏👏👏👍
The cure
The cure:
Cannot be believe the last 3 years, Villa's last game of the season has decided which devision we play in....👀
Play off final....lost....cham
Play off final....won...prem
West Ham.......draw...prem
Next ...CL 😉🤣
Alex Judah
Alex Judah:
Imagine if Watford smashed in 2 goals out of nowhere 😂
Dil-Roblox-And More!
Dil-Roblox-And More!:
Dean: where's grealish?
Also Dean: getting drunk with me
Ziz Arthur
Ziz Arthur:
Ex legend lol 😂
A Tiny Horse
A Tiny Horse:
Watford have a revolving door of managers
yazan Topaji
yazan Topaji:
Imagine being on loan there and being left on the side
Samul 7 -_-
Samul 7 -_-:
Had to make it the 450th comment!
Shivam Bhasin
Shivam Bhasin:
When dreams are of low level 😂😂😂😂.
A-Marie Mullen
A-Marie Mullen:
Everybody said they were going down Watford fans were slagging them off hahahaha
Mickale Chambers
Mickale Chambers:
I knew they deserved to stay up
Leandro 2002 El canal de las Cosas
Leandro 2002 El canal de las Cosas:
Finally Watford and Bournemouth Perdieron la Categoría, Watford y el Bournemouth
Nassim B
Nassim B:
Bournemouth was so close to survival... i hope they will get back up next season
Marcello 1992
Marcello 1992:
Very happy for Arsenal Victory and even happier for the permanence of the great and very traditional VILLA in the premier league.
Jet Li
Jet Li:
Love this club💜
Jake Kwan
Jake Kwan:
Amazing to have stayed up! Hoping this summer we learn from last season and understand that recruitment was all wrong, tactically all over the place at times and have to hope that we can keep Luiz and Grealish.
Dean Rokkie
Dean Rokkie:
0:12 John McGinn 😂😂
Scorpzian YT
Scorpzian YT:
Next season be like: lmao
The beard to be feared
The beard to be feared:
Savage 😂 blues legend 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
sunil deshpande
sunil deshpande:
0:04 someone yelled f***ing loser 😂😂😂😂
ct hoffman
ct hoffman:
good thing west ham has that brand new TITANIC stadium they almost ran out of space today
Henry Geddes
Henry Geddes:
Robbie savage holding back the tears
Wesley Teh
Wesley Teh:
Me when I pass Chemistry
Ilmu Dunia
Ilmu Dunia:
I'm happy for Villa. Congrat!
Erni Supriani
Erni Supriani:
The beautiful of Promotion-Relegation system
xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103:
Congratulations! Aston Villa
Amaan 7861
Amaan 7861:
Beating Arsenal gave them a lot of confidence
Ricky Samrai
Ricky Samrai:
Gta say after lockdown best player... Deadly doug hands down.. UTV
Johnny Esmond
Johnny Esmond:
pure happiness, it doesnt require trophy lol
Douglas Luiz is the best player in that Villa team... absolute player.
It is What it is
It is What it is:
Dean smith will probably lose his job before the start of next season.
Faris Ahmad
Faris Ahmad:
Sarr has to stay in the premier league he is too good for the championship
David Flynn
David Flynn:
Villa. Done. It. Congratulations for Luton town
Un wn Bipolar
Un wn Bipolar:
Up Villa. 💜
beautiful...this is premier league
Huge fan utv !
WWE pro Roman
WWE pro Roman:
We’re in the premier league next year now
The Truth
The Truth:
Well done Villa 👍🏻
Hammad Arshad
Hammad Arshad:
Y they r more happy then Liverpool?
Grealish to United hopefully 😁
Ronan O'Donnell
Ronan O'Donnell:
They managed to stay up by their skin of their teeth
I wanted them to stay
Patrick Redmond
Patrick Redmond:
Watford’s biggest achievement is beating us 3-0 at vicarage road
Lovely to see
Kiarash SJ
Kiarash SJ:
0:04 Someone cursed in the background LMAO
Cryptosporidum 936
Cryptosporidum 936:
It's incredibly sad seeing our captain celebrate with another team
Connor Royse
Connor Royse:
Happy for Dean Smith but absolutely gutted for Eddie Howe and Bournemouth what a story and run.
James Chiew
James Chiew:
hahahah... next year they will go down.... its a very familiar trend
Bald Martin
Bald Martin:
Then watch Bournemouth's appeal do them over 😂😂😂😂😂
Dan Best
Dan Best:
Without grealish they're down
Finn bates
Finn bates:
Then will be going down next year tho so
Ahmad Muzaini Othman
Ahmad Muzaini Othman:
Jack grealish still in premier league!!
Jack Collett
Jack Collett:
Aston Villa are a shambles , celebrating like they won the thing
For some strange reason I really wanted Villa to stay in the league this season
James Green
James Green:
Advert on how to social distance in 2020 👍
Dean & Blondie
Dean & Blondie:
As a baggies fan im happy 4 them
-Sandeep -
-Sandeep -:
These guys celebrated more than liVARpool
Reni Panayiotou-McGihon
Reni Panayiotou-McGihon:
TheSlenderMan 10
TheSlenderMan 10:
Glad VillaStayed in from a Liverpool fan
The Geek Is Strong
The Geek Is Strong:
Jamel Taras
Jamel Taras:
Villa was Saved also by the recent , decent performances of the duo that no one has talked about so far ( Trezeguet & Al mohamady) , shameful selective memory .
Hung Ngo
Hung Ngo:
Arsenal Helped them LOL
J U:
Back in relegation zone next year
Hideki Tojo
Hideki Tojo:
Congrats villa 😊😊 by man united fan
Ashton Hurley
Ashton Hurley:
Watford deserve to go down sacked Nigel Pearson on 2 games left I think Nigel Pearson would have kept them up
Finn bates
Finn bates:
Wow ur sooo good staying up ent u 😑