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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to make this really brief video and discuss the situation with Fantastic Beasts 3 and the replacement of Johnny Depp. Obviously-unless you live under a rock, you have probably seen the headlines surrounding Depp and his resignation from the film franchise. Given that Depp plays Gellert Grindelwald- the primary antagonist- this obviously leaves a huge hole in the franchise. However, since his vacancy, there have been a lot of names thrown up in the air regarding his replacement. Although, one name appears to have shown up more than any other- and that name is Mads Mikkelsen. Where rumours were previously circulating surrounding his acceptance of the role- Mads released a statement recently explaining that these were just rumours- and that he hadn’t been approached by Warner Bros just yet. He didn’t explicitly express interest in the role, but he did say that he was waiting for a call from them. However, just today- Warner Bros released a statement explaining that Mads has officially been cast as the dark wizard Grindelwald.

Mads has been in a plethora of films including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Hannibal, Casino Royale, and many others, and I think that he’ll be a valuable asset to the Fantastic Beasts franchise. The third film is currently under production at Leavesden studios just outside of london- and the film is expected to be released in the summer of 2022. The filmmakers have had a hard time sticking with release deadlines so far so hopefully this doesn’t get extended any longer. All of the other actors are still on board- Jude Law (Dumbledore), Eddie Redmayne (Newt), Dan Fogler (Jacob) etc- so I’m excited for a good film.

That’s it for this BRIEF update video- I hope you all have a good day.

Until next time- remember,

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Harry Potter Theory
Harry Potter Theory:
Double upload today! ALSO: First

Today's first upload:
Marquez Jeffers
Marquez Jeffers:
He's a fantastic actor so hopefully he'll do the character justice but it still won't be the same...
Michał Cieślak
Michał Cieślak:
I LOVE Mads, but even though I'm excited to see him as Grindelwald, I'm still pissed about Johnny Depp. He shouldn't be fired.
Somewhere somehow
Somewhere somehow:
Unfortunately I refuse to support this film after what they did to Johnny. Same for aqua man 2.
Im so pissed that Johnny Depp got fired over that crap. Some drama, and now forever the fantastic beast franchise will reflect this. Stupid.
Tessa moore
Tessa moore:
I'm still mad that were ganna have a different Grindelwald
Raiden SSJV
Raiden SSJV:
Come on, why couldn't actors just stand up for this injustice instead of allowing it to continue, like I love the actor but I'd rather him be a new character for the movie then play Grindlewald
TigerzEye 11
TigerzEye 11:
I want to watch it but I don’t.
Paul McMahan
Paul McMahan:
Mads tends to have weird eyes in his bad guy roles.
Casino Royale:sponaneous bleeding
Dr Strange:dark dimension scarring
And now FB: heterochromia
As frustrated as I am about Johnny Depp not being feature, I feel bad for Mads: he might get a lot of backlash but I'm gonna trust the film crew and his acting skills to bring a new perspective to Grindewald's character
Kaena Choo
Kaena Choo:
I’m not watching anymore of the FB films. I didn’t really like them to begin with and replacing Johnny Depp was the final nail in the coffin.
Yami Gasi
Yami Gasi:
I still won’t be watching it.
Катерина Антонова
Катерина Антонова:
I still think that they shouldn't replace Johny Depp because he is perfect for playing Gellert Grindelwald.But as we are mad about it Madds Mikkelsen doesn't have any fault about what happened
caesar _
caesar _:
They might fire Ezra Miller as well

(They should)
Mutt American
Mutt American:
Dan and Mads played in Hannibal together. Wonder if he'll kill him in this series too lol
His, "resignation"🙄 Screw WB and their double standards 😠
Darth Plagueis
Darth Plagueis:
This guy has been in the biggest franchises on Earth. Marvel, James Bond, Star Wars and now, Harry Potter.
Boar -
Boar -:
Its just not going to feel the same :/
AtticusRobert Cleveland
AtticusRobert Cleveland:
i'm sad that Johnny Depp will be leaving the franchise, his impersonation of the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald is amazing, and I wished he would've stayed until the end to be the character. I hope the best for the next actor, Mads Mikkelsen. I believe he's a great actor, and I believe, as well, that he will be a great asset to the story for such a character. best of luck.
Trekkie from New Zealand
Trekkie from New Zealand:
People liked Ruffalo and Cheadle when they took over the roles of the Hulk and War Machine in the MCU movies.

It's possible this would also turn out well.
Larunaax The Mischievous
Larunaax The Mischievous:
I am now even more excited about the new film, i feel like Mads is a fantastic actor who will really shine in the role of the villain!!
jd artistry
jd artistry:
Seee i love Johnny depp as this character but i said once I'd first seen crimes of grindlewald i wonder who he will transform into next so i super hope they can take his current character to the next level with Mads maybe more evil and more European like the character is meant to be 😊😱😱🙌🙌🙌🙌 Oooooo its exciting!!!
Anyone who's seen Hannibal knows that he can pull of the perfect balance of creepiness and likeabilty the role of Grindelwald asks for
Guys DO not go and watch the movie , Johnny Depp was perfect for the role and as much as I can see Mads Mikkelsen doing a fine job at it the issue here is that this movie will be a symbol of an f*cking Injustice if it ends up in success , Do not let the injustice done to Johnny Depp by Warner Bros Slip , DONT WATCH THE MOVIE IN THEATERS NOR ANY WARNER BROS PRODUCTIONS FOR THAT MATTER , DONT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS .
Rodney Wood
Rodney Wood:
I will miss Johnny Depp as Grindelwald butt I will give the new actor whomsoever he may be a chance to portray the villain we all know Grindelwald will be and hope for the very best thank you Harry Potter theory for posting this video and a wonderful day to one and all💚💚💚
I hope Mads wont get any hate over this. He’s a great actor and seems like a nice guy. None of this is his fault
Madison Pineda
Madison Pineda:
Johnny Depp doesn’t deserve this... :( he was 10/10 for this role. The way he acted... the scenes he provided... he not only convinced the characters in the movie but the audience.. his acting was phenomenal. He had a vibe to the character that was gold. I’m so sad to hear this.. he’s the victim! He’s a survivor! Why the hell is the abuser still thriving with her dumb aqua man role?? Johnny lost Jack sparrow!
Ivan Cerecer
Ivan Cerecer:
He played young Hannibal Lecter, now young Gellert Grindelwald...

Only a matter of time before he plays Hitler
Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes:
Doesn’t matter… Won’t be watching it without Depp.
Johnny F
Johnny F:
Oh I can ship Albus and Gellert better now :)
crazy owl
crazy owl:
I liked both actors, I’m not happy about the removal of Johnny Depp but mads is an amazing actor so it’s not like it’s a down grade on quality
Gumiho Mochi
Gumiho Mochi:
He’s an AMAZING actor and I think like he would do a great job playing Grindelwald but let’s be honest Johnny Depp cannot be replaced once he plays a role, it’s just impossible no matter how much of a good actor you are😕 He did such a good job as Grindelwald it was the only thing that saved the second movie for me
Jan W
Jan W:
As long as he can act and the movie is made, I’m good with it.
Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law are the two I wouldn’t want to go
Enrique Garcia
Enrique Garcia:
Mad gets my the seal of approval!!!
TheStar 07
TheStar 07:
He is a perfect replacement

Then again Johnny was a perfect original choice
Armani Nguon
Armani Nguon:
Mads will be great idc about cast being switched, all I want is a closed end and tie to the Harry Potter series plus a good story line we can follow instead of so many loose ends
Official Filmilen
Official Filmilen:
Mads Mikkelsen is going to replace Johnny Depp. Its official today.
I won’t watch it. I’m boycotting all future warner bros products. If it was Johnny who was the abuser but heard got fired and he didn’t, Warner bros would have been FLAMED over a stake. But it’s a dude. Real nice world you’ve created feminists. You actually managed to create MORE inequality.
Christina Pattison
Christina Pattison:
I love him!!! I'm so excited!!!
frederic van den steene
frederic van den steene:
Oh my god! New faces in a movie is always fukedup, rip fantastic beast! It wont be the same. You'll see u lose fand
Professor Duckford
Professor Duckford:
I love Johnny Depp and it’s unfortunate whats happening in his personal life, but Mads Mikkelsen was my first choice for this role to begin with. Im excited, I think he will do a great job.
Kasper Hansen
Kasper Hansen:
Rip. Guess i won't be watching the series till its done.
FourFoot Viking
FourFoot Viking:
I’m absolutely fine with the change I think he’s gonna kill it but the injustice on Depp is complete BS.
Lara H
Lara H:
I’m so sad for Johnny !😢 It is already the third changes for the same character !!!!🤦‍♀️ Throw the movies away and please JK writes us the books! 🥺
wiishu S
wiishu S:
If it wasn't johnny depp..I think Mads Mikkelsen is a fine second choice. He is a great actor and have a great persona. Also he is the closest looking to Johnny depp. Im not mad about it.
Luna Light
Luna Light:
I’m not going to watch this it’s just not the same
Mads was a good choice and will probably be good in it; that said, I still have no plans to see this film on the General Principal of how they treated and how they continue to try to treat Johnny. Other than what I pay every month for my cable service, I won't be spending any money on this, or Aquaman 2 and Warner Bros can go to hell.
Lavender Meadow
Lavender Meadow:
I'm sure he'll do a fantastic job!!
Mary Jane Holland
Mary Jane Holland:
i have nothing against mads mikkelsen but theres no way in hell i would go and watch this film after everything warner bros did to johnny depp. they dont deserve anything, and i do hope that people show their support for depp and other domestic violence survivors and refuse to see the film.
Mads is amazing.
can't wait to watch the movie for free online...this way respecting johnny (pirate bay sounds good for this one)
Denise Metzger
Denise Metzger:
No offense to this Mads guy, but I won't watch the film, even if he's an awesome actor (I've never seen any of his films). For me, it's a matter of principal. WB needs to learn that supporting abusers and furthering injustice and abuse DOES NOT FLY.
Jacen Skywalker
Jacen Skywalker:
Rey Of Light
Rey Of Light:
I think Mads will do an amazing job! It’s still a shame what WB did against Johnny though. But it is what it is, and I believe Mads will do a great job and he has that handsome villain type of look that Johnny has as well so Mads is most definitely fit for the role of Grindelwald from that aspect, along with being a great actor. That being said, I really don’t like it when a franchise changes out actors in the middle of a series of movies, it just feels wrong in a sense, especially when the original actor is still alive and well. It was different with the change with Dumbledore for Prisoner of Azkaban and onwards, there it was a case of the first actor actually passing away after finishing filming The chamber of secrets, so there was really nothing to do about the situation then. But firing someone like in the case with Johnny, that’s just disgraceful! It’s not Mads fault though, he has my support, this is all the fault of WB...
Mikkelsen is a fantastic actor and I have no doubt he will be a very good Grindelwald, but it's not ever going to be the same as Depp. Furthermore the situation regarding Depp is one of the most frustratingly stupid things I have ever seen in Hollywood (And oh boy is that saying something) they have lost my respect forever.
Phillip T
Phillip T:
Helluva choice! About the only actor I'd watch as the replacement for Depp. Depp surprisingly did a good job in my opinion.
Hugo Haddock
Hugo Haddock:
I'm gonna be really honest. This IS the PERFECT DUDE!! I hope they don't dye his hair in blond, and that they get rid of this too pale mustache Depp's Grindelwald had above all.
I’ll miss Johnny depp
Mads is a great actor and good choice
Tom Tinker's Rez life
Tom Tinker's Rez life:
Idk how I feel about this I'm a depp man I have bin a fan since his 21 jump street days when I was a kid
Phil Boom
Phil Boom:
He said he's back in the role at the beginning of this month
Austin Walker
Austin Walker:
Well, its going to be weird seeing the shift from Depp to a new actor but Im sure he will be great in the role.
Queen Of The Comments
Queen Of The Comments:
Mads looks like Rob Schneider. 🤔
Isa Casta
Isa Casta:
Jennifer Maddox
Jennifer Maddox:
I wish we could have had Mads from the beginning. I can totally see him as a leader trying to take people into war.
Vilém Kostka
Vilém Kostka:
I feel like only cuz this change ill not want to watch FB 3
ivan ahmos
ivan ahmos:
Day 3 :I have a heard of a spell (I am not sure if it's true) but I just gets a flames out of your wand like a starwars lightsaber plz can you make a video about it
Tricia Van Andler
Tricia Van Andler:
Guys we have to combine with the PJO fandom, they’re great at bullying multimillion dollar companies to get what they want (that was a compliment)
Cat Davidson
Cat Davidson:
Wow... Was bummed about recasting mid series, but, -Mads is a badass.
Giovanni Duka
Giovanni Duka:
perfect choice
Don't care who they get to step into the role, I'm not watching the film. This isn't Michael Gambon stepping in because Richard Harris passed away; this is a punk move because WB wants to pander. Screw em!
I feel bad for depp but I have to say that I'm delighted, he's one of my fave actors
The Joker
The Joker:
I like Mads. And i hope he will do a good job, but i don't think i will watch it without Johnny Depp
Helene Trøstrup
Helene Trøstrup:
Well then I will also make it official: This franchise is now dead to me and I won't be watching.
Silver lining. Now it's easier to convince my mom not to watch it too.
The Legendary Bigfoot
The Legendary Bigfoot:
Hell fooking Lord Ramsey Bolton would've been perfect
Lantern Matt
Lantern Matt:
as good as Mikkelson is, Depp seems to have a calm charming presence to the role of Grindelwald. it won't be the same
Dovaogedys Kelitis
Dovaogedys Kelitis:
First off I like Mads Mikkelsen, he's a talented actor and my favorite role of his to this day is Galen Erso. I imagine he will make a fantastic Grindlewald. But I will not be going to see this movie or purchase it to add to my HP collection. Amber Heard has admitted to abusing Johnny Depp and she gets to keep her job while her victim is punished for being a victim. Them asking the victim to step down over the abuser is telling the world that men can not be victims, only women can be, and I will not give my money to a company that punishes a victim and rewards the abuser. Either Heard needs to be fired from Aquaman 2 or Depp needs to be asked back.
Again this is nothing to do with Mads, he's a great actor and I really love watching his stuff. He'd make a wonderful Grindlewald. I just won't be watching it unfortunately.
OLeP Of Om
OLeP Of Om:
I'll surely miss Johny deep
Anastasija Martinovic
Anastasija Martinovic:
i only watched it cause of johnny depp
pavan teja
pavan teja:
ya , he does the justice to the character ....but we definetly gonna miss Jhonny Depp's Swag of grindewald
Nicolas R
Nicolas R:
Yeah no way I’m watching that movie
Okay but you really just pronounced his name so perfectly
Jesus is LORD!!!
Jesus is LORD!!!:
Yeah... I’m done with this franchise. Not watching anymore movies, not interested
Rini Sarker
Rini Sarker:
I have faith in mads mikkleson
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams:
Amber Heard you did this to him, I hope you’re happy
Mason No Thumbs
Mason No Thumbs:
I won’t be watching the Fantastic Beasts movie anymore because of them getting rid of Johnny Depp
Man die me there is little hope for this franchise what is you whatch these movies far in the near future let's day 5 years from now and you didn't know the whole case with Johnny Depp how weird must it be to see the actor get changed out of nowhere man it's a real mess
Kelly Crystal
Kelly Crystal:
I won’t watch it in support of Johnny Depp. Not seeing Aquaman 2 either. Please listen to the YouTube audio recordings of Amber Heard admitting to abusing him, mocking him for running away, and admitting that she can not control her own violent aggression. There’s a recording of her admitting to chopping his finger off too and she is out of her mind. Another of her mocking him and saying no one will believe him bc he is a man. Could you imagine being set up, lied about, career destroyed and fighting so hard to clear your name but no one hears the true story? He may be a a star and rich as all get out but no one deserves to be abused and beat down like he has been the past three or four years. It breaks my heart for his kids. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp made the wrong choice not backing JD. He is a victim of manipulation, abuse and that w9man’s many affairs. Cancel Culture is ridiculous.
:( But Johnny Depp is Grindelwald...
alex lazzerly
alex lazzerly:
They need to do a complete 180 from Johnny's version. Don't even have Mads try to copy his performance, or give him the same character design (weird bleached haircut, and mismatched eyes). They won't be able to convince anyone that it's the same person, so might as well not even try.
Noah F
Noah F:
*AWESOME! Now replace Jude Law with Liam Neeson and we will finally get an accurate portrayals of characters.*

P.S. I'm a fan of Jude and Johnny, but let's face it... these two were a huge miscast. WB hired these actors just to please fangirls xD
Shiva Ji
Shiva Ji:
Jhonny Deep 😭
Naeff Cold Blooded
Naeff Cold Blooded:
The only right choice. Just like I said in your first video about this subject. Great WB have been listening
Merlin's Beard!
Merlin's Beard!:
I don't care who plays grindelwald I am ALWAYS watching Fantastic Beasts. SHAME on those so called Potterheads for denying to watch FB because they replaced Johnny Depp or you think the first two movies suck and have a lot of plot holes. I know Johnny Depp deserves justice and should not have been fired, but come on, that's how the industry works. They played it safe and thought we would not watch the movies if he wasnt replaced. And for those of you who think the first 2 movies suck and have a lot of plot holes like how on earth did credence return and how McGonagall teaches before she was freaking born and how Dumbledore and grindelwald are gay just for the sake of the movies and Lana Lestrange died for no reason. And how Credence is a fucking Dumbledore. And how Queenie could read minds but she still chose to support Grindelwald and how grindelwald freaking killed a kid in just the first 15 minutes. Let me explain.
1. After grindelwald was caught in the first movie, a piece of the obscurial was seen escaping which means Credence fucking survived. (Watch the movie again if u don't trust me)
2. We still don't know how on earth McGonagall was teaching before she was even born. But there is a theory explaining that she was using a time turner. And by no means its a plot hole, jk didn't make that stuff for nothing. There is probably some reason. There are still 3 movies to come if we don't find the answer after those movies then say whatever the fuck u wanna say.
3. Jk confirmed that dumbledore and grindelwald were gay in 2007 (before some of u were even born), before jk even joined twitter and before the fb movies were made and it's not just for the sake of the movie. Jk confirmed it after the release of the last hp book. Google it to confirm.
4. Lana lestrange, she died protecting newt and his brother the same way lily died protecting Harry which means either newt or his brother or maybe both of them will be protected from grindelwald.
5. One thing to know is that grindelwald is a smartass. He knows how to control people, how to fucking divert their minds and how to make them work for them. He may have done the same with Credence to make him feel important and to make him work for him. There are still 3 movies to come out. Keep patience and I am 100 percent sure it has something important to do with the remaining movies and I don't reckon jk was like "let's make Credence a Dumbledore, that would be interesting." She made it for some reason.
6. Jk once stated "Even though Queenie could read minds, she can't always come up with the right decision/conclusion." That's what happened in that case, she didn't come up with the correct conclusion. And grindelwald is genius at manipulating people just as voldermort and grindelwald manipulated Queenie and made her support him.
7. Well grindelwald and voldermort are 2 of the darkest wizards. But grindelwald is different. Voldermort is like a robot except he feels pain and anger and of course joy at doing bad stuff. But grindelwald is different. He may be the second darkest wizard of all time if not the darkest wizard (according to some people), but he has feelings that voldermort doesn't. He is kinder than voldermort, he know how to love, he cares for his close ones. Let me come to the point. While the baby was killed, grindelwald didn't kill him and nor did he see the baby die, he went out of the room which so fucking clearly describes that he was sorry, he pitted the child (which voldermort would never do) but he still had to kill the child. This doesn't mean that he is not a dark wizard and is a very noble person or anything like that. He kills when he has to but he has a limit which voldermort doesn't. That's what that scene tried to explain.

And after knowing all these things, if you still don't consider watching the next 3 FB movies then FUCK YOU.
Abbas Alie
Abbas Alie:
He looks like Kibo from shadow fight 3.
Thrilled. He was my first choice.