Hogwarts Legacy Playstation 5 Game Trailer Reaction. In this video we take a look at the all new harry potter video game called Hogwarts Legacy, which looks AMAZING!

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100+ comentarios:

LETS GOOOOO !! haha cant wait
Adriana Torres
Adriana Torres:
I love Harry Potter i Will never grow tired of seing the movies and i would love the game
Actually so hyped for this game. Gonna rediscover the 10yr old me, all robed up and firing unforgivable curses at Peeves n shit
Gabriel Nispel
Gabriel Nispel:
Free roam. Start off as just another aspiring student. End being a god of magic!
I have a feeling my wife will be playing this more than I do. She's an HP nerd.
Randombling246 Gaming
Randombling246 Gaming:
From what I’ve gathered about this game, you’ll be able to create a character roam the open world after you leave hogwarts and you can be either a good or evil wizard. all in all I definitely can’t wait for this game to be released
I’ll be playing this for so long that my hands will look like Dumbledore’s when he tried to destroy the ring of Slytherin! 😂🤣
I hope you can customize your own characters personality’s and strength
Isaiah C.
Isaiah C.:
Just started a marathon of the movies before i knew this. Ready to go
Hdhfhf Bigga
Hdhfhf Bigga:
Believe it or not two years ago I was about to end my life. I saw the leaked footage of this very game and that gave me enough hope to get through my hardships. I haven’t felt so faithful since the day I stumbled across the footage two years ago. Enjoy the game everyone it will be an experience to remember. I know it’s corny but I was at a point in life when the only thing that brought me joy was the Harry Potter Universe.
Batman 0161
Batman 0161:
Expeliarmus cannot stop me from playing this game.
This game will come out on other platforms too btw. XBOX ONE, XBOX SERIES X AND PC AND PS4
Salami Slices
Salami Slices:
This is the game I didn't know I wanted...
M K:
You forget to say that is also coming Ps4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and PC.
Cory Sig
Cory Sig:
It was actually announced that is going to be on all platforms not just ps5
Jasmin K.
Jasmin K.:
Coming across this because i'm watching several reaction videos and maybe you already know, but this won't judt be for PS5 but also PS4, PS PRO, Xbox and PC ☺
Micro Script
Micro Script:
For everyone who doesn’t know, this isn’t a PlayStation exclusive nor is it timed. When it comes out it comes out on the series x, PC, and PS5
Thomas Matthewson
Thomas Matthewson:
Everybody's gonna wanna ride a broomstick or something where a I'm gonna be simping for Hermione Granger 😂
Rei Allen Phillip Ramos
Rei Allen Phillip Ramos:
"You're not in the game, Harry"
Why can't they make a Percy Jackson game or Something. That would've been lit.
Satyam Singh
Satyam Singh:
"I just want this game to be great". Stop stealing words from me mouth.
Billy McGee
Billy McGee:
You posers, I remember playing harry potter on the dvd bonus features back in 2002
Don't worry, one of the devs said it will be on literally every console; current gen and next. And PC.
Flying Panda He flys
Flying Panda He flys:
I’m literally binge watching Harry Potter and this is what I find looking for the Xbox games
No Ok
No Ok:
I remembered playing harry potter on ps2
Me: >:0 new version of PS1 hagrid!?

This trailer: 1800’s
Kayin Chemngorem
Kayin Chemngorem:
i really hope that you can customize your own character so it feels like your actually in hogwarts
Wyatt Wyckoff
Wyatt Wyckoff:
This definitely has to be a series! Can’t wait to watch you play this!
Sergio Diaz
Sergio Diaz:
This game is no just for the PS5, it’s coming to every console except the switch. That means PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
Jaivardhan Deshwal
Jaivardhan Deshwal:
CallMeKevin finally playing a good Harry Potter game, good times
Jessica Francis
Jessica Francis:
I have been waiting for this for 2 years and i can't wait too play it
Josh Mulraney
Josh Mulraney:
I never liked Harry Potter, but this is a game everyone can be excited for
ฬKD么 Senpai
ฬKD么 Senpai:
I would like to see harry Potter over and over again without what's going to happen
surely it’s open world, that would be sick
of course they are releasing it, its Harry Potter season!
s1ndr3 H0ff
s1ndr3 H0ff:
Just so y'all know this game will be open world
Goku Fangirl
Goku Fangirl:
I'm so excited!!!! Been waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter, this is my chance! Bring it on!
Jay Santana
Jay Santana:
This game also caught my attention, I hope we see some sort of gameplay soon
Axel Lessio
Axel Lessio:
"I as a kid have always wanted to be part of that universe" – Yes! I can totally relate. I was 10 and dreaming to leave school and study at Hogwarts. It was every kid's dream. And whoever came up with the idea for this game knows it.
I'm pretty sure this isn't just for PlayStation.
Angela Kincade
Angela Kincade:
I've never watched a Harry Potter movie but I'm definitely going to play this game
Speedy Gonzalez
Speedy Gonzalez:
I don’t like Harry Potter but this game looks hella fun!
Doesnt the ps5 controller have motion controls? Is that how you do the spells?!
React to Demons Souls. And play the souls games already. Dont be a whimp
It's been rumored for three years and people have been talking about it constantly ever since lmao. There wasnt anything *oficial* but there were plenty believable leaks.
Dalton Chitko
Dalton Chitko:
True gamers thought of LEGO Harry Potter when they saw this
sana bolbolan
sana bolbolan:
Am I the only one who doesn’t care about this game?
Michael Donnelly
Michael Donnelly:
Never thought I needed a good harry potter game until now
I really hope this is not like "Harry Potter Mystery".
I want to control the character in first or third person XDD and not only use comands...
And it would be also good to have Online. XD
if that game is online with Frends. IS gonna Be mind Blow evryone dream about to see Hogwarts Amaizing.!!!
Their official website says Open world RPG. Hype!!!!
This is an important question. Will we be able to use the killing curse?
Sir Steele
Sir Steele:
Why did you put ps5 in your title, you know this isn’t an exclusive game right?
Such a Harry fan! Can't wait for this game.
I cannot waittttt I hope it’s open world RPG style. Gives me chills
imagine it has some sort of onine multiplayer story and everything.
Jason Flores
Jason Flores:
who else started reading Harry Potter again.
Cats 4E
Cats 4E:
It doesn’t seem to be exclusive to PS5 tho. It’s also gonna release on PC and Xbox One and series X
High Gaming YT
High Gaming YT:
Man they coming out with a lot of good next Generation Games 🔥🔥
aran kathir
aran kathir:
heres hoping theres a romania/ durmstrang / beaux battons etc... that would be epic !
Burak Sönmez
Burak Sönmez:
if we can tour hogwarts freely, if we can go diagon alley whenever we want with this game, i think this game will be the best game ever for most of the 90th children.
Joseph Vega
Joseph Vega:
I cannot believe they’re making a Harry Potter based game. I almost cut my finger off making a Harry Potter robe !!!! 12 stitches 😭😂
Private Dax
Private Dax:
This game would be amazing if it is open world and if there is basically different ways to complete the game depending on what house you’re in.
Imagine they would of used Michael Gambo aka professor albus for the opening introduction of this game
I would of lost it there
I’d definitely buy this if it was a story game including Harry Potter as the main protagonist but nevertheless such a clean and good looking game!
Raver Davd
Raver Davd:
Well, Looks like I'm going to be getting a PS5...
Definitely getting it on PC.
Already pre ordered my digital edition can't wait to play Miles Morales on it!
Frederik Bahnsen
Frederik Bahnsen:
just sad the original movie characters isnt a part of the game, but looks dope as shit
Ps5 has his very own Harry Potter game? pretty sure it is gonna be on almost all platforms...
Best believe I'm buying this when it launches.
Tayfun Demirkan
Tayfun Demirkan:
if they do this right, this game could be veryyy exciting
This will be available on all next-gen platforms and PC! Looks amazing!!
Jaden Townes
Jaden Townes:
This game look good thoo I grew up watching Harry Potter now a game ? I’m with it
Son of Martha
Son of Martha:
I freaked out when the trailer started. We’ve only heard rumour and that’s it. Nothing else for a year and when they finally showed it,my god it looks amazing. This 90s and 20s kids dream come true
Taliyah Webster
Taliyah Webster:
I would absolutely love this game, but I dint have anything to play it on and I'm broke :)
Cade Burton
Cade Burton:
It’s not a ps exclusive is available on all major platforms minus switch
Travis Reid
Travis Reid:
Imagine a game set today. Every student with smart phones; light bulbs instead of lanterns; I feel like a story set today would make a lot of spells irrelevant.
Anthony Flores
Anthony Flores:
Just a heads up, it is a freaking open world, its like gta with magic
The Gaming Godfather
The Gaming Godfather:
This games Is coming out for both console look it up it's not just PS5
Liam Dufrene
Liam Dufrene:
Im glad that that movie is still living on even tho it was finished a decade ago
Is hollow a Sony sellout now?? Or just bad at his job😂
Mushy Bd
Mushy Bd:
I can't be the only one that wished they lived the life of Harry potter like i.would of left the real world for this
I can’t wait to put Slytherin on my back.
I was hoping the game was actually coming out... saw screen shots back a while
Gamerz life
Gamerz life:
I’m not trying to hate it looks cool but it really looks like jedi fallen order with a Harry Potter skin
Tom Clark
Tom Clark:
Harry Potter is not exclusive to PS5 wish people would stop saying this 🙄🤣
Ryan Swift
Ryan Swift:
Like others said it isn't exclusive to the ps5, most of the games shown at the event aren't exclusive (well they are timed exclusives).
Anime Profile picture
Anime Profile picture:
Here I was trying to stop playing videogames, but now I have to get a ps5 to play cyberpunk, ghost of tsushima and now this. All it would take is an open world Star Wars game and I’d actually never leave my room.
Mohd Salman D
Mohd Salman D:
It's not an exclusive, game will be available in all plateforms.
looks like really bad game lolz never buying this crap
Zachary Langeveld
Zachary Langeveld:
"David attenborough narrates BBC Hogwarts" 😂
vitor _
vitor _:
Never watcher nor read any hp book or movie but this shit looks fly ngl
if we can play quidditch im gonna be spending hours on that alone
Nayops 19
Nayops 19:
Love this game already❗️, should’ve been out decades ago👏🏼
John weir
John weir:
Coming to series x as well, its in the small print
Mr. SussMan
Mr. SussMan:
Please tell me that you can play this with a VR headset.
Alex Athin
Alex Athin:
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ps1, here old guy :P
Di Giacomo
Di Giacomo:
I used to play Harry Potter on PS1 bro! Almost 20 years ago! Can’t wait for this game! It’s like we been waiting for this our hole life!
Finally another Harry Potter game, who else played the other Harry Potter games