The Nuggets' Facundo Campazzo hit a 3-pointer while getting tackled | The Jump

Richard Jefferson and Brian Windhorst join Rachel Nichols on The Jump on for “Make or Miss,” and react to Denver Nuggets PG Facundo Campazzo getting tackled by Washington Wizards SG Garrison Mathews and Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant’s crossover on Oklahoma City Thunder SG Luguentz Dort.

0:00 Tracy McGrady congratulates The Jump on their 5-year anniversary.
2:38 The Jump reacts to Facundo Campazzo getting tackled by Garrison Mathews.
3:22 The Jump reacts to Ja Morant's crossover on Luguentz Dort.
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44 comentarios:

That is the worst shot contest ever. Good lord.
Alexander Story
Alexander Story:
That tackle should of been a flagrant foul easy
Facundo Campazzo is the best part of the shitty Nugs offseason
Mors Susurri
Mors Susurri:
T-Macs message was really kind, I am glad he said that about Rachel because she truly is phenomenal
Stoop Kid
Stoop Kid:
That make or miss segment went on WAY too long good lord 😂
Rianna Bailey
Rianna Bailey:
When he said "Ok I must go" 1:42, I almost died. I was snorting and laughing, lmao lol.
Maikeu Sarang
Maikeu Sarang:
2:45 that is what they call a "Spear" in WWE
Anjay Ero-Phillips
Anjay Ero-Phillips:
Wow. This show has been part of my college life for real for real. Congrats guys ❤
DeAndre Jordan’s “Make or Miss league” killt me bro 🤣🤣
Don't forget how Jokic played point guard and darted up the court and served it up. Doods a 7 foot running machine.
Aden Wills
Aden Wills:
Pat Bev is the goat of the “It’s a make or miss league” phrase.
Chris xO
Chris xO:
Man I miss tmac...
Khalie Benjii
Khalie Benjii:
Flagrant Foul on the tackle and on that CROSSOVER JESUS JA !!!
Craig Madeam
Craig Madeam:
Love this show. I miss Tmac on there though
Dee Manns
Dee Manns:
White Tmac is not with The Jump anymore???
Bailey Mallchok
Bailey Mallchok:
Yo. Pat Bev closing that intro killed me!😂💀 Happy 5th year anniversary to The Jump!
Mr. Reginald Esteban
Mr. Reginald Esteban:
Shout out Amin El Hassan too. I enjoyed his contribution to the show👍🏿
I miss Tmac. Please bring him back. And pippin
Reesey Jackson
Reesey Jackson:
Yoo that Patrick Beverley make or miss intro gets me every time 😂😂😂😂
2:27 Pat Bev’s hairline went from make to miss
Tiger Belly
Tiger Belly:
Bruh Rachel is flamin RJ in this one😂
Open Minded
Open Minded:
The Pat Bev forehead, y'all didnt have to do him like that
Silver Soul
Silver Soul:
He just built diffrent
Eric Ching
Eric Ching:
Swaggy P needs a contract
Tmac needs to be back Jesus
Bring the drug testing back lol
Ryan Hazer
Ryan Hazer:
The uppity success aesthetically untidy because turkey immunohistochemically question atop a tawdry hyacinth. good, sweltering copy
F for Campazzo.
Michael Mudge
Michael Mudge:
My fav show on espn/YouTube!
Jonnie5 Bgood
Jonnie5 Bgood:
Why isn't t mac on the show anymore?
Lets go T Mac
Bernardo Forno
Bernardo Forno:
facu can start any nba team easly
Nice cross but still a push lol
Jacob Houston
Jacob Houston:
ken juan
ken juan:
2:45 loool what was that...was it ruled a flagrant?
Mykhailo Versta
Mykhailo Versta:
Rachel is so fine ^^
D Estrada
D Estrada:
Dort aka Dance Dance Revolution. GO JA!
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez:
He shot it way before he got hit 🙄
Anthony S
Anthony S:
You got fat boy on the show but not Tmac????
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro:
I’m shyness
Korai Hoshiumi
Korai Hoshiumi:
Keep checking back every few months to see if they get rid of Rachel... Be back in a few months.
Charles Schwabb
Charles Schwabb:
With the 50 year anniversary, it’s a good stopping point to remove Rachel and replace with maxilla. Rachel is in her 50s pushing 60 man. She’s someone’s grandma. You want a show presented by a grandma?
Facu NFL
Ludwig Van Bennett
Ludwig Van Bennett:
why is Richard Jefferson even on tv. man sucks