The Queen Meets Diana - Olivia Colman and Emma Corrin | The Crown

Academy Award winner, Olivia Colman (Queen Elizabeth), and newcomer, Emma Corrin (Princess Diana), discuss shooting the hotly anticipated The Crown Season 4.

Discover how Emma was chosen for the career-defining role, what games they played on set and which cast member is a huge fan of Naked Attraction. You heard it here first.


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The Queen Meets Diana - Olivia Colman and Emma Corrin | The Crown

In the 1980s, Elizabeth clashes with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while Prince Charles enters a tumultuous marriage with Lady Diana Spencer.

100+ comentarios:

Olivia talks like she’s having a million thoughts at the same time and wants to share all of them. I love her.
I would gladly listen to Olivia Colman talking about octopuses all day
Archduke of Belgrade
Archduke of Belgrade:
This was so fun to watch. Olivia and Emma did such an amazing job ❤️
Josh was amazing too.
Jack Scott
Jack Scott:
Given her brilliant portrayal of Diana, her quirky sense of style, and her obvious charisma, I can safely say that Emma has a fucking amazing career ahead of her.
Jessica Boyd
Jessica Boyd:
So Helena is exactly who I think she is? Perfection.
Ufayd Khawaja
Ufayd Khawaja:
Emma and Gillian have been perfectly cast as Diana and MT.
I'd love to listen to Claire Foy, Oliva Colman and Imelda Staunton having a chat like this
Ruth LR Pachuau
Ruth LR Pachuau:
Only wish this was the real Queen and Diana having a lovely chat and laughing at the past... And everything was okay at the end
101 Maliha Intikhab
101 Maliha Intikhab:
Is every single actor on the show just extremely charming? They are both oozing charisma.
sokin jon
sokin jon:
Helena bonham Carter has weird taste in music? How do I find that so utteraly unsurprising 😂
Kai W-Hardy
Kai W-Hardy:
“That’s not like a car.”
-Olivia Colman on Horses.
I think it's official. Olivia Colman is my favorite celebrity.
Laura Rose
Laura Rose:
Olivia Colman saying “I was shit scared” is a sound byte for the ages omg
I’m just gonna say it: Emma has a unique sense of fashion.
Jimmy Horn
Jimmy Horn:
“That’s not like a car.”
-Olivia Colman on Horses.
David Salas
David Salas:
Emma is going to be super famous!
“You can’t train a guinea pig to do shit” 🤣 Olivia Colman is so funny
David Vador
David Vador:
“That’s not like a car.”
-Olivia Colman on Horses.
Demi god rave man Yoinkers
Demi god rave man Yoinkers:
Josh and Emma are the new Claire and Matt
Nikhil Agrawal
Nikhil Agrawal:
Eden Campbell
Eden Campbell:
This is the most British chat I’ve seen in my life.
"Can't train a Guinea Pig to do shit."
- HM Queen Elizabeth II
quite worried at how much seratonin this video is providing me with
I really want Olivia to talk about her experiences with Gillian Anderson as MT and working with Meryl Streep on The Iron Lady.
Matthew K
Matthew K:
Helena bonham Carter has weird taste in music? How do I find that so utteraly unsurprising 😂
How do you do a chemistry test for two actors when the characters are meant to not have chemistry?
Sara Rizza
Sara Rizza:
That "fives" game is the most British thing I've ever heard of in my life: "and you can't smile".
Paola A. Calderón Sánchez
Paola A. Calderón Sánchez:
Emma was able to copy Diana's mannerism!!
Emma Herron
Emma Herron:
Olivia is actually hilarious
Chaennie pinks & Seulrene
Chaennie pinks & Seulrene:
Hello. Later on, we really need Claire Foy, Olivia Colman & Imelda Staunton in an interview together.
I’m begging you please 😩
Jennifer Cooke
Jennifer Cooke:
Emma was brilliant as Diana , she got the way she spoke absolutely perfectly.
Olivia is hands down one of most delightful humans that ever lived
For such a serious role, Olivia is succhhh a happy and chirpy person!! I wish I could see her transform into the Queen while shooting it..
Chico Amadeo
Chico Amadeo:
Killian Swan
Killian Swan:
Am I the only one who focuse on Emma's boots ? OMG she's so cool !
Samuel Ivan
Samuel Ivan:
Olivia dropping the F-bombs is something I did not know I needed. 😁😁
Kathryn Ashleigh
Kathryn Ashleigh:
"you can't train a guinea pig for shit" this killed me, I never knew she was so funny 😂
Morgan Windle
Morgan Windle:
This is adorable because it's just an nice 11 minute chat between two people who seemed to genuinely enjoy eachtoher.
Olivia is a phenomenal actress. Every scene she was in, I kept thinking how terribly intimidated I would of been if around her and in real life she's so endearing!
j’amies Mumwhotookhercokezero
j’amies Mumwhotookhercokezero:
I'm obsessed with Emma's outfit. Especially the boots!!
j qui
j qui:
“I wouldn’t! It’s Imelda Staunton.”
Mam, you are an Oscar winner! If anyone should be handing out advice, it’s you. 😆😆
Becky Aycock
Becky Aycock:
Emma nailed Diana's voice and her way of speaking and mannerisms. Her natural laugh during the interview reminded me of Diana, too.
• OnlyBlackSheep •
• OnlyBlackSheep •:
Olivia is a ray of sunshine as usual. And I really hope that Emma and Josh end up dating someday
Algiella Loremia
Algiella Loremia:
the fact that they're making fun of helena's song 💀🤣
Jane Choy
Jane Choy:
Emma Corrin look SO much like a young Jodie Foster
nika mazzoleni
nika mazzoleni:
Olivia talks like she’s having a million thoughts at the same time and wants to share all of them. I love her.
Reina de Grillos
Reina de Grillos:
Is'nt Olivia absolutely lovable ? She is a treasure of a woman.
Daisy Evans
Daisy Evans:
Olivia: You’ve travelled all this way to listen to two twats.

I think it’s safe to say we would ALL travel a very long way to listen to Olivia! 😂❤️
Mike McCown
Mike McCown:
I feel so bad for the Windsor family because they all come across as such miserable people in real life. They've captured that aspect so perfectly on this series. I can't imagine going through life not showing any emotion, or showing anyone that you care. The stuffiness of the royal family has to be so damn suffocating. Emma did such an amazing job as Diana. I know because I remember watching the Diana and Charles wedding, and going through it all that everyone did fall in love with Diana, as I know I did. She was radiant, and just a pure soul. She was the exact opposite of Charles and everyone in the Windsor family. It's a shame that none of them realized that from the beginning because if they did we'd most likely still have Diana's amazing soul still part of this world.
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn:
So when can I throw back some drinks with Olivia Coleman??? She's such a savage 👑🥃
Bitchface Hopkins
Bitchface Hopkins:
Emma is a very good actress,
But Olivia Colman is in a league of her own😌❤️.
Candace Chan
Candace Chan:
olivia’s personality just makes me so happy!
Emma's face😍
Diana's face😍😍
Alessandra Pani
Alessandra Pani:
This was a lovely video, but I couldn't help thinking that Emma's outfit makes her look like a stylish Charlie Brown.
Samuel Gagnon
Samuel Gagnon:
I could listen to them talk about anything for days!!
I’m so excited to see this season, because I loved Josh’s portrayal of Charles last season, I’m excited to see the shift and how he and Emma will bounce off each other with Diana-Charles dynamic
I LOVE that scene of young Diana leaning out of the car window and smiling, that's the one that made me "see" Diana as played by Emma Corrin
It's unbelievable that a country with a population of 60 million people produce so incredibly many charismatic and iconic stars. Musicians, actors, writers, scientists, intellectuals, comedians and artists. It's unbelievable.
Michelle Bayat
Michelle Bayat:
i doubt anyone will see this but just for you to know: Diana's train for her wedding dress was 25 feet long! (that's over 7 1/2 meters long btw)
Gillian Anderson is definitely getting an award for playing the Iron lady
Claudio Maldonado Salvador
Claudio Maldonado Salvador:
It's so refreshing to listen Olivia swearing after watching her as Queen Elizabeth 😂
So excited to see Emma’s portrayal of Diana. 🤩🤩 in my opinion, no one has done Diana justice in movies and shows just yet. But looking at the trailers, Emma just might. She has that twinkle in Diana’s eyes when she was a lot younger.
Ephram Foong
Ephram Foong:
I love how Olivia has a potti mouth. I LIVE FOR IT!
Hafizh Gozali
Hafizh Gozali:
Their chemistry is so good here it makes me sad knowing that their character will be in complete opposite during season 4
Idk why but I laughed my head off every time Olivia Coleman said ‘what the fuck is this?’, it was so funny
Catherine byrd
Catherine byrd:
Emma looks like Oscar winner Jodie. Emma could be her daughter.
Chahine Bin Saleh
Chahine Bin Saleh:
She so looks like Diana. I'm literally freaking out!
Lana Hands
Lana Hands:
I love Olivia because she's so common as muck.
Eylül Sude Kayıkçı
Eylül Sude Kayıkçı:
Josh and emma are just amazing!!!
Dolores Umbridge will be Queen Elizabeth II. Idk how to react.
Ginny Weasly
Ginny Weasly:
Olivia Colman has such a kind and heartwarming way of speeking. I guess everybody just has to love her! At least I do😊
Michael Nyariki
Michael Nyariki:
I wish it was longer loved listening to Olivia and Emma
Alasdair Clark
Alasdair Clark:
I'm sure some film exec. somewhere is already imagining 'Starling', a Silence of the Lambs prequel starring Emma Corrin.
Olivia's little giggle when talking about sharing a cabin. Cracks me up every time
Ricki-Sue King
Ricki-Sue King:
Olivia Coleman is such an amazing actress. She's so bubbly and amazing in real life, and she can play such serious roles.
Nikolaj Jensen
Nikolaj Jensen:
I would love if Netflix (like Disney+) had an "Extra" section where all BTS stuff would be available
4 days till the new season comes out 😔 I can’t wait any longer!!!
I never knew I could fall in love with someone’s voice until now.. Olivia’s Colman voice is beautiful 🥺 and so soothing to listen to
tj s
tj s:
Olivia taking about that octopus is the most adorable thing ever!!! 😍😍
Yossy Rada
Yossy Rada:
Just a connection ! I love how Olivia can connect with younger ppl just like that <3
Cynthia Z
Cynthia Z:
10:22 Olivia's enthusiasm when talking about octopi is just delightful
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Chloride:
I am in love with this show omg
Eddie Lane
Eddie Lane:
I love Olivia so. But Emma?? the first time she spoke as Diana on the show I had chills all over me, and it felt like Diana was alive again.
NiaraFace Illustration & Artwork
NiaraFace Illustration & Artwork:
I love how Olivia gently puts the cue cards on the desk and takes charge the interview. <3
Suzanne Berry
Suzanne Berry:
Delightful conversation, delighted to listen.
Julieta Cortes
Julieta Cortes:
I really love Emma's outfit and her boots 💖
Diana Dee
Diana Dee:
Olivia Coleman is a national treasure. I would so buy her a pint!
daphne mo
daphne mo:
this video is giving me so much happiness i need smth like this with olivia helena gillian too
Lorenza Di Corinto
Lorenza Di Corinto:
I made this strange and utpian thought looking at them: "How nice it would have been if Diana and the Queen had had at least one conversation like this."
Clarissa Kay
Clarissa Kay:
I love Olivia, she talks exactly like i do "we went for one day & it pissed it down, we could've done it in skeggi" 😭😭😭

For non-brits "skeggi" is short for "skegness" a seaside town in Lincolnshire.
Yasmin Bastos
Yasmin Bastos:
Tô tão ansiosa pra quarta temporada q eu tive q vim pra Netflix do Reino Unido pra vê mais conteúdos deles
The Game Enthusiast
The Game Enthusiast:
Josh and Emma's chemistry makes it seem like they could either date, be siblings, or BFF's
2:28 I legit thought for a second Emma was Diana. Amazing
Kris Tate
Kris Tate:
They need to do a podcast of this two
Love how excited Olivia became, when she remembered facts about octopiiiiiiii
im_ mia
im_ mia:
Olivia seems so unprofessional but then she just snaps into acting and becomes the most professional - I love her
This makes me have a greater appreciation for those behind the scenes. The makeup, hair, and costume department are incredibly talented. They truly help these talented actors transform. 👏👏👏
Jennifer R
Jennifer R:
Watched Season 4 in two days and I waited so patiently for it to arrive☹️
Eileen Stacy
Eileen Stacy:
I swear Olivia is the kind of lady you can chat all day to and never get bored.
Mike Page
Mike Page:
I love Olivia. Dropping bombs all over the place like it's the Gulf War.