The show goes off the rails when we learn of the passing of Norm Macdonald

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lucy dog
lucy dog:
The more I hear about cancer the less I care for it.

We will all miss you dearly Norm, you were the funniest person I have ever seen.
Dan DeLawter
Dan DeLawter:
There is NO celebrity loss like this. In fact, there is no celebrity in Norm MacDonald, whatsoever.

I'm *devastated* and I'm not joking. This is me losing family and I am and will truly grieve him as my own--and you'll never catch me saying that about a famous personality before or since.

You were the best, Norm. - humor if distilled into pure essence would ask you how to smell.

Give them hell.

From Heaven.
News about Norm breaks in @19:21
RIP Norm. When I went through a major health issue his videos on YouTube were the only thing that gave me any joy in life. I have never teared or or cried about hearing a celebrity has passed away but I am not afraid to admit I shed tears for Norm.

The single greatest comedian ever. Absolutely Legendary and I will greatly miss him.
Alan Michael Jackson™
Alan Michael Jackson™:
Never thought Artie would outlive Norm. R.I.P Absolute Legend.
Laurie Here
Laurie Here:
Just so you know they don’t even start seeing norms name until about 19 minutes and 25 seconds in
Rip Norm. It's like losing a favorite fun Uncle. His burt reynolds was just perfect. I'm gonna miss him so much
Brendan Stanford
Brendan Stanford:
Cried when I heard about it. Never met him, never cried at any other celebrity death, never even cried during the tragedies I’ve lived through. But norms death really hit me hard. Norms literally my idol.
Norm was the funniest man alive, his genius can’t be duplicated.
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez:
I'm devastated. I'm in tears. Never met him, but don't have to in order to appreciate comedic genius. I'm missing him so much. A giant loss in the world of humor. A void that will not be filled by anyone ever. SNL needs to do a whole show in his honor with clips & friends.
I’ve never cried when a celeb has died before… I’ll miss him
Colin Rodman
Colin Rodman:
RIP Norm. Sorry to see these guys ride your passing as clickbait for someone’s crappy podcast.
Dan Gerous
Dan Gerous:
I've now cried more about Norm MacDonald's passing than I did for my grandmother's.

The difference is my grandmother was 103 and we all knew it was coming.

Norm Macdonald was my hero and this is a kick to the stomach.
kraft rulz
kraft rulz:
I am born and raised in Ottawa where Norm was from, still live here. This our hometown boy. Crushed to here our boy is gone. Rest In Peace Normy. Your in gods loving hands now.
Lee Junior
Lee Junior:
He had the ability to start a joke, take turns and detours, eventually get back to the joke then deliver the punchline, all the while, cracking me the fuck up. He will be missed by countless fans
Norm will never die for me. I cant make sense of a world where he's not around.
Going to miss that ol chunk of coal. Absolute idol of mine. What he would want me to say is...

"Huh... I didn't even know he was sick..."
George Growingthunder
George Growingthunder:
Been literally watching Norm clips all week! I’m blown away RIP Normy
Kurdt Kobaine
Kurdt Kobaine:
There are no words to describe how I feel.

Wherever Norm has gone that place just got a lot funnier today.😥

Water Sheep
Water Sheep:
I don't even know what to say, he brought everyone so much joy and humor. I'm just in disbelief
Shannon Thompson
Shannon Thompson:
Funniest guy I have ever seen, so shocked. Miss him already. There will never be another entertainer so fearless
Jim S.
Jim S.:
The greatest comedian that ever lived. I'm bringing up the weeks worth of footage I have of Norm McDonald and feel like having a drink and long cry.
Bud Bundy
Bud Bundy:
Norm had been my favorite comedian since I was a teenager when I first saw him on Saturday night live. There is no one like him. He was one of the funniest guys ever
Holy shit, it's a talking muffin
Holy shit, it's a talking muffin:
Thank you for posting this Chris. This has a lot of views due to the fact they are one of the few podcasts that were going on when this news broke. Chris updates clips of the show on YouTube fairly quickly. RIP Norm.
Spitshine Tommy
Spitshine Tommy:
He lost his battle. You gotta give it to the cancer, it got brave in the end.
Grey Ford
Grey Ford:
Thanks for the clickbait; 19:20 is what you came for
Arthur Robertson
Arthur Robertson:
Damn, Norm. He is one of my all time favorite’s. I always loved his style of comedy.
John Doe
John Doe:
Norm was one of a kind. He is a Legend, RIP Norm.
5 to 9 MN Farmer
5 to 9 MN Farmer:
Thanks Chris for this!
One of the funniest people ever to live. He came off as just naturally funny/talented without even trying.
Norm story starts at 19:20
John The Bassist
John The Bassist:
“Off the Rails” lasted exactly 30 seconds.. 20 minutes into the stream..
That dude
That dude:
This hurts. I absolutely loved Norm.
Going to miss that old chunk of coal, he will make make laugh every time I watch him.
gas gas gas
gas gas gas:
Best joke ever. Of all time. Period. When uncle Terry’s been drinking, you don’t fuck with him
How bummed I am. Really liked him the first time I saw him walk out on stage as a standup. Don’t remember the show, but he has been one of my favorites since. Made you smile just with his presence. What a loss. RIP
RIP Norm. Your comedy will live forever 🙏🏻
Joel H
Joel H:
I appreciate you, poster of this, for any memories of Norm... But also in the spirit of Norm, you have no idea what going off the rails means
mythical ashley
mythical ashley:
Norm is one of a kind everything's he's ever done is his own style I've never seen done before, he truly didn't give a fuck and what he wanted he will be greatly missed
Myself Myself
Myself Myself:
I’m devastated. Ive had times in my life that he got me through. It’s dumb, but he was a father figure to me….and I never came close to knowing him. Maybe it was his cadence but I think he was wise and a realist.
I didn’t know he had cancer. He was such an honorable man, despite his flaws which mean nothing.
Norm will be a legend forever!
Connor Jackson
Connor Jackson:
Rip to the greatest. And how ironic is it, that when he passed away, i posted "now we must protect tim dillon" which is how he just learned about this. If you guys want truly amazing content, follow tims podcast. The best episode in my opinions is "keep my name out of your mouth" 💖
Jasenko Dervisic
Jasenko Dervisic:
One of the few human beings I have ever been jealous of, in terms of character.

To fill those shoes, man. Everybody should try.
Ben Darnell
Ben Darnell:
Norm has gotta be one of the most beloved people in show business!
inca guaya
inca guaya:
You may have been an old chunk of coal but today you will be a diamond 💎
God bless you Norm thanks for the laughs
Mitsy Gitsy
Mitsy Gitsy:
I'm crying my eyes out right now.
choir anthony
choir anthony:
This is so crazy ... I have LITERARY been watching Norm Macdonald videos on YouTube EVERYDAY, for the last three weeks.
Martin Oh
Martin Oh:
19:22 is what we are all here for…the rest of the show can go blow
Gavin Ohlhauser
Gavin Ohlhauser:
the show was all somber until this joker pipes in "the creator of the jazz festival tragically passed away"
Dustin W
Dustin W:
Live next to Totem town. As far as I know it had a record low attendance and it was hard to justify keeping it open.
3 Speed Holster
3 Speed Holster:
Today, Norm met his biggest fan...Nicole Brown. A legend and a genuinely good person :(
Energy Asylum
Energy Asylum:
Wow, I’m shocked finding out Norm McDonald passed away. He was one of the few comics who was respected by nearly every single American and Canadian comics. Norm was a Christian man, a proud Canadian and a fearless comic. I only found out about him a few years ago, but I was quickly impressed and became a huge fan of his. I’m glad I discovered Norm and enjoyed his talent while he was alive. Norm, you were extraordinary and we were grateful, Rest In Peace Sir! Thoughts and prayers to him, his family and friends. 🙏🏻🇺🇸🇨🇦✌🏽💪🏽✊🏽👌🏽🤘🏼
Cody David
Cody David:
He's up there with Billy now. RIP
God, I am going to miss his wit and humor
DNA39 Pilot
DNA39 Pilot:
I wasn't a Norm fan until just a few months ago, never understood his comedy until just recently. I'm sorry for his great fans, I think this is a huge lose to the comedy world. Not Norm! God's picking his people now, you need some sarcasm when destroying the world. God speed Norm!
Edit: what made me a fan, was a Conan o'Brien show, Norm, Gordan Ramsey, cooking a fish. Gordan was trying to get these 2 to do what he was showing them, complete, total chaos! One of the funniest things I've ever watched. I watched it just the other day, needed chaotic sense of humor. I watched this on YouTube, I don't watch TV much.
Randall J. Frillmann
Randall J. Frillmann:
He was a smart guy......who played a dumb guy......and made us all laugh. Thanks, Norm. Rest in Peace.
If you really appreciate comedy, you love Norm Macdonald... A world without him makes the comedy world seem so much...lesser. What a gut punch knowing we'll never see him on another roast or late night show. RIP to the funniest guy in ANY room. This hurts like a loss of a dear friend, even never having known him. 💔
Dude, stop talking about Jazz! Norm just died!
André Ludowitsch
André Ludowitsch:
I am devastated. I miss him already.
Norm is on Mt. Rushmore of comedy. Rest In Peace
Red Geordie
Red Geordie:
Gone but never forgotten, RIP Norm
I’ve never Teared up before when a celebrity has died.
that Cancer is a real jerk! RIP Norm :(
F N:
Love Normy. Will miss him. From Edmonton
My favorite comedian of all time
😭💔😭💔 Norm was great. Sad day
Pirate McCall
Pirate McCall:
You click baited the F out of Norm's death. You bury 1 1/2 minutes where you gloss over it with other stories 20 minutes into your 25 minute show. It's not to about you, if you wanted to show respect that'd be great, but in the end you didn't.
AJ Cano
AJ Cano:
We Love You Norm Macdonald.
We the Few In The Philippines.
To answer your question: some people can fight a long battle with cancer. A lady I knew had a rare form of blood cancer. She was really healthy (exercised, didn't drink or smoke) and still got cancer (probably genetic). She lived with it for almost a decade before she passed away.
9/14 is now a national tragedy

I just don’t know that I want to live in a world without norm
RIP Norm 💙
Randal Gelking
Randal Gelking:
Joe is misusing the phrase "jump the shark" when referring to the Harvard atheist chaplain.
Praval Mishra
Praval Mishra:
Why are there so many dislikes on such an amazing tribute.. people are just weird and with Norm gone we already are one non-weird person short here.. RIP Norm. We will always have you in our hearts..
This just hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m so devastated
Donald Cox
Donald Cox:
Feels like losing a father.
F N:
He died? I didn’t know that he was sick. :-) classic Normy.
RIP Norm Macdonald..... He was brilliant and brilliantly funny
Grown man crying 😭 ffs Norm
zip zip
zip zip:
amazing audio
Kurdt Kobaine
Kurdt Kobaine:
No offence to George Wein but.... Norm MacDonald just passed away! Unless you're Mrs Wein then I'm sorry but we don't need to hear about it.

Plus if Norm gave the world laughter, joy and comfort, then Jazz did the complete opposite.
James Rhoton
James Rhoton:
My mother died of cancer 3 years ago, but it wasn't until today that I understood true loss.
19:25 That’s what you’re looking for.
Clint Howe
Clint Howe:
this sucks, way too young. guy was hilarious, one
of the best, will be missed
Jennifer M
Jennifer M:
Absolutely devastated. Nothing more to say.
Connor Jackson
Connor Jackson:
"Thats my lucky stabbing hat"
Can you imagine how this is going to effect Artie Lange?
gas gas gas
gas gas gas:
Goat. Love you norm
Bella Lugosi
Bella Lugosi:
Loved him.
Jeremiah Fitzwinkle
Jeremiah Fitzwinkle:
Luckily he left us with a fair share of video content etc. But to think that there will be no new comedy posted.......the world is a sad place tonite for all of us fans.
I was just watching Norm and Don yesterday.
John Edward
John Edward:
How about exploiting Norms death?
Enchanted Poop
Enchanted Poop:
Rest In Peace
Boofer T. Washington
Boofer T. Washington:
It really sucks when part of your childhood goes away forever.
J D:
A big loss to the comedy scene. Forever renowned by his quick witty responses.
I love Norm
Terd Ferguson
Terd Ferguson:
RIP NORM! YOU and Joe bob briggs!
God, man....I am still shocked beyond words.
He'll be so missed back here...
Natalie G
Natalie G:
We lost another Canadian legend today to cancer. This one is hard
Oh man... this one hurts. Not Norm. Damn ☹️😔
I hated hearing about Norm Macdonald's death... reminds me of that tragedy