THE SINNER Official Trailer (HD) Jessica Biel Drama Series THE SINNER Official Trailer (HD) Jessica Biel Drama Series

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The first installment of the close-ended series follows a young mother (Jessica Biel) who, when overcome by an inexplicable fit of rage, commits a startling act of violence and to her horror has no idea why. The event launches an inverted and utterly surprising crime thriller whose driving force is not the “who” or the “what” -- but the “why” -- as an investigator (Bill Pullman) finds himself obsessed with uncovering the woman's buried motive. Together they travel a harrowing journey into the depths of her psyche and the violent secrets hidden in her past.

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100+ comentarios:

Cal E.
Cal E.:
Dont read beyond this comment because there’s spoilers and a handful of negative criticism. I just finished watching this in one night, and I have to say it was one of the best series I’ve ever seen. From episode one it sucks you in and you cant get out.
Niki Cap
Niki Cap:
Corona virus got me binge watching Netflix shows. This one show was extremely unpredictable and suspenseful. 100% recommend.
Andrey Urman
Andrey Urman:
"He grabbed her arm wanting to fight her off, but when he saw who she was, he just let go."
After seeing the whole show, this line is just mind blowing.
This series is so underrated. Why is no one freaking out and losing their shit about it like i am??😂😂
Aziz Mouaffak
Aziz Mouaffak:
What an incredible performance from Jessica Biel...
Twin of jon snow?
ju bilee
ju bilee:
just finished watching this whole show in 1 freaking day and i'm about to start rewatching it again today. man, i can't even. totally mindblowing.
she is making a comeback to acting this looks good
shauna synnott
shauna synnott:
Really interesting show, as more gets revealed each episode the story gets so much more intense. Really can't wait to see the next one. If you like psychological thrillers, this is awesome !
This series was so intense, but so good at the same time. I swear, when episode 7 came around I found it so hard to watch and I had to keep on pausing it, just so I could have a breather.
Definitely recommend!
Nemesiz Infected
Nemesiz Infected:

This show is amazing.. Especially the flashback episode, I actually started feeling more anxious and emotional for the sisters the further into the night the they went. And that last scene with the music and Pheobes Ribcage Damn!... Not many shows do that to me. I hope this show goes on for a long time.
I am so happy I watched this series. Just Blew My Mind Top Notch Suspense ! Can't wait for S2
Cassie Grauer
Cassie Grauer:
Hands down the most intense show I've ever watched. Finished in 1 day.
I got to be an extra in the pilot :) Look for me in the sea of news reporters.
Emma Catling
Emma Catling:
Absolutely love this , really good storyline, great acting from Beil and Pullman, one of the best series around!
Zohra Gd
Zohra Gd:
its a masterpiece ♥ go watch it , i rarely spend time watching tv shows but this one worth it ♥
Hà Trần
Hà Trần:
Omg, this performance is just un-jessica biel-ievable.
Anna Beukema
Anna Beukema:
I just finished this, and I have to say, it's awesome! Such a good plot and you just keep watching. Also, kudos to the actors, they did an amazing job <3
- S h a d y -
- S h a d y -:
I finished this serie today. Watch it. It is so so interesting how they are figuring out of how and when everything happened. Yesterday I started and today I ended. Very very good serie.
h k
h k:
one of the best shows i’ve ever watched. it literally drew me in within the first 5 minutes and the way it unravels throughout the season is amazing!!!! please do yourself a favor and watch this show.
Maria Ljungström
Maria Ljungström:
She is SO F BEAUTIFUL and talanted to :) gonna watch this tonight Thanx!
Camila Mendoza
Camila Mendoza:
Jon Snow is Cora's husband xd
this actually looks good!
This should have been the third season of "True Detective"
Geovan Joseph
Geovan Joseph:
first episode and my mind was like "what did I just watched?"
Yasmin Salvatore
Yasmin Salvatore:
I kept on watching , i finished the show in one night! It was so good
The best ever suspense and unpredictable situations.
Under Review
Under Review:
the script writers for this are genius
Georgia B
Georgia B:
this was such an amazing season!!! SUPER twist in the end. Jessica Biel played so well in this
This was briliant high tension trought out the episodes amazing acting 10/10 watch highly recomend
allison velez
allison velez:
if anyone is thinking about watching this show I highly recommend to. this is hands down one of my top favorites now and I can be a true critic when it comes to shows. love it!
Remco Mettrop
Remco Mettrop:
To anyone planning on watching this serie, you might wanna clear your schedule for the next couple of days because you're not gonna wanna do anything else but watch this LOL Just a heads up...
finshed the entire season. Absolutely amazing start to end
Srishta Banerjee
Srishta Banerjee:
I finished this in one day, that’s how interesting, intense it is. 🔥🙌🏻
Thought this was pretty good up until the last episode, the conclusion was pretty ridiculous and non nonsensical. Firstly, we are supposed to believe that a Mother who devoted every waking minute to her very ill daughter, did not report her missing when she just disappeared into the night with the wayward daughter Cori, secondly, when Cori showed up 2 months later at her Aunts house, did her Mother or Aunt not ask what happened to Phoebe? Like Phoebe had been chronically ill from she was born, are we supposed to believe that neither her Mother, father or Aunt made no effort to find her when she just disappeared in the middle of the night? She did not take her meds, clothes or anything else, and no one went looking her.
It's ridiculous, of course they would of been looking her! And if your not to pushed on porn, you will want to give this one a miss as the sex goes on and on and on, and most of it adds nothing to the story-line, some of it was stomach churning, like the chronically ill Phoebe, who seemed to be constantly horny, her arms and hands worked, why could she not of masturbated herself instead of getting her sister to it?
hello you
hello you:
such a good series, definitely underrated
Kells Chapman
Kells Chapman:
Just finished watching this from beginning to end back to back, and wow!!!! Jessica Biel was phenomenal, I was completely gripped! Such a sad, beautiful crazy storyline and the twist too, I’m not being paid for this lol... just still feel kinda stunned at how good it was, top show ❤️
love this, for some reason i started with season 2 on netflix and watched season 1 after that
Bas Waaijer
Bas Waaijer:
Amazing show, and I have to give props for the fact that the ending wasn't as disgusting as I thought it might be! The gradual reveals of bits and pieces regarding the case was done in a very interesting way and the ending was different than I thought it would be. Definitely a show to watch for anyone who likes this sort of thing!
I'd also love to add that reading comments from other people who found this show disgusting is comforting.
Getwellsoon ;
Getwellsoon ;:
i just finished this and it was AMAZING!
Finished it in a night .it is just amazingg
Interesting concept, might have to take a look 😊
You have to watch this!! You won't regret it ! One of the best series I've watched!
Rix Morales
Rix Morales:
I really thought that her husband was the masked man. It would really make for a good twist if Mason was really it, who was hired by J.D. or Belmont family to drug her with meth for two months but then he got guilty and then started to stalk her to try to make amends after dumping her on the street and fell in love with her eventually
I watched the show and I absolutely recommend it.
P G:
Some of the best acting I've seen in many years. Incredibly suspenseful, exciting, twisted, and beautiful. The writing, the casting, the directing, the cinematography, the sound... all are mind blowing. Every single actor in this series deserves an award. Wow, great art.
Georgia Liacopoulos
Georgia Liacopoulos:
just finished watching the whole show. wow didnt see it coming but it all made sense in the end. her mother was horrible. poor girl.
R D:
Just binged watched this last night , it's damn good and intriguing. You just can't leave it in the middle , so engaging ....superb acting and storytelling 👍👍
Edward Creter
Edward Creter:
Jessica Biel stabs a guy in the neck because Leatherface once showed her how it was done in the Texas Chainsaw remake.
This is a great show!
Roger Green
Roger Green:
I ended binge watching this series and thought I was excellent. I think Bill Pullman's turn as a dedicated, sympathetic yet a sad sack type police detective was a very admirable performance. I enjoyed the series immensely.
This series is extraordinary I'm so glad I 've watched it. It's sad that not more people know about it. Deserves more recognition. How the hell such good series goes unnoticed.
smol pp
smol pp:
Is it just me or does Bill Pullman's hair look immaculate in every scene he's in?
Melanin Babez
Melanin Babez:
This was so good I gotta watch again
Kevin Parker92
Kevin Parker92:
I watched this whole series yesterday now I miss it.
Altayeb Elasaifer
Altayeb Elasaifer:
the most underrated TV series in 2017. Highly recommended!!
Srishta Banerjee
Srishta Banerjee:
This is the most amazing series, if you looking for comments on how it is, then trust me. It’s Amazing!
I just wasted my time watching this show. I rarely ever post reviews but im doing this to save some of you from wasting your time. Here are the cons: 1)There is no cliffhanger. 2)The mystery, although compelling, left me disappointed in the end because it wasn't as gasp worthy as I thought it might be. 3)There are some WEIRD AF sex scenes that are sooo gross and disturbing. 4) There are no lovable characters 5)the verdict/final sentencing was SO STUPID!!! Anyway, I have no pros.....such a weird, unrealistic show that gives off creepy vibes. I recommend watching The Killing or The Following if you're into the whole murder mystery stuff. Two shows that are actually worth your time and worth talking about.
Marla Lukofsky
Marla Lukofsky:
Looks really good, interesting.
RedPill BlackPill Knowledge
RedPill BlackPill Knowledge:
Good series. Kept me interested all the way to the end all though I know in real life if the woman wasn't so attractive the detective would never have gone out of his way the way he did for her.
MissLiz x
MissLiz x:
I was sceptic when I read the description on Netflix, but I've just watched the trailer and I will give it a chance😁
This show was great, but I feel like the whole her being drugged and seeing that wall pattern should of gone into a darker story where she was drugged and she remembered stuff like she was in a trapped cult and remembered things happening to her and the wall pattern was a trigger to those vivid memories and slowly regaining her memories but I feel like the way the story went was kind of a buzzkill but still amazing
Lee Jones
Lee Jones:
Currently watching season 3 been gripped since the first episode of season 1 bill pullman is great
83 Girish Sunassee
83 Girish Sunassee:
If only there were more shows like this...
I watched this season in one day
Season 2 sucks
Imogen G
Imogen G:
One of the best series I have ever watched!! It was amazing- i finished it in 2 days
One of the best shows I’ve ever watched
nadine kucher
nadine kucher:
Amazing this Serie!!!!!! Couldn’t stop to watch!!!!!
Anyone considering watching this or unsure-
Do please watch! One of the best mystery shows I’ve watched, same level as true detective season 1
kel x
kel x:
Simply loved it ! Loved the unpredictable storyline and outstanding acting. A must watch :)
Rozanah Wirt
Rozanah Wirt:
Bill Pullman is awesome!
What I liked the most is his dedication as a detective determined to find the truth and dig so deep and go out of his way to help the 2 main people. And helping them.
Everybody in this show is terribly messed up and damaged, and so weird.
But we sort of grow up watching .
Jessica is wonderful!
Very happy to see Bill Pullman back.
Rozanah Wirt
Rozanah Wirt:
Bill Pullman is awesome!
What I liked the most is his dedication as a detective determined to find the truth and dig so deep and go out of his way to help the 2 main people. And helping them.
Everybody in this show is terribly messed up and damaged, and so weird.
But we sort of grow up watching .
Jessica is wonderful!
Very happy to see Bill Pullman back.
Yosif Donchev
Yosif Donchev:
amazing!! i recommend strongly , specially for the people that like mystery thriller type of movies/series
Adnan Cengic
Adnan Cengic:
just finished season 1,it was amazing it should be call true detective
Abshgegd Shehshgdgs
Abshgegd Shehshgdgs:
I never have made a comment on YouTube for a movie before. But I must say this is a must see!
Nicky H
Nicky H:
It was beyond good!!
Emma Thomas
Emma Thomas:
I just watched the entire show in like 3 days, I just wanted to get home from school and finish it. The first episode is a little slow but trust me once you get into it you won’t wanna stop watching, the actors did an amazing job like amazing!
Leo Leo
Leo Leo:
Jessica perfect act...
Edouard Tandjaoui
Edouard Tandjaoui:
Such a spoiler trailler, i feel i watched half a season in 12 secondes :O
Prachi K
Prachi K:
This series is freaking awesome ..loved it♥️
Niki Jayne
Niki Jayne:
I feel like I've watched it all after reading the comments lol
Huma Ali
Huma Ali:
Such a good show highly recommend!!
This is so good! Holy shit Jessica Biel is amazing in this show
Nameless Ghost
Nameless Ghost:
Watch the music video of the song Sinner by Drowning Pool, from 2001.
It has the same visual effect as in this trailer.
I watched this show in one day !!! couldn't do anything else!! Absolutely loved it !!! Extremely well written, well put and well acted!!! loved loved loved it!!! One if the best shows I have ever seen!!!
Tariq Nasra
Tariq Nasra:
A jewelle of acting, a cross between mystery and thriller, it's been a while since I watched anything as interesting as this.
M L:
I was watching this episode 1 last week, very interesting story
Took me one day to watch Season 1. Got so hooked on it. Was honestly so good. Cant wait to start Season 2 tomorrow.
This remids me a little of Alias Grace, which I loved :)
sad lie
sad lie:
why is this show so underrated? completely mind blowing.
Tommy Mack
Tommy Mack:
what happened to the boy in the first series with the couple not giving any much away
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal:
I hope there's a July 4th episode. I want him to SAY IT!
Jhayvi Dizon
Jhayvi Dizon:
If you're looking for a psychological thriller, this'll get your eyebrows twitched the whole series
JUST VERY, VERY GOOOOOOD!!! One of the best thriller-crime-series ever
Seden Sdn
Seden Sdn:
Ok i binge watched it, too BUT the story had been coming together so well that i was expecting an explosion of events at the end. It left me really underwhelmed with the last 2 episodes. The season 2 has the same effect, also. Could be a masterpiece but it missed the chance by ending it so trivially. And just 2 years for murdering a guy chilling on the beach? Considering the future events following phoebe’s death, 15 years of sentence would seem fair to me.
Miss GibbonsX
Miss GibbonsX:
I just finished watching it and let me tell you this series is totally mind-blowing. The job from the crew was wonderful. The scenery, details on everything, and the whole cast was perfection. Jessica's performance was my favorite thing. I always say that a great actress/actor is defined by the seriousness and professionalism which they perform. She truly believed she was Cora, every time she cried, you could see the sadness and fear on her eyes. The whole series, her demeanor was the same(until her sentencing). She was in a state of sadness, numbness, fear. I could tell from the 1st episode she was lost and confused. Like is there was this emptiness inside her. That is so hard to achieve, especially so precisely. Every emotion I felt. I believed her story and for that I will be always grateful, not all actors/actresses are this good.
Simone Maria
Simone Maria:
Espero que seja bom...gosto de Jéssica Biel ❤️
Sana Nagi
Sana Nagi:
I highly recommend this show! It’s so good! It doesn’t give you answers straight away, has cliff hangers after each episode, something new each episode, interesting, quite different to other shows. I loved it and finished all 8 episodes in one day. Just watch it.
03 AI
03 AI:
I watched this show today and it was a great show.
Definitely a binge type show, I love how the unfold everything and because of the way they distribute details you really can't guess how or why things happened. I don't know why but this shows up as the second season on my netflix while Julian is 1st but they're both amazing, I can't wait for the 3rd in 2020.