THE SINNER Season 3 Official Trailer (HD) Matt Bomer


THE SINNER's third installment follows Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) as he begins a routine investigation of a tragic car accident on the outskirts of Dorchester, in upstate New York. Ambrose uncovers a hidden crime that pulls him into the most dangerous and disturbing case of his career.

CAST: Bill Pullman, Matt Bomer


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IDK how he does it but Matt Bomer keeps getting better looking. Seriously
what ever
what ever:
i really like this show. the first season was way better than the second. but still good.
Tanea Bree
Tanea Bree:
Hmmmm. I’m going to be distracted by Matt bomer’s handsomeness but I’ll manage
vanessa rodgers
vanessa rodgers:
y’all are trippingggg saying julian’s season is better than cora’s
Season 2 was not up to par with season 1. Season 3 looks very promising.
I encourage people to read up a bit about borderline personality disorder and rethink S3 in the context of Jamie having it.

*** Spoiler alert from this point forward ***

I suspect Jamie was written as having BPD and with the stuff I read so far about this disorder, it fits well with the story and may be the piece that gives realism people seem to be missing in the plot of S3.

The audiences are perceiving Jamie as a mentally healthy man who was inexplicably pulled into darkness.

The thing is, with BPD, Jamie wasn't a healthy man to begin with. Symptoms of BPD and how they play out in the show:

1. Boredom and feeling of emptiness (it's at that point in life when he reaches out to Nick again and where the plot starts),

2. Fear of abandonment (Jamie lost his mother at an early age, father was not around much, and he shows it multiple times as he says people "turn on him"; what's more, fear of abandonment is the typical vulnerability of persons with BPD that Nick and sociopaths in general will play on),

3. Unstable sense of self (Jamie doesn't know who he is without Nick spelling it out for him; that could've been achieved by anyone else for that matter who could have the same power over Jamie's mind - Sonya as a person with deep deep empathy is able to do it at times; Harry much more so just because he and Jamie can relate based on a similar story of childhood abandonment; however, Harry is someone most of us can relate to, because in spite of his emotional baggage he turned out OK... not great, but OK)

4. Potential for self-harm, suicidal thoughts (Jamie admitted to these)
Quentin Weibel
Quentin Weibel:
I don’t understand. Imo this was the best season by far, and one of the best season in a TV show ever. So much quality and complexity. It differs considerably from the other 2 seasons though, it is more on an emotional level. Last time I was shook like that was with Fargo season 1
Season 3 is the worst of them all, season 1 was the best, season 2 was ok, interesting, mysterious, with occultists' vibes, but season 3 is a predictable shallow melo drama of 2 burnt out individuals, i couldnt get hooked at all to the plot or storywriting, it was....just bad, not even average, maybe its just my impression or maybe i have missed something but this season is definitely undercooked
El joven Scaloni
El joven Scaloni:
Season 3 felt like a movie, maybe a thriller of the 90s. It was ok but nothing like season 1. Needs more twists
a n n i s a •
a n n i s a •:
Matt Bomer alone is enough. And they decided to bring him into The Sinner is just WOW
Saaed Yousefi
Saaed Yousefi:
I yhought season 1 was the darkest this show could ever get. The 3rd season proved me wrong. It was really awesome and deep. The way they brought those philosophical principles into play. It just was awesome.
alley kitty
alley kitty:
Matt Bomer and Bill Pullman stared in a great movie together called "Walking Out". So awesome to see both of them together again. I still miss Matt as Neal Caffery on White Collar! I wish they would bring that show back!
Heidi Kramer
Heidi Kramer:
I really enjoyed watching the 3rd season. The trailer didnt catch me but the first episode did! I liked this one more than season two. I liked the character that Matt played. "Jaime" slowly changed his perspective on everything and he was like a ticking bomb the whole time. Spoiler alert (dont continue reading if you havent watched it yet): i was super sad when he died. I think the scene in which he dies was very powerful. Harry Ambrose didnt have to pull the trigger because jaime wasnt armed at that point. He pulled the trigger because of the unknown i think... he wanted to know what jaime was talking about. Harry had the power to decide about life and death. And he took the chance.... Jaime was a victim of his own mind. i still think a lot about the show.
What if: the next season continues with Jamies student? How Jamies life and Death affected her?
What did y'all think?
Tracey Delfs
Tracey Delfs:
I normally lose interest after season 2 of a series, but its super refreshing that each season is its own story while still maintaining just a small amount of character continuity.
Matt has a fantastic head of hair..u just wanna run ur fingers through it.
"I'm not crazy!" OK Bomer...
But when is it landing on netflix tho
Al Dz
Al Dz:
Does Henry cavil and matt boomer look similar or is it just me 🤔
Jéssica FA
Jéssica FA:
Bill Pullman and Matt Bomer, it doesn't get much better than this.
Luis Urena
Luis Urena:
Season 2 was good. Had some pretty messed up moments in it, doesnt unfold as cleanly as Season 1, but still was enjoyable
deejay Peekay
deejay Peekay:
Just finished season 3. Started of well, then when you realise that this is just all psychological, it lost its grip on me. I was hoping for some sinister back story, but nothing. First season was easily the best!
Ritwika Saha
Ritwika Saha:
Everyone's hooked up on comparing the seasons. No one's mentioning Chris Messina's powerful performance! It was just perfect👌
Harry Aung
Harry Aung:
I love the first 2 seasons but this one was a disappointment. The writing sucks. I finished it just because of Matt. He deserved an Emmy for his acting.
I loved this season it's so dark and the cop is similar to the main character so understands where he'scoming from. The acting is also amazing in this show.
binge watched this season today and it was bad. only good part was the look of matt bomer
beatrice corsaletti
beatrice corsaletti:
season 3 caught me in a really emotional way, i mean, this is what i call a good serie!!
Love the shows, all 3 of them.

The storyline in short;

Sassy-boy meets emo-boy
Kristine Maitland
Kristine Maitland:
Pullman is still hot.
Natavan Quliyeva
Natavan Quliyeva:
I have watched it. It is so sad and depressive. The ending is really sad.
P.S. It is not as good as the first season. Still it is watchable.
TiffyLove Love
TiffyLove Love:
I just got on this show and have binge watched season one.. Pretty good! Now im on season 2. I'll tell you what, Netflix doesn't disappoint
plot twist: nick doesn't exist... almost looks like a secret window/fight club scenario maybe?
Praise O
Praise O:
You all should go watch *The Killing* . I'm here to spread the word, similar vibe to this one but absolutely mind blowing
James Carey
James Carey:
Season 1 and 2 were brilliant. Season 3 started okay but becomes increasingly boring, stupid and illogical. No mystery to solve. Just a mentally deranged killer being illogically aided by Ambrose. Gave up after episode 5 as I just failed to care about any of the characters as all of their behaviors were completely nonsensical and unbelievable.
Manyu J
Manyu J:
Matt Bomer and his imaginary friend.
Maria Guerra
Maria Guerra:
THE BEST SEASON EVER!!! Matt deserves the Emmy!
Nadja W
Nadja W:
Some Content-related aspects of this season really annoyed me.
Especially the reasons why the investigation turned out the way it did. Don't want to spoiler anyone so I'll leave it at that.
Buzz C
Buzz C:
watching this show... and so far so great.... suspenseful... the cast is great.. each episode builds you to too edge of your seat
pohan drek
pohan drek:
0:45 i see that JORDAN SCHLANSKY has become an actor !!🤣🤣🤣🤣
I watched seasons 1 and 2 and thought that they were both simply brilliant. I’m on episode 4 in the third series and am now a little bored. Apart from Bill Pullman’s brilliant acting, I’m disappointed. Shame really.
El Jefe
El Jefe:
If it was me , I wouldn't touch the phone , I'll just not call the police and tell the police I couldn't find it
Emilie Maltais
Emilie Maltais:
So glad Bill Pulman is back.
david lawton
david lawton:
I've only just watched this series on Netflix, the first season was amazing the second was ok but not as good. This one looks good aswell but it's not even on Netflix, thought they made this though?
Diana Behrenz
Diana Behrenz:
They have chosen a gooood actor. He really looks like Ted Bundy 😂😂😂😂
Princess Probably
Princess Probably:
Can't wait! I absolutely love this series.
Matthew Burst
Matthew Burst:
I stopped watching this season. I really tried to get through it. I just couldn’t do it.
Zita Árokszàllàsi
Zita Árokszàllàsi:
hi, does anyone know what is the music in the car radio? i have been looking for it, but I cannot find it, but it is so cool
I am probably in the minority here, but to me i think the series just gets better with every season. The depth of the characters study especially about Harry Ambrose deepens more, and in season 3 , the character depth on Jamie Burns was simply good, so well explored. I am indeed looking forward for another season. Cant wait ! Matt Bomer definitely did an amazing job in season 3, he deserves an appreciation, and Harry Ambrose is just the right character for Bill Pullman, he owns that character.
Suzie Blue
Suzie Blue:
Season one was great, two was up there but three was so hard to watch. What happened?
Fernando N.
Fernando N.:
Season 2 final moments were amazing. Can't wait to see this on Netflix this month
JP 95
JP 95:
So looking forward to this!!
I really enjoyed both seasons.
I accidentally watched season 2 first, thinking it was the first season 😂
Was hooked on both stories and all characters
love Harry ❤️
Simeone Alves
Simeone Alves:
Hmmm I really wanted to watch S3,but by looking at the comments I think it's not worth my time...
-Clouds above us crying-
-Clouds above us crying-:
WHAT A GOOD SEASON!! this show is amazing!
Love Bill Pullman which is the reason I finished a ‘too clever for its own good’ season 3
blue88 puma
blue88 puma:
The last season is the worst one, I already see it or better said tried. Totally disappointed.
00 7
00 7:
They will never beat the first season of the sinner never..
Yaya Velázquez
Yaya Velázquez:
Bill Pullman has an amazing performance. 💖😍
Little Miss Stamper
Little Miss Stamper:
OMG FEBRUARY!! I'm dying here! I literally am going to bust out of my skin waiting for this show. Other than Game Of Thrones and Handmaid's Tale.....this is the only show I have ever gotten so excited about!
Daryl Hill
Daryl Hill:
Matt bomer and my favorite detective back finally !
Fe Fe
Fe Fe:
1st season was so good, 2nd sucked, hoping this season is amazing, Love Matt Bomer. 😍
Esteli Jara
Esteli Jara:
It’s the best season!!! I love it 😻
MATT BOMER!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Hope this is great. I would try it for Matt Bomer. Season 1 was amazing. I watched a few episodes of season 2 but it didn’t draw me in like season 1. I hope third time is a charm
Q. Ellie
Q. Ellie:
Noway i can watch this without getting distracted by his pretty face ffs
It's really odd seeing Matt as a bad guy. Love him.
Wayne Lancaster
Wayne Lancaster:
This show has devolved by the season. Number 2 was hard work. I actually couldn’t get through 3, it was just.. bad
My feeling is this...Matt Bomer's friend is a figment of his imagination. Like William Hurt was to Kevin Costner in Mr. Brooks.
Oyu Sukhbaatar
Oyu Sukhbaatar:
Omg Carol's lover!
Raquel Valdés Hernandez
Raquel Valdés Hernandez:
Great season!
Isaac Roy
Isaac Roy:
The first season is very very intense. The music brings you right in
sharmini pillay
sharmini pillay:
Fantastic performance from Matt Bomer in this show!
Love both seasons. Both different both own style. Bill is So great!!!
Priscilla Machado
Priscilla Machado:
I'm so, SO, hyped for this!
Bitch Craft
Bitch Craft:
Best and darkest season in my opinion, the end was very sad 😞
afra afua
afra afua:
I feel like it peaked with season 1
Julio Augusto
Julio Augusto:
One of the few tv shows I'm actually expecting new seasons from
Vaani Khare
Vaani Khare:
Fatima Ibrahiim
Fatima Ibrahiim:
“I need you to tell me.... whatever it is” *dramatic cootie catcher*
mel leto
mel leto:
Outstanding show.....i thought Jessica was amazing in season 1 to....for someone i didnt see much of that girl brought an on some A game glad she kept on Ex prod the about some massive woman power finally hitting the screens in the last few years !!!
yasi sajero
yasi sajero:
Finally!!! Been waiting for this season
Ria HS
Ria HS:
Nick reminds me of Jordan Schlansky..
This kinda feels like The Fight Club... Hmm... Watching this for Matt Bomer.
Jenna McNellage
Jenna McNellage:
This season looks amazing! Season 2 could have been better, but this is going to makeup for it
my name is rain
my name is rain:
Just here for Matt ♥️ Really.
Tracey T
Tracey T:
It's funny, I have enjoyed both seasons right up until the endings lol but I'll watch again
I love this show and loving it keeps getting seasons. It always seems like they're actually trying to make something good and I think they have so far. Thumbs up.
Cyn X
Cyn X:
Loved the first!
Oliver Duncan
Oliver Duncan:
When is season4 coming out
Leticia V
Leticia V:
Hopefully this season will be bettet than the second one. The first season was so good.
Insert name here
Insert name here:
Like a lot of people here I liked season 1 & 2 but this one is pretty bad. Some great performances and production isn’t enough for the erratic writing and constant identity politics. A generous 4 out of 10.
Kay Sin
Kay Sin:
I really enjoy watching the show. Matt Boomer is a great actor. Great show👍
Savva Zaytsev
Savva Zaytsev:
Neal Caffrey: The Blunder Years
Tracey Foley
Tracey Foley:
Season 3 was crap
Taramundi Video
Taramundi Video:
I didn’t expect much of this 3rd season, imo 1 and 2 were just ok, but i quickly already forgot about them. But this one... It’s just one of the best thriller series i’ve seen in a long time.
The first two seasons were maybe a bit more entertaining for the bigger audience, but this one is put together so well, especially emotionally. For me this series just reached another level with this one. Great work!
Alex Altringer
Alex Altringer:
That was a good show. Good job Matt
Fer Gaddi
Fer Gaddi:
El misterio más grande es como es que Chris Cornell sigue vivo!!!
Hadi Yazid
Hadi Yazid:
Matt's hair though...damnnn!!
Don’t live in fear.
Don’t live in fear.:
The Jamie guy is such a freak
Kirthana Sivakumar
Kirthana Sivakumar:
Love this show! Can't wait!
T Brewer
T Brewer:
I liked the first two seasons but just can't finish watching the third. The detective running around not showing his badge. Super stupid senseless killings. This show sucks.