The Stars Of ‘Normal People’ Play “Never Have I Ever” | British Vogue

Everyone remembers their first love, and millennial author Sally Rooney’s painfully relatable depiction of teen angst in Normal People made her a literary phenomenon. Here, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal, who play Marianne and Connell in the BBC adaptation of her zeitgeisty bestseller, take on something else we all remember: a game of “Never Have I Ever” in the pub. From bailing on dates to misguided tattoos, watch the video to see these two rising stars spill all.

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The Stars Of Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’ Play “Never Have I Ever”

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watching all this content of them because i just would like to imagine marianne and connell happy and thriving
Mri x
Mri x:
Not to be dramatic or anything but I’d die for connell
Mel .hannon
Mel .hannon:
They were definitely each other’s holiday romance 😂
imagine being the girl from amsterdam
Madi T
Madi T:
he is so bloody attractive
Before watching Normal People, if I had seen him on the street, I wouldn't have looked twice. Now, after watching it, I think he's absolutely the most gorgeous man ever to live.
I just finished watching the whole show and it literally consumed me... Such great acting, I love them both so much :')
Stephanny Barreto
Stephanny Barreto:
crazy how I developed a crush in both of them
He’s from Maynooth...that’s the LAST stop on the bus route, he doesn’t have to worry about not waking up and missing his stop 😂
jorden mcmenamin
jorden mcmenamin:
At the start of the series I thought Marianne looks just like Dakota Johnson and in the second half she looked almost like Anne Hathaway
Megan Ripley
Megan Ripley:
Why'd they get so weird over the holiday romance question? Something you'd like to share with the class guys? 😂
Geraldine McKeown
Geraldine McKeown:
I had to process they are not a couple
The therapy session scene was so moving it broke my heart. such a great acting by these two,amazing show
David Bosquette
David Bosquette:
They should be together in real-life. It just makes perfect sense to me.
niamh moir
niamh moir:
The acting in Normal People is amazing. It feels so real. When they cry, I cry.
Habso H
Habso H:
he is SO right about the sleeping on public transport thing! It’s like the most uncomfortable place to fall asleep but the naps on there be HITTIN’! Also your body somehow deffffinitely wakes you up when it’s your stop 🤣
Grace Waine
Grace Waine:
okay i didn’t think he could get any fitter and then he wore that jacket
Brittany Doctor
Brittany Doctor:
i know season 2 isn’t gonna happen, but I really need it
Jose Matutina
Jose Matutina:
I'm intrigue about their answer on "holiday romance".
tilda may
tilda may:
“how do you know when to wake up?”
“your body tells you.... i think”
Steven North
Steven North:
Just finished the whole series on I player love every moment. Some of the best acting I've ever seen a very believable love story. Extremely sad it had to end.
Well done everyone involved.
They have such good chemistry that their awkward handshake at the end wasn't awkward at all. Love them so much!
I can almost hear a bit of an irish accent with Daisy
Julia Alvina
Julia Alvina:
I'm calling 3:22 to be when they shot on location in Italy
He covers his face when embarrassed just like Connell in the book 🙈
Caroline Webster
Caroline Webster:
I don’t believe their chemistry is just an onscreen thing. These must be something going on with these two beyond a friendship, I mean cmon!!
Lori Pohlman
Lori Pohlman:
So fun! LOVED that show—moved me beyond words!
Izzy Clayton
Izzy Clayton:
just finished watching the show and my goodness! such incredible actors with an amazing plot where the characters develop so naturally. completely blown away with the show’s entirety. I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say I’m in love!!
Cosette Laplante
Cosette Laplante:
They are both opposite of their characters. Great acting skills.
Why was this shot for a 90s television
Can’t wait to see them on screen!! I feel like I can kind of see their chemistry already ❤️
Shania Ill
Shania Ill:
2:08 he's right you just know when it's time to get off
Did he fall asleep on the bus to ballyhaunis
Robert Apostu
Robert Apostu:
3:47 the show in a nutshell
Becky Johnson
Becky Johnson:

ගැනීමට ඔහුගේ රහස් ඇය එකිනෙකට ගැටෙන
Brittany Tilly
Brittany Tilly:
Brown Yoda
Brown Yoda:
They should be dating
Tight chemistry
Szabo rita-sarolta
Szabo rita-sarolta:
i love them i have watched the movie in 2 days <3
Taranga Datta
Taranga Datta:
By far the best show I've watched this year. Such incredible acting!
"How do you know when you're at your stop?"
"your body tells you"
You know this ain't his first rodeo (;
Kelly Winters
Kelly Winters:
I loved this, I loved the series so much incredible acting, brilliant story, music & characters. :)
Mira Santika
Mira Santika:
:Normal People (2020) full movie
Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??
Hannah HBIC
Hannah HBIC:
Love their colour coordinated outfits. Great chemistry too.
Walter Tubervile
Walter Tubervile:
god, they are something. I don't think there's an easy way to explain their chemistry, but it's quite something
Rhiannon Davies
Rhiannon Davies:
I'm pleased he doubled down on the date hospital lie, an actor should give a great performance in that situation imo
Noa Jasmine
Noa Jasmine:
Yes exactly my body knows when to wake me up for my stop
rusty wine
rusty wine:
I'm so excited for Normal People! Their chemistry looks great!
Prachiti Keskar
Prachiti Keskar:
She is sooo... I want to BE her!
A Sk
A Sk:
I didnt realize right away but by the end of this I was grinning ear to ear
Ava Sietas
Ava Sietas:
if his smile isnt the cutest thing you've ever seen
In real life they have none of the chemistry they do in the series. They must be great actors!
Charlo Walliset
Charlo Walliset:
I love this show so much I hope there’s a season 2
M Mac
M Mac:
These two had AMAZING chemistry in Normal People
Shrestha Roy
Shrestha Roy:
She is so beautiful 😍
So the last question was.... revealing 👀
Yuan 2 Wang
Yuan 2 Wang:
The chemistry and their accents uggghh I love them
elizabeth okeowo
elizabeth okeowo:
You’re body tells you😂😂. Damn straight!!
David Gallacher
David Gallacher:
Get married guys you look awesome you can't forget this chemistry guys in your whole 💓 life
kulot Kun
kulot Kun:
hope it'll have season 2 already 🙁
Deborah Meikle
Deborah Meikle:
quite honestly two of the most lovely people, what the hell, thank you, yes
Just finished the book and I had no clue it got turned into a TV series!! Definitely binging this, the ending was realistic but also not enough 😭
Giovanna Pereira
Giovanna Pereira:
That's true, my body wakes me up when i am getting close to my stop too.
Their chemistry is amazing
his smile is so cute i cant
Carol Lou Tonks
Carol Lou Tonks:
Paul seems to have some Connell's personality inside him. Don't know he seems so like his character. Damn i love connell and Paul....
for as intimate as they were on screen for the series they are so awkward/uncomfortable around each other off screen lol! cute!
unique maharjan
unique maharjan:
2:12 true that..
Kerry Keohan
Kerry Keohan:
3:25 yes yes yes
Katerine Castro
Katerine Castro:
Subtitles pleaseeeeee, their accent 😪...
supriya shenoy
supriya shenoy:
She has such a pretty smile!
Fionnuala Murphy
Fionnuala Murphy:
Are they attracted to each other? Do they date? They should
Paul’s outfit 🔥
Liam Close
Liam Close:
He is so beautiful I can't cope!!
Cat Laydee
Cat Laydee:
Spent most of this series in tears. Love like that, you don't let go of. The chemistry between these two is a rare thing.
Oh, they definitely have/had something going on
I watched the first two episodes and I just couldn’t get into it but I hope I can watch it again
Linet Rol
Linet Rol:
omg enjoyed these two and the show so much!!
Little Gem
Little Gem:
i love them <3
I literally love their friendship, they seem comfortable with one another and don’t mind the time they spend together.
Shbwusje Music
Shbwusje Music:
Okay what’s with his hair though, it’s like a different shade in the middle to the rest of it
Liz b
Liz b:
They have such great chemistry and they’re both great actors I think that’s why the show worked so well
I don't understand how they're 22 and 24 I literally thought they were about 30?
Charo Pura
Charo Pura:
Binged watched episodes 1 to 12 in two days and now I'm yearning for more. Must now binge watch all their interviews as well.😊
fla la
fla la:
He’s not *a lot* like his character
Chey Ann Butler
Chey Ann Butler:
How is it that they've done full nude sex scenes together yet they're awkward as hell around each other hahah 😂♥️
ο τορνερο
ο τορνερο:
She has such a cute laugh
yu tian
yu tian:
I'm so looking forward for the series right now! Can't wait!!
I just don't see what others see in him? For me he looks a medieval friar. I can see him in a monastery in a brown robe with that face. Especially something about the hair.
Candy Zhu
Candy Zhu:
These guys made me addicted, n their lovely interaction kept me laughing in front of the screen like an idiot😊
Sayak Ray
Sayak Ray:
She is so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. My biggest crush.
Muhammad Rajab Al-mukarrom
Muhammad Rajab Al-mukarrom:
They’re cute tho.
They're so cute
their chemistry in normal people is purely amazing
Chemistry 101 Lesson
Megan Walshe
Megan Walshe:
They are just so😍🙌🏻
i once fell asleep on the last train from the city, doing assignments all day, i was tired, boom missed my station, i was stranded until 3am till i finally got someone to pick me up and there was a rainstorm raging in my area at the time, ever since then i never fell asleep on public transport again.
Zoey x
Zoey x:
OMG, the scene at the end of episode 11😭😭😭 their chemistry was on fire and it was so frustrating to watch most of the time because they were both so in love with each other but it took them so long to just be honest with each other.
Series 2! Series 2! Series 2! SERIES 2 pleeease
Fiamma Berdini
Fiamma Berdini:
GOD i love them
just paused Normal People after watching it for a third time to only go on youtube and watch more of these two