The Story of The Crown - A Recap Ahead of Season 3

Season 3 of The Crown, starring Olivia Colman as the Queen, is now streaming on Netflix. Catch up on the key moments and bits of history in this story recap of Seasons 1 & 2.


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Lotte Lot
Lotte Lot:
Princess Margaret is suddenly 1 feet shorter
anna farris
anna farris:
claire foy was so good
"She was never really meant to wear the crown"
Well that is not really true.
Even IF Edward VIII did not abdicate, we must keep in mind that he never had any children with Simpson.
The Queen would have still been heir to the throne, it just would have been 20 years later.
Ricca Shaps
Ricca Shaps:
I thought I would be a bit disappointed because I loved the actors and actresses from previous seasons and they really looked like the royals. The new season showcases more mature and more confident acting. The feel and excitement haven't changed. Still my current favourite series on Netflix.
Gabrielle Dee
Gabrielle Dee:
Lord Tywin is here.
Callie Masters
Callie Masters:
The real story has so much drama, there's no reason at all for the Crown to get any facts wrong or take dramatic license. Especially as they get closer to current day, viewers will notice anything that isn't true.
Aren Nedeau
Aren Nedeau:
Why does the new queen look 55 when shes only 37 in 1964?????
Gloria Wilson
Gloria Wilson:
Aberfan disaster in the series is heart wrenching. Made me cry. Brilliant acting.
Please don't persuade me to watch it , my exams have begin >>>>>>>><><><><><<><><><<><><><
A Sword made from the blood of my enemies
A Sword made from the blood of my enemies:
I wonder if we'll see the kidnap attempt on Princess Anne
les mercredis on porte du rose
les mercredis on porte du rose:
Y'all, Tobias Menzies is bloody AMAZING in this
Jazmin Alvarez
Jazmin Alvarez:
It is very hard for me to grasp that the queen aged so much in 1 year when they switched from Claire Foy to Olivia Coleman.
In the beginning of the season she's 39 at the end 52, they should have change the actor mid season or something
Somewhere Upthere
Somewhere Upthere:
Ok whoever did the voicing needs to be in EVERYTHING. I could listen to this person talk about anything. And thanks for the recap!
So far I think the highlights of season 3 are Helena as Princess Marget and Erin as Princess Anne.
Po A.
Po A.:
just finished the entire season 3... LOVE LOVE..!! but my favorite is Princess Alice of Greece and Denmark... didn't catch the actress' name... but she did such a great job!!!
Iv Ra
Iv Ra:
The way I see it: Claire portrayed a very young woman who just started to learn the ropes of her new duty; who was naturally very stable but sometimes she had to 'wing it' and act more dominant than she feels to establish power and authority. That's why she had a power play with Philip, she was still building her confidence(as we all do in our 20s). And then we go to Olivia and more mature, calmer Queen. Her maturity shows in her marriage, where the power play is gone and in ability to question herself, her feelings and ability to forgive. What is beautiful here is that that is a story of all of us as we age and The Queen IS all of us, because she is human. That's the central story: differences in 2 periods of her life, differences in delivery of these 2 actresses. That's why the first scene starts with her looking at 2 portraits.
I must not finish this season by tomorrow...I am already halfway
Abbas Zaidi
Abbas Zaidi:
Not binge watching honest. But episode 1 was wonderful. Props to Tobias Menzies and his Philip in this episode
Densum 81
Densum 81:
She was always going to become queen. Her uncle's wife was an older woman and was highly unlikely her uncle and Wallace would have had children due to their ages. However her becoming queen at such earlier age was never planned or foreseen.
Tootsla 125
Tootsla 125:
Just finished binging. Here’s pros and cons:
Pro: the acting is exceptional; excellent cast.
Con: a little bit of Princess Margaret goes a long way - her poor me, victim number wears thin. She had a chance to tell them all to pound sand and marry Group Captain Townsend, but she wasn’t about to give up all of her privileges and The HRH.
Sabi Baliaj
Sabi Baliaj:
I am struggling now to watch it because actress are so different .. I high I eye colour...I am not enjoin like before. It was better to try to make privies actor's older. It would worked better...
Nom De Plume
Nom De Plume:
The Kings Speech is a good background for Queens pappy lol and its a damn good movie.
"liberal movement" - WRONG. The Liberal Party was down to between 6 and 12 seats (out of 600) in these times. This was a SOCIALIST movement (which is precisely why it was, true to form, questioning the existence of the monarchy).
Dhel of the Zhangkani
Dhel of the Zhangkani:
Well, I guess the tradition of marrying a divorcee still runs in the family with a big middle finger to the system by Prince Charles and Harry.
W A:
Why do they keep telling us what’s gonna happen is season 3?! Just recap and let the people WATCH season 3

Edit: I didn’t say anything about spoilers, I just don’t see the point of them going on about what’s going to happen in the UPCOMING season! A recap should have just talked about the past seasons!!!
Liliana V.A. Hough
Liliana V.A. Hough:
Ah and the Queen has blue eyes! Child Margaret has green eyes, old Margaret has almost black eyes!
WTH were you thinking?!
I am already hooked on season 3. It is wonderful!
Fabian Stenar
Fabian Stenar:
I should probably watch this sometime, the cast is great!
Gabriella Vadnais
Gabriella Vadnais:
I prefer the other actors in the last season 😩
Ta Gordon
Ta Gordon:
Season 3 Prince Phillip, he will always be Captain Jack Randell to me.
By George, they did it!, The actors and the story line in series 3, continue to captivate. #10outof10
A catch-up I wanted, not spoilers for season 3 and this weird Americanised language!
Dorian A
Dorian A:
Finally! Been waiting to see Olivia Colman as the Queen!
charles dance as lord mountbatten GOOD LORD
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown:
Love lord tywin as lord mountbatten
Chantal N6
Chantal N6:
Season 3 is excellent!
I absolutely loved it!
That voice over, is that Mirage from The Incredibles? O_o
Shawn Cezanne
Shawn Cezanne:
A gift to open for my time off during the holidays! 🎁👑
Tati D
Tati D:
“Ahead” of season 3 we don’t gotta give away the themes of the new season in a recap

Brittiany Perkins
Brittiany Perkins:
This is spoiling season 3. I just wanted a recap
Now that this drama featuring the British Royal Family has three seasons, I wonder when Netflix can launch another show featuring the Japanese Royal Family?
Angelo David
Angelo David:
I really repeated the scene where Elizabeth and Philip fought and some paparazzi shot it in Season 2.
I didn’t watch season 3 yet but thanks for the recap..
Anyway, I have to see all the episodes again 😂
Rodolfo Delgado
Rodolfo Delgado:
This was a REALLY good recap. Thanks!
It’s definitely different with different actors but it’s still a good and interesting show.
Katie Bowen
Katie Bowen:
Was really disappointed in this season I want Clair and Matt back
Katleho Aubrey Mohlokoane
Katleho Aubrey Mohlokoane:
So do we have to wait a year for a new season 😭 I went through Season 3 in a day. this show is just too good, man
fghdrdtht gfghjhdf
fghdrdtht gfghjhdf:
Charles Dance! ❤️
Karen Ranallo
Karen Ranallo:
OMG just watched episode 7 Moondust and it was amazing!!! This is the BEST episode I’ve seen so far and think it would be hard to top. Awesome work Tobias, can’t say enough how good this episode was.
cell pat
cell pat:
The funny thing is that Margaret was 5'1", so Helena actually looks more like Margaret than Vanessa. I was put out by the actress change until I checked Wikipedia and found out about her short height. Not letting her marry Capt. Townsend was the saddest mistake of all. She paid for it with her messy lifestyle. RIP Margot.
pls tell me we will AT LEAST some beatles
Ridhi Awasthi
Ridhi Awasthi:
They tryna show the best side of monarchy as after Diana's story people will change their views
I thought Mountbattens boat was going to get blown up
Gregory S. Gill
Gregory S. Gill:
Season 1 & 2 (over season 3) cast generally were the best, esp. Claire Foy and Matt Smith.
Jeremy Jackson
Jeremy Jackson:
This season was so good!
Francis Rodriguez
Francis Rodriguez:
Excellent video. Now I'm even more excited to see Season 3.
on episode two season three, I absolutely adore this seamlessly perfect blend in to an older version of the queen, the princess ,absolutely everybody, just amazing., here from Florida✌️☀️
Nikki ninedoor
Nikki ninedoor:
Excellent preview of Season 3 Netflix!
Fabrice Mathurin
Fabrice Mathurin:
We are asking for recap of season 1 & 2 but you're giving insights on season 3 also
Liv Mei A. Lone
Liv Mei A. Lone:
I hope history won't repeat itself.
Watched a couple of seasons of outlander just earlier so seeing Tobias here is confusing lol
I’m up to episode 2 of season 3 omgg
Vicky 12
Vicky 12:
One question, you did attend a screening, didn't you?!
Bernadette Gutierrez
Bernadette Gutierrez:
I think the first and 2nd season actors looked more like the royals.. theyre also good actors. I love helena but hell, hahaa i ljust watch season 3
Charles Hamilton
Charles Hamilton:
Well done you with this cogent recap. Binge watching season three this week. The casting, writing, direction are superb.
Juliana Bosio
Juliana Bosio:
I will need a Beatles reference at some point of the show... I mean...
Natalie Lomako
Natalie Lomako:
They had Andrew & Edward in the sixties, not right after Charles & Anne. There is a decade difference between HM’s second and her third child.
Ramona Houston
Ramona Houston:
I was excited and now after forcing myself to watch 2 episodes I'm done. Casting through whole vibe off. First game of thrones disappoints me now this. Grace and Frankie I'm counting on you lol
A Oz
A Oz:
Love this show so much! ♡
+Netflix UK & Ireland : this vid is brilliant...
Wayne Uk
Wayne Uk:
Amazing show amen x
Kenneth Blake
Kenneth Blake:
Thank you. Love you. On to season 3.
Kiara Ramirez
Kiara Ramirez:
Am I the only one who notices that every characters eyes changed from Blue to BROWN how?
The Senate
The Senate:
Lord Tywin is being Lord Tywin in The Crown
thanks, i needed this
why does this sound like it was recorded on a cardboard tube in a broom cupboard
Dom Dee
Dom Dee:
why does the voice over sound so tinny? put her in a proper booth for recording!
JaCara KM Style
JaCara KM Style:
So excited for season 3!
Thanks!!! and now i will
This season is a bit of filler before we get multiple assassination attempts and successes as well as thatcher and Diana next season
Sargam Sharma
Sargam Sharma:
The kind of luck you need to have to become a queen.
The shout out to Madonna's movie "W.E." is SO welcome, it's a really good movie - it seems most of the criticism came from the fact that it was made by Madonna than anything else.
Wow...i am really so gonna watch S3...but i haven't finished S1, and i don't want to miss a thing. Gah! I guess it's time to binge watch...awww! ^_^
Amy Hodge
Amy Hodge:
Binged it. Was a bit let down.
Olivia Coleman did amazing. You have to take into thought the queen had been on the throne for over 20 years, have had four kids, and aged. Season 1 and 2 the country was in good shape. Season 3 is mostly when Britain is in economic crisis and in bad shape. If I was the queen during that hell I wouldn’t be happy 24/7.
F1 Fan boy
F1 Fan boy:
Queen Elizabeth II would’ve practically became Queen in 1972 because King Edward vlll never had any children plus that means that King George vl would have never had become king
Paul Hoeks
Paul Hoeks:
Excellent recap. Thanks.
Jean Nicolas
Jean Nicolas:
Waited until 3 am EST/12 am PST to binge-watch Season 3 of the Crown ... superb job by the entire cast!
who's the voice of this video?
Jovan Chakraborty
Jovan Chakraborty:
1960s. When Britain thought pretending to be the Soviet Union was fun.
Ahem ahem architecture, politics...
anna farris
anna farris:
I don’t know having trouble getting use to new actors just finished season 3 n it was ok but 1 n 2 was better, I hope 4 will be more interesting n not take 2 years to make . Hope the queens clothing gets better, 1 n 2 were more glamorous
diez tormenta
diez tormenta:
Congratulations to
all the cast season 3. Beautiful how you pick an important part of this family story, elaborate and stop. This is not a biography or documentary. Is impossible to build details without knowing.
I get the, what is going on that times, may be not accurate but I believe the feelings then.
Episode 7 OMG!
totally forgot I was watching the crown. I felt that lost and dissiaponted every day and nothing can bring me back to believe in humans, greed and deception.
Glenn Davey
Glenn Davey:
Netflix can only afford a voice-over lady who records from inside a Pringles can
Season 1 and 2 cast were awesome and I thought that season 3 would be a let down. I was actually very pleased and the new cast being older and more experienced were seamless in the transition. The talent on the show is extraordinary.
k su
k su:
I'm not used to the new Queen, her voice is much smaller. And yes, Margaret's hair threw me off.
Loredana klara
Loredana klara:
Why does the new queen look 55 when shes only 37 in 1964?????
tsholo magaia
tsholo magaia:
Few characters kept me glued, Tobias as the Prince, Princess of Greece&Denmark, Lord Mountbatten and Princess Anne. They could easily have their own series. Ok love Helena but she struggled to walk in heels, it was a bit comical. Can't wait to see how they treat the Diana years. Maybe Meaghan will get a break when old Camilla wounds are rebroadcast and she resumes her old role of enemy number 1.
Feel the show misrepresents Wallis and Edward as a glorious love affair rather than the position they were stuck in at the end because of the scale of his actions to marry her.