The Terry Fox Story

A look back at the life and journey of Terry Fox, a Canadian hero.

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Next time your knee hurts, or you have a headache, or you just dont feel like getting up for work, think of this brave kid and try to realize what he did, and the pain he was in when he did it... then get up and thank God for the pain you have... And then thank Terry for what he did.
Sagal Hassan
Sagal Hassan:
Even in Somalia Africa we we heard his name
Vivian Dcruz
Vivian Dcruz:
As of 2019 they have raised over 750million dollars in Terry's name..
Steve Karadimas
Steve Karadimas:
Put him on the 5 dollar bill! most inspirational Canadian ever.
Travis Walsh
Travis Walsh:
Legends never die they just keep running
As I saw the google doodle today I clicked on it to read about this extraordinary man and his immense passion for his cause. As I watched the video I cried part of me felt like I knew Terry like he was my friend.....I walked in his shoes for just a moment and felt his joy and sadness too. Rest in peace oh brave one for your work continues I know you must be smiling down on all who took your torch and carried it all these years....God bless you Teri and the foundation that continues to advocate for a good cause.
He died so young... I'm not Canadian but I'm inspired here in Florida
Jesus Murillo
Jesus Murillo:
Im mexican and because of my job I might move to Canada in a year or so. Im trying to learn more about your country and your people and I found this true hero. What a man, what a heart! Such and inspiration person to many others.
Kelly Mai
Kelly Mai:
Terry if u can hear me I just wanna say that we will keep your dream alive
One of the greatest Canadian heros Ever there will never be another like Terry Fox his legend lives on through his runs held every year!
Who's the rude coward hiding behind a keyboard that disliked this video ?
Zach Kearnan
Zach Kearnan:
Terry did us good he helped many ppl but he died..... But just cause he died doesn't mean we have too stop all of this! We have terry fox runs every year and we had one today! so help find a cure
Jonathan Bradley
Jonathan Bradley:
Wow I like to think I'm a pretty tough guy, but 3:10 when he's breaking down talking about having to end the marathon and go home made me start crying like a baby. What a hero Terry was. RIP you brave soul.
In Peru we hear this legendary name: Terry Fox
Teh Jamez
Teh Jamez:
I remember having assemblies in elementary school for him, I hope this is still practiced today... oh wait, a crowd of people is a deadly thing! (It's easier to control small groups)
I travelled across Canada in 2005 from BC; and was honoured to see Terry's monument. It was breath-taking and brought me to sobbing tears! He was such a self-less humble young man on Earth; and I think his greatest message was to use our gifts or trials in life to help others. He seemed to have such a sincere infectious love. Forever; many blessings to such an inspiration!!! <3
its so sad he died but he's a hero right guys and he's so good at this he tried his best to make it but he died on Ontario. It is sad but he got lots of money for donation for cancer research.
I'm so proud of terry fox he is my hero he is so humble he deserves all this love we will miss you terry
Many Canadians are proud of you thank you terry
Kim SEnghuot Motivation
Kim SEnghuot Motivation:
2017 Now, and I see 38 people dislike this. And I think they are no heart.
Alexandra Farrell
Alexandra Farrell:
I remember the marathon of hope very well. I was 19 in 1980, three years younger
than Terry Fox. This means alot to me.I lost a couple of good friends to cancer.
I forgot to mention; he obviously had an incredible support system to help fulfill his dreams...where-ever they are; he also wouldn't be the man he became without them <3 Heroes also have their heroes in the background!
Mostly Politics
Mostly Politics:
running a marthon a day just geting up and saying im the one that can get shit done is pure foce of will and detemanchon on with with one leg how just how
Kye Shipley
Kye Shipley:
Icon of the world right there
I heard Terry fox story today. I was crying when I knew his last moment .
He is alive to me because his body is dead but his spirit is alive in my heart.
Daniel Hennessy
Daniel Hennessy:
As a teacher, I open each school year with a theme. This year, the theme is Plato's Ideal of "Beauty" as found in developing a strong sense of "GRIT" as a lifelong ethic. This video about Terry Fox will be my prime example to open the school year this year.
W -
W -:
The greatest Canadian to ever live
Jade Pixie
Jade Pixie:
A true inspiration to us all, I’m the same age as Terry when he past away at the young age of 22, he showed us all that we should never give up. RIP Terry Fox you’re a real life hero to so many people.
Josh Palmer
Josh Palmer:
My my teacher is cousins with Terry Fox p.s. Terry you did a good thing
Asif A. Ali
Asif A. Ali:
Just learned about Terry Fox via Google's image. :)
What an inspiring figure!
Right now, my 8 year old cousin is suffering from bone cancer, also in the right knee. She still has over a year of chemo left, followed by a long recovery period, but if it weren't for Terry she might not even make it.
Anna Sarkissova
Anna Sarkissova:
what an amazing, strong and selfless spirit.
Kaashvi Rana
Kaashvi Rana:
this person is the inspiring person i have ever heard of
all of us from Canada are glad we hade terry fox in a couple days we are going to do the terry fox run
Terry fox is a real hero !! Terry fox is a name of hope
Fnafgamer 1
Fnafgamer 1:
Rip terry
Fox you are my hero
Marc-André Giroux
Marc-André Giroux:
What an inspiration!
Sterling Browning
Sterling Browning:
Canada's greatest hero.
Everytime I listen to Terry's story I bawl my eyes out.
Достойный поступок, достойный мужчина!✊✊✊✊✊👏👏👏♿ (Russia)
Unknown Pokèball
Unknown Pokèball:
Matt Gibson
Matt Gibson:
I remember as a young child, I participated in the very first “run”. There’s not a year that goes by where I still don’t shed a tear. My hero
Marwa Atef
Marwa Atef:
if terry passed away on june 28, 1981 then that means...

he died before my mother was born
MiaLoves YouHappy
MiaLoves YouHappy:
TERRY TERRY TERRY YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Viktor Cheng
Viktor Cheng:
LEGENDS never die 🙏🏻
Professor Snippety-snaps
Professor Snippety-snaps:
They show this every year at school since I can remember and every year every grade from k - 12 does the terry fox run
Richard Oki
Richard Oki:
There are great people
There are heroes
And then there is Terry Fox
Cliff Simpson
Cliff Simpson:
i remember this as a kid. so amazing
I mean tarry fox is a hero and helps people thank u tarry
Cana Dude
Cana Dude:
There is no greater hero or inspiration than Terry Fox. He fought so hard to help others, ignoring his own issues. RIP Terry, I think of you often.
Trà My Official
Trà My Official:
I feel so sorry for you and I even cried when I was watching terry fox I.......fe...el....................sad
Danica Bay
Danica Bay:
Terry I had caner only when I was 2
Thank God for Google doodle introducing me to angels like Terry RIP 🙏🏾❤️❤️
Chad Hampshire
Chad Hampshire:
terry was the one and only person i was interested
Gary Leese
Gary Leese:
I'm here because of the 9/13/2020 Google home page. Sad, but inspirational story.
Ivan Krivokapic
Ivan Krivokapic:
this story makes me tear up every time, love u terry hope u hear this or see this ❤️
Aditya Anand
Aditya Anand:
Love him. Had to do a play and my team chose him
Bigdick Sjzhdu
Bigdick Sjzhdu:
0:43 terry really HAPPY to se his friend lmao
what’s impressive is that he ran all that distance without any earbuds
Nate L
Nate L:
:( I love what fox did but when I see stuff like this I get emotional and inspired. R.I.P terry fox
ENJOYbestvideoz Slm
ENJOYbestvideoz Slm:
I came hear after watching a google doodle where his image is depicted😭😭😭😭
He was really a rose
Aeyessa Torrena
Aeyessa Torrena:
Terry fox is good and hilping us but he is dead and all of us miss hem terry fox R . l . P
This young man is my hero.
Martha Delgado
Martha Delgado:
Increíble historia de amor , en realidad eso es amor
Rochelle Khan
Rochelle Khan:
Terry Fox is an inspiration to show and prove that anything is more than possible
lai Lai
lai Lai:
well keep your dream alive!
Sohaib Siddique
Sohaib Siddique:
whos watching in 2019
Catherine Jackson
Catherine Jackson:
Warching the tv movie of your run in 2019 what an inspiration terry fox.
Lauryn Banasiak
Lauryn Banasiak:
Happy birthday terry fox! You are missed and were such an inspiration. <3
Ashley Humby
Ashley Humby:
we all like terry fox let's do his dream. ps love terry fox
Kristopher Lake
Kristopher Lake:
R.I.P. Terry😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Pawandeep Dhillon
Pawandeep Dhillon:
I will always remember you😭😭😭😭😭
weifeng zheng
weifeng zheng:
2019 now... Tery Fox is such a hero hes a amazing guy i wish he was still alive
Troy Lee
Troy Lee:
I remember seeing him run by my old school when I was just a little kid. Even though he passed on he will forever be a hero.
As Refaii
As Refaii:
keep on going everyone never giveup
Well good luck terry fox for all your hope in heaven!
i loved you ♡Terry Fox ♡ :')
0:43 terry is really happy to see his friend !
Gemma B
Gemma B:
Thank you Terry Fox for the great things you have done. You will be remembered forever!
paolenmang kuki
paolenmang kuki:
Terry RIP Sir !

You are one hell of a Man terry ! Respect and love mate !
I remembered we would always study about him at school he was a legend
Cute Kitten Ali
Cute Kitten Ali:
he's my hero and I will always remember him forever 😔😭😔😭😔😔😔😔😔
Thanks Terry. You’re a hero
Thank you terry you have always been my hero.
Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks:
2:50 to 2:57 😭😭😭 made me cry
Gaming with Mark
Gaming with Mark:
I remember we shout out TERRY FOX 5 times and run 20 miles and back at school😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ava Johnson
Ava Johnson:
People couldn't even handle running in the light rain at my school. Pathetic. So sad.
Jonathan Lo
Jonathan Lo:
We will remember u terry we love you Fox have a life in heaven 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💐💐💐💐🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺💐💐💐💐💐💐😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Leonard Dousa
Leonard Dousa:
What a hero. An inspiration! God has the brightest of Angels.
Tek Khatri
Tek Khatri:
I cried over this video
Dess Silva
Dess Silva:
He’s so inspired what a wonderful story of courage and love sometimes in the middle of my doubts I see that even though the things can be hard if you have a good attitude you can overcome even the death. Live in our hearts ♥️
Phil Email
Phil Email:
His mom came to one of my elementary schools for a speech. Its inspirational to look at what he did
penguin mina bethany fancy you
penguin mina bethany fancy you:
Who is once here pleas watch likey and look to the right when jihyo pary you can see terry fox run in the top 1:54
0;43 terry really really like his friend
We did a terry fox run and walk on September 2018 now that I watched this video I saw how hard Terry worked...
andy T
andy T:
a legend of will & hope.Makes me cry every time I see this video 🙏
He's truly a hero.
Julian Lewis
Julian Lewis:
Run a marathon every day for 140 something days in a row
sl0w r0tati0n
sl0w r0tati0n:
Terry is my hero I well run 1.22.67 mills for him 😗:-D
Richard Hume
Richard Hume:
You know I was feeling sorry for myself, and then I saw this. I'm in awe of what a brilliant man this guy was. Inspirational stuff.
Rainbow Gaming666
Rainbow Gaming666:
I'm crying because terry fox die😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Bob Ayers
Bob Ayers: