The Three Longest Matches in Acapulco History! | Acapulco 2022 Day 1 Highlights

Zverev Battles Brooksby, Isner takes on Verdasco & Dimitrov faces Kozlov in a wild first day in Acapulco 🤯 SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights:

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100+ comentarios:

Tennis TV
Tennis TV:
Zverev and Brooksby's final match had the latest finish in tennis history - at 4.55am 🤯
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
We were certainly treated to some very special matches today! I have the utmost respect for these incredible athletes.
Crazy how Verdasco always choked in his career when it came to important moments.
Shreevaas Iyer
Shreevaas Iyer:
I saw the 2nd and third set of Zverev vs Brooksby in person. The atmosphere was brillant and the match was legendary.
Mere Baap
Mere Baap:
In the end Isner was like- “what’s wrong with a handshake”
R C:
That Dimi vs Kozlov match was insane. Apparently Kovloz was stranded in the ocean and had to tread for 20 min until help arrived, had to quit practice with Nadal, and then got cramps when serving for the match but still ended up winning.

I mean what a day for him. Why haven’t I even heard of this guy before? Mad respect
Shame Verdasco couldn't even congratulate Isner at the end
Crazy schedule!! I feel sorry for all the staff that had to endure the late scheduling too. Hope they are paid well.
Dali Dragutinovic
Dali Dragutinovic:
Verdasco is real Loser to not even give a handshake to such a big hearted man like Isner. Isner you’ve got a lot of support from here!! Go Isner!!!✍️☝️💪💪✅✅✅
Peter Hammer
Peter Hammer:
The Zverev - Brooksby match must be one of the best matches in the last months. Both played incredibly well.
The Zverev v. Brooksby match was fantastic! Great video! 💪
Chris O
Chris O:
Damn that was a frosty 🥶 "handshake" at the end by Verdasco
K Lutz
K Lutz:
Always sucks to lose when you have a match point but Brooksby has a bright future - one of the top Americans 🎾
Lucio Becker
Lucio Becker:
Always a pleasure watching Dimitrov, beautiful style of tennis. Greetings from Rome Italy
Sevara Alimova
Sevara Alimova:
I always thought Brooksby was a quiet guy. It’s nice to see him playing with the crowd in the 2nd set.
I'm Always Right
I'm Always Right:
Not gonna lie. For a game that was over 3 hours and has the latest finish in history, I expected some more spectacular highlights 😬😬
It looked like the game that got away for Brooksby. It would be interesting to know what Zverev said to him at the net.
Jonathan Low
Jonathan Low:
It's not a Verdasco match without him choking these days. I still wish i can see his 2009 form once again
Good sportsmanship from Dimitrov, and Bad for verdasco
Pessi vs Penaldo
Pessi vs Penaldo:
Yeah i was watching the match between Dimi and Kozloz, man it was last more than three hours what a fighting spirit by Kozloz in the end
Neivaldo Duarte
Neivaldo Duarte:
Arriba, Verdasco!!! Perdeu, mas foi guerreiro. Com o tempo e com os torneios que vem por aí o seu jogo deve melhorar. Parabéns, Isner. Foi um jogasso!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏!!!
J. A H. G
J. A H. G:
Partidos electrizantes los del Acapulco Open 💪💪💪 el de Dimitrov,increíble!!!....aunque para mi, o se dejo ganar o estaba muy cansado...x que el gringo estaba prácticamente muerto 🤷
Ian Smirna
Ian Smirna:
Seeing Isner speaking to the umpire almost at the same height gives you an idea how tall he is ;)
A day of pure insanity on the first day of Acapulco 2022. I wonder what else the week has in store for us here!
Maddie and Mani
Maddie and Mani:
Brooksby, Alcaraz, auger - safe to say tennis is in good hands
Kis Katalin
Kis Katalin:
They are so sweet by the nets. Zverev and Brooksby
Nouvel Ordre Mondial et Satanisme
Nouvel Ordre Mondial et Satanisme:
Verdasco's loss after serving breaking and serving, reminds of many matches he's played, he could finish. That man is so good, if only he had more mental strength...
Patrik Marflák
Patrik Marflák:
0:49 was funny :) How many match points did Brooksby actually have in that second set tiebreak? Only the one that is in the highlights? He is such an interesting player, but it seems like he needs to work on his stamina to keep his best level throughout these longer matches.
What a trio of matches, my goodness. Zverev fighting hard. He is a former champion here, yes? Grigor again just let it slip away - it can be tough to put away someone who is injured, should have really punished him nonetheless. Can't blame Verdasco for being salty after losing all those opportunities, even classy players would find it a bitter pill to swallow. A shame, though.
Dimitrov needs to do some serious soul searching after that one
That's Rich
That's Rich:
I love how the implementation of the racket tap during COVID that isn't really utilized anymore is now revealing when players are being petty and pissy about losing. You tend to only see it utilized with sore losers these days.
justin anderson
justin anderson:
that 2nd set with Brooksby vs Z was probably the longest set(with a tie breaker) ive witness almost 2 hours long
I'm Always Right
I'm Always Right:
How do you lose to a player that is cramping in both legs and can barely move. Great sportsmanship though.
Luke Fearnley
Luke Fearnley:
Wow!!, the standard of tennis produced and the drama involved gotta love it 😃
Klinsman Cho
Klinsman Cho:
Yes they were excellent matches, verdasco though absolute wanker, almost 40 and little to no grace in defeat
Heemen Toli
Heemen Toli:
hats off to kozlov playing through cramps and winning
Verdasco truly is an as*******e . The way he approached at the net at the end of the match . He belongs in the WTA
Jairo Machado
Jairo Machado:
...Verdasco, eu quero que ele volte...
Sevara Alimova
Sevara Alimova:
Never heard of this Kozlov guy he’s surprisingly good
Ged of Gont
Ged of Gont:
Crazy tennis!
They've all gone LOCO, down in Acapulco!!
Vincent V
Vincent V:
What happened between Verdasco and Isner ? Anyway, that was a very poor handshake by the spaniard...
Nicholas Bartlett
Nicholas Bartlett:
Gotta respect Verdasco. Dude’s been working hard to slow the spread, that handshake reflects his dedication.
Michel Ramirez
Michel Ramirez:
10 hours of tennis in only three matches, and of course Isner had to be involved
J. A H. G
J. A H. G:
Se le escurrió de entre los dedos ese partido a Verdasco...una pena, aunque al final no saludo a Isner como realmente se deberia.
zorica lukic
zorica lukic:
Go Zverev❤️🇷🇸
Lavender Lamia
Lavender Lamia:
Kozlov is new mannarino. I have already say this on berrettini kozlov video. There were so many people that define him bad but it s his style. So low intensity but so effective. He must work on his muscular stamina and footwork.
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora:
I love Dimitrov, but he is so prone to nerves.
Jason Pham
Jason Pham:
Brooksby can be a top 10 player if he fixes that serve
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman:
What an attitude from Verdasco lol, but he's always been that way
Chikamso Ukuwa-Ekele
Chikamso Ukuwa-Ekele:
A very unique day in Acapulco.
Pessi vs Penaldo
Pessi vs Penaldo:
I want Brooksby to win but Zverev escaped this time
I really thought it's impossible to make shitty highlights out of such an amazing match as Brooksby - Zverev, but you've actually managed to do that...
Mathis Carrier-Lévesque
Mathis Carrier-Lévesque:
Quite an incredible evening
fernando quiñones
fernando quiñones:
Someone has to study Verdazco's mind.. He chokes in the important moments and then he acts like a sore loser.
Laurenzo Mora
Laurenzo Mora:
Holy Christ !!! What a night ! Amazing
Vincenzo Cesareo
Vincenzo Cesareo:
Verdasco was Always a very good player. He would have won several titles of only he would controlled his Anger!!! His Anger Is his real problem!!!
Dominick Chuka
Dominick Chuka:
Brooksby has potential but that serve is weak. He could be a top player one day if he improves it
I thought verdasco retired ages ago😆
What is the meaning of Zuberev's victory pose? Does he have a knee pain?
Rohit Jangra 073
Rohit Jangra 073:
chair umpire was saying to isner that verdasco is stupid . .😂😂😂
The Pursuit
The Pursuit:
Far better line up than Dubai.
Erik The Half A Bee
Erik The Half A Bee:
What an incredibly lucky tennis fans in Acapulco (providing they didn't have to work the next day)
Lil Nicky Da Baddest
Lil Nicky Da Baddest:
2nd set was 2 hrs long 🤯
1:44 😍that roar
Jasmer Kapany
Jasmer Kapany:
Why was verdasco so cold with the handshake? Did something happen at a particular time in the match??
Жека крайнов
Жека крайнов:
it's a big shame for dimitrov to lose to such a mediocre player
Al Truism
Al Truism:
Damn verdasco, he cant handle any pressure during pressure moments. Hes such a phenominal player too.
Troy E
Troy E:
The problem here is not playing in the middle of the night. The problem is that the courts are incredibly slow in the matches are lasting a very long time. Players are cramping up because the rallies are so long and the temperature even in the middle the night is well into the 80s in Fahrenheit or 28 Celsius with high humidity. If the players were playing in the middle of the day on a slow court they wouldn’t just cramp they might actually die. It’s impossible to expect players to play in extreme heat and humidity out in the sunlight. The courts here don’t allow for daytime play. The conditions require them to play at night but the courts need to be sped up.
Chef Donny
Chef Donny:
This was due to how slow they made the courts this year.
How about some doubles highlights, Tennis TV? I wanna see Lopez/Tsitsipas.
Vidya Sonavane
Vidya Sonavane:
What’s the point of keeping matches late night? That’s bad in regards to athletes sleeping schedules and it’s not good for the fan’s health either. Anything for money...

Dimitrov the good guy on the tour. Good luck for the season. Just tighten the sails little. Verdasco executed a lob over isner is simply wow.👍👍 does anybody know what happened to verdasco at the net? Looks like isner was surprised with the reaction and was talking to umpire.
3,2,1 ACTION
3,2,1 ACTION:
Wow, Dimitrov unable to beat an inexperienced cramping player , it’s definitely time to retire!!!🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
SMH. Brooksby is inching his way up to be an obstacle in tournaments.
qwe rty
qwe rty:
Imagine losing to a - 1 foot player
PT me
PT me:
I’m still scratching my head on how Dimitrov lost the third set. Kozlov practically dropped dead on him the previous set. I guess he was counting on Koz retiring. But you know, you never count a wounded soldier out.
Tennis history and results database
Tennis history and results database:
Brooksby is an intriguing player. He has a lot going on for him - court positioning, anticipation, good hands which allow for some precision ball placement. He is also quite good at shot selection. There is one crucial element missing though - racket head speed. He is noticeably lacking and therefore it limits his offense. Also he is not taking the ball very early, which could offset this shortcoming (a-la Mannarino). He is above average in this regard, but not top notch. Brings the memories of Fabrice Santoro ))
Nathan Green
Nathan Green:
I noticed Brooksby the only pro I've seen using another color grip then white or the tourna blue.
Something tells me that the net chatter at the end of Zverev/Brooksby was a little more serious than usual. Was Zverev lecturing him? Would love to know what was said there. Hey ATP--can we please put a spot mic on the players so we can here what's said at the end of matches?
Matthew Stylianou
Matthew Stylianou:
Cold handshake from Verdasco 😮
Nonso Daniels
Nonso Daniels:
What did kozlov do or take for the cramping to subside.
I usually quit a game once cramps set in
Buke Aor
Buke Aor:
The Old wigs are struggling to stay a float here ! The new Turks are playing the heck out of tennis 🎾! Zverev struggled big time ! Dimitrov was out in a jiff as for Isner he was plain lucky ! Out of serving and volleying thee is not much there !
Tristan Villalon 💙
Tristan Villalon 💙:
Welcome to Stan Wawrinka club, the veteran of long tennis matches
Jacob Kurian
Jacob Kurian:
Brooksby really does have great potential. But Zverev showed why he is the great player he is.
Mitchell Rayner
Mitchell Rayner:
Tennis TV should not be celebrating matches finishing at 4:55am, it’s unfair on the players. Improved scheduling and faster court needed
Aaron Ventura
Aaron Ventura:
Verdasco loves choking 😭
zverev great!
Ron Ronny
Ron Ronny:
Crazy matches today
abo saleh
abo saleh:
Acapulco has a masters 1000 lineup
¡Qué onda con Verdasco! ¿Por qué se enojó?
That was nasty, Nando! Minus for you
Idk how Zverev wins this title. Especially considering he has tougher opponents than Brooksby ahead.
H.A Duarte
H.A Duarte:
Porque estaba cabreado Verdasco ?
Achim Witcoustic
Achim Witcoustic:
Putting people on court at almost 2 in night. Well that only happens in latin countries, I guess. No way in europe. The staff would already be at home- and audience,too. They would reschedule match for 10 am next day here.
Brandon M
Brandon M:
Imagine going through all that to finish at 5am only to get disqualified 😂😂
mohammed abdul muqtadir
mohammed abdul muqtadir:
Dimitrov Vs Kozlov was match fixed it seems
Sharan S Pant
Sharan S Pant:
The match was 3hr they started at 1:30 am in the night? No wonder its the latest finish
booksby needs to improve his serve
Juned Hussain
Juned Hussain:
What a night or morning of tennis. People would talk about the last match starting after 1:30am and finishing at 4:55am. These type of matches don't happen that often and yet people moan about the late night finishes.
Everything Brooksby does is so unorthodox…
Stef Hard
Stef Hard:
KOZLOV WHAT The fuck. He jumps around like cat and hit the ground anytime and wins 😂
Grigor really should have been a model instead of tennis player. He missed his calling