The Tragic Life Story Of Friends Actor Matthew Perry

The Tragic Life Story Of Friends Actor Matthew Perry

Even though it looked like he had everything, Matthew Perry struggled with some serious issues behind cameras! Stay tuned to find out his tragic life story, and subscribe to Miss Petty for more videos.
You would think that fame and money can solve all your problems, but the truth is far from that. For some people, there is a void inside that is harder to fill. You may know Matthew Perry for his role as Chandler Bing on Friends. For a while, it looked like he had everything. He was one of the most beloved six people on TV. He was making up to 1 million dollars per episode, and he had a group of supportive friends and work colleagues.

But behind cameras, Matthew struggled with very serious issues. The combination of loneliness, overwhelming fame, and mental illness made the actor struggle to remain sober. After Friends finished, the issues remained, and Matthew had to balance out his career and his disease, all under the judging eye of the press. What happened to Matthew that made his life so hard, even though it looked like he had everything? Keep watching, because today I’ll tell you the tragic life story of Friends star Matthew Perry.

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Jazmin Jazz
Jazmin Jazz:
This is the man who made friends iconic . I love him
Jay See
Jay See:
Just leave him alone. We love that man and we always will. Just leave him alone unless you’re supporting him.
Honestly, i feel terrible for Matthew. He's an outstanding actor, and i feel so upset. He's gone through a lot, so let's wish him the best!
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏‎ ‎:
I love the show Friends, its sad seeing Mathew like this. Even in the Friends Reunion he looked really sad.
Suzanna x
Suzanna x:
I'm glad he's engaged and can share his life with Molly. Long may it last
I remember reading that he was hungover on the friends set (basically the entire time it was filmed) and would pop painkillers to help his hangover... so sad, he had so much talent and he doesn't seem to get any work anymore - it's awesome to hear that he's doing so much for recovery.
Addiction is often a self medicating way of dealing with depression. Depression is real.
NH 201
NH 201:
Matthew perry is a perfect example of how famous or wealthy people can still have problems
Christabelle Lysander
Christabelle Lysander:
Aww. This is such a kind video. Love how the narrator empathized with Matthew and praised him. He DOES deserve praise for coming up out of the pit continuously.
He's always low key been my favorite. I'm a recovering addict too, opiods in particular were a huge problem for me...I also started out with Vicodin but in my case ended up addicted to Oxy and then later even heroin. That addiction is no joke & absolutely takes a toll on your mind, body, and spirit. TG he had a supportive family and people in his life, that's a blessing not all of us have. I absolutely wish the best for him on his engagement and in general. He's done so much good for other people struggling (I didn't even know about the sober houses he opened)! Even just being open about his struggles is helping so many other people.
E  K
E K:
You did a good job with this video. As someone who is 5 years sober from booze I feel you told his reality without shitting on him. But rather having sympathy for the struggle.
Simardeep kaur
Simardeep kaur:
I love and support him for who he is not for being Chandler Bing from Friend but for always being Matthew Perry. Helping others with the thing you have gone through is not easy especially, when you want to not show it and keep it to your self. Respect for you sir. Be happy and healthy always.😊
Delaney Kenney
Delaney Kenney:
i always say: you could have everything in the world but still have problems. nobody's life is perfect and everyone has a struggle.
Do you know what? I'm so pleasantly surprised and really glad that most of the comments on here are super respectful and nice about Matthew Perry. The journey that he's been through must have been absolutely horrendous. If anyone even tries to be cruel or laugh at his expense then I can almost bet a million bucks that they will either know a major hiccup in their life or guide someone they love through it. What seems to be a total dead end always just ends up being a bit of a curve in the road. Be kind. It matters.
It's very sad and upsetting to see Matthew like this. He's gone through a lot of turmoil in his life but I'm still glad that he's made a recovery and he's still one of my favorite actors. Chandler has always been my favorite character and Matthew played that role perfectly! I hope he's okay now!
Mansi Shreya
Mansi Shreya:
Leave him alone you people. Nothing but love and respect for Matthew! 🙌
The condition of Mathew breaks my heart... But what I know is that he is one of the BEST ACTORS I've ever seen and he is a REAL CHAMPION that he always tried to be better than before... Whatsoever I love him as both Chandler Bing and Mathew Perry... Man is indeed a legend 💖💖💖
Patty Rogers
Patty Rogers:
I have struggled with substance abuse all my life it seems. I know how he feels. I've been sober now 10 yrs. But it's still a step by step situation. I did it threw Jesus Christ helping me. And my family who love me. I am praying for him. Jesus makes it so much better. Love you brother. Your doing fine. 😘
Pooja Dubey
Pooja Dubey:
I think he is an amazing actor...and thats all we should be concerned abt...its his life...we have no business judging him for his choices ..everyone makes mistakes...Chandler Bing we will always love u😍
mighty midget
mighty midget:
Even if he's old and 'looking out of it', I will always remember him as he is in Friends
Yamfyer G
Yamfyer G:
crazy how my family is from the uk but when my dad played a cover band in the usa decades ago he was roommates with matthew before he landed his friends role. he got so famous that when my dad bumped into him again he could barely talk to him because he was surrounded with like tons of people trying to get autographs and whatever. it’s a small world
I feel so bad for him he looked so sad on the friends reunion
Oguzhan Karatas
Oguzhan Karatas:
In Anyway he has been great life and great success. Billions of people have been laughing his jokes for decades, even if the jokes were written by the show staff, this guy made them funnier with his own acting skills.
Free To comment
Free To comment:
The bottom line is he is human
Who doesnt have problems in their life?
Its just a matter if how you deal with those problems.
Yes some people deal the wrong way.. but again he is human and thats what humans do.
We just wnt to see him happy and healthy.
Love and support mathew ❤️
Bella the Troll Fan Artist
Bella the Troll Fan Artist:
This is so sad Matthew AKA Chandler was my favorite character other than Joey
I love him. That's it
Dannielle Ward
Dannielle Ward:
Can’t wait to see the reunion ❤️ wow aww Matthew is a legend gotta be real sorry 🤷‍♀️ this man is so brave and he’s such a amazing actor too all I wanna say to him is well done Matthew battling are own battles can be hard at times and he’s totally come out on top of a bad stage that he went through most of his life gotta say hats off to this man because beer is not a good drink well then there’s everything in moderation but how does that even fall into play with alcoholics they have it so hard they really do love and peace to all and Matthew P is it rocks man ❤️ ‼️✨
Amartya Randive
Amartya Randive:
We love him
God keep him happy
Im so excited for the friends reunion!
Never try to become famous without having a group of real friends that want you as their friend not because of your fame and money
Mr. Khan
Mr. Khan:
Damn he is exactly like what Chandler bing was in the show.
Could he BE more loved by his fans?
Naomi Saddhadhika
Naomi Saddhadhika:
That’s right, we shouldn’t keep being pitied to him, we should care him, show him love, make him smile and laugh, i hope all his friends reach out to him and just be there for him, even in silence it’s okay, even though i know he can’t stand silence and will always filled it with some jokes. I just wanted to let him know that a lot of people love him 💕
Michelle C
Michelle C:
money doesn’t buy happiness!!! this man has had a sad life, I feel so bad. wish I could give him a hug!
Anna Lange
Anna Lange:
We love you Matthew Perry
Sometimes SUMIT
Sometimes SUMIT:
Mathew are still our Chandler..!
I would’ve helped him if I was on of the friends cast..
May his life get more better and easy for him💞💞💞
محمد حميد
محمد حميد:
I love this man he is hero ❤️ from iraq wish you get better and better sir ❤️❤️
Bridget Frank
Bridget Frank:
There are after affects of alcohol, called a dry drunk. He is amazing and love him as a person and actor.
Isaac Quinones
Isaac Quinones:
Same thing happened to me after my surgery! I got hooked for years but clean today
Julie McBain
Julie McBain:
Love you Matty ❤️
I love Matthew/ Chandler❤😍
Sayeed Bin Noman
Sayeed Bin Noman:
There's two type of people in showbiz, 1. Matthew. 2. Charlie Sheen.
Blue Line
Blue Line:
Vicodin just like dr House. It is strange how an actor that is so funny and sweet in movies is so sad in real life.
Sometimes SUMIT
Sometimes SUMIT:
We love you Mathew kerry..!!!
M Jones
M Jones:
Well i hope he gets better soon
Come on the tv show friend is iconic all bc of chandler he was a great actor
Well i hope he gets better soon
Cailin Duffy
Cailin Duffy:
Proof that money can’t buy happiness
Vansh Bhandari
Vansh Bhandari:
Chandler's first sarcasm "And I want a Million Dollars". Now I wonder was it an Easter Egg for his future salary
• Cloudi Angel_tt •
• Cloudi Angel_tt •:
"You'd think that money and fame can solve all your problems"
Me: uh no🙌🏼😩my parents would say that a trillion times
Thanh Blue
Thanh Blue:
Chandler charactor and the real actor makes me think of Dr House
Young Kao
Young Kao:
Had everything is the core of the problem!! Seems ppl don't know this and keep pursuing till they succumb to a sure fall!!
Fatima Karimi
Fatima Karimi:
For sure he is fine as Molana Roumi says the place where pain comes,treatment comes
DD Bears36
DD Bears36:
He had too much of everything. When people have that things gonna happen for the worst
he is great actor.. Love u
Cailin Duffy
Cailin Duffy:
I hate that people criticized him for his addiction. You shouldn’t judge people for addiction no matter what, but ESPECIALLY not if they started using because of a medical condition/accident.
Fozle Rabbi
Fozle Rabbi:
Love from Bangladesh 🙌🏼 miss petty 💙
Rino M
Rino M:
wow thats alot assumptions in one video, alot of what the narrator is saying is completely outside the knowledge of anyone but the actor himself
Annie D
Annie D:
It been said he had emergency dental surgery hours before the reunion that's why he was sluring his words and not talking right just like anyone does when they have had dental work
Melissa Martinez
Melissa Martinez:
I very much relate to his story except I was addicted to a much harder drug then that, I got clean on my own with no rehab it would have cost me $50,000 at the time because that is when it first started getting big and insurance would not cover it so I had no choice, I was 88 lbs and I stand @ 5'1 and my hair was falling out and when you would touch me I would cry because it would hurt so bad. I will be clean 15 years on 7/6/21, I did not quit drinking until 3 & 1/2 years ago on New Years Eve, I just got sick and tired of being so sick from the drinking, I had not been able to get drunk or buzzed in over 4 years I just had to have it , so what did I do? I quit that on my own too, at the time I was 42 years old I had been drinking since I was 12, so you do the math on that one. I could not go to rehab as I had no insurance this time and I could not take off of work I was taking care of my 2 adult boys and my father and my dog and myself well not really myself but you know what I mean. I had withdrawals but, no seizures so I an, very lucky. In the end I am now clean and sober not that California Sober B.S> the Demi Lovato claims and to this day my thinking gets clouded and my speech tends to slur and people will ask me if I am drunk but, I know it is the lasting effects from the drink which I will have to face for the rest of my life. So the girl in the video is right it is ok not to be ok but, I feel and think these issues that everyone has pointed out about him may reside with him for the rest of his life, so give him a break at least he is trying!!
"Truth is, the game was rigged from the start"
Taylor St. John
Taylor St. John:
This is hilariously sad
Rrock Cj
Rrock Cj:
I don't think Matthew looked said in the Reunion, you just naturally get at least a little shy when you look a liek this. Look at how confident Matt Leblanc was, he looked better than anybody, and understandably he was the most confident.
sunchild -
sunchild -:
ONE MILLION PER EPISODE?!? my god. i need to become an actress 😅
I just realized why he sounded so familiar he’s Benny from Fallout New Vegas
Tasha S
Tasha S:
you guys really believe this? the narrator can't even say Vicodin correctly. sheesh.
ASOT Forever
ASOT Forever:
everything u said means he didnt seek help or if so he was the most shy and silent..why? why did he continue getting money for not being funny? he has cheesy fans and all for what? he ruined his life and didnt even had the pride to take a break
Why did you have to show 15 other people "playing Matthew" in this video?
Siddhant Saraf
Siddhant Saraf:
Mathew 🤝 chandler "using sarcasm as defense mechanism"
Poppa Corshe
Poppa Corshe:
She pronounces Vicodin as vido-ken a couple of time's
sorry, i'm drunk
sorry, i'm drunk:
Why is it at 10:02 you have an untouched format page? This whole video seems very disjointed and rushed. The music is inconsistent with the tone you're trying to convey, coming off as very "tabloid" instead of "informative."

Good for Matthew Perry and his sobriety; hope he continues to do well.
He should have done past life regression. Very possible that all of these feelings are just from his past lives.
ASOT Forever
ASOT Forever:
exactly, is he better? no. his voice seems of a drunk person, not to start he doesnt take care for himself at all, not judging , just saying he may have dementia, people need to help him now but seems like they aint real friends/supporters
M Laurynn
M Laurynn:
This adorable, talented man needs to get his act together & fight this addiction. He has too much going for him to be this way. He is very loved by many. STAY STRONG, MP!
Fredrick Maru
Fredrick Maru:
Leos worst destruction is their health
They go down
DD Bears36
DD Bears36:
It’s called Vicodin NOT Vidacann
Silver Tongue
Silver Tongue:
Any form of addiction is so hard ro remove. Like me addicted to you tube when 4yrs ago i use utube fir educational purpose only. It affects my college life and attention( it was when i started college )
1 Mil an episode?
Sign Me Up!
Van Dizzle
Van Dizzle:
Did she really call Vicodin “Vidocin”???? Lol
ASOT Forever
ASOT Forever:
i cant believe he didnt seek helpf or YEARS, this is normal for other people with no life, he had to deal with the show, im honestly dissapointed, he could've done it earlier
Do a video on jennette mccurdy
squid ink
squid ink:
this is like text to speech of matthews wikipedia page lmao
Fox Buns
Fox Buns:
why's the audio so awkwardly pieced together?
Songstress Disa
Songstress Disa:
Why is alcoholism censored?
Nahshon Arvin
Nahshon Arvin:
Glad he’s with Molly and not doing it
Valley Bear
Valley Bear:
He needs Dr. Phil.
But with recovery, he has to want it. And it's hard. He deserves more than he allows himself. Doesn't even think he was funny, half the time, on Friends. He was but didn't see it.
Alemneh Mitku
Alemneh Mitku:
blakish in my mind is this the voice of (Yara Shahidi, Zoey Johnson)
Why did you censor “addiction” wtf
Kay Molloy
Kay Molloy:
Dud I and I know its impossible to bet your addictive personality you know, YOU.
yesser labidi
yesser labidi:
Life is life la la la la la
eBeth D
eBeth D:
I have to pause as I watch this because this narrator chick can’t pronounce the word VICODINE and it’s driving me crazy!!!
Abby and Gabby the Gamers
Abby and Gabby the Gamers:
Did anyone notice 10:01
Spongebob squarepants
Spongebob squarepants:
Rest and peayce to him
Mr. Jizzy
Mr. Jizzy:
When u sell out 2the devil u will never be at peace
the one and only
the one and only:
Yes tell us the TRAGIC story with the stressful music on the backround!
If you want to see tragedy, watch videos about starving children in Africa, or the homeless community in your country! Or the cancer patients, on pediatric ward!
And then I hope that you can tell the difference about tragedy and being a mess because of your poor choices!
This channel is a garbage!
Roy C
Roy C:
Honestly he was the only funny one