The Untold Story of Jimmy Savile

The crimes committed by this deceased British TV personality will shock you to your core. For this video, we’ll be looking at the horrific crimes of one of Britain’s most beloved, and now disgraced, media personalities. Our video includes his Career in Radio & Television, Public Image & Celebrity, Investigations, and more! Have you watched Netflix’s docuseries “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story”? What’s your reaction? Let us know in the comments.

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100+ comentarios:
Have you watched Netflix’s docuseries “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story”? What’s your reaction? Let us know in the comments.

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the worse part of it all (except for the actual acts) is not that he wasnt punished for it all, the worse part of it is that he wasnt even alive when this all came to light. he died a hero with nothing but love around him. its enough to make me angry.
Craig T
Craig T:
He died unpunished, but there are many people still alive that enabled and protected him, and those people need to be brought to justice.
Normally I don't judge a person for his/her looks, but this guy looked more than a creep.
Angela Holmes
Angela Holmes:
Jimmy definitely destroyed so many people's lives it's sad that he was able to get away with it he truly was an evil man
Jazmin Maniac
Jazmin Maniac:
This man was protected, nobody can make me believe that his peers didn't knew this...
There’s no difference between a serial killer and a serial molester both have destroyed hundreds of life’s and leaving scars behind forever..
Jade Pixie
Jade Pixie:
I still remember the day when allegation against Jimmy Savile first came out on the news shortly after he died, the number of victims kept growing when it was announced on the news from about 15 female to 20 under age boys & girls to 50 victims to nearly 100 victims. The victims count was updated nearly every day and I remember myself, my brother and my Mom were shocked at this. I felt so embarrassed to say this now but when I first heard that Jimmy Savile had died shortly before his birthday I was very sad because he was of course a very famous British celebrity, he was a famous British presenter. I knew Savile for presenting “Top of the pop” I later knew about his own show called “Jim’ll fix it.” after he died. When I first heard about the allegations against him, my Mom told me that their were rumours that Jimmy was a pedo during late 1990s, after I heard this and the allegations against him and the fact that he never married or had any known long term partner as well as the way he dressed, I knew along with many people in the UK, that these “rumours” about Jimmy Savile were in fact true.
Tired Working Mom
Tired Working Mom:
I remember writing into Jim’ll Fix It endlessly as a kid. As an adult, he seems so incredibly creepy. He destroyed so many lives.
Stephen Michael
Stephen Michael:
Makes me sick. I’m a 53 year old man who had tears coming down my face after just watching this. This just shows you that not only can a sick person pull the wool over a few people’s eyes, but they can fool an entire country. I hope that this documentary will help people who have been victims of crimes come forward and not be afraid. And for those people that always try and blame the victim, shame on you. Yes, there are those few rare instances when the allegations are purely false, I immediately think of the Duke lacrosse scandal, but for the most part, where there’s smoke there’s fire.
Nichole W.
Nichole W.:
I'd argue after watching the Netflix documentary, the worst part wasn't that he "got away with it," it was that he was a monster that an entire country helped enabled, created even, especially since he kept dropping clues throughout his career about what a creep he knew he was, like making inappropriate, hair-on-the-back of my neck quotes during interviews, setting up his own offices in hospitals with little to no qualifications, allowing him to "take patients for rides" in his "amber-alert" rides, or that they had to use "officials" to either warn aka threaten, victims from speaking out, killing stories, which tells me "the state" knew exactly they were protecting a prolific predator. Lest you think it can't/doesn't happen elsewhere, I gotta bridge to sell you. But 450 victims? That's a special kind of predator who was given the world
Starry Eyes
Starry Eyes:
When I watched him as child in the 70s I Knew there was something about him, he sent chills down my spine. The Royal family knew….They all knew but TURNED A BLIND EYE. LOADS OF DIRTY SECRETS IN THE ELITE WORLD!!!
I knew the basics of the story before watching the doc. I had no clue just how depraved he was, abusing sick kids. Also, it seems like he was expecting to be caught at some point based on comments. On top of that, he was basically telling the world “im not a good person” and people just laughed it off.
J W:
Heartbreaking. It seems that we as a society don't learn. We act surprised and remorseful AFTER the damage has been done. Too many turn a blind eye to complaints and then act surprised when something happens.
Amina Harris
Amina Harris:
He was so spooky looking. Definitely had those crazy eyes. My heart goes out to those who were affected by him.
E C:
the fact that he lived his life with so much connections with the media and even royalty. he knew he could get away with it. especially internet was not really a thing yet. once internet came up. the victims found each other and decided to speak up. unfortunately Jimmy was near the end of his life. it was just so unfair to the victims. good thing the truth came out and his image is now filled with disgust instead of adoration.
Harry Morris
Harry Morris:
My mum told me she wanted to write to Jim’ll Fix it when she was a kid, My Granny refused, saying she felt something off about the man.
Nathan Turner
Nathan Turner:
He was a huge charity-man too, my mother used to do the Clontarf walk in Dublin. We're Irish, at the time it was the biggest charity event in Ireland, unmatched. Anyways, he used to always do the walk. She told me children used to hoard him and scream for autographs, pictures, hugs, handshakes whatever they could get. But she never would, she said she felt uncomfortable around him even when he was far away but couldn't put her finger on why. She told me, one day, he stared at her through the crowd while kids were flooding him. He didn't even blink, or react for a good few seconds. She said she felt like he was a predator at that moment.
They need to stop repeating the same thing in these documentaries and give names of the many people in the bbc, government and hospitals enabled his disgusting behaviour
Leesa Shriber
Leesa Shriber:
Wow 😳 I've never heard of this man. Absolutely sickening! And he never got punished for his atrosphies.
Musical Box
Musical Box:
The sickening thing about all this is that there's actually people that defend this creep
George Johnson
George Johnson:
After watching the full 3 hr documentary, two thoughts came to mind. The first, like all vile people he had charisma, that's how he hid his despicable nature for 50 years and got himself in with the royal family and even blessed by the pope. Second, he was religious and he saw all the good stuff he did was like an insurance plan against all the wicked stuff he did. He even said in interviews that despite the bad stuff he did, he would pull out his list of incredible good deeds to offset it. The worst of all though for me, he was so devious that the number of times he said in public, he was up to bad things, making jokes about it in full public interviews and people just laughed and he knew they would laugh and no one would believe the victims. Even the victims said they wouldn't stand a cat in hell's chance if they spoke out, he was "Uncle Jimmy" and nothing could touch him. I'm not religious but I hope that somewhere in this infinite cosmos, some sort cosmic karma has that peice of shit, scumbag Saville held for all eternity in a state of abject misery.
People who are too young to remember will have no idea how big a star he was at the time. And this unfortunately enabled his appalling crimes. I always found it very odd that he constantly said he'd had lots of 'girlfriends' but not one was named or identified. Dreadful man.
Alireza Kazemi
Alireza Kazemi:
No matter how good he was at hiding secrets, there had to be people around him knowing his dark side and nasty habits, they knew exactly what he was doing. They chose to stay silent and play dumb about it either because of their own gains thru him or cause they knew how powerful and connected he is
Archangel Jophiel
Archangel Jophiel:
I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but I can not believe people didn't see it through based on his looks alone. This guy was a freak of nature in an awful way.
James Gibson
James Gibson:
Moral: Some people you admire on TV aren't always what they seem in real life
To get away with it until after you’re dead, the treachery had to go deeper than him. Who else should go down with him?
Adam Rasmusson
Adam Rasmusson:
Its insane how one man can do that much good and still be that evil.
He got away scot free for his crimes.
ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku
ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku:
What really makes this unfair is that by the time the stories came out, the guy was already dead and buried so we never got to hear him deny it or face trial.
What got me was he was telling everyone in plain sight with all his slick sayings like My case starts next thursday and the silent twins when he said I'll have her first then I'll have you second and all the crass stuff he was saying in plain sight that no one picked up on. He was the pied piper of the UK.
Tom McGlone
Tom McGlone:
Untold unless you are British. That bastard was pure evil
Rachel Riley
Rachel Riley:
Literally never heard of this guy until this moment…
Definitely going to watch the docu- series now
Sting Rey
Sting Rey:
the reporter interviewing savile @4:55 should be commended. he wasnt falling for the bullshit. he saw what savile was and wasnt letting him off the hook like everyone else did. the most telling part is when asked direct questions about his personal life and the allegations, savile would shoot off a witty comeback for which the audience would laugh.
Thomas Mccown
Thomas Mccown:
They waited until after he passed away because of the people who were connected with him and what he possibly had done with those people being around when he did whatever he had done ✔ 😒!!!!!? It's amazing how these people can get by with these behaviors!!!!!! And just think about the over 450 people he'd harmed in one way or another!!!!!!?? Once again!!!!! Wow!!!! God bless you all today 🙏 Shalom
Kevin Goode-Lee
Kevin Goode-Lee:
I understand it can be traumatic and one may be afraid to come forward, but I commend those that came out against him, even though he wasn’t punished. He died thinking he was Britain’s sweetheart but he was a monster! It wasn’t good as it lasted.
ChillToMusic 87
ChillToMusic 87:
450+ victims, what a milestone to reach! Absolute legend!
Being famous is too often confused with having actual competence, and integrity.
Ultra Norse
Ultra Norse:
This was a fascinating documentary, but not for the reasons most would expect. I held exactly the same beliefs as everyone about the monster that was Jimmy Savile prior to watching this. However, after sitting through this two hour expose, I saw only one key witness used multiple times supporting the accusations of sexual abuse (remember over 400 separate individuals are alleged to have been victims) . All of the journalists who investigated Savile - prior to the creation of online social media - found no evidence to support the rumours of sexual abuse; in fact they could not find a single female witness to come forward (no ex-girlfriend's etc), and the same lack of evidence and witness testimony foiled every police investigation into Savile's supposed depraved behaviour. What's more, every colleague, friend and associate of Savile's - over a 60-year period, deny that they ever saw or heard anything to corroborate claims for sexual abuse, rape and molestation. I'm not concluding anything from these revelations, other than considering the nuances of Occam's Razor. Savile was a weird and creepy figure, a man - who due to his eccentric and odd behaviour - it is very easy to vilify. But this documentary posed far more questions for me about the media, the mob and how both can be whipped up into an outraged froth than it did about determining Savile's absolute guilt. And for the record, I'm not saying that the alleged abused are all liars, nor that Savile is exempt from any blame. I just now have more questions than answers...
I am not into the conspiracy theories, but it is really strange that all those accusations were only taken seriously after his death, probably he had a lot of dirt on powerful members of british society including royalty...
Dylan Wisener
Dylan Wisener:
Seeing Jimmy and Gary Glitter just gives me the chills. Knowing what we know now, Jim is now a disgraced TV star and Gary being on of the worst musicians to ever live.
Being an American, I never heard of Jimmy Savile when he was alive. He was simply never famous over here. I only knew about him after he died and by that time everything he was into had all come out, so I only know of him as this monster who preyed on the weak. I loved how the Netflix documentary established what he meant to Britain in the first part. It was a great way to introduce him to a bunch of people who may have never heard of him. I was finally able to get a taste of what he meant to everyone across the pond. Then when I watched Part Two, holy 💩 even with what I already knew about Savile, I was shocked.
Makes you wonder how deep it goes and how many people knew about it really..disguisting person. They shouldn't be putting his face on the screen, let this horrible man be forgotten to the world where he belongs.
Sean Simpson
Sean Simpson:
Judging by the thumbnail, Jimmy Savile looks like he’s plotting something evil. He really was the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the history of British television
Dawnie to the Max
Dawnie to the Max:
Some Youtubers had spoken about him years ago but no one listen. Very interesting that Netflix is getting the recognition.
slava 97
slava 97:
how could people have not known anything?? just look at the guy!! he´s like a creep out of central casting🤣🤣
DPCN reactions
DPCN reactions:
After watching this netflix series I wondered many things! How is it that someone like me who watches videos about the UK a lot has never heard of Jimmy before this series came out? Where did that man find the energy to do all the things he did? As well known as he was, he must have been able to find private locations to do the deeds! I'm still shocked that he was able to drive away from a mental hospital with patients for hours? That alone should have raised eyebrows and red flags?
John Lydon called it out in the 70s and the BBC shushed it… The English media were just as guilty…
Georgie Hogman
Georgie Hogman:
Lots of people knew exactly the monster he was, Way before he was found out. The people that didn’t say anything should be punished because they did know what he was like and what he was up to.
Watching Watches
Watching Watches:
He was 100% on the money with his gravestone “It was good while it lasted “🤦🏾
Have I watched it? Yes. I was surprised that one of his victims was from Cleveland. The only question I have was did he go there to diddle this kid, or did the kid go to England and end up in this unfortunate encounter?
David Smith
David Smith:
Still find it incredibly audacious of the BBC being the ones to be doing a dramatization of his life given the association they had with him and platform that effectively allowed him to carry out his horrific acts. Any depiction of his life is going to be unpalatable but to be sanctioned by the organisation that allowed (and covered up or even took part in) his behaviour, just seems incredibly distasteful.
Abbas Rizvi
Abbas Rizvi:
As a man in his 30s I was once a victim of child abuse in my preteens. I can never forgive someone who can assult a child and steal then of their innocent childhoods. I hope he rots in hell.
Norbert Albertz
Norbert Albertz:
My hero when I was a kid, loved the man to bits
Pete Eglin
Pete Eglin:
Always annoys me when he is not referred to as his royal title 'Sir Jimmy'. In order to receive a knighthood, MI5 conduct stringent background checks to avoid Royal embarrasement. With all the rumours circulating it was impossible to ignore...and still he received his title.
The BBC who covered up his crimes is now making a drama about his life starring Steve Coogan.
I can’t believe he believed that all of his charity work would out weigh his sins. He was an extremely vile and disgusting man, wish he would of been punished for the lives he ruined while he was still here.
Noah Murray
Noah Murray:
Don't ever say 'beloved' about a creep even before their crimes are brought to the surface
John Lydon got in a bit of trouble for calling this bastard out if I remember correctly. The BBC covered for this guy, big time
linksgrünversiffter grumpy old man
linksgrünversiffter grumpy old man:
At a very certain point there had to be a very mighty person, at least one, who knew and protected him for sick reasons.
L. Salisbury
L. Salisbury:
"The good we do is inturned with the bones- THE EVIL DOTH LIVE ON!" -Bill Shakespeare
Jacob Drolet
Jacob Drolet:
Totally amazing video watch mojo, fantastic job.
R Jones
R Jones:
When he was alive I did like him, never knew what he was doing behind closed doors, but now know he was hiding in full sight 😯
Dokka Chapman
Dokka Chapman:
Watched the documentary last night... I've seen much better. There's one that Louis Theroux did as a follow up to the doc he did while Jimmy was still alive where he looks into some of the uncut footage to see if there was something he missed. He also talks to a number of his victims and tries to make amends to them.
DBMikey G
DBMikey G:
Bruh the kid in the hospital with the drawing gave me the most coldest chill ever. How the fuck did that go unnoticed. What did I do to you?


You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.. and he was always the villain, but died a hero anyways..
Pirat Dunkelbart
Pirat Dunkelbart:
So he "fixed" the "not being raped yet" problem for you? Good, that you got a medal for that, so youd never forget about it.


Imagine the conversation at home when some 10 years old girl started to cry her heart out wanting to throw away the medal, but her parents didnt let her and were angry about her behaviour.
timuka venables
timuka venables:
To be quite honest with you initially when it came to light after his death I personally felt cheated and naive and even guilty because as a kid I loved his political incorrectness and making light of convention, the fact a working class northerner could be so in with the royal family and the political establishment and I loved watching Jim'll fix it. However, then I heard a victim who had emigrated to Canada because he assulted her on the train when she was a teenager, and the broken marriages, her broken relationship with her Mum, the fact he ruined her life for 20 mins of pleasure because he couldn't control his urges, really opened my eyes to the untold horror of this whole situation and the arbitrary unfairness to the real victims.
Alison Sarah carroll
Alison Sarah carroll:
I found him disgusting 🤮 he’s a vile individual and if he was alive today he’d be in prison for his crimes. I’m glad I didn’t write into jim’ll fix it, because I found him creepy
Just watched the Netflix Documentary, and he may got away with his heinous crimes, there’s a very “special room” in hell for him.
Rafael Quiambao
Rafael Quiambao:
What I found interesting is he would make sick jokes about his antics. They were expressed as jokes so people laughed, but the interviewers all looked uncomfortable or perplexed. Not one said, 'hey, this isn't funny. what the hell are you talking about exactly?' not one. not one.
Erik Grimaldo
Erik Grimaldo:
How in the hell that he got away with this
Ian Lacey
Ian Lacey:
I am shocked at the number of comments stating they had not heard of him. Yes you can find JOHN Lydon’s interview with Piers Morgan* also dig for Drop the Dead Donkey’s comment about Savile. Frank Skinner and David Baddiel’s tentative address of the issue. I remember one BBC producer stating that Though some DJs affected a tough guy image Saville was the only one he took seriously. Allegedly he had a driver/minder whom was known to be very ‘heavy’, and often armed.

* Piers Morgan was in the UK press, a feral society ruthless in their methods, often criminal, finding out celebrity secrets. Phone-tapping, hacking, bin-raking, surveillance. They never said a word about Saville. Piers and the others have a lot of explaining to do.
Jonathan Atkinson
Jonathan Atkinson:
"I spend most time in hospitals"
He should have been in one... As a patient
just the sight of him makes my skin crawl.
I was wondering who this guy was(I'm in the US) when I saw the docu crime pop up on Netflix. Wow this is crazy..I should of asked my former British neighbor about this guy. Smh
Sherry Cooper
Sherry Cooper:
How did people not do anything or not know what he was doing. If you look at some of his interviews he made numerous references to what he was all about. He may not have answered questions directly but the insinuations were there.
ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku
ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku:
Steve Coogan is a good actor but I’m not sure we want him playing such a controversial character
Jamal Sampson
Jamal Sampson:
I seriously need to see this show. Seems interesting!
In a unaired interview punk rocker Johnny rotten made some very on the nose remarks about him. The BBC tried to have the tapes for the interview destroyed.
Heather Brebner
Heather Brebner:
What a sleazeball , I felt so bad for the victims they never got closure , his death was like giving the finger he got away with it.
Chris Crippler Cruz
Chris Crippler Cruz:
I just watched the Netflix show because I saw this and had no idea who he was lol and all I can say is I hope the fire is never hot enough that's coming from a father of two
Sasha Jeanne Lee
Sasha Jeanne Lee:
Just yesterday I watch the documentary on Netflix. It is seriously creepy scary when we cannot tell a predator is right in front of our eyes. They do good and kind, but secretly they are vile.
Iain Davis
Iain Davis:
I can't understand why people thought he was an icon he was a repulsive individual he got away with his crimes because he had rich and powerful friends
mac the drummer
mac the drummer:
Crazy how they launched an investigation after his death, when they knew about it all along.
jewel Copeland
jewel Copeland:
Just saw the show. It was a different era and people trusted he was good based on visible good works. Many asked questions about his private life; which were brushed off.. it was a private time. But living in the hospital was odd. Having such complete access to the children. Victims felt they wouldn't be believed over a celebrity. We learned the evil dark side of fame and that predators exist in all walks of life I found him extremely creepy and odd.
Super Hans ✅
Super Hans ✅:
He was technically innocent.
Me You
Me You:
In other words! The story we want you to think happed! This channel knows nothing about what happened so keep it to yourself
d c
d c:
Think it can't happen here? It's been happening and it's a thousand times worse.
Brandon Michelle
Brandon Michelle:
I'm British and I didnt mourn him, I never liked him even before he was revealed to be a pervert. I always thought he was creepy and I never wanted to watch anything he was in.
Saville + Gary Glitter, enough said!
nameless dork
nameless dork:
Keep in mind, devils can come in the nicest of clothes and with the sweetest of personalities.
This video is basically repeating what was said in the documentary. I thought it was going to give facts that weren’t explored in the documentary such as: the fact that the investigations into Savile led to other high profile celebrities from that era (1960s-2000s) being convicted (eg Rolf Harris). the fact that Broadmore hospital also housed some of the country’s most infamous killers & abusers and there was a picture of Savile with the Yorkshire Ripper (Peter Sutcliffe). The fact that there were some celebrities who spoke out or made subtle jokes about the rumours on live tv (like Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols) but they were shut down and told to keep quiet by the BBC.
Fingers Crossed
Fingers Crossed:
He was protected by the establishment. I want to see the documentary on that.
Anything else is just fluff.
James Konzek
James Konzek:
I never heard of this malignant oddity until about a year ago. Did he ever 'tour abroad' ?
Julie Porter
Julie Porter:
Maybe this is in hindsight but he looked creepy even in his clips .

5:18 One thing this and the story of John Kricfalusi should tell you: LISTEN TO THE JOKES!!!!
imso smart
imso smart:
The Court needed a Jester and Savile fit the bill.
Sean Delap
Sean Delap:
Disgraceful how he got away with it and was protected by the BBC and British establishment.
Swarnendu Bikash Mandal
Swarnendu Bikash Mandal:
If this was a video game, he would have unlocked Completionist Achievement.
Thabiso L
Thabiso L:
What an evil man. I wonder if he has children out there. Would be so unimaginably hard for the women