The Veiled Prophet: The secret society behind Ellie Kemper controversy

ST. LOUIS — Actress and St. Louis sweetheart Ellie Kemper is at the center of a new controversy over one of the city's oldest traditions.

The "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and "The Office" star was named the "queen of love and beauty" at the 1999 Veiled Prophet Ball. Twitter users discovering this over the weekend dubbed the actress a "KKK prom queen" for her participation. She was 19 at the time.

“You know, you get on Twitter and that's a great place to fire off a hot take. But it might not really dive into the complexity that an issue like this deserves,” said Adam Kloeppe.

He, however, has taken the plunge, as a public historian for the Missouri Historical Society.

Kemper is one of more than 130 other young women to wear the crown since the organization was founded more than as many years ago.

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I just imagine Erin being the KKK Princess on The Office would have been a great subplot for an episode.
James Stephenson
James Stephenson:
I don’t know her reaction to this or her statement but - I do think it’s possible to change. 1999 was a long time ago. I was a staunch conservative and because of people taking time to love me and teach me over many years, I no longer associate myself with those beliefs.
Clark M
Clark M:
This VPB seems no different than Miss America and damn near every institution in America that did not allow blacks to participate up to a certain point in time. Thus I would not say this VPB is uniquely racist, and I wouldn't condemn Kemper for participating in it no more than I would condemn Vanessa Williams, Halle Berry, Gretchen Carlson or anyone for participating in Miss America contest. If this is the standard we use for racial condemnation, damn near everybody who's ever been in, employed by or otherwise associated with most organizations and institutions in America would need to be similarly condemned.
Manny Tang
Manny Tang:
The wonderful world of social media. I’m proud to say I don’t use any of that narcissistic apps.
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason:
As a Louisianais none of the veiled prophet outfits look weird to me, looks like exactly what powerful people with supernatural powers would wear
This demands a struggle session.
At 19 you are already an adult and therefore you are fully capable and aware of what you say and do. I fully acknowledge the possibility that she joined this knowing what the group represented and having the same beliefs, or nothing caring and just wanting to join. I also acknowledge that her father or both parents forced her to join, that it is a generational thing meaning her family has been part of this for generations, that she was peer pressured to join either through manipulation, abuse, or she was indoctrinated into it at an earlier age. Like I said, at 19 you are fully aware of your choices, but you can also be manipulated into something at a very early age and until you are 18 or older or even younger you then realize what is really going on. We don't know if her father/mother told her that if she didn't join that they would abuse her or cut her off the family. If that were the case, even at 19 it is very difficult to live fully on your own. We also don't know if she truly still associates herself with the group or not till this day. I am neither saying she's guilty or not, I want to see more and see what happens, and also to see if and when she makes a statement. I know that she didn't bring this up before at any point, and she perhaps didn't because she feared what people would think and that her career might've gotten nowhere, or it was a dark part of her past that she wanted to forget about. Who knows. Is it an excuse, of course not, I am just saying why she never brought it up before. We should all see what more information comes to light before making a concrete judgment on it. We can speculate and come up with opinions, but we need more info. I mean, when it comes to victims of abusive relationships, we try not to blame the victim right? We never tell them why they didn't leave before, or why they are still with their abusive partner, or they must enjoy the abuse, and in those cases the victims are sometimes older than 19. I know it seems like I'm making a case that she is an abuse victim, but I'm trying to see this from all possible angles. We'll see what happens next.
elbie watson
elbie watson:
To be fair one should consider that Ellie Kemper was very young at this time, do we know what her belief system was at that time? Was she following what she was brought up into? I'm not absolving her of anything she may have knowingly done wrong but I do have to consider that this wonan played on a really funny show where she was best friends with a gay black man, Titus Burgess. I'm a hetrosexual white man and I think Ellie is cute as can be but I watched Kimmy Schmidt because Titus is one of the funniest people in television, especially when he was Lemonading. So, are we looking at who Ellie Kemper was back in 1999, whereas she probably didn't know who she was herself, or are we looking at who she became?
MyCodeHan _
MyCodeHan _:
Yikes, well this unfortunate... but I didn't know she had ties to STL cool... but still yikes😅
If i were unbreakable, i would keep quiet for two weeks and we'll be in a different shot storm
Tori T
Tori T:
I just heard on ESPN a commentator say don’t let his whiteness take away from his quickness. Can you just imagine if we changed some stuff up in that statement and plugged any other race in there . Hmmmmm 🤨
Allen Knott
Allen Knott:
This is nonsense.
A YouTube Guy
A YouTube Guy:
leave her alone!!!!
jimmyjames lee
jimmyjames lee:
oh well i guess she ll finally have time to spend all her millions
Blue Armageddon Cincy
Blue Armageddon Cincy:
People so bored they are outraged.
Pikachu uprising
Pikachu uprising:
I hope none of you people buy Volkswagens or wear Hugo Boss, or use any other mainstream product.
Jean-Philippe Martel
Jean-Philippe Martel:
A bit of a laugh for sure but neither has the organization addressed their problematic past nor Ellie Kemper responded so, at best, none of them care about being associated with racists which is telling in and out of itself.
Wild Trek
Wild Trek:
Rapper/activist... sounds about right...
Eugene Prentice
Eugene Prentice:
Y'all know Y'all are dead wrong for reporting falsely.
The Twitter mob also condemned her for attending the Ball with a Bush. In all fairness to Ms. Kemper, that was the style in 99
Blue Armageddon Cincy
Blue Armageddon Cincy:
When the left eats the left.
Tori T
Tori T:
Well I remember a certain president who did, said, and backed a lot of racist crap in his day. Oh wait y’all elected him in to office. Hmmm. And we worried about what a teenager did 22 years ago. Give it a break
Now you people are just trying to find anything and everything to yell "foul" about. This younger generation is beyond ridiculous. We just need to come to an agreement to ignore them as a
Anti Fa and Kamala must do something
Sherron Mcfadden
Sherron Mcfadden:
Damnation their everywhere!!!!!
Jack G
Jack G:
I know her from Dry BJ
This is why Twitter is trash 😆 🤣
Matt Pepito
Matt Pepito:
Move on!! It was 1999
Ian Cordingley
Ian Cordingley:
Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon
Bunch of superficial
Mik Rod
Mik Rod:
She’s smoking
Peter Marshall
Peter Marshall:
I guess your a SLOW LEARNER, 22 years is 21 years to long my dear...
R House
R House:
I refuse going to the racist fair
Hugh Järse
Hugh Järse:
Whenever I here left-wingers, or anyone else yelling racism, I just ignore them completely. I’ll continue to support Ellie Kemper completely.
Sure, you "didn't know"😒👍🏾

That's the new go to excuse when you get caught doing some fucked up shit.
MK2 Tech
MK2 Tech:
Isn’t she married to a Jewish guy??
Kaiser's Reich
Kaiser's Reich:
The Left is so ignorant they would cancel anyone for no reason (just like this one). Ellie did nothing wrong, get over it
clint fowler
clint fowler:
She did nothing wrong.
Damn and I really liked her on the office, well that sucks!
Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet:
She did nothing wrong
jdjayajdj 23
jdjayajdj 23:
Why is a debutante ball racist and a quinceañera not? They have a traditional debutante ball in the Philippines too. Little rich girls everywhere get to be a princes for a day. Unless she is white.
Miss Kelly
Miss Kelly:
Her character didn’t fit on the office at all.
Oghyeah Oo
Oghyeah Oo:
This sounds about White!
RudeGyal Arie
RudeGyal Arie:
82 fdny
82 fdny:
Obama is Buddies with Farrakhan and Ayers. But this chick needs to apologize
David Wise
David Wise:
Disturbing. Let's hope she reformed her ways.