TheChanClan: MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia - I Animated My Long-Departed Grandparents Whom I Never Met!

TheChanClan: MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia - I animated my long-departed grandparents whom I never met using artificial intelligence! At you can now upload an image to the site and create animated video snippets using deep learning or AI (artificial intelligence) or as they call it "deep nostalgia" techniques to create an animated snippet of video bringing the photo to life. Here I demonstrate a family photo that we had animated in all 10 sequences for grandpa, and then again all 10 sequences for grandma. Works best in cropped photos of the head only. Some animations work better than others, some produce the uncanny valley effect. Overall very impressive though. Try it for yourself at @MyHeritage #TheChanClanLife #MyHeritage #DeepNostalgia #TheChanClan

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Grandpa's Animations Start: 0:29
Grandma's Animations Start: 3:08
well, this looks like Harry Potter where photos in paper are 'alive' or 'animated', it's cool, isn't it?
Unquestionably astounding, yet I can't get away from thinking that, as it improves, this technology is going to be ill-used to deceive and manipulate in ways we can't now begin to imagine.
This is a pretty fire breakthrough..

No better way to respect your elders then preserving them in memory. I have a feeling those from our past would approve of this..

Science gets a +1 today
I don't mean to offend, but your grandmother was 10 types of adorable.
Eric C
Eric C:
That's pretty amazing! I have his nose, lol.
Great looking couple!
Wilson da Silva
Wilson da Silva:
Perfeição, parabéns....
Agung kerisna
Agung kerisna:
Actually this new technology reminds me of the magic picture in Harry Potter movie where Harry can see his parent's moving in the picture🤔
Tiana Tampico
Tiana Tampico:
To anyone wondering... Yes it works if you are using a painted portrait instead of a photo.
Jody Smith
Jody Smith:
can you please show us how to upload it to that app and all the steps to get it to move?
on a second thought, looking closely, I think the photo lacks something , for someone who is in grief this might be shocking , perhaps once AI singularity consciousness
comes that may fix that missing piece
Da Boaring Dragon
Da Boaring Dragon:
It’s impressive, and a bit scary, how powerful AI-powered/neural networks have gotten. I was impressed with Gigapixel being able to upscale videos with high quality. However, this is crazy. I did a test of a photo of my grandmother, from before I was born. It was...eerie.

At the same time, tools like these are great for preserving the past.

I’d suggest using MyHeritage’s photo colorization tool. It seems to do a good job of providing false coloring of photos.
Karen Culver
Karen Culver:
Can you do both at the same time? Or is only one face at the time?
Wai Chee Leung
Wai Chee Leung:
impressive technology! but a bit scary,
someday they are going make holograms of dead people you can talk to.
Brandon Knight
Brandon Knight:
Shubham Biswas
Shubham Biswas:
Whatsapp , social media apps should have this integrated into do , that will be way too cool.
Ken Strain
Ken Strain:
All I get are error messages and try again later.
Ace Criss
Ace Criss:
Grandma Chan was absolutely *BEAUTIFUL!*
Vaggelis Lesies
Vaggelis Lesies:
And the picture of the beast comes alive(ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΗ☦)👉Beware the big trap
Louis Cyfer
Louis Cyfer:
Yeah, we must pay for it. How much? Just check it and you'll be surpsised. U N I N S T A L L E D !!! As soon as I met my ancestors we'll party like crazy! I won't pay a dime.
the real me
the real me:
This item isn't available in my country.😭😭😭😭😭😭
Harry Mu
Harry Mu:
imagine someone doing a scare using yo dead relative
Beyt İnc
Beyt İnc:
Çok ürkütücü
Sarah Shanahan
Sarah Shanahan:
Harry Potter
What’s next? Revive dead people? This is amazing stuff.
Willy de Rochebrune
Willy de Rochebrune:
C'est une escroquerie : sur 10 photos, Deep Nostalgie n'a réussi à en animer qu'une seule, pour le reste c'est un message d'erreur.
The Odin
The Odin:
Клоунада! Как нужно не уважать своих предков, чтобы так глумится над ними?
JalaneT Auraa
JalaneT Auraa:
Myheritage is an israeli company based in tel aviv by purchasing their services you are contributing to the economy of this colony which practices apartheid towards the palestinians. #BDS