"They need that Champions League!" | Carragher and Hughes analyse Man City's incredible winning run

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Jamie Carragher and Mark Hughes analysed the incredible winning run Manchester City have been on and see how it compares to some of the greatest teams to play the game. 

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100+ comentarios:

Maurito Adr
Maurito Adr:
The biggest enemy of Man City in champions league is.. Pep starting eleven in the quarter finals. I love him but he need to stop overthinking big games in the UCL.
Benny Harvey
Benny Harvey:
Guardiola's got the balance perfect. Was always known to have excellent attacking teams but always dodgy in defence. Now he's got City flying at both ends of the pitch.
I hope they will beat Bayern Munich this year
Jack Collins
Jack Collins:
Mark Hughes hasn’t smiled since 1986
The streets need Bayern vs City.
As a neutral I hope we get city vs Bayern at some point in the UCL
The MIghty Duck
The MIghty Duck:
Lol I’m sure every Man City fan and player in history would rather they won the champions league this season then beat that winning streak record. If they had to pick one it would be champions league.
Alex Baxtor
Alex Baxtor:
As a man city fan I am way more interested about winning the champions league than breaking a record for long winning run
Leonel Langston
Leonel Langston:
Crazy how the Pep Barça not in longest winning runs, goes to show that records dont guarantee Trophies.
Edis Lettuce
Edis Lettuce:
Goodness me the pressure is really getting to me, I honestly don’t have any confidence like it’s gonna be nerve wracking but if Bayern win it fair play to them
Five Star Entertainment
Five Star Entertainment:
I can bet now, even when we win the CL they will still find something to discredit City!
Pete Scheller
Pete Scheller:
I love how these pundits try to frame it as, “If city don’t win the CL, this season is a failure!” Ridiculous, if you don’t do something that’s never been done before in history (including by the teams we support and played for) then you’ve failed! Nice try...
Personally I think they can win the UCL this year. Their defence has made me think twice before taking them out of the equation
Man city: bottles the champions League again

Roy keane: *That's their job*
Ray K
Ray K:
Fair play to Pep. He usually leaves when things go wrong but he's stayed and rebuilt.
Sonny Cheema
Sonny Cheema:
Says who ? Arsenal invincible team won the league and that’s it. Yet talked as one of the greatest ever. NO CL 🤦🏽‍♂️
EJ Sung
EJ Sung:
Did he really say "David" Silva?....
koliikho ko
koliikho ko:
City and Bayern are hot favorite to win CL 2020-21
As a City fan, I would say don’t get so hyped up
Naeem Shah
Naeem Shah:
Man City vs Bayern Munich:
The Ultimate Champions League Final.
Dylan Dreyar
Dylan Dreyar:
As a city fan all I want is for us to win the CL. Can we yes? Could we? Yes will we?maybe not. I have every bit of faith in my time and I'll never give up. But the CL is a Unique competiion and such a tough one, bayern are our biggest challenge, if we can over come them, then I think we can for sure. Never say never
Renegade of Funk
Renegade of Funk:
Let's give a toast to Mark Hughes for bringing in Vincent Kompany and Pablo Zabaleta, Nigel de Jong, and Gareth Barry. Of course there were others (many of whom more expensive), but all of these legends stand above.
Its true we can really judge "A Legacy" based on if Man City win The Biggest Club Title = Champions League
Akshay Choudhary
Akshay Choudhary:
Yes we need to win the CL for sure!! Touchwood this is the best season to win 🏆. To maintain this level of consistency for so long is unbelievable, it gives goosebumps. 20 years later I will cherish these memories and RECORDS
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob:
Facts. All this will mean nothing if we don’t win the UCL this season. That cup means everything. A great gift for Fernandinho and possibly Aguero.
Richard Clarke
Richard Clarke:
Yes we really need to get it right in the champions league it's about time.
ManCity Portmore
ManCity Portmore:
Mark Hughes lol😂🤣 this guy almost turned City into a Museum😂
Kori HD
Kori HD:
It's like that one mate who's never gonna lose it...
20/21 year has gave the club's with the best squads as a massive advantage. Playing twice a week for the whole year means injuries are inevitable, man city's second team is as good as it's first, no wonder they are going on this level of run. Bayern Munichs 2020 record also in the top 5.
The Judge
The Judge:
Gwarn Jamie boy!
my memories
my memories:
To be considered a European heavyweight not just domestic Kings, no doubt a first Champions League is the missing trophy to elevate them to Chelsea status!
Eagles Champ!
Eagles Champ!:
i genuinely think this is a Science lesson where we are evaluating tables results
Whatch Whatch
Whatch Whatch:
Man city's 20 wins are more credible especially with the premier League involved?
Satish Khatiwada
Satish Khatiwada:
Old bird will sing old songs no matter what..
Local trapper 26
Local trapper 26:
Jamieeee go on TickTock😂
Lol....not long watched this on SPN whilst eating my tea
Fin .Reilly
Fin .Reilly:
Pep shows too much respect to the big clubs throughout Europe. It's like he respects the History of the European cup too much for Manchester City to be considered
Haider Mirza
Haider Mirza:
Poch vs Pep would be belter of a tactical battle in UEFA Champions League..
Cole wilders
Cole wilders:
champions league seals the deal but even without it they are in the conversation as the best teams ever in the prem. 3 titles in 4 years, 1 centurion season and 1 domestic treble. of course carragher would discredit winning back to back or the league for tuat matter becuz he hasnt won it lol
aditya kotkar
aditya kotkar:
Hope the Unfinished business that Pep meant gets completed.🔷
We can't call ourselves a real top club if we don't win the Champions League
We've been favorites for like 3 seasons now but we haven't even made the semis since 2016
الصالح غيابة
الصالح غيابة:
MAHRZ 🇩🇿💯❤️
Aka Miguel Sanchez
Aka Miguel Sanchez:
They’ve been ruthless this season, just quietly going about their business waiting for Liverpool etc to slip up
Karl Okane
Karl Okane:
Funny seeing Jamie carragher sat there with a Everton badge right behind him 😂😂
Star Wonder
Star Wonder:
They should win everything
Roydex Channel
Roydex Channel:
as Pep said also, the records doesn't matter if we don't have the trophies in the end.
Sandesh Mishra
Sandesh Mishra:
Of course 💙💙
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast:
20 wins in a row is actually unreal! I wouldn’t bet against them doing the quad! 😅😅
Thought they didn't like that competition though. Always got lip out about big corp UEFA not liking them while the Sheikhs kept signing blank cheques
Hughes another those great players that couldn't manage ..
Matthew Hardwick
Matthew Hardwick:
I mean if they're gonna win it. This would be their year to do it. Their consistency is insane
Sundar K Rai
Sundar K Rai:
They must win Champions League this year.
Madridismo official
Madridismo official:
MBA 95
MBA 95:
If City manages to buy a striker like Haaland, i bet they will easily win the champions league
If they don't win the CL this season this run won't mean anything, or at least won't be looked at the same way when it's all said and done.
If city wanna win the champions league they need to beg to the referee and the var to help them knock Bayern Munich because they look dangerous and unbeatable. 💯💯💯
Have That
Have That:
It doesn't matter how rich or less rich the clubs, as long as they have the right tactics and passionate players...anything is impossible.
Very tired seeing players get paid expensive wages but their attitude ruins football
Visual Therapist
Visual Therapist:
Carragher just upset his team are conceding 7 goals vs Aston Villa, whilst City is steamrolling the league.
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali:
i think the dark horse for this champions league is chelsea, I think they will surprise a few people with how far they go into the competition. Can they win it? probably not, but i think they can get to the semi finals.
Bossman kb Awesome
Bossman kb Awesome:
I want them to win ucl as imma city fam but without that 20+ goals a season striker like aguero used to be
I’m very weary cause defending is cool and all but with Bayern threat and PSG threat Barcelona now picking up speed even juventus
They have the longest run in the EPL, that's already impressive enough.
K W:
Peps City is already one of the best. If they win the CL and the prem again they will be the THE best ever.
Well done Pep. Goes to the richest club in a league and wins and we talk about how great he is. Dont hate the player hate the game. Ita 100% a financial sport and theres not much more to say about that
The Judge
The Judge:
Eeez done it again that Carragher!
Paul Nutter
Paul Nutter:
When the club in second place is man utd the competition isn't that great today
Not a city fan but I hope they win pep deserves it
Anonymous 123
Anonymous 123:
True they really need to win the ucl
Mark Durham
Mark Durham:
Citeh..a great team...LMFAO.
My son came home from school today and told me he had to write a sentence for his teacher with the word can't. I said he should write for his teacher who is scouse "you might think Jamie Carragher is ok but me and my dad think he is a right Can't!"
Scratch The Surface
Scratch The Surface:
They've gotta win a CL soon. If they dont, they are under achieving, they have every reason too. Granted, other teams do aswell, its incredibly hard, but there comes a time when it no longer becomes about luck, its sadly about under performing or that the opponents are actually better.
T S:
The AC Milan team of 89/90 needs a mention
kunal ganotra
kunal ganotra:
The only thing standing between Man City and UCL is pep's starting eleven in the knockouts
Eren Nova
Eren Nova:
They naturally choke the CL.
Ben Lane
Ben Lane:
Why do they keep going on like the old city team is anything close to the level of this one? It just quite obviously isn’t but they refuse to say so, weird
Cole Edwards
Cole Edwards:
It's a shame that won't happen
ah yes 'David' Silva'... i remember him playing against John Mata and Karl Tevez
Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar:
The only team that can realistically stop City on paper is Bayern Munich, in everyother matchup, City might come off as favourites. Apart from them Pep's biggest enemy is Pep himself, hopefully he has learnt from theTottenham and Lyon ties and does not overcomplicate tactics.
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy:
Over 1 billion spent wish all clubs had the same resources
As a long time follower of City, since the 70s I actually feel that no supporters being allowed into CL games is a huge help, for a number of reasons the atmosphere has become really toxic and that clearly has had an impact down the years. I also think other than the Mancini team, they have all been built to blow teams away, not really teams to see games out, clearly in the league that's made them the most successful team in the country for the past ten years, but your margin of error in Europe much lower, especially over two legs.
Wilden Akles
Wilden Akles:
The round snowplow finallly shade because backbone typically sin towards a protective turkey. tasty, daffy theater
Brian Kin
Brian Kin:
City will win the champion' s league.Their defence ( which was supposedly their weakness)have been improved tremendously with Dias there and Stones improvement and of course Laporte and Zinchenko.Remember that Pep won all 6 trophies that was available to win,at Barcelona,so he can once again do it here with City.,especially with this current team.
Toby G
Toby G:
Grudgingly do an ex Man U legend and an ex Liverpool legend concede that unfortunately Man City do need that Champions League title to be considered a great side.
Alex Davison
Alex Davison:
Team Spirit in our side is unbelievable. You can’t buy that with money
Dhirshan Gobind
Dhirshan Gobind:
Bayern vs City will be epic but Bayern will come out on top - City winning all 4 will be the death of football and highlight just how important money is nowadays. They have to dip sooner or later though, especially with the increased number of games coming up.
Rafi Parulian
Rafi Parulian:
I miss the rivality of ManCity Liverpool
Fareza Havid Sahisnu
Fareza Havid Sahisnu:
Hope this year is City’s, best way to part with Aguero.
Paul Mallon
Paul Mallon:
'I had records with clean sheets'. No you didn't Jamie. No you didnt.
Fellow rival fans of city, drop your agendas for the minute and just admire the greatness that we are whitesesing in front of us right now. The football City are playing atm is on another level and if you’re a true football fan you’ll just admire what they’re doing because a team like this doesn’t come around too often. Pains me to type that as a United fan as well
Every top team needs to win the CL so there is no shame if City doesn't. I'm not sure their forward line is strong enough for a PL and CL double. If City had Messi Henry Eto, MSN or BBC I would be a lot more confident lol. But Aguero is back so that might be the little extra City need
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson:
As a neutral. I hope City do it this year. Pep and those players deserve more than anyone after what they’ve done the past few years. It’s been a joy to watch Man City under Pep
Daidi Fanta
Daidi Fanta:
Biggest enemy to us in UCL is manchester City. Sure Pep has overthought some lineups, but our core players aside from KDB have been horrendous. Aguero in ucl quarters has 1 goal and 3 penalty misses... David Silva, Fernandinho, Stones, Laporte and Ederson have also struggled massively when we get knocked out. Then of course everyone turns into Sterling with the finishing too and we miss countless chances. There were some shocking defensive lapses and chances missed against Monaco, Spurs, Lyon. Meanwhile those teams pretty much scored on all their chances
Dillan Brown
Dillan Brown:
1:38 in 1971 ajax played 26 games over the course of two/three years 😂 that amount is played in half a season now
They need the champions league but difference is they don't just have one rival capable of stopping them in the champions league like they do in the Premier league, in the CL there's teams like Bayern, PSG, Real, Liverpool and even Juventus so it's a lot harder to win that than it is the PL this season because let's face it once Van Dijk got injured it was only a matter of time before City started running away with the league
Marvin Kigongo
Marvin Kigongo:
Come on city 7 more wins boys and a champions league come on city 💙💙💙
Md Mizanur Rahman
Md Mizanur Rahman:
They should but u need little bit luck to win Champion League as well. I think it’s better for city to loose few game now. We need to see how they bounce back when they loose few games in coming fixtures. Pep shouldn’t complex his Champion league team and try all nice football. City needs to do some dirty work to win this..
Aryan Awasthi
Aryan Awasthi:
City can win the CL but Bayern is a big contender
Football Historian
Football Historian:
Bloody hell I love the way Carragher talks
Rigsby 1
Rigsby 1:
The Champions league is a cup competition. The league is the true mark of a great side. Not even a city fan but anyone can win a cup