This is why Aston Villa Signed Emiliano Buendia!

Emiliano Buendia, Dribbling, Defending, Goals, Passes, Tackles
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martin neave
martin neave:
3 seasons and we at Norwich were seeing how he has developed. Last season he added I think that final piece of his jigsaw. Goals. Farke challenged him to add that to his already excellent game and he certainly has.
Jonny Woodbeast
Jonny Woodbeast:
They're just last seasons clips, he's been producing this quality for the last 3 seasons. A gem of a footballer.
As an Arsenal fan I'm so jealous ! He looks phenomenal. Good for Aston Villa, they'll have one hell of a team next year
Stewart Siwek
Stewart Siwek:
I’m A Villa Supporter Love The Highlights Happy He’s With Us Now Left Foot Right Foot No Problem UTV
steve richards
steve richards:
This young lad used to pound the streets in Norwich all on his own . Everyday he’d go past my house .
A lovely man .
Long Shlong Silver
Long Shlong Silver:
So Emi. What is your favourite foot to score with? EMI...yes.
jay cam
jay cam:
Great signing for villa, They have made some smart signing's.
Guru Sevilla
Guru Sevilla:
he's the missing link for argentina...if scaloni plays him alongside messi and angel correa...the partnership would be deadly with lautaro upfront
I hope this doesn't mean Jack is leaving on the flipside him and Grealish will be crazy
Ian Lindsay
Ian Lindsay:
He's like a cross between John mcginn and grealish can't wait
Mark Elliot
Mark Elliot:
Quality player. Almost too difficult to tell if he is right or left footed. Equally comfortable on both
n a
n a:
Hes a baller class player from liverpool fan
Sam Hall
Sam Hall:
Sorry Norwich fans, we were in the same boat when we sold our best players a few seasons ago
error404 exe
error404 exe:
His last name meaning is"Good Day" literally 😱
Great video but I know it must hurt as an Arsenal fan 🤣
Ớt TV:
Imagine Villa's wingers next season, Grealish-Buendia and Watkins above, what a team could be🔥
Football Union
Football Union:
Love it😩🔥
Hazzmatt Plays
Hazzmatt Plays:
I get why he chose villa tbf. He’s been training with martinez with Argentina, and he basically has the choice of playing with jack grealish or nicolas pepe
Taf Onlock
Taf Onlock:
Him and grealish 🔥
Olatunji Olasunkanmi
Olatunji Olasunkanmi:
It would have been a + to arsenal as they will struggle to get bigger players this summer cos they are out of Europe
Going to bang 🔥🔥
J10 Productions
J10 Productions:
Argentina midfield is getting better Buendia, Paredes, De Paul, Lo Celso, Joaquin Correa sheesh
Amazing video bro
You know Arsenal are fucked when this lad prefers Villa to them 😂
apple account
apple account:
A good striker and Aston Villa can target top 6 next season.
Sad that he didn’t get called up for the Copa America, class player imo
Wonder how Villa line up with him now..
Arsenal the sore losers as always of not buying him 🤣
TFM Comps
TFM Comps:
Great video again bro
Vu Thanh Truong
Vu Thanh Truong:
Best signing best player,stupid Arsenal + Edu : missed very intelligent quick talent player.
SLIXK 045:
I hope he can play for Argentina’s World Cup qualifier and copaamerica
Benzah Ng'ang'a
Benzah Ng'ang'a:
This is what we call intelligent buying they can now sell Grealish anytime they want without pressure of finding a replacement
Maxaron Cuengado
Maxaron Cuengado:
Ya tenemos primer equipo descendido:
Feel The Pain !
Feel The Pain !:
I wish he was a little bit taller
Thulani Mazibuko
Thulani Mazibuko:
does this mean Grielish is leaving?
Ani Emmanuel
Ani Emmanuel:
Best of luck man
Should be for arsenal 😔
Good back up to jack grealish
Colin Cunningham
Colin Cunningham:
The bully boys of the premier will be looking out for him watch this space for sending's off bookings etc
Mike Riley
Mike Riley:
Helps that they apparently don't defend in the Championship. You could drive a bus through most of the defences in these clips.
Jeews Sam
Jeews Sam:
Its a huge huge advantage when your two footed and play in the Centre Midfield....Arsenal fuck u for messing up a transfer again as usual
RL Comps - Arsenal Compilations
RL Comps - Arsenal Compilations:
I am pretty sure you had planned a different title for this video lol
Great player, awful music
munkey puzzle
munkey puzzle:
welcome to arsenal....oh hang on.....pmsl!! welcome to villa! utv!
John Zee
John Zee:
But they haven't yet
garry newby
garry newby:
This is typical of Arsenal turning down talent like this over a few extra millions. This is N'gola Kante, Juan Mata Luis Suarez all over again and
Feel The Pain !
Feel The Pain !:
Vamos an allthat UTV
Sharaf Abdiwali
Sharaf Abdiwali:
Why he doesn't make debute on argentina 😡 becoues the worest maneger that l ever seen in football maneges are there Lieonal escolani argentina couch , anfortunatly messi and co.
SRYK Extraodinaire Creation
SRYK Extraodinaire Creation:
Forget him, get matheus pereira. 10million with better vision, we need provider. Buendia better be at Villa, we got Pepe, Saka, Martenelli why we need another winger.
John Wood
John Wood:
aston villa is a better run club than arsenal
Wish he was going to arsenal 😕
Musa Abdullah al habsi
Musa Abdullah al habsi:
Championship player.Average
Dylan OC
Dylan OC:
What's the music?
Daevion Taylor
Daevion Taylor:
Last time he played in the EPL 6 goals and 6 assist.Just overhyping by the media.
Decent players for a small club like Villa
Adam Abshir
Adam Abshir:
All i see is championship Lucas Moura
Matthew Carter
Matthew Carter:
Ah well, his average at best. Arsenal have nothing to worry about.