THIS is why Juventus will miss Mario Mandzukic

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Ciao Marione <3
Song: Jonas Schmidt ft. henrikz - Fall Again (Instrumental) (Vlog No Copyright Music)
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He even left Croatian national team after world cup to concentrate on Juventus be treated like this. At least fans love him.
Breaks my heart how he was treated this season.The man fought for us day in and day out, gave his heart to us and was OUR warrior after Vidal left. He was one of my favorites the past few season. I haven't cried to one of these videos in a while. We loved him, and he loved us. I can only wish him the very best. Grazie Marione
Noa Taylor
Noa Taylor:
Mandzukic is a big game player
Sad how Juventus treat the true Juventinos =( Marchisio Mandzukic...
He always gave 110% a true warrior
I will miss you Mario
I remember your “Welcome to Juve” video for Mandzukic back in 2015. One of the best videos you ever made. Mario became a valuable player for us. A fan favorite. It sucks to see him leave the way he did. The club board was super disrespectful for that.
Daniel Frisoni
Daniel Frisoni:
The disrespect he was shown this year hurt me. Only true Juventinos understand what he added to the team.
As a Roma fan I will miss him in serie A, players like him are difficult to find out. Goodbye warrior
Grazie Mario. Sempre nei nostri cuori. Sei stato un Grande Mario e ti ringrazio per quello che hai fatto per noi tifosi Juventini. Zahvaliti Mandzu. ⚪️⚫️👍
Shreeyans Gopee
Shreeyans Gopee:
He was fundamental for Juve games under Allegri.
It’s sad to see him leave and being treated like this for the club .
Wish him all the best
Warrior Mandžukić♥️💪
Francesco M
Francesco M:
We tried to win that trophy with him but it wasn’t enough. I think if we had 11 Manduzkic in Cardiff we would have achieved it, what a passion from him and decisive in the big moments
Ashes of Arcadia
Ashes of Arcadia:
All the haters on twitter and elsewhere are making me sad. Guy has been massive for us. Nothing but love for Mario.
smaccoos 2
smaccoos 2:
Il Guerriero... 🇭🇷😭😭😭😭
The greatest Juve warrior, always gived 100%, and this idiot Sarri don't need him !? Where is Juv now, even with Ronaldo they don't have concept, everything is so confused... Grazie Mario, You are the greatest !!!
Hussain AL-Hussaini
Hussain AL-Hussaini:
I miss him already.. What a gladiator.. Love you Madzo.. He will remain in our memories as one of the greatest Bianconiri ever played.. I wish him the very best both in real life and in his career.
I ain't quite whatever people say I am
I ain't quite whatever people say I am:
Best ever no. 9 striker for the last 3 seasons in Serie A. Wish he can do the same or even better in Qatar. Good luck Mandzu!
I grew up watching him,I miss him so much especially in the croatia 😭
Theo Juventino
Theo Juventino:
he is not the most spectacular player but always got the job done .. he will always be in our hearts <3
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar:
4 transfers I never wanted
Cr7 to juve
Ney to psg
Hazard to rma
And mandzukic out of juve.
He always better than Higuain💔 a true warrior on the field.
Real warrior and great football player. Good luck, Mario, we'll all miss you
Grazie Marione di tutto. Rimarrai per sempre nei nostri cuori❤️
Jagge Jagger
Jagge Jagger:
When Mandzukic first joined Juventus I was not very impressed by him or the transfer, but he turned out to be a fantastic signing and he has been such a valuable player and warrior for Juventus.
For me he went from being a very basic footballer to a favorite in the Juve squad. He will be greatly missed for sure and I wish him the very best!
Andrea Centorrino
Andrea Centorrino:
Credo di non essere mai stato così triste per l'addio di un calciatore, a parte Del Piero. Grazie di tutto marione..
Alessandro Campani
Alessandro Campani:
Mamma mia, uno di quei giocatori che mi porterò sempre dentro.
James Ebola
James Ebola:
Always in the right place at the right time. You can't teach that. Also, he puts his head where others won't put their feet. He's always 100% committed to win, and to the team.
One of VERY few players I actually believe when he says he doesn't care where he plays on the pitch as long as he plays.
He doesn't deserve what our asshole board has done to him, and I truly hope he finds happiness wherever he goes. Love the big guy. Fino Alla Fine, Marione!
Felix Baumann
Felix Baumann:
Legend ❤️. Mandzu and Bayern forever ❤️and also incredible work for Juventus! 😍🔝
šapac 86
šapac 86:
King of air duels and warrior on the pitch. I was really sad when he retired from national team. Now Petković is looking more and more like him.
T F:
The heart and soul of the team. Humble and extremely hard working. He scored the most beautiful goals for Juve. Sadly, he was forced to leave every big club he played at for similar reasons so this isn't such a huge shock. I'm glad he stuck it to Juve with his new club because he was able to get a higher salary while fooling Juve into thinking Al Duhail wouldn't pay more. He's smart and will hopefully have a fantastic season.
Paolo Dominelli
Paolo Dominelli:
Grazie Mario, per tutti i gol con la Juve e tutte le belle emozioni che ci hai dato, un vero guerriero sul campo, un lottatore d'altri tempi, ci mancherai
Martina Hasanac
Martina Hasanac:
He gave his everything to whatever team he played for. My fav club was Bayern where they won the treble ❤️ my favourite underrated player
Jakov Beljo
Jakov Beljo:
If you think about it Ronaldo hasn't been preforming as good as before ever since Mandzukic has been benched. He always seemed happier when he played with Mandzo, and he would preform better.
Edo Ferrante
Edo Ferrante:
Che giocatore, che grinta, che passione per questa maglia..Grazie di tutto Mario❤
Jumpin Nemo
Jumpin Nemo:
Mario will be in my heart forever ❤
Giacomo De Carlo
Giacomo De Carlo:
Elemento fondamentale per la Juve operaia di Allegri. Ricordo ancora quando arrivò, lo reputavo una buona punta ma non un fenomeno. Probabilmente avevo ragione, ma quello che ha dato per la maglia è qualcosa di encomiabile, ha dimostrato di essere forse l'unico prima dell'avvento di Ronaldo di avere quel pizzico di garra in più nei momenti clou. Un guerriero. Grazie di tutto Mr. No good! ❤
Unico, inimitabile, campione...... Mario Mandzukic..... we'll Miss you!!! ❤️
There's a lot of great things that can be said about Juventus, but the way they've been treating players who give their all for a club is truly dissapointing. Sad it ended the way it did but happy Mandzukic gets to start playing again
this man is so underrated, I'll miss him like i already did this season...
Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen:
Mandzukic has always been a very good player, he’s won a lot of things but isn’t talked about much which is annoying because he’s a great shoot and an aerial threat
Mario Casella
Mario Casella:
Giocatore leggendario. Ha sempre dato l'anima per la Juventus al contrario di tanti giocatori attualmente presenti.
Mohamed El Hadi Fahem
Mohamed El Hadi Fahem:
A true Loss, i'll choose him over Higuain anytime. it's disgusting the way JuVE HAVE TREATED HIM
He was always there in the big games, love the guy ❤️🤨
InSane PrakhaR
InSane PrakhaR:
Who hates sarri?
Maxc9 Black
Maxc9 Black:
Yes, for his perfect situational awareness and clinical finishing.
He is very good and I will definitely miss him in Juventus
He was extraordinary 😢😢❤
"CHI PER LA MAGLIA HA LOTTATO, NON VERRÀ MAI DIMENTICATO!" Buona fortuna Marione, per sempre uno di noi! 😭
Fabio Pistocchini
Fabio Pistocchini:
Un esempio per chiunque, grazie per aver sempre lottato fino alla fine guerriero ❤️
Shame we let him go so easily... first marchisio and now Mandzukic got a disrespectful farewell from the club 😢
Stefano Castellano
Stefano Castellano:
Cuore, polmoni e gol quasi sempre decisivi.. mamma mia che giocatore Mario Mandzukic! Mancherai Guerriero ❤❤
Victor Rosso
Victor Rosso:
One of the most under appreciated striker of this era. The perfect target man. From one Croatian to another - Mario, we love you!
mario è l'essenza della lotta dei gladiatori , ha dato tutto per la juve e la juve a dato ai tifosi l'essenza . lui è il vero Super Mario . Sarri poteva dare spazio a Mario (quando CR7 era non era in forma) . forse con la Lazio........ oramai è tardi
caterina tranchida
caterina tranchida:
Dopo 4 anni e mezzo il guerriero lascia la patria😭🔥.... Buona Fortuna per tutto Mandzukic 😍🔥
This guy is very underrated right from the beginnig..when he played in Dinamo Zagreb journalists called him a 'panjdzukic' ('Panj' in croatian lenguage meaning-three)..Mario scored two times in finals Champions League and semifinale and finale World Cup ...what a shame for them :(( ...sorry on my english
Ti vorrò sempre bene guerriero: mai troppi gol ma sempre decisivi... Basti pensare che in tutte le partite in cui il guerriero è andato in gol la Juve non vinse solo in due . A torino contro l'atalanta lo scorso anno e a Cardiff. Quella dannata finale in cui hai dato l'anima e a fine partita ti promettesti di riprovarci l'anno dopo. Purtroppo non andò bene successivamente ma tu comunque non mollasti mai a dimostrazione della doppietta a madrid. Nelle ultime annate nonostante riuscivi ad essere decisivo eri vittima di un sistema di gioco che ti vedeva titolare anche quando eri spremuto purtroppo facendoti passare per peso morto. È vero non potevi essere titolare o primo panchinaro in un parco attaccanti composto da cr7, paulo il pipa e douglas, è vero anche lui ha sbagliato perché la società aveva riferito prima una sua cessione che lui rifiutò per avere più tempo di riflessione. Ma un Marione è sempre ben amato.
Buona fortuna mm17 "un guerriero tra gli umani"
Ps. Complimenti colo
Fayez Ouarghi
Fayez Ouarghi:
A true fighter, Juve gonna miss him
Arjanit Senja
Arjanit Senja:
I remember that he was out after Higuain arrived. He said to Allegri that he wanted to play in every available position, and he sacrificed himself playing on the left for a long time. Like a warrior he used to fight and he scored a lot even he played out of his position. Chapeau Mario, but the times flies and we are looking forward for young players. Bye Mario. Thank you for all.
Alba Messina
Alba Messina:
È un giocatore e un uomo che è impossibile non amare alla follia. Lo rimpiango da quando lo hanno messo fuori squadra la scorsa estate, figurarsi ora. Sarò per sempre tifosa di questo indomito guerriero.
William Restrepo
William Restrepo:
Es video que ojalá nunca acabará. Grande Mario!! Siempre con garra! Fino alla fine
Han JiPyeoyeng
Han JiPyeoyeng:
As Bayern fan, I missed him a lot. My most favourite number 9 in Bayern. He is kinda underrated football player. Fans missed you a lot. Danke mandzu danke mandzu you are the best ✨
Goodbye 'Super' Mario! Grazie mille
Mario İs Croatia Legend. I Hope He go back to Europan Biggest Clubs.
luka luka
luka luka:
A player that never simulates or drop flat to the ground
Aldo Jaime
Aldo Jaime:
Un guerriero come nessun altro, Marione 😔❤
Antemurale Christianitatis
Antemurale Christianitatis:
Our croatian national team and we, the croatian people miss him too! In this video its almost about scoring, but if needed he was also a defender with tackles and duell-plays like a 'libero' ! Great fighter, gives his heart to the team.
Buon Natale! Felice Anno Nuovo! Vissuto in salute! Evviva!
Saluti dalla Croazia
filip krawczyk
filip krawczyk:
Mario = one of the best soccer in the world
1:05 one of the most underrated goals of the season
I already miss him so much. What a legend.
GodR GodR
GodR GodR:
As a 25 Year Juven fan.I will miss him for sure. that goal against Real Madrid in the final was amazing. Not gonna call Sarri Stupid. but it will for sure be better if he use Mandzukic even as a sub. Best center after David Trezaguet for Juven
abdo sllam
abdo sllam:
we miss your place at the stadium
Good luck manzo you’re a great player
Il Marchese Bianconero
Il Marchese Bianconero:
Grazie Mario :(
zam veron
zam veron:
Is this for real? He is 1 of the top strikers around. Very very underrated. Where is he going? Damn Sarri
Мистер Х
Мистер Х:
You will be greatly missed, and never forgotten. Forza Juve!!!!
Revan A P
Revan A P:
One of the best juve players in this decade, grazie marione
Francesco Mason
Francesco Mason:
Da interista l'ho sempre ammirato. Un gladiatore del pallone, un esempio di professionalità e mentalità vincente
I know it's hard to find the highlights, but this video possibly lacks the best part of this player: the commitment for the team. All the balls he gained around the field, the enormous amount of ball he kept and passed through banks, the intelligence on reading the actions. I was one of the most influence player on Juve positive results.
If I had to choose one for all under Allegri's Juve, I'd go for Mandzukic.
3:05 perfectly shows who he plays for, for the badge
Faizan nabi
Faizan nabi:
we will forever love you Mandzukic 💗💕💕
Frank Btc
Frank Btc:
Dedicato a tutti quelli che non hanno memoria.
Grande Mario!
Lorenc Nergjoni
Lorenc Nergjoni:
Un giocatore con le palle, ha sempre dato il massimo. Piango guardando il video :'(
Ale Amudy
Ale Amudy:
I don't care about champions league, I only care about Juve being together, looking at football not in terms of business #sarriout
That is why Croatia is missing him too. 😢
Moiz Almonaie
Moiz Almonaie:
I am really sad that he is leaving, especially that way
Ledo Medo®
Ledo Medo®:
Croatia will miss him 😭🇭🇷❤️
Now they have Gonzalo "big match fail" Higuain as striker.
Hasan AlKazemi
Hasan AlKazemi:
A warrior among men ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍🖤
jolly x00x
jolly x00x:
Sono interista, ma penso che manzukic sia un grande giocatore, onestamente meglio di higuain.
Andrea Ancora
Andrea Ancora:
Lo preferisco un miliardo di volte ad Higuain. Nelle partite importanti Mandzukic c'è sempre, Higuain quasi mai. E' un lottatore, non si lamenta, non piange mai e da' tutto. Davvero un peccato vederlo andar via dalla Juve.
Kevin Szabó
Kevin Szabó:
It is a mistake to sell him, an unselfish, creative goal scorer and chance creator. Such a warrior.
one of my favourite players... i never understood why juve prefere higuain (a good player) to him...
Paolo Jorvina
Paolo Jorvina:
Underrated 🔥🔥
Ciccio gol01
Ciccio gol01:
Goodbye Mr No Good! we will miss you😭❤️
Germanischer Krieger
Germanischer Krieger:
1.90 cm height
85 kg wheight
Play striker but Even LW or LM because he Can everything run,Shoot,Passing,Dribbling and the Most Strenght and Stamina. Its a shame that he retire from Profi Football but he will be remembered as a true Warrior💪🏻
non sono juventino.. ma questo è davvero uno che quando gioca ci mette davvero tutto
saad al-amri
saad al-amri:
So sad to see him leaving 💔😢
Mugiwara Nu Luffy
Mugiwara Nu Luffy:
Juve had a great striker in Mandzukic
Idk why they let him go
haris affandy
haris affandy:
Mandzukic role under Allegri : Wide targetman 😎
Jevgeni S
Jevgeni S:
This is big mistake , Mario war real warrior , thanks to him for everything, I will miss
Luka Koloper
Luka Koloper:
Maybe he didnt score a lot but he scored when the goal was needed the most
Da milanista grande giocatore trattato come un piccolo giocatore,ricordo ancora il gol in finale di champions,molto sottovalutato