This is Why Man United Want Cristian Romero! 2021

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100+ comentarios:

Aneesh Paul - 57
Aneesh Paul - 57:
He is such a great CB
He played so well today for Argentina and he was their best Defender today
Even he also became the best Defender of Seria A this season(which alone tells how good he is)
Cuti Romero is so underrated, he is a beats
I wouldn’t mind having him as Maguire’s partner. Has good pace and much better at tackling than Lindelof
Last year i have doubt that why nobody talks about him and why the youtubers doesnt make his quality videos. But after this season lots of people realize that he is world class and in making of the best 🇦🇷🇦🇷🙌. He is very good in every part of the Defending Game reading, areal ability, duel battle, speed, strength 🔥🔥👌. Absolute rock in the Defence 👌👌. Big fan of him since 2019. In india he is having fans already 🇮🇳🇮🇳. Fenomeno Cutii 🤩🤩
Tope Zzz
Tope Zzz:
All the argentinians don't know about this man since he played for Argentina and he is SO GOOD, he even scored a goal, he is an elite defender (sorry Bad English xd)
Hasan Tamzid
Hasan Tamzid:
he outclassed the copa america tournament..such a good defender
Ovi Mandal
Ovi Mandal:
0:35 Romero to the gk: don't worry the beast will never come again
Jibin Joseph
Jibin Joseph:
His attitude is terrifying absolutely calm and cool nothing matters to him
Jakes Tojo
Jakes Tojo:
Great player. Ball playing centre back is what united wanted
Karimer Darwish
Karimer Darwish:
World class defender
He reminds me of a more rounded Marcus Rojo. Very physical and engages is duels, unlike Lindelof. Heading ability also looks like a major strong point.
Marko Milutinov
Marko Milutinov:
Great player, amazing transfer for Man U if they pulling this out
Paul Donnelly
Paul Donnelly:
Guy looks class
Rooney Naulak
Rooney Naulak:
He is a good CB and also a good attacker too...🔥🔥🔥 welcome to Man Utd...🔥🔥🔥
Theo Santana
Theo Santana:
Agent Amad Diallo

Cristian Romero just won the best Serie A defender
Lopson Gurung
Lopson Gurung:
Would be upgrade on weak Lindelof!!!
Amiss AV
Amiss AV:
I really hope Man Utd go for him instead
He looks like he is in desperate need of a major club step up
Kin Cheung Leung
Kin Cheung Leung:
I am worried. ManU did not treat argentina's players well.
Aldemar Paiva
Aldemar Paiva:
This is what 99 Anticipation looks like
Lucky Player
Lucky Player:
Best defender in serie a this season along with kjear tomori and skriniar
Sabiq Sulaiman
Sabiq Sulaiman:
his recovery is really good
Andre Anderson
Andre Anderson:
Dude is a beast ,complete modern day defender
4:08 the interception shows how good he is plua the guy is all over the place. I tip him to be a great
Matteo Bergamini
Matteo Bergamini:
U miss two great with milan and inter and someone with ajax, but nice job
Daniel Iwuala
Daniel Iwuala:
I will take him over Varane. Reminds me of vidic.
They want him, but they're not gonna get him... I hope, at least💙🖤😰
Jumannee Dacrie
Jumannee Dacrie:
I would definitely play him in-front the back line
More brave compare to Linda,sign him please 🤞
Cuti Romero 🇦🇷🇦🇷
onotu aliyu ohindase
onotu aliyu ohindase:
Buy him if we can't get Varane ✊🏿
Jumannee Dacrie
Jumannee Dacrie:
This guy look like he could even be a DM too by himself
Yokpou Pè
Yokpou Pè:
Should definitely come to Barca. Barca should look into him to replace Longlegs aka lenglet
blue sky
blue sky:
Subhan Qureshi
Subhan Qureshi:
United should either sign an experienced player like varane but he might be using their name to get a massive pay rise so united or united should sign centre backs like botman and romero who are emerging centre backs that are going to be top players in coming years.
shake_n _pour
shake_n _pour:
A very good defensive utility player
Hej På Mej
Hej På Mej:
Amazing video bro!!!
Numero Uno
Numero Uno:
This is real CB.....very fast reflection...a baller too.
Huskar United
Huskar United:
Sad spurs always take our favourite player
he is like Bailey but without the injury.
Aggressive, technical and quick.
Morning Star
Morning Star:
Between Varane, Romero and Torres,, definitely Varane or Romero but at this moment I don't care we just need to buy a defender asap.
G P:
Direct style of defense with 95% interceptions, one-touch passing from defensive headers and surprise counter-attack threat - is why every club should want Cuti Romero.
Abdi Chelsea
Abdi Chelsea:
I would say this kind of defending will disappear from my eyes soon so yeah go for it UTD!
Aaron Albert
Aaron Albert:
Have VIDIC shape off the ball , I don't know how long he will take to develop into that top notch , I would take him but sign verane too ,because he might be a risk
Suyog Rajbhandari
Suyog Rajbhandari:
Kar Jun
Kar Jun:
Knight Oyin
Knight Oyin:
I prefer this lad to Varen.
Thiago vibes
He will eat Lindelof for breakfast. That weak ass cost us the final.
Marco Gosatti
Marco Gosatti:
I'm here as Spurs are in advance negotiations with Romero. Looks quality 👌 Fingers crossed we get him🤞
Golden Boy
Golden Boy:
Should sell lindelof for him
Moe Khan
Moe Khan:
Looks like no nonsense kinda player!
pritish more
pritish more:
juventus is so stupid, that they neglected this star
Kicks by Quis
Kicks by Quis:
This is why Man U wanted Sancho instead
Saad Khan
Saad Khan:
Glad he's from Argentina
He will definitely break record of most cards with premier league referees
Max Halley
Max Halley:
I like him.
Ukiyo Presents:
Ukiyo Presents::
Honestly why can’t United just develop Tuanzebe and Mengi. Mengi is obviously younger but he still looks talented, and as for Tuanzebe, the kid is clearly good enough to start consistently and he’s improved fitness wise. If United do buy a CB it should be Varane, Torres or this guy tho
Ravi C
Ravi C:
Everyone seems to be better than lindelof
New Otamendi
Hchn Kjhf
Hchn Kjhf:
Welcome to bayern
Subhan Qureshi
Subhan Qureshi:
He reminds me of mascherano.
El pajaro Loco
El pajaro Loco:
For 65 milion perhaps...🤣😂🤘
A Ali
A Ali:
He looks good but my question is all these players kounde torres romero botman are they much better than tuanzebe if better at all. tuanzebe when given the chance looked solid he only made mistakes when he started out of nowhere even dias was making mistakrs in the beggining
ratsman tango
ratsman tango:
United do it now or it will never happen time flying so fast
Rohit Gupta
Rohit Gupta:
Obviously looks great in a back 3 . But can he do it in EPL in a back 2 is the question .
Abhay Naik
Abhay Naik:
him + twanzebe = 🔥
David sonam
David sonam:
Who is watching him because he in national team mate of Messi. And also hope barca sing hom 😂😂
Cobbikyl Gyantu
Cobbikyl Gyantu:
Hes good
ratsman tango
ratsman tango:
He is fresh from the Copa America
He’s joining spurs you heard it here first
ami ramlan
ami ramlan:
The Argentine players has a bad record for united. Flop & betrayer..🤭🤭🤭
Le-Rhone Miller
Le-Rhone Miller:
The wan bissaka of cb
United Channel
United Channel:
Much rather pau or varane
Alex Akmari
Alex Akmari:
If varanes deal dsnt fall through guess who the gonna rush to ni the final day or hours
Shubham Ambre
Shubham Ambre:
I don't think he's strong in aerial duels
Offff he is so fast
Abhishek Pangeni
Abhishek Pangeni:
please stay at Atlanta or go Atlectico
Yap Zihau
Yap Zihau:
Veron, Heinze, Tevez, Rojo, Sergio Romero.... All Argentine players don't have good endings at Man utd.. sad
Aishwaary Kumar
Aishwaary Kumar:
Let's not kid ourselves , we won't buy him and even if we do we'll ruin his career
Unais tP
Unais tP:
Is he Right Footed?
Hiệp Võ
Hiệp Võ:
No, i don't think MU need Romero, who MU really need bring to OF is Seven Botman. He's high, strong and play by left, who may support for Maguie.
Rhys o
Rhys o:
This is funny to me now
Anas Tahshin
Anas Tahshin:
Barca should look for him
Boniface Mawira
Boniface Mawira:
No please we wasted another man years ago marcos rojo
ᴀᴋsʜᴀʏ ᴇᴅɪᴛs
ᴀᴋsʜᴀʏ ᴇᴅɪᴛs:
Is he better than Eric Garcia ?
I think so .
joseph estes
joseph estes:
He looks like Zayn Malik
barkah mohamut
barkah mohamut:
Beast like vidic
Rahul Yadav
Rahul Yadav:
Right footed or Left footed ???
Ian Hay
Ian Hay:
Welcome to Chester City
My dear Barca where are you??
Panupong Nampuktai
Panupong Nampuktai:
From latin no good for united
Mah Di
Mah Di:
Eder militao vs Cristian romero how is the best...
Ray S
Ray S:
What scares me is Lindelof was this good at his old club now look at him at Man Utd he cant hack it
ツ S N A K E ツ
ツ S N A K E ツ:
Marcos Rojo 2.0
Gursant Singh
Gursant Singh:
He's just another Rojo. We need Varane or kounde. Priority is to replace Lindelof and not find a replacement/back up for harry.
Arjun Home Kerala
Arjun Home Kerala:
Sven Botman is 100% better than him as a strong CB..
Robins Maske
Robins Maske:
Why are man United just roaming after defenders one by one just stick to the signing for varane. He's got experience to the highest level. Just sign varane problem solved in defense for 5 years.
Sullay BJ
Sullay BJ:
An ok CB
Beuken Phom
Beuken Phom:
Panic buy will be our last option 🤧🤧🤧