Tiger Woods injured in Palos Verdes crash | KTLA 5 News live coverage

Tiger Woods was hospitalized after a solo-vehicle rollover crash on Tuesday morning, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Watch live coverage from KTLA 5 News, here. More details: https://ktla.com/news/local-news/tiger-woods-injured-in-rollover-crash-in-rancho-palos-verdes-area-jaws-of-life-used-to-extricate-golfer-from-wreck/ #KTLA #TigerWoods

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Didn’t he just wreck a car a few years ago?
This guy is clearly too wreckless to be behind the wheel.Its incredibly selfish.Fortunately nobody asides himself was hurt.
Tinder Account
Tinder Account:
That engine that smashed into his legs looks like it was hit head on
Wrenlin Whitelight
Wrenlin Whitelight:
I'm so thankful we didn't start 2021 with another horrific death of a GOAT Athlete as we did last year (RIP Mamba). That was the first thing I thought when I saw the thumbnail. Get well soon mr. Woods.
ReEducated Ronin
ReEducated Ronin:
Homie survived a life attempt ✊🏾 Respect!
Hero Miles
Hero Miles:
They talking about this dude like he's already dead
Heart Strings
Heart Strings:
This Breaking News came while I was at work. My heart almost stopped. For a few seconds, I thought the worse with the pictures of him used along with the crash scene photo.
My God ...I am praying he will recover and be alright.
This is so shocking.
William Stalvey
William Stalvey:
Praying for the Big Cat....
Larry Southern
Larry Southern:
Hang in ther TIGER!!! WE LOVE YOU MAN!!!
Upon hearing about Tiger’s accident it immediately made me think of Payne Stewart. So glad the end result was not the same.
Emerald Isle Lass Jennifer Forney
Emerald Isle Lass Jennifer Forney:
Oh Please be respectful. prayers sent to Tiger and all involved, Prayers for Tiger's family & loved ones as they wait for Tiger to recover from this surgery. No matter how you feel about this man.... this is an accident.... an accident is just that. no negativity needed. Pray for a positive outcome. Before anyone wants to be quick to judge this horrific accident, remember this could have been your loved one and you would be reacting differently. Be kind. Blessings to Tiger.
Old School Muscle
Old School Muscle:
Get well Tiger. But Jack Nicklaus will always be the GOAT on and off the course.
Chris Gray horse
Chris Gray horse:
Another car related problem he was drunk before behind the wheel
The Miami Metropolis
The Miami Metropolis:
They keep talking about his golfing, at this point I am sure he is struggling for his life. The trauma to his body is not a minor issue. It is going to take a few days even to know how bad it was. Walking will be a struggle for months. Hope him the best, but there is more to life than golf, even for Tiger Woods.
Joy Michele Timmons
Joy Michele Timmons:
That is quite some accident. I hope Tiger is okay and pray for his recovery of this accident.
Shady Grady
Shady Grady:
Thoughts and prayers to both Tiger and the hooker.
Texas Made
Texas Made:
The elite came and caused the wreck to kill him bc he hasn't listened to his handlers
Big Man
Big Man:
His car fell in the bunker, tough break, gonna be hard to get out of this one.

Jk. Get well soon Tiger!!
Betsy Mordino
Betsy Mordino:
When are they going to take away tiger Woods's driver's license after all the car accidents he has been in and caused? Is it because he's a celebrity? Anybody else would have had their driver's license taken away a long time ago with all the accidents that tiger woods had?
Floodythesweat Switch
Floodythesweat Switch:
Whoever design that median is not smart it just come up out of nowhere and suddenly you are forced to either go left or right
Damn that responding Deputy is finer than 20 year old scotch whiskey!
Prince Purple Rain
Prince Purple Rain:
Prayer's for Tiger and love to him and his family for a good speedy recovery he's in the best place for recovery at UCLA may god bless him with healing thought's
Multiple compound fractures in both legs. He will be lucky to walk again if they do not amputate. His pro career is over.
When we are too much flesh n less spirit, we can't hear God speak. We will learn, by choosing the hard way; doing as the world does.
God Bless You Tiger 🙏
Steve Parr
Steve Parr:
Let's all put positive vibes in for Tiger.
J J:
I wish him a speedy recovery
that411 youtube
that411 youtube:
Looks a bit suspect already.
Fousseyni Kouyate
Fousseyni Kouyate:
Speedy recovery
Bargdaffy 158
Bargdaffy 158:
Well at least he wasn't flying a helicopter....
Lavert Nero
Lavert Nero:
Get well soon Tiger!!! 🏌️‍♂️
Mariela Mathilda
Mariela Mathilda:
They want him dead
Pilar Lopez
Pilar Lopez:
There's many things. Ther a have to be worried
Wonder if this was you and you had a well known prior?
richard t.
richard t.:
This will be his 3rd reckless driving charge ! He's a danger to the public and deserves to do some time.
Connie Canas
Connie Canas:
He was speeding
President JoeBiden
President JoeBiden:
what you get for voting for the other guy
He will be ok. 👍🏼
Brad Bolin
Brad Bolin:
SKD Tradings Sdn Bhd
SKD Tradings Sdn Bhd:
His 'third' leg ok. That matters. He a champ
Mack Gloven
Mack Gloven:
Tigers drive isn’t what it used to be
Bogisich Denham
Bogisich Denham:
jora kadyk
jora kadyk:
Viktor Kutepov
Viktor Kutepov:
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller:
Run Tiger Run...
fx green
fx green:
I heard 10 hookers were thrown off the vehicle as it flipped over.
Mesidg me
Mesidg me:
they cant save his leg so he can now be the first one legged golfer according to cnn broadcasting
80's & 90's were the best
80's & 90's were the best:
Not a fan of the guy. That's a shame lol
Please stop with the comments of "HE WILL NEVER PLAY AGAIN"!🤫 No one knows this man's WILL POWER and Determination! GOD works miracles every single day!!!🙏🏽
When he had his back injuries, they counted him out...and he won the MASTERS in 2019!!! #G.O.A.T
Christy Smith
Christy Smith:
God bless tiger
Dennis Edwards
Dennis Edwards:
Pissed up again.
No more F1 racing for him
Thomas Tang
Thomas Tang:
benz suv?
Was he trying to fit his car into the 9th hole?
Tiger was high on cocaine and speeding.
Rachel Mckinn
Rachel Mckinn:
Prayers to you.
Frank Lopez
Frank Lopez:
The cheesy jokes here are NOT funny at all, people here are cold and shameless, depraved internet animals. This is not cool. That car flipped a few times, imagine if that was you! You would be scared for you lives.
Lost Soul
Lost Soul:
Lost Soul
Lost Soul:
Lighting Lotus
Lighting Lotus:
God is Coming
꧁Whispering I꧂
꧁Whispering I꧂:
So much going on in the world and this degenerate news network keeps beating us up every 5mins with coverage about an injured idol that could careless about anyone else who was in a similar situation. This channel is 👎👎👎
If it's not commercial after commercial its coverage of things that JUST DON'T MATTER! theres better news out there folks.
He had a “hole in one” of his tyres 😂
taylor mccoy
taylor mccoy:
Honestly tiger hasn't been the same since his dad died
Christian Identity News
Christian Identity News:
Maybe the next time, he'll read the speed LIMIT sign and also recognize that a car is NOT a toy. The average person driving a car is a documentable moron and lo and behold, no surprise, look at the level of murder and mayhem on the roads.
Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell:
Hopefully can return before the masters.
Darryl Smith
Darryl Smith:
Nothing good happens in Jupiter
Yahchanan Ben Yahuda
Yahchanan Ben Yahuda:
Delmar Reed
Delmar Reed:
Was he high on Prescription Drugs again?
Odele whey
John Heath
John Heath:
I’ve lived here my whole life and drive this road a lot. Nobody has crashed like this! WTF
He must've been going so fast, to end up where he did. He's lucky he's still alive and nobody else was involved/injured.
Tiger just can't seem to stay out of the rough.
Spiritual Truth
Spiritual Truth:
Sending prayer for Tiger Woods..♥️
Drinking and driving is bad
bob beck
bob beck:
Moms, dads, kids, are KILLED EVERY DAY in car crashes. Where's the hour upon hour of THEIR crashes?!!! This is just stupidity and "celebrity" fascination at it's most pathetic!! People are just mentally ill.
Imagine being this athletic and this bad at driving..cars.
80's & 90's were the best
80's & 90's were the best:
Maybe he shouldn't of played golf with the devil himself?? Woods has said "respect the office" but what about the person that WAS in office had NO RESPECT for the office...hummmm??? And still took the medal of freedom...don't give a damn about this guy.
rita rodrigues
rita rodrigues:
Praying for quick Healing dear Tiger❤️
Jarhead leatherneck
Jarhead leatherneck:
What was his BAC?
The fact that he was golfing with Dwayne wade makes it more sad
Woody Allen
Woody Allen:
I’ll only watch golf if they have hot cheerleaders during 99% of the broadcast. Sorry. I meant to say 100%.
Mike Mcc
Mike Mcc:
Who else wants a new 2021 Genesis now? 👍
Macaveli DaMafia
Macaveli DaMafia:
The truth is it’s Jada now He’s trying to check outta here this is just like A decade ago the wifey thing again
David Swimm
David Swimm:
Nope, this doesn't impact my life at all ✌️
Give him a breathalyzer. Did any beer cans or girlfriends fly out?
Jesse Gutierrez
Jesse Gutierrez:
Its the illuminate man, they tried to get another sacrifice but failed. ☮✌
Emerald Isle Lass Jennifer Forney
Emerald Isle Lass Jennifer Forney:
Prayers For Tiger and all involved, be respectful during this time.
Man, that Genesis sure did save him. What was he thinking driving 80 miles without breaking in 45 miles down hill curve?
Oussi Saho
Oussi Saho:
He's part asian, right? 😂
Cecilie Noble
Cecilie Noble:
Tiger, these roads are tricky! So glad you're okay! Get well soon and hurry back! 💐⛳💐
I will be with you, Tiger.
It's really tough though you can make it as you had already got over from your back injury.
Next peek has just appeared.This would be tough.
But you can get over. I believe on you.
Don't forget so many people are supporting you.
You are absolutely great, pure fighter to fight this kind of trouble.
You can make it.
You can make it.
You can make it
Belly of the Sarlacc
Belly of the Sarlacc:
I hope he recovers quickly, however I cannot help but think that the one thing Tiger was really supposed to be good at is Driving... Ahhhhh!
Gene Jarman
Gene Jarman:
Time for that dude to stop being cheap and hire a driver!
J W:
He’s a Friend of Trump, that can be a dangerous thing.
Princess Diana ring a bell?
Elmo Barleycorn
Elmo Barleycorn:
sad fact....sometimes when you wreck your car you get hurt.
Squiddy Jamzzz
Squiddy Jamzzz:
Smells fishy
Andres Perez
Andres Perez:
Genesis saved his life
No, those injuries were pre-exisiting from a previois golf club attack back in 2010.
I miss the part where I care.
*Jesus Christ* has given Mr. Woods a second chance. Mr. Woods may you have healthy recovery. However, you need to repent of your sins, renounce to Buddhism, and make *Jesus Christ* your Lord and Saviour.