Timo Werner - Best 5 Goals

The master of quick turnovers & clinical finisher
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Timo Werner is one of the Bundesliga’s best forwards. The 24-year-old boasts 26 goals and eight assists after only 31 matches this season. His incredible speed and his team-mates, who feed him with passes again and again, made it possible. He’s scored a total of 89 goals for VfB Stuttgart and RB Leipzig. Here are his best five. Which did you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard:
Bundesliga posting all their Werner videos they had saved up before leaves
Archie Homewood
Archie Homewood:
I’m a Chelsea fan can’t wait to see him at Stamford Bridge
big boi jakey
big boi jakey:
He's now a Chelsea man oh timo werner
Will be forever a legend in this era of the bundesliga

Good luck at Chelsea! From an arsenal fan :(
Kalle S
Kalle S:
Welcome to chelsea, Timo!
YT IPlayz19
YT IPlayz19:
Welcome to Chelsea💙
“iT’s nOt fAiR! i sPeNt hOuRs iN qUaRanTiNe pUtTiNg LiVeRpOoL sHiRtS oN HiM!”

Ahh it’s sad as a Liverpool fan. But it’ll be fun to see him in the EPL
Atanas Nestorov
Atanas Nestorov:
Wow! Zyech and Werner will play for Chelsea from the start of the next season Frank Lampard is doing some great business
Arnold Agaba
Arnold Agaba:
This guy is going to be a legend
Brainz Boy
Brainz Boy:
IT'S OFFICIAL! HE'S GOING TO CHELSEA! YES! Still gonna be a Bundsliga fan though.
Yehia Tamer
Yehia Tamer:
Years later...
Bundesliga: Timo Werner: Made In Bundesliga

Ps. It is true
Just when every news outlet confirmed the Werner news lol. Bundesliga was really waiting to release this vid
Jan FCB:
"What Werner wants, Werner gets" this gives me goosebumps.
Aaron clark
Aaron clark:
Coincidentally uploaded this as his transfer was announced
venomkiller 493
venomkiller 493:
Can't wait to see him play at Stamford bridge
Shubh Maheshwari
Shubh Maheshwari:
*Looserpool again.* 😂😂😂
*Dreaming about mbappe when they cant even pay 60m for werner* 😂😂😂
lamp y
lamp y:
chelsea board: how much should we pay werner?
lampard: 0:20
Grey Panda
Grey Panda:
He’s officially a Chelsea player💙
Jack Cunningham
Jack Cunningham:
Can’t wait to see him play for the Blues. What a signing 👏🏻🔥
Make "Timo Werner: Made in Bundesliga" please
Kencruotz TV
Kencruotz TV:
Welcome to the best team in England 💙
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Chelsea finally has someone solid after Costa
Jan FCB:
1:23 Did you hear it? Lord Diekmeyer!
Niranjan Athikavil
Niranjan Athikavil:
Can't wait to see these thunderbolts with Chelsea 💙
Krishna Simkhada
Krishna Simkhada:
His transfer to Chelsea is confirmed 😭
Ishtiaque Hossain Khan 1120246030
Ishtiaque Hossain Khan 1120246030:
Soon: Timo Werner Top 10 Goals EPL
Join the 11 club (members)
And new member Timoooo 🥇 Winner
Shalom Mangweza
Shalom Mangweza:
Who else is searching Timo Werner videos because he joined Chelsea
Mufag Ahmed
Mufag Ahmed:
We are waiting him in Chelsea next season 🔥🔥🔥
Danish Flamingo
Danish Flamingo:
Welcome to Chelsea , Timo Werner 💪🏼💙💙 . You’re going to be our club legend
Mobile Bazar
Mobile Bazar:
I like this guy. For me he's the best player.🤩🤩🤩
Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein:
He’s such a good player, as a Chelsea fan, I’m so happy he’s coming to us
Vrindavan Mishra
Vrindavan Mishra:
So excited he’s a blue 💙 he reminds me of a young Alexandre Pato🖤
David Dale-Harris
David Dale-Harris:
Chelsea have truly gotten a very good bargain, only 50mil on one of the best strikers in the world
Michael Vivie
Michael Vivie:
He made the defenders look like beans in that number 2 goal.. Deadly player..❤️❤️❤️
Simon 2508
Simon 2508:
Congrats on 2mil!!
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox:
that volley is OUTSTANDING, welcome to Chelsea Timo <3
Raptor - Mobile Gamer
Raptor - Mobile Gamer:
Can't wait until he wears Blue!
Deadly Falcon
Deadly Falcon:
EA:release the Bundesliga tots
Me:that 97 Werner is the best one there in mybopinion
Timö Werner is such an amazing player. It is such a disappointment that Timö is leaving from RB Leipzig. 😔 He has done so much for RB Leipzig.
Danke Timö ❤
Divyansh Ahuja
Divyansh Ahuja:
1 hour after this Video

Lampard Sign Werner
i love the outro when coman goes ahahahah,😐
Razor Fire96
Razor Fire96:
What a player!! 🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️
Super Ali
Super Ali:
Welcome chelsea timo🔵👍
Luke Devaney
Luke Devaney:
Lampard is a genius, imagine the pace of werner, pulisic and hudson adoi. This attack will be as deadly as liverpool.
De Bruyne Junior
De Bruyne Junior:
Welcome to Chelsea✨🔥
Erowo Ekonye
Erowo Ekonye:
I love how much the Bundesliga love Timo Werner so much it’s so beautiful ❤️
Kemal Loco
Kemal Loco:
Welcome to The Blues 💙
Going to miss Timo. 💔
Florian Salihu
Florian Salihu:
This a goodbye for sure. Welcome to Chelsea 💙
magic hazey
magic hazey:
Special player timo werner 🔥🙌🙏✌
Νικόλαος Αθανασάκης
Νικόλαος Αθανασάκης:
Παρεμπιπτόντως το 2ο γκολ (1:15) μου άρεσε περισσότερο από όλα!!!(Μεταξύ μας σ' αυτή τη φάση έκανε κακή έξοδο ο τερματοφύλακας)
Travis Godfree
Travis Godfree:
Welcome to Chelsea!
Tommy Acraman
Tommy Acraman:
Welcome to Chelsea💙
Giyar Handaru
Giyar Handaru:
Let's guess who will possibly replace him? 🤔
Yuvraj Sen
Yuvraj Sen:
Wellcome to Chelsea werner💙💙
Petr Čech
Petr Čech:
Welcome to the Bridge,; Finally Chelsea announced you!!!
I'm Chelsea fan and i am hungry for his skills at our rn😭😭
Pal Bochae
Pal Bochae:
Welcome to Timo 😍😍😍
Sam Perry
Sam Perry:
And what Werner wants Werner gets 🔥🔥💙
Abiel Zimbiri
Abiel Zimbiri:
Welcome to London Timo
Al Hassane Diop
Al Hassane Diop:
Welcome to Chelsea FC💙
Gaviis Thebest
Gaviis Thebest:
Rocket Man must be his favourite song! Cause he's a rocket man! Although it may be an airplane this summer
R.Y.1/O MaruPhoenix
R.Y.1/O MaruPhoenix:
Looserpooollll , chelsea long history of stealing players from other PL clubs :) magic
Tik tok haydencarter411
Tik tok haydencarter411:
Hello Chelsea 👑🔥🔥🔥
Talandila Barnabas Kasapila
Talandila Barnabas Kasapila:
I liked every goal😂
Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
2 of these goals were against Union lol🤣
devarsh tanna
devarsh tanna:
Welcome to chelsea timo😍😍😍
Any Chelsea fan here? 🤪
Slamet Firdaus
Slamet Firdaus:
Mantep timo 💙🔵
Welcome to Chelsea my friend
The Friendly Diarrhea
The Friendly Diarrhea:
This man has just signed for Chelsea FC
Avi Arora
Avi Arora:
Pavan Manchineni
Pavan Manchineni:
Another one gone to PL :(
Aung Kyi
Aung Kyi:
Welcome to Chelsea 💙💙
Chika Agab
Chika Agab:
The perfect player Chelsea needs
cocot peot
cocot peot:
Farewell Timo😭
Subhrajyoti Roy
Subhrajyoti Roy:
Welcome to Chelsea, Timo
Kshitiz Karki
Kshitiz Karki:
Welcome to Chelsea!!
Gonna miss you timo 😭😭😭😭😭
Julian Lyhus
Julian Lyhus:
I’m just happy he is on the national team
Explore the World with Farah
Explore the World with Farah:
Welcome to Chelsea Timo!🔵👊
Amj 2Wavy
Amj 2Wavy:
Welcome to Chelsea ✊🏾
When u know a players leaving so u get as many views as u can on him
Nour Elgamal
Nour Elgamal:
He is one of the wow players
Changamkia Fursa
Changamkia Fursa:
Special player 😍😍😍
Think Joe
Think Joe:
Timo just signed.... COYB
น้อย กรุบกริบ
น้อย กรุบกริบ:
Yedu Krishnan
Yedu Krishnan:
Could you make all goal compilation of Timo Werner this season.
Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma:
Wow what speed and power. 👏👏
Congratulations for 2 milion subscribes ! :)
Abdikadir Hassan Abdi
Abdikadir Hassan Abdi:
Welcome to Chelsea Timo London is Blue
Mr. Tomato
Mr. Tomato:
Welcome to chelsea timo
Chelsea talks tv
Chelsea talks tv:
scored a beauty yesterday.. cant wait
Welcome to Chelsea 🔵
Welcome to Stamford bridge
10K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
10K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge:
Will Werner play with Chelsea on the match against Bayern ?
Archie Smith
Archie Smith:
He's insane
Joshua V
Joshua V:
Best so far 👌