Timo Werner ► Welcome To Chelsea | 2020 HD


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Thiago Productions
Thiago Productions:
Arjun a asok
Arjun a asok:
did anyone feel the song goes like..today today live like a werner
Subhankar Roy
Subhankar Roy:
Pulisic-werner-Ziyech 🔥
Volker Schmidt
Volker Schmidt:
Chealsea has to be glad having a player like that!
He is going to be scary for defenders in the prem
Oj Nick
Oj Nick:
He needs to work his penalty and I’m excited, next season it’s gonna be Chelsea youngster grabbing the headlines. Excited times ahead for Chelsea fans 💙💙
Authentic Mental Health
Authentic Mental Health:
Welcome to Chelsea mate😍
Diren Silva
Diren Silva:
Allison will be wondering how did the ball go in quick and van djik will be thinking how did he dribble past me
Sven Rythian
Sven Rythian:
He's gonna destroy spurs all over again
Thanos 256
Thanos 256:
We are winning the League this season. You heard it here first. 💙
FutBol Productions
FutBol Productions:
Edita demais slk ❤
Yuma MiyaYo4Games
Yuma MiyaYo4Games:
In the career mode at chelsea I signed werner so I am so happy that werner came to chelsea😍
For the next video, you can make one of _"DANI OLMO"_
Good Video but you can’t end a highlight video with the misses, it leaves a bad view on the player
Proff don Small
Proff don Small:
I can't wait to watch you play for Chelsea football club come next season
Joshisone MD
Joshisone MD:
Welcome to the club timo!
Beautiful video Bro👌👍💪
Timo Werner is a great player👌👍💪⚽️
Frank Feng
Frank Feng:
He needs to work on his week foot on his first day of training at Chelsea.
King Kai Havertz is next
Mateus almeida Rêgo
Mateus almeida Rêgo:
Bye bye liverpool kkkk
ayub mohamed
ayub mohamed:
as a chelsea fan im soo happy that he joins us inshallah
Lema 27
Lema 27:
Gente: Van a poder competir con lls grandes
Hincha: Cerra el culo
As a Mainz 05 Fan i am very happy that Werner leaves the Bundesliga. ;-)
Bokmen Video
Bokmen Video:
May I use your video to be included in my video, I will include the source of your video in my video and in the description of my video as credit.

Bokmen Video
Renan Football
Renan Football:
Amazing brother 🔥👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Thắng Trần
Thắng Trần:
The song is great, can I have the name of the song please thank you very much.
Lets be honest, you searched for this....
De Arrascaeta
De Arrascaeta:
Baita contratação 🔥💥
Do a video on Houssem Aouar
Pandix Football
Pandix Football:
Amazing bro 🔥💯
Neo ooo
Neo ooo:
congratulations, you now have the best german Stricker 👌👏
Welcome timo!!!!
Jack Jones
Jack Jones:
Im always curious where people who make comps get all their clips from. Awesome video btw man
maisyar hidayat
maisyar hidayat:
Welcome to Chelsea timo Werner 💙💙💙
Mateo Villalba
Mateo Villalba:
What a player!!🔥😍
Raganimo Xirsi
Raganimo Xirsi:
Fantastic player
Wish you all the best
Blues ✌️
Gustavo SN
Gustavo SN:
Pra mim ele escolheu o time errado.
the football comps br
the football comps br:
Fodaaa bro 🔥🔥🔥
Finally a proper baller after Costa!
Pedro Football
Pedro Football:
Foda demais irmão!!
tino grunenberg
tino grunenberg:
Holy Moly!
Istiaq Partho
Istiaq Partho:
whats the name of the opening song bro
IR Football HD
IR Football HD:
Felipe Rodriguez
Felipe Rodriguez:
mason mount skiils 2020
Ahmad ar-rasy
Ahmad ar-rasy:
Welcome bro👌
Rakesh Warghade
Rakesh Warghade:
It's timo time for cfc
Mobile ProductionsHD
Mobile ProductionsHD:
Faz do Kamada,japa joga d+
Longkhoeurng Loung
Longkhoeurng Loung:
Im so excited 🔥💙🔥
First song? Please write here. Started 1:03
João Pedro Aquino
João Pedro Aquino:
Gabriel Neves Nascimento
Gabriel Neves Nascimento:
Nome da 1 musica?
Utsav Basu
Utsav Basu:
Come on timo yeah😇
Lucas Toledo
Lucas Toledo:
Thomas muller e german pezella por favor.
Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva:
Eu como torcedor do RB Leipzig, digo, vá com Deus.....

Atacante medíocre, superestimado, normal.
Jaden Sanchez
Jaden Sanchez:
"Attack wins you games, defence wins you titles"- Sir Alex Ferguson

We need to remember Chelsea's defence is wank
Great player
jstin nlt
jstin nlt:
We will miss you⚪🔴⚪🔴
MF Skills
MF Skills:
aymanouss Blue
aymanouss Blue:
the name of the music 4:40?????
Flash Barry Allen
Flash Barry Allen:
Imagine this: Kepa

Tammy Abraham, CHO, Pulisic and many other young and great players as backup.....
So many brothers here... Wow!
Victor Football
Victor Football:
Loved iti
Peter Pan
Peter Pan:
Good luck Timo, we will mis u and your goals
Juka Cyborg
Juka Cyborg:
Alan Easow
Alan Easow:
Original song x1.25
The song is going viral now !!
Sid Football
Sid Football:
matheus Bruno
matheus Bruno:
liverpool o maior da inglaterra
The Channel of ALL
The Channel of ALL:
As an LFC fan, I'm so mad that the higher ups didn't pull the trigger for Werner, especially considering the pricetag. Shameful man
Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin
Jeremy John Okweisie Arhin:
I like him already. A proper defenders nightmare
Aakash Bala
Aakash Bala:
Looks like the Torres Liverpool Got From Athletico Back in 2007
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes:
Adistanaya I Made
Adistanaya I Made:
The next Morata
Você é foda, faz do Everton Ribeiro 💥💥💥💥💥
Lukas Petersen
Lukas Petersen:
Not even 10 sec watched.. adverts
Mikael Vitorio
Mikael Vitorio:
Joga muito mas na copa fez porra nenhuma
Jason Torres
Jason Torres:
best editor in da game 100%
сука блут
сука блут:
Lol that pace wont be enough
Xavier Mieleszko
Xavier Mieleszko:
Mbappe and halaand welcome to real madrit
Krrish Parpiani
Krrish Parpiani:
song name?
عبد الرحمن
عبد الرحمن:
and havertz
the mens design
the mens design:
Chel vơ lơ
Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva:
Pode saber pro torcedor do RB Leipzig, Timor Werner e um ex jogador do clube, é a mesma coisa véi.

Não vai fazer diferença nenhuma, muito pelo contrário, com o trabalho que a Red Bull faz em capitação de talentos, pode revelar jogadores muitos melhores, foi até bom que abrir espaço para outros.

Porque o jogo da Red Bull, não se pauta no individualismo e sim no coletivo.
good luck
George Willis
George Willis:
What is s3cond song
football is my life
football is my life:
Morata 2.0
Balisa TV
Balisa TV:
Can I have Morata
SB DreamOctober
SB DreamOctober:
Song name 🥺 please
kyle bridgett
kyle bridgett:
Werner- Abraham- Ziyech
Havertz- Kante- Kovacic
Chillwell- Zouma- Rudiger- James
Daniel Obere
Daniel Obere:
Ziyech, Tammy, Werner
Chelsea are surely winning 2020/21 premier league
Jacob McGeachin
Jacob McGeachin:
How Chelsea could line up with him next Season 👇
James Rudiger Tomori Chilwell
Kanté Kovačić
Hudson-Odoi Ziyech Pulisic
john doe
john doe:
Srinivas Iyer
Srinivas Iyer:
Wrong buy does he is value for money I don't think so epl is different from bundesliga.here he will be not able to run in space also.
Vi Nyle81
Vi Nyle81:
The Chelsea management should move quickly to bring Brendford player Said ben Rahma the international For Algeria , I am not with those who say that bringing him from the championship as a risky should not forget that this player was playing in the French league in Nice, the Leicester administration want to sign him, and they want The recurring scenario of the player Mahrez when he was playing for the French Le Havre team in the Second division , contracted by Leicester City for 400,000 pounds, and after 3 seasons he sold it for 60 million, he must be brought in quickly, the price is within reach of Chelsea, and this player will have a great affair for the team that contracts with him.
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer:
I really dnt care as a united fan i admit that werner was a great signing for chelsea but signing 1 player doesnt win you the league look at klopp it took him 3-4 years and now look where he is so chelsea need to sign more players to win the leqgye
Andres felipe palacio
Andres felipe palacio:
Mairead Simpson
Mairead Simpson:
Premier league is the one of the worst now this Times in Europe.
Sebastian Kams
Sebastian Kams:
Chelsea fans don't be excited too yet. and don't just believe he is good by watching the goals he scored. I've been watching lots of Leipzig matches this season. Werner misses a lot, like lots of easy chances. he also has no dribbling skills(that though is not that important for a striker) but his passes are also so bad. he might turn out to be another morata if he does not improve. but I wish him the best at Chelsea