Tom Brady IS BACK

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100+ comentarios:

Imagine being that guy who bought Brady’s “last NFL TD ball” at auction for $500,000 ☠️
Ninja In Ya Ear
Ninja In Ya Ear:
As a falcons fan….. This man Tom has made it his mission to play with my emotions.
Vavision Sounds
Vavision Sounds:
Cristiano Ronaldo: “from goat to goat…”

Tom Brady: “and that’s when it became personal for me”
Winter Kiyomi
Winter Kiyomi:
Not a Brady fan but I’m grateful to watch the goat in my lifetime for one more year 🙏🏽
Ameliya--T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Ameliya--T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me:
You can’t deny the passion this man has for football
Tom Brady playing football with his kids and one of them dropped a pass and Tom said F this, I’m going back to the NFL 😂😂
McMartey Lawer
McMartey Lawer:
Thank God! Lord knows I wasn't ready to see him out of the league... I love the guy and everything he stands for!
Ivo Lovric
Ivo Lovric:
Thank you Tom, it' s pleasure to enjoy one more Year in your amazing actions, your Road to 8th Vince Lombardi trophy 🏈🏆🥇🥇🏆🏈🏈🏈
And you deserve this season be MVP, but you will do it in 2022 / 2023 and I hope go to the final!
#TB12 #UnfinishedBussines
This man was in the nfl longer then I’ve been alive, and he’ll be there when I die
The game has changed since Brady has been in retirement.
It is a different game now, one that he has never played before.
He will see that once he starts playing.
You can't stay in retirement as long as he was and come back and expect the game to be the same as it was when you were playing.
Adhy Nugroho
Adhy Nugroho:
The man went to Manchester, watched Cristiano Ronaldo (aged 37) single handedly tear up Tottenham with 3 goals, and decided that the young guys will be the ones that have to force him to retire. Brady is back!
Team Time Riders
Team Time Riders:
My one regret was never seeing him play in person…planning to rectify that this coming season. Let’s gooooo!!!!
Looking really forward to Tom Brady being 'back in the saddle'; it's his passion, after all. He's a 'classy' guy for sure, in the way that he conducts himself, and by far, one of the most brilliant quarterbacks in the whole history of professional football.
I'm so glad I get the last laugh with my mates. I told them all there was no way Tom was not going to play another season. I knew he would be back, that guy wants to go out with a win no doubt about it every other franchise just started cursing 🤣
Well done Tom all the best to you and your family.
✊🏽YES!!!! As an NFL, College & 49er fan its truly heroic & on some superhero type mentality at an aging American 🇺🇸 football player to insanely set foot on to violent barbaric killing fields. 🥴Ever since we’ve all been kids playing & dreaming of the love ❤️ and euphoric passion for the game. Tom Brady is showing a true example of that 🤙🏽 CANT WAIT
James Slattery
James Slattery:
The MLB lockout was longer than Tom Brady's retirement.
As a wise man once said "You're never to old to do anything".
Joel William
Joel William:
MADE.MY.DAY! Much love from Australia!
The Hh
The Hh:
Yesterday Brady, the *BEST* NFL player of all-time, watched Ronaldo, the *BEST* Football ⚽ player of all-time, score a hat-trick and help Man United 🔴 win while also feeling the absolute ELECTRIC energy in the Theatre of Dreams, the biggest stadium in club football in the UK belonging to the biggest club in England and one of, if not the biggest club in the world, and his motivation to return and his urge to compete again overwhelmed him. *You love to see it!*
Trainer Rob
Trainer Rob:
With all the QB shack ups this past week. This is gonna be crazy! Glad he’s coming back to the bucks!
Arizona Hobbies & Rec
Arizona Hobbies & Rec:
When Ronaldo told Brady “you’re finished right?” That lit a fire under him lol.
Heat Pete
Heat Pete:
Tom Brady is going to be a legend one day I just know it!
That was a long retirement, it is hard to retire when you are still elite, Brady was the real MVP last year
Sam Matt
Sam Matt:
Welcome back Tom Brady ✌
Matt Tyce
Matt Tyce:
He saw Maguire and got inspired to play again 🐐🙏🏻
Emma H
Emma H:
He saw Cristiano Ronaldo carry Manchester United and probably got that motivation as Ronaldo is considered “old” in his sport yet still performing at the highest level
“I’ll play until I start to suck..”
Sterling Balstad
Sterling Balstad:
Yessssss!!!! I love Tom Brady even though I’m a Vikings fan.
Racer 7X
Racer 7X:
As a Steelers fan my life long enemy. Welcome back Champ!!!
James Harper
James Harper:
So Ronaldo not only inspired a Manchester United comeback on Saturday, on Sunday he inspired Brady to come back!
John Peccarelli
John Peccarelli:
So happy! I really didn’t want him and Big Ben having to share the bright lights at the HOF Induction Ceremony in 5 years… give Ben his moment!
Faithfulkid 49
Faithfulkid 49:
You can’t deny the passion this man has for football
Sean Hardman
Sean Hardman:
Welcome Back Tom Brady . I think if he wins O)ne or two more Super bowls . Then Maybe then He can go out on Top as The Greatest Quarterback Of The 20th & 21st Century .
Grizzley Adams
Grizzley Adams:
The fact Tom Brady in his tweet says he loves his team mates before he says he loves his supportive family speaks volumes where his priorities are. Tom Brady has been there and done that. He is the goat. What else does he need to prove? The only unfinished business I can think of is to win another super bowl.
Alias Bewerter
Alias Bewerter:
Tom Brady is the reason i start and kept watching football the last years again and again. I have never bought a football Jersey in my life, this years i will 💯 buy one and i think i have not to mention which one 🔥🐐
❤ from Germany
Marlane Flitman
Marlane Flitman:
Glad you are back tom u r the Greatest
Eddie Manea
Eddie Manea:
Brady saw the gas prices and realized he needs to come back.
Johanna Echevarria
Johanna Echevarria:
I believe Tom Brady has at least 10 more years left in him. Do you imagine Toms boys playing in the NFL with their Dad winning Super Bowls together. What a sight that would be 🥲 Am I the only one who wishes that to happen?
Aahans Football vlogs
Aahans Football vlogs:
Wow that is amazing that Brady is back
Lesley Haneb
Lesley Haneb:
After seeing Christiano Ronaldo score a hat-trick during the weekend, Brady is inspired.
troy smith
troy smith:
Brady reminds me of my dad who is a trucker he retired after 20 years in 2010 came home for a month and went right back to trucking and is still working today some people just can't hang it up until they are forced to the only problem is it hurts your family and sometimes leaves them with lifetime resentment
I'm so happy right now. He retired 2 years early and I thought we were always going to have to ask "what if?"

Michael Fallon
Michael Fallon:
Great quarterback, but I guess he loves football so much, it has clouded his judgement. He has a wonderful wife, and family. Risking his health, after a brilliant career, seems crazy.
Welcome back Tom I thought he was gone for good
Ian 1 week after Brady's season is over: "he's retiring"
Ian after being confronted with news from Brady's father, coaches, GM, and trainers that the reports are not confirmed: "no he's done"
Ian after Tom announces he's not retiring: "yeah i've been saying this all along it was never confirmed"
John Ojeda
John Ojeda:
😂😂 man I gave up trying to hate Tom Brady, this guys a legend 🙏🏻😂
After watching Ronaldos performance live yesterday Brady was inspired to unretire 🐐🐐😂😂
This is fantastic. I thought he should have at least one more year.
Steven Ross
Steven Ross:
From Steve Grogan to Steve DeBerg
Tom you made it all worth it
NFL rams 2022
NFL rams 2022:
Tom Brady we are all so happy you are back cuz I mean dude we love yoy
Laying The Foundation
Laying The Foundation:
I seen this coming from a mile away. He’s too much of a competitor to retire while he’s still playing at a MVP level.
Tim Sykes
Tim Sykes:
I'm glad he's coming back. Tom Brady is the Goat in team sports.
Laura Soria Vázquez
Laura Soria Vázquez:
I dreamed about it all the nights and now it seems he's gonna back with us...
Below Average
Below Average:
It was inevitable...ready to see what the GOAT does now 😳
Robert Janko
Robert Janko:
Shannon Sharpe broke into tears, when he heard that! 😂
He's looking at all of these moves being made. He wants in. This season may be one of the best ones yet.
Giovanni Hernandez
Giovanni Hernandez:
I’m not a Tampa fan but I’m from Florida but I love the fact that Tom Brady will be back
Tom Brady! Much respect! Knew you couldn't stay away.
I knew he wasn’t gonna stay retired. He still performs at an elite level to Stay retired.
Maur Seg
Maur Seg:
This year he should receive stand up ovation in Every stadium he play
Greatest comeback since 28-3
king knight
king knight:
I told myself earlier " damn football ain't going be the same without Brady" God listened and this happened thank you!!!!!!!! Tb12 lfg
I was so sad he retired.
I knew it wasn't over.
It was like the joy left the game. Thank you Tom and the Buccs!
John19 76Rome
John19 76Rome:
This is INSANE 🔥🔥🔥 😱😱😱
Goooo Buuuucs!
klay Thompson
klay Thompson:
Brady really the jordan of The NFL with all these comebacks to the league
SVen KrULes
SVen KrULes:
Apparently in Tom Brady's dictionary, the definition of "retirement" is: an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.
michael kitchen
michael kitchen:
There’s probably like 15 legitimate receivers in this draft. They could surely pick up a good second or third receiver type in this draft
Alfredo Dominguez
Alfredo Dominguez:
Watching Ronaldo score a hat trick really made Brady said I can still do this
Kevin Janquart
Kevin Janquart:
Yes he’s back yes I can’t wait to watch him play again
Brian Brady
Brian Brady:
As a life long patriots fan I am so glad to see him come back even if it's not for us. The league wouldn't be the same without him.
Tom Brady really out here still breaking records. Shortest retirement in NFL history lmao
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde:
Tom Brady is like the NFL Buffon, man gonna play till he's 50 😂
Johnny Tribble
Johnny Tribble:
Not surprised he broke another Record shortest retirement ever congratulations TOM BRADY
Conlan Zalonis
Conlan Zalonis:
Knew he couldn’t leave for long! Welcome back TB12
erwin fischer
erwin fischer:
He saw Ronaldo yesterday live, score a Hattrick and thought "I have to come back". GOAT
This is clearly because Tom went to Old Trafford over the weekend and saw a fantastic performance by Cristiano Ronaldo for Manchester United
Welcome back! I wasn't ready
Joshua Urtis
Joshua Urtis:
Tom Brady Accomplishment
All Time TD Record ✔
All Time Passing Yards ✔
All Time Completion ✔
All Time Season Played ❌
Thanks Tom gives me a reason to watch football this season
Isiah Lockett
Isiah Lockett:
Dude tried living the normal life, even during the offseason and decided this ain't it 🤣
THE GOAT IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thomas Brad
Thomas Brad:
let's be honest, this didn't surprise anyone 🤣 welcome back, tom!
Jeremy Just Jeremy
Jeremy Just Jeremy:
Roberto Hijombrero
Roberto Hijombrero:
Tom Brady's doing his best Brett Favre impersonation.
Nicole A.C.
Nicole A.C. :
I knew he was coming back when last week he said " Ive spent 5 weeks on vacay with the family " 🤣 like he's sitting around counting the weeks.. Tom is addicted! 🤣. Gisele hopefully thugs it out with him another yr. He already divulged that they went to counseling few times before. 🤷🏼
I am so glad! 👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻🏈
Johanna Echevarria
Johanna Echevarria:
🤯😆🤩 Am so glad , happy, ecstatic ! I could not make myself believe he was gone🥺🥲 Wooo ! I can keep watching football now. 😭🤧
Cameron Burris
Cameron Burris:
TB12 Making this offseason even more crazy to watch!
The legend is back
Jon Dough
Jon Dough:
Broke into tears talking about retirement, now out of retirement 🤦‍♂️
Hopefully his top receiver is back for next year
Wouldn’t have happened if they just gave him the mvp, congratulations NFL, you’ve played yourself
We all knew deep within in our hearts that he wasn't done making an impact! The GOAT returns~
Adventure Passport
Adventure Passport:
Thank you TB12, you have just made 2022 season worth watching. TB12 wants to play against NE in the SB. That would be epic.
usr pro
usr pro:
Good for the league is all I have to say!
J. Pitkin
J. Pitkin:
Someday Tom Brady will be on the field with a walker. He'll still find a way to win.
Lowrents P. Washington
Lowrents P. Washington:
I'm glad to hear he cared about his family six weeks ago for a couple minutes.
Addu's World
Addu's World:
Darrian Chapin
Darrian Chapin:
The GOAT is Back