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Tom Cruise reveals the lesson he learned when working on 'The Color of Money' with Paul Newman. Tom chose his costumes for the film when it was summer and was absolutely freezing when it came to filming in winter. Paul Newman had chosen a warm coat and filmed their outside scene in a car that had an electric heater in it. Tom also talks about choosing to eat chocolate cake in one scene, but regretted it when he had to keep eating it for multiple takes.

Joining Graham tonight: Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise, reprising one of his greatest roles in Top Gun: Maverick; his Top Gun co-stars, Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly and Whiplash star Miles Teller; Oscar-nominated Brit Felicity Jones, talking about her romantic drama The Last Letter from Your Lover; Wunmi Mosaku, Bafta-nominated for her role in horror thriller His House; and top comic John Bishop, promoting his tour Right Here, Right Now. With music from Olly Alexander's Years & Years.

The Graham Norton Show | Series 28 Episode 24 | BBC

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100+ comentarios:

Harry Wright
Harry Wright:
The fact he turns to everyone while speaking and making ppl get involved is such a class thing that he doesn’t need to do
I love that he looks fresh and classy at the same time.
R S2002
R S2002:
Impossible to unlike the man. His work ethic is second to none. He’s also a huge advocate for cinema and the movie theater experience which the industry absolutely needs right now.
Remember, it's just a bad day, not a bad life. Keep smiling everyone :)
Say what you want, but this little guy is one of the best actors of our generation. And he does 95% of all his stunts.
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart:
I can't think of another actor that consistently delivers in movies like him. I can't remember a bad film he did in forever. A big bonus is I never heard a bad thing about him off camera. Everyone loves him and he is indeed very lovable in all the interviews of him I've seen.
Can't wait to be yet again blown away by the next Mission Impossible movie!
Benny B
Benny B:
Tom Cruise is the bomb , whether his beliefs are what they are , he has proven himself as a great actor. Well done Mr. Cruise
Krish Agarwal
Krish Agarwal:
when u r so early that they misspelled the title
Ich frage mich, wie Tom Cruise einfach so unfassbar gutaussehend sein kann. Dieser Mann 🥰😍😘
Kristin Wells
Kristin Wells:
Tom seems to have dropped a ton of weight. His face is noticeably thinner than it has been for many years. I can’t remember him looking this slimmed down since the ‘Valkyrie’ press tour in 2008! He looks younger at this weight, good for him!
Prerit Jain
Prerit Jain:
It seems to me that TC has been practising storytelling for Graham Norton's show.
Dan O
Dan O:
All his movies are in my favourite list. The mans a legend!
melody 14
melody 14:
My Idol ever since and my Crush😍♥️ still look handsome
Sjinzar Austin
Sjinzar Austin:
Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks walk into a bar...
Tom Hanks says "You've got a friend in me"
Tom Cruise says "Show me the moneeeeey"

I have no idea why i typed this. But just imagine a film with them. Both are AMERICAN SWEETHEARTS!
Zen PenPen
Zen PenPen:
Love he always included other guest
Joe Gould
Joe Gould:
Filing the money must of been a tedious procedure. But you do what you gotta do.
Kawser Hasan
Kawser Hasan:
Will be 59 in few month's and looking much younger and fresh than last few years.. Love Tom Can't Wait for the new mi movie and top gun
Zaid Ali Wardana
Zaid Ali Wardana:
I don't know why, since MIB 4 up untill now I keep telling myself he is in his 40s and I do believe it indeed. Before MIB 4 I suppose he is 30, max 35.
Asti Upiastirin
Asti Upiastirin:
Tom Cruise!!! it's been a long time!! love you, man!
Valka Solidor
Valka Solidor:
Enjoyable clip and I'd loved those films, although I can't help but laugh and think how suffering from too much chocolate cake certainly is a first world problem.
David Godzik
David Godzik:
When you got movies like Tom Cruise in them you can't lose
One of my heroes.
I absolutely look up to Tom, admire the hell out of him & am so very inspired by him. His determination, ambition, love for authenticity, passion for his craft, intelligence, humor.. I could go on. My lando, he's 26 years my senior but I genuinely think he & I would hit it off in a big way. Hey, a woman can reminisce over future memories.
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams:
he is 58 now... time flies!
3:50 // horse jockeys throw up after eating steak Tom could induce vomiting just to be able to swallow more cake and have his Take two
Sev Zor
Sev Zor:
Sweet , sweet guy ❤️
Mr Britisher
Mr Britisher:
Why is no-one talking about how great The Color of Money was!
Jackie Chan once said that he could not get any life insurance policy. I would not mind Tom Cruise stopping his own stunts. I would like the arrangement that we get older together although he has no clue who I am.
Chris Wyett
Chris Wyett:
It's a hard life being a movie star.
Auto Hunter
Auto Hunter:
Congrats to anybody who is early and who found this comment useful
nico merker
nico merker:
Where can I watch the whole interview?
mary poppins
mary poppins:
Tom Cruise looks nothing like Tom Cruise from 2years ago, maybe aging but looks totally different
The Mag
The Mag:
The fact that Graham Norton is younger than Tom Cruise hit me harder than my priest in preschool.
Classic Musician
Classic Musician:
I have never been this early to a YouTube video 😂🎉
Reynan H. De Luna
Reynan H. De Luna:
We really don't have a money to buy my brother's medicine every day because I don't have to pay for the delivery fee and other charges to get what I won from the federal and government organizations?
Sadnan Anik
Sadnan Anik:
Striker Bowls
Striker Bowls:
They should make a Colour of Money sequel
T L:
Tom Cruise = Legend
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali:
That’s how you become rich great actor
Kudo Awesome
Kudo Awesome:
I love Tom Cruise <3
Fakhar Usman
Fakhar Usman:
Those deep fakes though. Looks so real
Tom Cruise is a legend. Enough said.
I love Tom Cruise!!
Sara k
Sara k:
Nobody going to mention the rant he had on set? No? Ok...
Silence DoGood
Silence DoGood:
Great movie!
Dog Walker
Dog Walker:
Aww there was me thinking they were going to make a film of "The Colour of money" pity.
jay Santana
jay Santana:
I love you ❤❤😍😍
kuldeep kumar sahu
kuldeep kumar sahu:
Hi Tom🙏
manoj kumar Mishra
manoj kumar Mishra:
He is the best...
My Avatar is Not Me
My Avatar is Not Me:
Вася Пупкина
Вася Пупкина:
Tom is such an inspiring person, devoted to everything he does and just look at how he treats people! Smiling, supportive and attentive. My crush since I was 5 :-)
How the hell is this guy 58 years old?
Mr Outside
Mr Outside:
What a great guy!
i hope i have many like from you all 🥺
Chris Brice
Chris Brice:
3:18 Got Bruce Bogtrottered
Kathy Hornocker
Kathy Hornocker:
Love Mr Norton shows
kit clarke
kit clarke:
Why did you change the title?
ʝȶ ཌĐʀᴀɢᴏƝད
ʝȶ ཌĐʀᴀɢᴏƝད:
Good stories 🍷
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones:
The last great movie star
James Humfry
James Humfry:
Not a single life was saved on that day
Perth Pete
Perth Pete:
More questions on scientology next time please.
Jerry Maguire :-)
Oww Tom still so charming
Can John and Tom get a room!
Michael Pegg
Michael Pegg:
Mara Stoughton
Mara Stoughton:
I didn't know filing was such a tedious task.
No tom don't go to old ageeee.
Vac Aspen
Vac Aspen:
Wants credit for pastilles so he has no reason to be on the show now🥱
De-interlace ... it's 2021!
Mabel Licancura
Mabel Licancura:
💋💋💋💋💋Sweet love ❤️
solid snake
solid snake:
the only movie star
Amit Patel
Amit Patel:
How old is here ?
Rj Zaiby
Rj Zaiby:
Full Episode??????
C. C.
C. C.:
movie filmed on my street in poughkeepsie ny
Michelle M
Michelle M:
Just looking at his face you can see that there's something seriously wrong with his head
Dewa Bagus23
Dewa Bagus23:
Myth Buster
Myth Buster:
Is it safe to watch any BBC channels without 24 hour coverage of a dead man. Not all of us are royal fanatics 🙄
Tea drinking brit
Tea drinking brit:
Chirag Prince
Chirag Prince:
Isaac Morgans
Isaac Morgans:
Spelling mistake in the title!!!
Lemuel Caunan
Lemuel Caunan:
Mr. Cruise engages with everybody.
Rajesh Kamath
Rajesh Kamath:
He is Tom Cruise the Great.. no 2 ways about it...
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali:
I never watched Top gun
Dan Jameson
Dan Jameson:
can't he afford a suit that's a little less dorky?
Nathan Perry
Nathan Perry:
I'm not asking for hard hitting journalism on chat shows but maybe just blanket ban on the face of an openly homophobic organisation.
It sucks, 🤡 a guy who does not care about her daughter because she is not inside his cult is disgusting.. to say the least
Sheri Millman
Sheri Millman:
Looks like young Tom has had some work done.
Samuel Millott
Samuel Millott:
Wtf. Does tom cruise age?
DJ Mizzy
DJ Mizzy:
Wow toms never looked better. Definitely had cosmetic surgery
James Cricket
James Cricket:
Graham used to mercilessly take the piss out of Tom about scientology and I think other things 🧐. The scientology team are very meticulous they will know and they would've told him.
Carbage Man
Carbage Man:
The cultists always post the same copy pasta on every interview of Cruz.
is that the new 'social distanced' format? How ridiculous.....
Stephen Mansell
Stephen Mansell:
Juju B
Juju B:
Berry Flash
Berry Flash:
Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.
Xasan Maxamuud
Xasan Maxamuud: