Tom Felton Collapses At Celebrity Golf Tournament

Tom Felton suffered an apparent medical emergency and was carted off while at a celebrity golf tournament, leaving fans of the "Harry Potter" star shocked and concerned for his health. The 34-year-old was the celebrity match ahead of the 43rd Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin on Thursday, when he apparently collapsed on the course. He was photographed being helped by fellow attendees, who surrounded him and assisted him to a cart.

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Moonraid 1
Moonraid 1:
Harry: Draco!, Draco!, is it true that you fainted?
Ron: *imitates Draco fainting*
Harry: I mean you actually fainted?
Pike: Shove off, Harry.
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
I hope he is okay😢 sending my hug ,and prayer to him.
"My father's going to hear about this!"
Eva Stark
Eva Stark:
Derek, his friend has confirmed that he's fine now.
stacy scooby
stacy scooby:
I hope you feel better soon Tom sending hugs.
Minh Nghi Truong Tran
Minh Nghi Truong Tran:
Poor Tom.Hope it is okay for him.I wish that injury does'nt make him broken leg
Todd Raymond
Todd Raymond:
Somebody yelled “Stupefy!!!” and he went down in a heap…
Kristin Chavez
Kristin Chavez:
I hope he’s doing ok prayers are with him 💖
Ashley Heyne
Ashley Heyne:
I hope you feel better Tom Felton ❤️
Marina M
Marina M:
Espero que Tom Felton se ponga bien, y que no sea nada grave espero. Porque es una verdad absoluta que todos necesitamos y queremos a Tom, pero el también nos necesita a nosotros/as, así que no seamos egoístas y ayudémosle todo lo que podamos, con todas nuestras fuerzas...
Madeline Seguin
Madeline Seguin:
I hope he’s ok 😢
Addison Yates
Addison Yates:
“He’s okay”, well that’s basically like the Nurses station saying he’s in guarded condition. He’s been speaking on the phone to family and close friends back in England, but he could very likely be in the hospital still having tests done. This could be anything, but it wasn’t heat exhaustion, would have been if it was a few weeks ago as it was hot as heck! But yeah, he could have simply had a hypoglycemic episode, or ?? I just hope he’ll be out of the hospital soon and can, himself, give a personal update.
Shaz Shazi
Shaz Shazi:
Is it true you fainted? I mean, you actually fainted?
ps. i hope nothing sirius happend to him, hope you feel better soon tom..
Awww Poor Tom, Im praying for him.
Kaylie mudgett
Kaylie mudgett:
I hope you feel better Tom!!! Sending hugs, kisses, thoughts, and prayers
Hugs Tom! Im gladd your laughing. Get better soon. Lots of love💖 from your biggest fan!!
I hope he’s ok 😢
Kailee Alvarez
Kailee Alvarez:
I really hope he's ok❤❤
AJ Embone
AJ Embone:
Get well Tom and stay safe😢❤❤
The dementors got him
I hope he is okay. I pray for him! 😕🤭🙏🏻
Tom Felton is my favorite actor
Tom Felton is my favorite actor:
Poor Tom !!!!! 😭😭😭
I hope he’s better!!
Cheyelle Audain
Cheyelle Audain:
I hope he’s ok
Get well soon Tom 😭😭
Johnny sac from the sopranos would’ve had him diagnosed in a split second. “It’s not his heart, it’s the fkn weather, sudden changes. Fks up your respiratory system”
misc. endeavours
misc. endeavours:
If this happened on Thursday that's the day after his birthday . . maybe he partied excessively the night before. Or maybe it's adverse effects of the covid jab? There's a LOT of THAT about.
Pansy Parkinson
Pansy Parkinson:
I hope he's ok😢😭
Hasani Ennis
Hasani Ennis:
Something like this happened to me a few years ago. I felt fine then suddenly got lightheaded. Turns out I had been hemorrhaging internally due to diverticulitis. Hope he's ok!
Jolly ♥︎
Jolly ♥︎:
I pray for Tom Felton 🙏 😔
Piggy Piggy
Piggy Piggy:
I hope he get well soon 😢
SuperNSX GTRacing
SuperNSX GTRacing:
I hope tom gets well😭😭
Ava Hettenburg
Ava Hettenburg:
OMG hope your okay Tom love you
Maria Akter
Maria Akter:
I hope he is ok
Michael Cooke
Michael Cooke:
He's ok now soooooo
Harry:is it true you fainted you actually fainted
Glitter plays
Glitter plays:
Img I hope he is okay 🥺🥺🥺
Gabby Thomas
Gabby Thomas:
I mean I knew all of this but he's still cute while collapsing
he found out what full days work was like lol
jstar Porter
jstar Porter:
I hope you are okay tom
Alexa García
Alexa García:
Sending the best vibes🥺💙
His father will hear about this (just kidding, i hope he feel better soon.)
I hope he'll be Okay soon 😦
Amazing Amelia!
Amazing Amelia!:
Nooooooooo I hope he is alright because he is my Favourite Harry Potter character and I love him
Lily RBTV:
Bet he was vaccinated!
Tyler Bushell
Tyler Bushell:
I hope you survive Tom 😳
Zahrine Jasmine
Zahrine Jasmine:
I hope he’s ok 😢
Nohely Estrada
Nohely Estrada:
I can't stop crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Anna Pilarowski
Anna Pilarowski:
1. I hope he is okay! 2. HE WAS IN MY FUCKING TOWN AND I DIDNT KNOW?!
Addison Yates
Addison Yates:
Just saw him addressing fans on Instagram. He say’s he’s on the mend, but his face looks sweaty and he sort of wipes his forehead with the side of his hand a few times. I am no doctor, not a nurse, not in the medical field. But something doesn’t look completely right with him. Definitely NOT saying I think it’s something really serious, but I don’t think this is something that cut and dry. I think he probably has something going on, but I am confident he is getting good care and probably is on the mend, but I’d say he’s not there yet. Wishing him well.
Elaine Nye-Evans
Elaine Nye-Evans:
A lot of collapsing players at sports events..footballers, cricketers, rugby players...seems like an epidemic ....or because of a "plandemic".
Donna Watson
Donna Watson:
Tom: praying for your recovery and resolve.
Ignorant posters: hoping someone is there to catch YOU when it happens to you. Cowards
톰 아프지마ㅜㅜㅜ
ur mom
ur mom:
i hope you feel better soon. sending love and hugs
Michael Coleman
Michael Coleman:
Guess he's not a pureblood.
The Great Badon
The Great Badon:
“Wait till my father hears about this”
Magnus Thorssten
Magnus Thorssten:
Clottie clottie got the shottie, now his heart goes stoppie stoppie! Next time stay in Pure-blood character, it’s better for your heart, Clotblood.
Grace Hmar
Grace Hmar:
Hopefully he will get better😨😊
St Louis IX
St Louis IX:
It wasn't the îñ√jēç™tí°ø•ñ he took, but rather the dementors he saw that caused his collapse😂
Rory Mckernan
Rory Mckernan:
9 times out of 10, I bet it was dehydration.

From looking at him here, he does look hot and pale, and seems to show signs of Dehydration. It has been warm recently, so he might not of took water with him
Sophie Lovegood
Sophie Lovegood:
Ah will they leave him alone 🤦‍♀️
Senior Partner
Senior Partner:
I know it’s not the time for jokes, but it reminds me of when he got injured during a quidditch game in the Chamber of Secrets
Harry James Potter :3
Harry James Potter :3:
NOO 😭😭 I hope ur ok Tom 😭😭
geoff Ck
geoff Ck:
0:17 look at those MASSIVE feet at the top right of the screen wearing the whitest shoes you’ll ever see!
Looks like someone casted a strong confundo with mild calvorio onto the poor guy.
Käptn Haddock
Käptn Haddock:
He felt his mark burn
Tatum Jordan
Tatum Jordan:
Hope he gets better
Selin Serin
Selin Serin:
It‘s killed me !
Angel Daniel
Angel Daniel:
Now he going to have publicy for this !!!
i play golf and draco is my fav
Patti Lee
Patti Lee:
"33" years in the business.
I’m worried about him.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez:
I mean,I wish him the best,but if you collapse at a golf tournament,what happens at a chess game. Entirely too easily excitable. Maybe he should try something soothing like shark hunting.
karalynn slinkard
karalynn slinkard:
Why are there even dislikes on this?!?
Tasmia Nashwa
Tasmia Nashwa:
i hope u get well DRaCo
Hey it's Akari
Hey it's Akari:
Malfoy?? Is it true that you fainted? 😃✨
awhh, hope be gets better soon. <33.
Mark Jørgensen
Mark Jørgensen:
Get well mate
Angel Daniel
Angel Daniel:
I think he good looks when he play draco !!!
🦔Snow Hedgehog 🦔
🦔Snow Hedgehog 🦔:
Draco once said: My FaThEr WiLl HeAr AbOuT tHiS
Please don't take another one my lord. 🙏🙏🙏
The Unvaccinator
The Unvaccinator:
Has he had the double jab
빨리 괜찮아지길 ㅠㅠㅠ
우리오빠 아프지마ㅠㅠ
Captain Red
Captain Red:
Has he had another run in with Buckbeak?
Taylor Valentine
Taylor Valentine:
When I got the news cried for hours upon hours
Karima Ahmadi
Karima Ahmadi:
Poor tom l feel so bad
Draco Malfoy collapses on the 18th Hole-demort at the golf curse
Golf is far more strenuous than Quidditch
Edwin II Munoz
Edwin II Munoz:
another point for the Gryffindor
Alexandria Tonazzi
Alexandria Tonazzi:
💚😭😢🐍🙏🏻 get better soon
Carrie Wright
Carrie Wright:
I've been so worried
Must’ve been caused by Low blood sugar or blood pressure. Many reasons why that can happen.
English Corner
English Corner:
It reminded me of of Hagrid's class, Buckbeak.
Charlisi Ribas Pinheiro
Charlisi Ribas Pinheiro:
Mi love Tom Felton no morre
Natascha Westermann
Natascha Westermann:
Get well soon from Natascha Westermann Take care, we need you, I love you so much 😍
Paul Sommerhalder
Paul Sommerhalder:
Eat something Tom, food isn't the enemy...
Naif Rahd
Naif Rahd:
*Pottah! Is it true you fainted?*
The midlands angler
The midlands angler:
Expeliamus and he was gone…
Damn it Harry, you still using the Half Blood Prince’s text book aren’t you?
Abagail Hamilton
Abagail Hamilton:
Not draco .... he is the reason I love Harry Potter ... xoxo Tom feel better