Tom Hardy & Mika Salo drive to the coldest place on EARTH | Driven To Extremes the FULL Episodes

Back in 2013, the production team behind Fifth Gear produced this documentary for the Discovery Channel, where Tom Hardy & Mika Salo were challenged to drive on the coldest road on earth. Enjoy for the first time on YouTube, in full, on the Fifth Gear channel.

#DrivenToExtemes #TomHardy

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Fifth Gear
Fifth Gear:
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There's an old russian woman doing this drive everyday on a bicycle for sure.
The real heroes here are the cameramen.
Will Priestley
Will Priestley:
This is the most unnecessarily overdramatic thing I've ever seen
Domas Kaskevicius
Domas Kaskevicius:
life or death situation blah blah blah...meanwhile russians living their lives in these conditions allday everyday
Painau Chocolate
Painau Chocolate:
How can they drive to my ex girlfriends heart?
Branson Sneg
Branson Sneg:
Of course Tom Hardy found a dog to cuddle even in freezing wilderness of Siberia xD
Jon B
Jon B:
Television be like: these men are going to risk their lives in the coldest place on earth and they'll probably get eaten by wolves
Reality be like: two famous guys and a caravan of six support vehicles drive through some towns during winter to make a 45 minute ad for shell oil.
Narrator: Cars can't be turn off otherwise the pistons will freeze
Regular russian: driving old Ford Mondeo to work
Em Kay
Em Kay:
4 layers of clothes.... and the lady in a tent at 27:24 is wearing a t-shirt :D
Владислав Колесников
Владислав Колесников:
Еще больше зауважал Тома! Тот самый случай, когда чувак крут не только на экране, но и в реальной жизни))
Melvin Henderson
Melvin Henderson:
I have to work outside in -40 in northern Canada at times, they’re being a bit dramatic
I think theres a video in your ads
Не могу понять, где русскоязычные комментарии? 😅
Suprise Potato
Suprise Potato:
Documentary crew: highly specialized convoy
Russians: Ladas from the 1980's
Dk Dk
Dk Dk:
TheRussians must be having a good laugh at this lot.
The Stig
The Stig:
Tom Hardy and Mika Salo?! What a random pairing - how did I not see this first time round..... ah yes as it moved to a pay channel! Oh well least I get to watch it now.
M: I turned the engine off by mistake

T: Why would you do that?

M: By mistake.

The world is so so beautiful think of the juxtaposition between this and the middle east. Or this and a Caribbean island! And its all on our blue marble!
Can we agree the world is amazing!
VK Modding
VK Modding:
British TV: in the coldest frostbite of a deadly freezing winter...
Local Russians: Dima wake up you'll be late for school
An expedition they called it. So the russians who use this road are all adventurers? It's a all a bit exaggerated imho
I never caught it, what engine oil were they using there?
Nikoloz Gachechiladze
Nikoloz Gachechiladze:
Best oil commercial I've seen 👌
Оймякон – столица холода. Кто там не бывал, зимы не видал!
Kalpesh Patel
Kalpesh Patel:
In those temperatures.. I'm sure the cows would be giving icecreams instead of milk. @14:55
shivam negi
shivam negi:
tom hardy is just an absolutely fabulous person mate ... 100 % genuine no starlet bs \m/
Tom: Swaseba!
Russian: "Hahaha.....ok." LOL
Tom can wrap his legs around me anytime
The Revenant must have been a piece of piss for Tom Hardy after this.
wait.. didnt Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman drive the road of bones on their bikes?!
Siberian toilet- two wooden stick: one you using as a support, second one to keep wildlife away from you ;)
Ian Clancy
Ian Clancy:
Good thing Tom Hardy didn't morph into Fitzgerald from the Revenant or Mika Salo would've been up sh&* creek.
Martins Danisevics
Martins Danisevics:
am I only one see Tom Hardy as a gangster who can hit them anytime :DD
Slim Racer
Slim Racer:
always wondered why i piss more when im cold. cheers aldo
Definitely one of the longest ads I've seen.
Ed Studd
Ed Studd:
Not a great feeling when you see your head of security get his ass handed to him....
Mathew Giles
Mathew Giles:
they seem to have gone through a lot of work just to be driving past ford focus' doing the same drive
Classic! an English mechanic (The English being famous for reliable vehicles) telling Russians how to use Russian vehicles in Siberia
Shawriya #vi4life K.
Shawriya #vi4life K.:
Tom hardy: it’s a bit chilly
No one: yh sure just a bit
So good to see that mad max finally found the way out the wasteland
Александр ВОСТОЧНЫЙ:
“ You have my permission to drive “
Dudu Rosca
Dudu Rosca:
Dacia Duster make trip to Romania to Oimnyakon. Find on hello siberia on youtube.
They need 15 men. 3 engineers. 2 doctor’s. And one rally driver, with a newest Jeep to go through Siberia. When wemen do it every day to take the kids to schools. Hahaha
Baltic Rage
Baltic Rage:
31:45 Зауважал его 🤝
Queef Queefington
Queef Queefington:
R H:
We could die, this is serious, engines could freeze up, special ex military support, best in industry equipment, great big drama...repeat x10

...siberians building houses for payment in vodka.
This journey reminds me The Revenant movie
Fire Hazard
Fire Hazard:
More ads than the weekend says "ah" in starrboy!
Lee Vander Waskewitch
Lee Vander Waskewitch:
I can’t believe I actually watched this whole video
Poor mans polar special :D
James Garcia
James Garcia:
I watched the whole thing
2:00 am
Fagundes Cantrell V
Fagundes Cantrell V:
Tom Hardy é o Ronaldinho do cinema.
Angélica M
Angélica M:
Tom Hardy is amazing.
I love him 😍
Ulber&tanya Mexivegas
Ulber&tanya Mexivegas:
I love this kind of survival videos 🥶❄️🙀❤️but this one is more special because they have My favorite actor Tom Hardy💞😘🤩🧡
Simara Deshar
Simara Deshar:
несколько раз посмотрела как иностранцы купаются в воде при 37 градусах,и охают от нашей баньки
Vasich lolcode
Vasich lolcode:
I watched a documentary of this place how children go to school there.
Poor souls walk to school in -50°c
And the 1 school bus is a ramshackle old vehicle xD
Evelyn Tarawa
Evelyn Tarawa:
Good on you both giving it a hard ass shot love you Tom Hardy from little New Zealand
Mike Normandy
Mike Normandy:
This is why Tom is my favorite actor of all time!
Ruben Guayasamin
Ruben Guayasamin:
- 40 °C, pfft! I remember my first 40 minute walk to middle school.
3:55 Metro Exodus rich people SUV
Hugo James
Hugo James:
Tom: Fuckin' 'ell, Mika - we're going to die!
Mika: Don't worry, Tom - the luxury five-star trailer is always just out of shot.
Sharon Seach
Sharon Seach:
Thanks! I'll take 2 x Aldo's in tight cycling shorts!
Mika:What are our chances of surviving?
Tom:50/50 mate
Cameron Liversedge
Cameron Liversedge:
Loving the South African accent 🙂
Paweł Bednarski
Paweł Bednarski:
"At least locals are friendly" - that line killed me :D
James Daley
James Daley:
I didn't know what to expect, but I really enjoyed watching this shared adventure. Cold & I are NOT the best of friends, but I was pleased that Tom Hardy & friends got a chance to experience something special. Mika Salo and Mr. Hardy must have brought this to their professions. God blessed all that participated!
Ryan Costa
Ryan Costa:
What an amazing experience!!
Alexander H
Alexander H:
7:58 "KAK GOMA"...))), reads like KAK DOMA...witch translate "like Home"
sajid salih
sajid salih:
Loved the episode! Reminds me of - Half the madness of Top Gear with less of the nonsense hammering of car parts
Prince Mohan
Prince Mohan:
i wish i want to be part of this team once in my life for that life experience and madly talk about to everyone about the trip 😊
Peter B
Peter B:
"Hello".. Hahaha
a b
a b:
what a nice uaz : )
Difficult to fully enjoy a video when it's packed with so many broken ads. Every minute there's a countdown to an ad, then screen goes black for 5 or so seconds. Good job uploader 😤👍 You're a donut!
Ben Wagner
Ben Wagner:
This is awesome. Thanks YouTube for recommending this to me
Lilly Sayles
Lilly Sayles:
Budget Wim Hoff: hahahaha ok
Yep - I'm happy snuggled in me duvet watching this!
Jack Brewster
Jack Brewster:
How have i never seen or heard of this? It's from 2013.
Kemail Imeroski
Kemail Imeroski:
wow...pleace give us more Adventures like this one,Tom Hardy is unique and brilliant
Георги Георгиев
Георги Георгиев:
that was am amasing journey!!!
Top Gear made less of a fuss going to the North Pole than these guys do driving on a road
lightning phil
lightning phil:
Jesus! Banging on and on about life and death situations 🙄
Abimanne Selvarajah
Abimanne Selvarajah:
Lmaoooo we get it shell makes great oil
Cruz Bazan
Cruz Bazan:
Thank you for the content
Mad max & Mika Salo
"Frosty road"
Sold to be Diers
Sold to be Diers:
Tom taunts to the dangers of it all... ''I've gotta use for you.''
Katya D
Katya D:
Привет всем якутянам))
FRNW Eclipse
FRNW Eclipse:
Damn this is from 2013
Aleksandr Tsoy
Aleksandr Tsoy:
Always loved and respected Tom as an actor but now the respect level is through the roof! Thank you!
Misis Hanım
Misis Hanım:
37:00 🤤💕❤️
Josh Leal
Josh Leal:
This are one of the best off road shows.. I will love see more shows like this ones...👍👍
Khalid Semary
Khalid Semary:
that's a pretty long ad :)
So Cool
So Cool:
30:53 🤣🤣🤣
Saiyed Zohair
Saiyed Zohair:
Amazing ♥️ I wanna go there now . i love cold weathers
Sergei Dushess
Sergei Dushess:
Молодец, уважаю! Ждем еще в гости.
K Perttula
K Perttula:
35:14 TORILLE! the Finnish swear word (vittu) gets a beep. 🤣🤣🤣
BTW the water should be around 0°C since it’s running. that is why winter bathing is quite common in Finland. 💦
Gab Almighty
Gab Almighty:
Lived in the Canadian Arctic the last 5 years... This is just standard ops haha.
Angela Hernandez-Bischof
Angela Hernandez-Bischof:
I will watch Tom Hardy in anything cuz he is Fiiiiine 😏😚🤗
old UAZ help service security))))
Meanwhile in Espoo
Meanwhile in Espoo:
Ive lived in Finland 20 years... and I cannot do without sauna for the rest of my life..... why oh why haven't the Britts learn't how to keep warm during the "rainy" season :)