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Ever since becoming an international superstar, Tom Holland has continued to charm audiences with his friendly demeanor and on-screen talents. But there's one thing about him that does seem to surprise fans whenever he's appearing as himself: His ultra-convincing American accent is not real, and Holland's natural dialect is actually British.

Here's a look at just how impressive Tom Holland's accent game really is.

Tom Holland made his silver screen debut in J.A. Bayona's 2012 disaster biopic The Impossible, which featured him as Lucas, a child who is separated from his parents in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Holland spent much of his time in the film sharing the screen with Naomi Watts, who played his injured mother and who received an Academy Award nomination for her work in the film.

He also had to carry multiple scenes on his own, though, including one heart wrenching moment when Lucas steps up to help reunite a father and son, despite being ripped away from his own family. The scene required Holland to do a bit of language barrier-breaking in his search, since the family he helped was from Sweden, but Holland stuck to his own British roots for the role.

He continued to use his own accent in several parts to follow, including his turn as Isaac in the 2013 Kevin Macdonald drama How I Live Now. But as Holland's acting opportunities began expanding even further, he started to experiment with new elocutions on-screen.

Starting out | 0:00
Mainstream sound | 1:35
New roots | 3:20
The devil in the details | 4:18


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Tom Holland's Accent Game Is Beyond Impressive | Netflix​​

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100+ comentarios:

Finally they’re appreciating his accents
Jocelyn Little
Jocelyn Little:
Alternate title: “netflix fangirling over Tom Holland for 5 minutes and 50 seconds”
Niamh Cawley
Niamh Cawley:
As a native IRISH speaker, the little bit you showed him speaking was actually pretty decent, his accent however... a tad on the leprechaun side
Tom Holland's accent will always be superior
Lyv N
Lyv N:
This made me realize that I’ve seen Tom Holland a lot more than I first thought
Isabel Siapno Gotil
Isabel Siapno Gotil:
they better do saoirse ronan bc she's been doing accents since she was a child LIKE A LITERAL PRE-PUBESCENT
Rick 8589
Rick 8589:
He always looks like a teenager with that youthful face
updated:OMG 😱 4.7k likes 😍😍❤️
Christian Poynter
Christian Poynter:
His American (New York) accent is one of the best I've heard done by a Brit. So many either still sound British, or over-compensate and go really heavy on the Rs. Tom's sounds totally natural to me and I'd never guess he was British without already knowing.
David Edwards
David Edwards:
When he was doing the "Thor son of odin" he was playing an American imitating a British accent. Subtle difference
"The Impossible" still IS his best acting work. He's the one that really carried the whole movie. He should've been nominated for an Oscar, and possibly won it!
Julia Lima
Julia Lima:
Tom’s performance on The Devil All The Time and Cherry were both a MASTERPIECE
*He also delivers several lines in Gaelic*

Fun fact: In Ireland we don't say that we speak Gaelic, we just call it Irish, if u were to ask an Irish person to teach you some gaelic, they'll probably reply with "sure, hand us a ball and I'll show you how to hand pass".

Got to hand it to Tom tho, irish is a very hard language to pronounce and he actually did quite well
Catalina Ines Capurro Teteke
Catalina Ines Capurro Teteke:
Tom Holland, Harry Melling and Robert Pattinson did an AMAZING job in "The devil all the time" with their US American accents. It was incredible!
Heidi Bird Music
Heidi Bird Music:
"The Impossible" is one of the best film ever made and I was SO impressed with Tom in it even before I knew his name. In fact, I only connected the dots years later. If you haven't seen this film, it's a MUST WATCH!
Hammad Maqsood
Hammad Maqsood:
There are some actors I thought were american until I heard their real voice. Goes to show how well they did their accents -Tom Holland, Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Henry Cavill, just to name a few
adobo archives
adobo archives:
Before him, we have these actors who mastered accents:

1. Johnny Depp - HE has lots of characters which needed acceents like Jack Sparrow and The Mad hatter.
2. Bill Nighy (Davy Jones in Pirates of the carribean) - He studied dutch accent just for his role
3. Simon Baker (The Mentalist) - He can turn off his ausie accent for his character Patrick Jane
98%: guy talking about his accent etc
2%: Tom actually speaking
Valeria A.
Valeria A.:
Finally a video of tom’s accent appreciation
Danny J Good
Danny J Good:
"The Devil all the Time" is one of the greatest movies of at least the last 10 yrs. Phenomenal. From beginning to end. I was an immediate fan of his just from that one movie. He slayed that role. Its a movie that will stick in your head for DAYS after watching it. Masterpiece!!
I love this video about Tom Holland's accent work that explains his filmography and barely let's you hear/compare his accents
Ben Knight
Ben Knight:
The part about how Tom occasionally slips back into his American accent by accident reminds me a bit of John Barrowman (famed for playing Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and Torchwood as well as Malcolm Merlyn in Arrow). Despite how he sounds John is actually Scottish but back when he was 9 years old he moved to America and was often bullied because of his Scottish accent which lead to him gradually adopting the American accent. He can pretty easily switch back to a Scottish accent and occasionally it'll just happen to him sub-consciously.
His ability to put on motions and change accents. His astounding acting all together make him one of my favorite actors.
Im pretty sure the accents are produced by the frog that he‘s always hiding in his mouth
Tom Holland is awesome and this just further proves it.
A serious actor who can bring us to tears but also a loveable cutie-pie that delights us and makes us laugh.
neptune_httyd_ arts
neptune_httyd_ arts:
Tom Holland with a southern accent is something I didn’t know I needed.
Mason De Gaulle
Mason De Gaulle:
The "starting out" accent is even more impressive in that he's using an Australian accent, not British, very tough one to pull off convincingly.
Kayse Reacts
Kayse Reacts:
Wow! Props to Tom Holland, it's amazing what one can do with a bunch of hard work and dedication! I love his work ethic! He's quickly becoming one of my favorites! 👍
Hi mimosa
Hi mimosa:
Wish I could see him on a Royal historical movie in his British accent. Fictional or true story doesn't matter hah It's such impossible dream
Armaan Mohsin
Armaan Mohsin:
His selection of movies is exceptional.
He is so unique, we love him!
Jupiter Johnson
Jupiter Johnson:
Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson! Incredible actors!
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada:
You know what would have been cool? Actually hearing Tom Holland use his accents for the majority of this video.
As an English person, the description of an English accent as "British" really winds me up. British encompasses English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish. He has an ENGLISH accent. Weirdly you refer to it as an English accent once. Why not the entire time?
Mia Lewis
Mia Lewis:
I was hoping to see that scene from the interview when he does the Northern (british) accent “just got back from town” so funny and pretty spot on
Lola A
Lola A:
Tom Holland was incredible in the impossible. I remember googling his name after watching the movie because is acting was amazing. Years down the line i was super excited that he was going to play Spiderman. His acting is really underestimated though.
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks:
Kelly MacDonald's Texas accent in "No Country For Old Men" was impressive. The examples depicted in this video were of such a short duration, often 1 or 2 words, that it was impossible for me to make a judgement. His "Irish" accent sounded more like American. So, yeah, I agree with Jocelyn.
Shaka Ohana
Shaka Ohana:
When “impossible” first came out I remember saying “these kids are amazing actors!” When I found out the older brother was Tom Holland, everything made sense. I love Tom ❤️
Richard E.
Richard E.:
He's a natural talent. That's what has made me love him so much!
nita wary
nita wary:
Tom is a brilliant actor and a very amazing person ❤️🥰
Ju ferreira
Ju ferreira:
Its the fact that all of this movies are literally so good
Ruth Yvonne
Ruth Yvonne:
I like this kid, he is a wonderful actor, who gets better every year.
_elfie xx
_elfie xx:
Everytime i listen to Tom's southern accent in "The Devil all the time" it makes me laugh so hard because it's that good but at the same time ... ya feel me? 💀
Shannon D
Shannon D:
Seeing him instaflip from Tom to Peter Parker for Jimmy Kimmel’s son’s birthday was one of the best examples of his crazy talents! 🙌
MyDee Luv
MyDee Luv:
What a great actor, I wish Tom continue stay like this positive, bright, kind and healthy, and climb on top on his career.
Tom Holland is a legend in the making, & he isn't slowing down, nor is he a big head about it! He is constantly grateful for being able to act out films, and he does not make himself the centre star, he involves everyone together, INCLUDING the staff on set!! what a guy, what an incredible human being him and Keanu Reeves should go and hang out for a day!
iconic turtles
iconic turtles:
Tom holland's accent is so British that sometimes my Indian grandma thinks the britishers are back.
Richard E.
Richard E.:
Please give him more projects in Netflix. I want a series from him!
Ricky Garcia
Ricky Garcia:
The Irish was the only weakish one. Does a really good southern lick in in The Devil All the Time though. Definitely one of my favorites from him.
I watched the impossible back in middle school or high school it was amazing and never knew that was Tom Holland. 🤯
Jenna Fletcher
Jenna Fletcher:
He should've gotten nominated for The Impossible.
Tom Holland is such a great actor
Thanks for the video! He's a pretty great actor, and seems like a good person too! ^_^
I don't know anymore
I don't know anymore:
Yeah his American accent was so on point, that the first time I heard him in British accent, I was weirded out. It felt like it wasn't him who's talking.
Darryl John Estaño
Darryl John Estaño:
The amount of talent and versatility.
Anyone can do literally any accent given practice, I promise you Tom Holland had to practice a lot more than one would think
maria rather be dreaming
maria rather be dreaming:
His talents are mindblowing
Lori T
Lori T:
He was fantastic in The Devil All the Time.
Art with Steph
Art with Steph:
He could literally be in any film, I love him
as someone who lived in wv for almost a decade, i will attest tom holland's accent is very convincing.
Megan Carty
Megan Carty:
What a talented actor! That scene at the end of this video in the new
Heaven Green
Heaven Green:
Wow he’s in a lot more stuff than I thought
Perhaps he can be the first non-Swede to nail a Swedish accent, let's get him a role as a Swedish person soon!
Catiana Munoz
Catiana Munoz:
Robert Pattinson is another chameleon actor that has mastered accents!
Sleepy Londrey
Sleepy Londrey:
I had seen so many movies with him in it and never realised until now
The devil all the time was definitely one of my favorites from tom.
Tushar Ahmed
Tushar Ahmed:
I watched 'The Devil All The Time' yesterday. It was one of the best films I ever watched!
Lulu Luscious
Lulu Luscious:
He was paid $4M for Spider-Man: No Way Home and it was well-deserved! I legit laughed, cried, hated him in the movie-- loved him. He portrayed the HS mindset and matured throughout the movie masterfully. By the end, I was mad at myself for being so mad at him during the first portion of the movie!! Go watch it! Lol
I didn't really get accent game from this video but rather Tom's range as an actor I never knew how many different movies and roles he has played
in other words, he's perfect
nrn.21 lol
nrn.21 lol:
he is so good in the devil all the time
He had an australian accent in the first movie you showed him in
Lauren Bardoner
Lauren Bardoner:
This why I love Tom, I wish to be like him.
rekik solomon
rekik solomon:
I think it just runs in the Toms to be a good accent mimicker
Helen Paul
Helen Paul:
Tom Holland is not only utterly cute & adorable, he is also highly talented actor at such a young age. He is going to make many great movies.
Bee Beau
Bee Beau:
I think this channel overstates how difficult it is to do an American accent (I'm not talking about any specific local accent, just an American accent in general), almost every British person can do an American accent, a British accent is much more complicated than an American's, which is why I've rarely ever seen an American that can do a British accent
His accent is iconic and amazing I love it it’s so sweet and cute 😁
always fascinated by British accent
olivia williams
olivia williams:
Victoria 23
Victoria 23:
I can't believe I had watched already most of his movies, but wasn't able to recognize him during those times.
Paul McMahon
Paul McMahon:
His accent in the impossible is an australian accent. And he did it very well.
Kimee Cleaton
Kimee Cleaton:
How to talk about Tom Holland's accent for over five minutes while only letting us hear about 0.2 seconds of it.
I first seen Tom Holland as Spider-Man as like a 16 year old and whenever I see him in any other movie I completely forget he’s actually 25
Wilson Duke
Wilson Duke:
I literally searched Tom Holland for learning Brit accent.😁 Then it came up
Afsana Almas
Afsana Almas:
He's such a great man
Chhavi Goyal
Chhavi Goyal:
some day this guy's gonna get an Oscar
Logan Smith
Logan Smith:
He was really good in the impossible
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae:
his accents are everything
wait.... did Netflix just call British English a "dialect" 0:15 ???!!
witchie 🔥
witchie 🔥:
having only seen and heard him in the mcu movies, onward, and spies in disguise, I had no idea he was actually British
8 Four
8 Four:
The Devil All the Time is a masterpiece.
Tom had an Australian accent in the first one... not British
j maguire
j maguire:
I'm Holland's age and the fact that he already looks older than in Homecoming is freaking me out lmao
Spark 04
Spark 04:
The devil all the time is brilliant.
Both Tom and Rob blew me away in The Devil All the Time
Dude, Tom Holland is doing some amazing work outside the MCU and people are missing it!
Keep Walking
Keep Walking:
Strange I only discovered him after Spider-Man and how talent he is
as well as being British he has some roots in the emerald isle...... that the most American thing I've ve heard, whos going to tell him
"Tom Holland's accent game is beyond impressive" ***continues to speak over the entire trailer and only show like 12 total words of tom holland actually speaking****