Top 10 Alan Rickman Performances

Top 10 Alan Rickman Performances

His movies are beloved by many so today we're listing Alan Rickman's 10 best movies. Alan Rickman's death earlier this year shocked his fans and the entertainment world. Known for his insightful quotes, and playing Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies, Rickman was a dramatist from a young age.

00:44 #10. Judge Turpin
01:58 #9. Marvin the Paranoid Android
03:07 #8. Harry
04:27 #7. Jamie
05:24 #6. Metatron
06:32 #5. Colonel Brandon
07:38 #4. Alexander Dane
08:52 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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100+ comentarios:

I Ren
I Ren:
Alan Rickman would have made a great GPS voice.
"After all this time" you still miss Alan??
Always... 😔
Feels like he was playing Snape in every movie
Leah MacDonald
Leah MacDonald:
I love how Alan Rickman always elevated the movies he was in. I'm sad he's gone.
Did anyone realize Allan Rickman play a character named HARRY?!
Keya Chakraborty
Keya Chakraborty:
He was born to play Severus Snape. Miss him deeply.
Marlene Andersson Lundin
Marlene Andersson Lundin:
Such a brilliant actor with an amazing voice. In my opinion one of the top five actors in the world! So sad he's gone!
Catherine Edgson
Catherine Edgson:
One of the greatest actors to have ever lived
Michael Hirschi
Michael Hirschi:
Hans Gruber is the best bad guy of all time period!
Harry Boyes
Harry Boyes:
Now there's a truly versatile and brilliant actor. Shame he was never awarded an Oscar. Wonderful talent and sorely missed. RIP.
Donnie Hagy
Donnie Hagy:
He was so natural in his role of Snape. I thought he was so pitiful in the final film when he told of his love for Harry Potter's mother.
Alex Moya
Alex Moya:
Alan Rickman was awesomebut I think at least his portrayal of the villain in Quigley down under deserved an honorable mention
Jacob Oliver
Jacob Oliver:
Leaving his performance in Quigley Down Under off this list is wrong.
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones:
Mr Todd, Mr Potter, I'LL CARVE YOUR HEART OUT WITH A SPOON! "Why a spoon why not a axe or-" BECAUSE IT'S DULL YOU TWIT IT'LL HURT MORE!!!
love horses
love horses:
-After all this time?
R.I.P Alan Rickman 😭
Colonel Brandon is still, by far, my favorite Jane Austen suitor.

Rickman's portrayal of a man slowly realizing that happiness could actually be his...and then the final wedding scene where the usually dour and reserved man is joyfully throwing money to children...makes me cry every time.
Malathi Bhat
Malathi Bhat:
Whenever I see Alan Rickman speak and act, I forget the character himself and feel that it's Severus Snape from Harry Potter world
He was a great actor in every movie, but his portrayal of Rasputin was genius
Maria Fox
Maria Fox:
When he was cast to play Snape, JK Rowling told him to think of what Always meant to him.
Erik Zarins
Erik Zarins:
The Greatest Slytherin Who Ever Lived
julie Harris
julie Harris:
I knew he'd be a big star when I saw him in an early TV role. As
Obadiah Slope , in The Barchester Chronicles.
Good Golly Miss Polly
Good Golly Miss Polly:
The Sheriff is my favorite Rickman In Rare Form Character. He Made That Movie.
Although Rickman didn’t have much experience at the time when he plays Hans Gruber in Die Hard 1 I felt that he was the best actor (other than Bruce Willis) in the movie :)
-Also r.i.p Snape, Hans and Alan, you will be missed ❤️
Jodie Mirowski
Jodie Mirowski:
He was wonderful as Snape. I found him to be incredibly sexy as the sheriff of Nottingham. Truly a sad day when he passed. 😢😢
It is a shame he wasn"t a James Bond villain
Rodger P
Rodger P:
There's a little known movie called 'The January Man' in which he pays Ed the painter, neighbor of Kevin Kline playing a cop. Awesome movie. Harvey Keitel, Susan Sarandon, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Rod Steiger, it's fun.
Tyler Alvarado
Tyler Alvarado:
"and when alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept. for there were no more worlds to conquer! benefits of a classical education."
Joanne St John
Joanne St John:
Love love love him he will always be Colonel Brandon to me.... Lucky Marianne Dashwood.
MJF Fan:
My fave Alan Rickman performances are:
- Severus Snape- Harry Potter
- The Sheriff Of Nottingham - Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves
- Metatron- Dogma
SpecRaimiSM-Verse Rodimus Scamander HP
SpecRaimiSM-Verse Rodimus Scamander HP:
Alan Rickman should've lived until Age 394.
R.I.P Alan Rickman (aka Severus Snape)
nacho fries
nacho fries:
Snape, you'll ALWAYS be in our hearts.
Sarit Alony
Sarit Alony:
My favorite will always be his role in Robin Hood.
Elizabeth Holmes
Elizabeth Holmes:
I enjoyed his performance as Steven Spurrier in "Bottle Shock."
Darcy Timmons
Darcy Timmons:
Damn right Severus Snape was number 1 💚💚💚
Liam O'Kelly
Liam O'Kelly:
Dead set Rickman deserved an Oscar for his performance as Snape, he not only brought the character to life from the book unlike any other book to movie adaptation but he improved upon it, it's also worth mentioning he has to be one of the most underrated actors of all time. RIP.
Perfume: Story of a Murderer! How could you miss it?
haylee johnson
haylee johnson:
R.I.P Alan Rickman, we will miss you. Love you!
The bravest man ever
“After all this time “
Alan Rickman was such a good actor. He did Snape very well, like he does in every movie he acted in. I am sill and always be devastated about his passing. Fly high Alan 🕊💔
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson:
Quigley Down Under "This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hitchcock"
Michele Coffindaffer
Michele Coffindaffer:
You should check out the movie "Closetland." Rickman masterly plays a villan with mind games and torture. Don't watch it alone.
'By Grabthar's Hammer...what a savings.'
Monica Roberts
Monica Roberts:
My favorite Is Christopher Brandon in Sense and Sensibility. He rocks as a lead.
this list is invalid without 'snow cake' !!
Sarah S
Sarah S:
Hay! 😊Anybody here of Quigley Downunder. Great movie. He plays a great villain. Tom Sellik plays the hero. You know Magnum PI.😁
"And it's a human need to be told stories. The more we're governed by idiots and have no control over our destinies, the more we need to tell stories to each other about who we are, why we are, where we come from, and what might be possible."

Alan Rickman
Jordan Cooper
Jordan Cooper:
I'm surprised Harry Potter was number 1. I thought that would just be an honorable mention.
꧁Cløudîî Mëådøws꧂
꧁Cløudîî Mëådøws꧂:
Rest in peace Alan Rickman You will always be remembered
Mrs Sadie Adler
Mrs Sadie Adler:
Always my fav character him being Snape and evil sheriff of Nottingham 😍😍😍
Mike Reed
Mike Reed:
Die Hard should have been #1. Rickman was incredible in this movie.
P S:
He was also great in Quigley Down Under
Rallem Semaj
Rallem Semaj:
Am I mistaken, or did his role as Elliott Marston, in Quigley Down Under, not even make honorable mention, let alone the list?
"After all this time. Always."
Stefano Pavone
Stefano Pavone:
I just realised Alan could have played the G-Man in a Half-Life movie. He had the looks, the mystery, the charisma, and the unusual vocal intonation to match.
Faith Castillo
Faith Castillo:
I will always love him as Jamie in Truly, Madly, Deeply. After that, as the kind and gracious and loyal man he was.
His death still causes me deep sadness. Mr. Rickman was supposed to live forever.
Dogs And songs
Dogs And songs:
We will never forget Him R.I.P
James Braithwaite
James Braithwaite:
Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer was a good one of his as well. He was a good guy, but also EVIL when he caught the villain.
thomas charles
thomas charles:
When they showed him finding Lilly as harry watched his memories is both beautiful and tragic he played those emotions perfectly
Jennifer Bursiel
Jennifer Bursiel:
Would like to see a mention for Quigley Down Under character Elliot Marsdon.
For some reason I'm so sure that Alan was a good person. Even without knowing him.
Every single time I hear his voice... All the Harry Potter memories come soaring back...
Patrice Dhanis
Patrice Dhanis:
Loved him most in Robin Hood. An incredible actor gone too soon.
Alisha Hutchinson
Alisha Hutchinson:
He was amazing as snape


And 10 points to watchmojo for this video on the best actor in the world
(In Rickman's voice)
'Why when I return from the washroom does this Youtube, Every bloody time, Have the need to throw an advertisement boasting about unnecessary hogwash at me?!'
That was 1/2 my feelings about YouTube ADs & 1/2 my appreciation for a great actor.
"By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged."
The Legend in His Own Mind
The Legend in His Own Mind:
Would've liked to have seen Rickman's performance in "Bottle Shock" somewhere on this list. Still, it goes to show just how many memorable performances this man gave throughout his storied career. May he rest in peace, and be perpetually remembered for his amazing acting ability forever.
Hanneke Pakkert
Hanneke Pakkert:
Severus Snape should ve on 1. He is the best person ever of my life and i love him with my whole heart💓Alan Rickman is the best character in the history of planet earth, for how long our planet is gonna live. Severus Snape and Alan Rickman, R.I.P. the boys who got my whole heart.💔
Shounak Mitra
Shounak Mitra:
He lived the role of Snape. He brought the character to life even more.
Grand Duke Of Flario
Grand Duke Of Flario:
Snape stars as Harry? And meets with Mr. Bean? Weird...
lala Corn
lala Corn:
"Because it's Dull you twitt, it'll hurt more"
Quinn Fletcher
Quinn Fletcher:
Alan Rickman is that rare type of actor who fits in anywhere! Just look at the diverse roles he played!
Rootedandgrounded 09
Rootedandgrounded 09:
Alan RIckman was truly one of the greats. I just LOVE him as the "Sheriff of Nottingham", but he will always be Colonel Brandon to me; kind of like John Candy will always be "Uncle Buck" and Audrey Hepburn will always be "Holly Golightly". Sometimes a well written part and a gifted actor create something brilliant.
Portrayed Éamon De Valera so accurately. One of the all time greats.
Just CabCab things
Just CabCab things:
I stopped the video to the part where his memory is played, and I can't help but cry all over again, he's my favorite character.

Edit: damn that word 'always' makes me cry everytime
Chris McCallister
Chris McCallister:
Good list but no mention of him in Quigley Down Under?
Natalie Sokulski
Natalie Sokulski:
Omg in the first movie it had Alan rickman ( Snape), belatrix, and wormtail!!!
Sir Olarm Bio
Sir Olarm Bio:
Most of his Performances sound like Severus.....He lives!
Rainbow meowy
Rainbow meowy:
No matter what he says I just hear Snape😂
Hisoka Morow
Hisoka Morow:
Me having a mini panic attack because I thought you wouldn’t include Severus Snape 🤣🤣
I remember watching that weird fucking Rasputin movie in History class and just being constantly uncomfortable the whole time
Kiyara Dunuwille
Kiyara Dunuwille:
May he Rest In Peace and forever live on in our hearts
Ahmad Luthfi
Ahmad Luthfi:
Snape's vibe at all the movies he played
Gwen Smith
Gwen Smith:
His performance in Snowcake was amazing.
Ron Devon
Ron Devon:
At least an honorable mention for me would be "Bottle Shock"
Joe V
Joe V:
Rickman’s one of my favorite actors of all time! He’s one of the reasons Snape’s my favorite character in the Harry Potter series, but even that role can’t beat his portrayal of Hans in Die Hard!

RIP Rickman!
Cohens World
Cohens World:
0:44 that’s peter!!! 2 Harry Potter characters in one
Kathy Schwartz
Kathy Schwartz:
Quigley Down Under. Amazing character!
Robin Donnelly
Robin Donnelly:
"This will all end in tears, I just know it."
robert doerner
robert doerner:
Metatron!!! My favorite Alan Rickman character. My favorite Alan Rickman movie, both a notch above Hans Gruber and Die Hard. I really loved this man and the roles he chose.
Physics Nerd #1
Physics Nerd #1:
Rest in peace Alan Rickman, you are a truly great actor
I was actually at “the wizarding world of Harry Potter” the day after Alan died... there was a somber atmosphere, and you could feel that everyone was lamented, like everyone lost their beloved potions master.
Kevin Phung
Kevin Phung:
That scene where Severus held tight to Lily wailing into the dead of night always takes a firm grip on my heart. Such a magnificent performance.
Chloe Major
Chloe Major:
'Your father was a swine!'
God, I cried every time someone great died in Harry Potter (aka Sirius, Snape, Dumbledore, Lupin died to didn't he?)
The Lemon Squad
The Lemon Squad:
We were just waiting for snape
Emily Snape-Malfoy
Emily Snape-Malfoy:
Rest in Pease Professor Snape. You are absolutely the graetest man I ever Knew. 😍😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze:
Alan rickman was one of my favorite actors playing a villain. May he r.i.p.
Why do I feel that all I see and hear was Severus Snape character😊.
RIP sir Alan Rickman your memories will live forever.
#RIP Alan Rickman. 1946 - 2016. You will be missed.
James Trenoweth
James Trenoweth:
He was just so amazing in all his performances I can't name a favourite
Ilove Theater
Ilove Theater:
As someone who loves sweeney todd I would like to say that he did an amazing job as the judge