Top 10 Freddie Mercury Performances

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He was one of the greatest rock vocalists of all time. He was also an LGBTQ icon. Above all, though, he was an incredible performer who thrived on stage. For this list, we'll be looking at live Freddie Mercury performances with Queen and taking into account the uniqueness of the performance and its cultural impact. Our countdown includes Saturday Night Live (1982), Queen Live in Rio (1985), Live Aid 1985, and more! What's YOUR favorite Freddie Mercury performance? Let us know in the comments!

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What's YOUR favorite Freddie Mercury performance? Let us know in the comments!

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this is why freddie mercury is the greatest of all time.
Sebastian Tickleberry
Sebastian Tickleberry:
I mean the Live Aid is the greatest performance by any band ever. For him to command the audience in the palm of his hand was just magical.
Neighbor Bruce
Neighbor Bruce:
"Pretending to play with Brian May during the We Will Rock You Guitar Solo"

**radio gaga plays**
Neighbor Bruce
Neighbor Bruce:
I'm a simple man, I see Queen and I click
Scott Hiers
Scott Hiers:
His performance of "Somebody to Love" in Montreal should be on the list.
Saiyanobe23G 🍓
Saiyanobe23G 🍓:
Wish Freddie Mercury was still alive, he easily has the best vocals for any musician/singer of all time.
Alrisa Edelman
Alrisa Edelman:
I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend. (Freddie Mercury ). Mission Completed . Because he is one of greatest Vocalist all time from one of greatest band all time Queen. Legend Never die .His music will living forever
Thomas Short
Thomas Short:
I would give everything I have to go back in time and be in the audience at the live aid concert
Lee Meszaros
Lee Meszaros:
My dad and Freddie Mercury. My heroes. Both gone but never forgotten.
nicholai Draai
nicholai Draai:
Queen are magical. It's a kind of magic
Jordan Diaz
Jordan Diaz:
best artist to ever live, hands down
Michael Hansen jr.
Michael Hansen jr.:
I wish I was born when he was performing at live ad concerts, that shit look lit asf. By the way, we share the same birthday.
I think it’s sweet that you made this video for the anniversary of his death😊 R.I.P Freddie Mercury. 1946-♾
Wonko The clown
Wonko The clown:
Who else saw that live aid would be number 1
FaZe Roblox
FaZe Roblox:
exactly 29 years ago on this day, the greatest rockstar/singer of all time died. happy 29th anniversary since your time on earth freddie!
Jaylen E. Turner
Jaylen E. Turner:
Today marks
29 years since he passed away.

His musical legacy will never be forgotten.
Bo Ree
Bo Ree:
Rest In Peace

Freddie Mercury (1946-1991)

Eric Carr as well, his death gets overshadowed far too much.

Both of you are missed.
Cmdr Tomalak
Cmdr Tomalak:
"Do you agree with our picks?" Hell yeah I agree!
Xtreme 7
Xtreme 7:
Oh damn i just realized today is freddie's death anniversary
Sabrina Ruiz
Sabrina Ruiz:
When I first listened to Queen, the music changed my life🤴🏻😌
Joshua Mohlman
Joshua Mohlman:
He maybe gone, but he will never be forgotten
RIP Freddy♥️
Silver Linings Film and Media Reviews
Silver Linings Film and Media Reviews:
If you’re putting a rock band together, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a better choice than Freddie Mercury for your lead.

Spear Pig
Spear Pig:
"Freddie, clearly was not tired..." coke will keep you going for sure. Lol. But he did love the engery of the crowd and ate it up. The dude was great.
Joesph Pac
Joesph Pac:
Do MICHAEL JACKSON next please
Diego Perez Cotto
Diego Perez Cotto:
I like Freddy Mercury performance and Freddy is the iconic in the music and rockstar 😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🎤🎤🎤🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸
Adams Ariad
Adams Ariad:
It's Freddie Mercury's 29th death anniversary now.
Aidan Lynch
Aidan Lynch:
I wish I could have been a live see him in person he’s voice sounds so perfect!
Cici Rosie
Cici Rosie:
The Man, the Myth, the Queen
James Thomson
James Thomson:
Best vocalist ever I cried when he died.
Kelvyn Bienvenido
Kelvyn Bienvenido:
all freddy perfomances are TOP 1 to me :D
JG Guitar Covers
JG Guitar Covers:
Greatest front man to ever live
West Texas Nomad
West Texas Nomad:
See Freddie, must click. The performance at knebworth Park better be on the list.
Shaine White
Shaine White:
8:48, I loved how he made the audience his orchestra!
All we hear is radio gaga radio goo goo radio whats new radio some one still loves you
Shaine White
Shaine White:
1:41, that was the best scene In the movie! Lol!
O Flode
O Flode:
Few artists have this level of talent, FEW
He is truly missed
Sujal Mogalaikar
Sujal Mogalaikar:
Rest in Peace Freddie Mercury.
A Legend, Gone but never forgotten.
Céline Gunton
Céline Gunton:
Montreal 1981, his performance of Love of My Life brings me to tears
Sithul Palihawadana
Sithul Palihawadana:
Yesterday was his death anniversary i really miss him. Thanks watchmojo for featuring this immortal legend 💔🥺😥❤😭
29 yrs after n this man rules still
Noname Needed
Noname Needed:
29 years today 🥺
Our west London king is always missed 😩
You can’t squeeze a Live Aid performance and expect me to watch this whole video... I’ll be back in an hour... I love that the Gen Zero, I guess you call yourself, that weren’t alive with Freddy appreciate him...
Remembering Freddie mercury today and every day. Miss u so much. I still love you!! If you only new how much you are still loved . R.I.P darling. I will never forget you!!
Delilah M
Delilah M:
Best frontman, best voice. Pure passion. Unique
Alyssa Black
Alyssa Black:
Live Aid will always be one of the greatest moments in rock history especially for Queen. Too bad the group didn’t get to do SNL again
Andy Leighton
Andy Leighton:
I count myself very lucky to be at the Wembley concert 1986 Magic tour, absolutely brilliant
Michael Bullock
Michael Bullock:
Great 📹 and I enjoyed it and he is was one of the greatest male singers in the 🌎 and have a blessed day
Toy Story Fan 55
Toy Story Fan 55:
"I've got to break a knee!"
Marlene Sullivan
Marlene Sullivan:
Harmony Ndlovu
Harmony Ndlovu:
It's crazy how a few days ago I watched the Film and now I was lead to this... 🌚
Lord Cinder
Lord Cinder:
The ULTIMATE showman. Truly the best 🐐🐐🐐
The Solar Cobalt
The Solar Cobalt:
Finally, a decent video from you guys....
luke ketchum
luke ketchum:
Was there any doubt this list was just building up to Live Aid?
Caitlin Frawley
Caitlin Frawley:
Greatest frontman in Rock! I love Freddie forever. One of my all time favourite performances apart from Live Aid is the Rainbow in 1974. It’s hard to believe that we lost Freddie 29 years ago. May he Rest In Peace. 😭😭😭😢😢😢🌹🌹🌹
Lucas Mauricio
Lucas Mauricio:
5 September 1946-24 November 1991
Freddie, I Still Love You
Rixt Stelwagen
Rixt Stelwagen:
29 years ago, still miss u, will always miss u. love u 🙏🏻💕
Daniel Louis
Daniel Louis:
Great list there were a few of these that I've not seen, very curious to check them out now.
Noelle Blackshaw
Noelle Blackshaw:
24th was my birthday, it was Queen themed and we listened to most of his albums, songs, ect and I got a poster of him and all his logos and a two shirts of him, he is the greatest and will forever be missed, he was the best singer of all time- it's a fact... He died on Nov 24th (my birthday) and he was just amazing, I hope he's happy in heaven. He was a blessing!
Thank you for that, it's so sad beeing the 29th aniversary of his passing 💖💖💖😭😭😭👑👑👑
Johnny Brix
Johnny Brix:
Sofia Bloom
Sofia Bloom:
Please keep doing more freddie mercury and queen videos 🥺❣️
Angel Sutton
Angel Sutton:
YEAH. ~ Live-Aid was TRULY THE GREATEST performance!!!/ And IT was on MY 16TH BIRTHDAY!!!! YAY!!!
iHeart Gaming and Whose Line
iHeart Gaming and Whose Line:
1:14 oh smooth move Prenter (wait was he still with Prenter at the time?)
Diana North
Diana North:
They just put on the best concerts period!! Too bad you didn't do any honorable mentions because Live at Montreal, Odeon Hammersmith '75 and live at the rainbow deserve mentioning!
Andrea Del Bene
Andrea Del Bene:
"Pretending to play with Brian May during the We Will Rock You Guitar Solo"...actually it was Radio GaGa
Top 10 mysterious things found in the desert not including “alien technology” lol
Sierra King
Sierra King:
R.I.P Freddie you will never be forgotten.😭😭😭😭😭
Deb Blackmore
Deb Blackmore:
Legends never die shine in heaven darling love ya always xxxx
29 years :(
"bring freddie Back,bring him back bring him back dont take him away from us because you dont know what he means to ussss"
Shaine White
Shaine White:
9:57, they stole the show at Live Aid!
Scott Cabler
Scott Cabler:
His call and response from #2 was reused at the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony.
Still can't find an HD version of their SNL performance.
Shaine White
Shaine White:
FREDDIE, WE LOVE YOU, WE MISS YOU!! Yesterday was the day he left us in 1991.
47. Sehal Chandrakar
47. Sehal Chandrakar:
Live aid is the greatest live concert of all time
2:17 it’s Radio Ga Ga 🙃
Téa Page
Téa Page:
Rest in peace legend❤🕊
Kuntum Hapsari
Kuntum Hapsari:
Queen live in Paris 1979 was so beauty
Pretty average list. Where's the Rainbow gigs in '74, Milton Keynes in '82 or Knebworth in front of 140,000 in '86?
Dahani Pravinesh Ram
Dahani Pravinesh Ram:
29 years later and still missed by all.
Gicole Li
Gicole Li:
I really love the Hammer to fall at Live Aid and Somebody to Love at 1981 Montreal
Eclipse Rizki
Eclipse Rizki:
We miss you so much Angel 🕊
Dennis Bunik
Dennis Bunik:
They OWNED Live Aid
Forever LegenD ~ FM
Yosh 愛 39
Yosh 愛 39:
7:22 thank me later 😎✌️
Mackenzie Mae
Mackenzie Mae:
I absolutely love Queen! Freddie Mercury is my favorite singer, he is truly one of a kind, what a nice video you released to honor him on the 29th anniversary of his death. Some of my favorite Queen performances are the Hammersmith-Odeon 1975, You Take My Breath Away Hyde Park, Somebody to Love Milton Keynes, Somebody to Love Montreal, Hungarian Rhapsody concert, and the Wembley concert.
Shaine White
Shaine White:
00:42, Bohemian Rhapsody rocked!
Flynn’s Fashion Things
Flynn’s Fashion Things:
29 years gone today!💜 I love him so fucking much.😫😍
J Bonham
J Bonham:
I remember seeing him play on 1987 ah
I never lived a life where Freddie was alive (Not one I'd remember I was 2 or 3 when he passed) but I never lived a life without his and Queens music and I never will. A true treasure of a human being. Brian Roger and John are also legendary and deserve more love while they're here 💞
Obi Ravioli Cannoli
Obi Ravioli Cannoli:
Mr. Trap
Mr. Trap:
I'm pretty sure we all know what number 1 was
alex thelizardking
alex thelizardking:
Top 10 vh1 behind the music episodes

Top 10 E! True Hollywood story episodes
If we are speaking vocally best this is not even close. Live Aid might still be best, but this is only filmed conserts. There are 100s of bootlegs were he was way better than some of these. Wemblet 86' doesnt come close.
Attila Szeibert
Attila Szeibert:
He's a fucking legend. R.I.P legend.👍
Ira Ivy
Ira Ivy:
Greatest Freddie Mercury moment?

1). The day he was born.
trex advent
trex advent:
Can you do comic book origin of DC Max Mercury?
I don't think I have as much love for any other famous performer as I do for Freddie Mercury! The most inspiring, interesting, and talented person I've ever seen or heard. I've felt that way since I was 8 years old, and don't think that feeling will ever go away. ❤
La Cucaracha
La Cucaracha:
U guys just re-upload old vids with new titles
R.I.P Freddie 💔🕊