Top 10 Men's Tennis Players / ATP Ranking History (1990/2022)

1990 to 2022 were analyzed. Only the top ten players each score update were examined. Each player has been catalogued according to his nationality (the color of the bars also reflects the color of the flag).

Moreover, the image of the first tennis player in the world according to the ATP ranking has been added week by week.

Let me know what you think about it!

Who is your favorite player of all time?

Source: @ATP Tour

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Statistics and data
Statistics and data:
Which is your favorite player? Write it in the comments!
!373 weeks at no 1! NOVAK DJOKOVIC
Shyamal Ranoo
Shyamal Ranoo:
Raz Ols
Raz Ols:
Brad York
Brad York:
3:13 Ladies and gentlemen, From Chile
ali adam
ali adam:
G Rock
G Rock:
djoko !! What a reign...