Top 10 Peter Dinklage Performances

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100+ comentarios:

Who knew game of thrones was number one without already watching?
''a very small man can cast a very large shadow.''

Mitchell Pearce
Mitchell Pearce:
"Your not on trial for being a dwarf"
"Oh yes I am, I've been on trial for that, my entire life"

Not only does that quote mean something to Tyrion Lannister, it means something to Peter Dinklage himself.
Werebilby J
Werebilby J:
They couldn't have cast a better man to be Tyrion.
Easily one of the best actors ever.
Mr Orc Shaman
Mr Orc Shaman:
He's got a smouldering look about him, people might be crude and judge on size, but I just see a sexy guy.
Philip K. Duck
Philip K. Duck:
Best actor on GoT
Markus Buhler
Markus Buhler:
Peter Dinklage is remarkably good at changing his voice. Most of those characters had totally different voices. He is a truly talented man.
Yousef Sobhani
Yousef Sobhani:
gee I wonder what number one is
Cássio Amaral
Cássio Amaral:
"He's a Golden Globe and Emmy-winning actor who's proven size doesn't matter" Was that really necessary? What does have his height to do with his acting ability? I don't care about political correctness, but I don't get the point of putting this in the description. Maybe I'm nitpicking, though. What matters is that this guy is an awesome actor.
Malonze Productions
Malonze Productions:
For the game of thrones scene, they shouldve put the trial scene where he snapped after seeing shay go against him.. I think that was the best performance he has put so far on the show.
I want Peter Dinklage to read me bedtime stories every night. I would sleep like a baby.
RaLPhis Xamida
RaLPhis Xamida:
No other actor could play Tyrion and would be soo good. .
all i want is to be BFFs with Tyrion Lannister who is arguably the best character in game of thrones
Jack Knightley
Jack Knightley:
When's he's on trial in game of thrones, that scene was powerful
Russell Thorburn
Russell Thorburn:
Without Peter Game of Thrones would be nothing.
Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion Lannister:
Thumbs up if you have come here for me
Chen Li-Yuan
Chen Li-Yuan:
tyrion is much less funny in Mereen than he was in kings landing, i miss the golder trio: tyrion, bronn and Podrick, ..........hope all of them will re-unite at Westeros someday
this guy is terrific in absolutely everything! i particularly liked him in the film, "the station agent".
Peter Dink
Peter Dink:
Give me an Oscar already!
Peter Dinklage is one of my favourite actors, but I can never pin down a single reason as to why. Maybe it's the gravitas in his performances, maybe because he takes comedic and serious roles with equally amazing results, or the fact that no other actor I've ever seen gets pissed off quite like he does ^_^
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen:
Tyrion better be #1 or I'll demand trial by combat.
"before we unveil our number 1 pick"

oh my god, i can't take this suspense! what role is gonna be?! tell me!
Hard Chaps
Hard Chaps:
Peter is indeed a great actor.
His size doesnt matter whatever role he's given.
Queen LeLe
Queen LeLe:
Peter Dinklage IS Tyrion Lannister.
I'm just amazed at his amazing accents!!!
Patty and Greice Irmãs Rodrigues
Patty and Greice Irmãs Rodrigues:
How about top ten Tyrion moments in Games of Thrones.
Team Binay Para walang away!
Team Binay Para walang away!:
peter dinklage? the only person i know is tyrion lannister
Gui Porto
Gui Porto:
I love his performance in The Station Agent. Great movie, by the way.
Jake Field-Gibson
Jake Field-Gibson:
2 days in a row with Tyrion as Number 1 on a watchmojo list!
A Duck
A Duck:
He's maybe small, but...

He's bigger than me!
I was so hopeful that Game of Thrones would be his number one performance.
his voice is amazing
L.C. Toner
L.C. Toner:
I loved Peter's acting since the movie, "The Station Agent" in 2003. He has overcome so much and has finally gained respect in Hollywood. Congrats, Peter!
00:06 Peter is a great actor, we know this, hence why the video exists. There's no need to highlight he's a dwarf. He's an awesome actor and that's why we are watching, and acting is not affected by dwarfism. The more people talk about how he's 'overcome' something the more they demean the issue rather than normalise it. I like him for being him.
Muhammed Joosub
Muhammed Joosub:
I'm a simple man I see game of thrones I click
I saw him on The Station Agent first, then Penelope. This guy can make you laugh till you snort your popcorn without even uttering a word or cracking a joke.
Maven Esquith
Maven Esquith:
I'm really glad that Peter is a dwarf. I don't know how he feels about it but I think if I were a dwarf I would want someone as admirable as him to look up to. I heard he doesn't take cliche elf roles where they're just there for their height instead of talent. He could give any actor a run for their money and he is just awesome in every role. Anyone who thinks height limits you need only look at how great he is at doing what he loves and know they can do the same. I don't think anyone else would have been quite as inspiring.
Great to see The Station Agent turn up on any list of good movies/TV series, and rightly placed at number 2.
JeeyaX 4GG
JeeyaX 4GG:
(SPOILERS OF GAME OF THRONES) i rly like the sceene at the trial in season 4, where he tells how much he hates everyone and when he demands a trial by combat, theat sceen is just sooo awsome!!! :D
"Intelligent imp of the lannister clan."
Did you even watch the show?
Alex CB
Alex CB:
He's the greatest actor
BroMz Mz
BroMz Mz:
They say Great things come in small packages and in the case of Peter
Dinklage that could not be more true, every small nuance of Peter
Dinklage in games of thrones is nothing short of Genius actor who can
capture the moment and make me appreciate the art of acting, the
cast is very talented but i was hypnotize by his role and the way he
carry out the story line ,not many people can understand the difficulty
of casting a serious role due to his measurement but for me he is the
tallest actor in the cast and the one who i enjoy the most. i thank the
production for casting him and i hope to see more of this little genius
on the big screen.
DIY The North
DIY The North:
I'm at #2 right now...... Oh geez I wonder what role is number one *cough tyrion cough*
69 dislikes from Warwick Davis' dwarf acting agency clients?
Mark my words, Tyrion will be king. Long may he reign!!!!!!
Serene Queen
Serene Queen:
I absolutely adore this man <3 It's not the size, it's how you use it xoxo
Stephanie ####
Stephanie ####:
"The Station Agent" is when I first fell in love with Peter Dinklage. I remember reading an article where he said that he didn't think he was sexy and I nearly had a heart attack!!! He is a legendary actor!
sanket kamble
sanket kamble:
its fun to watch the full list just for the first one....which we already knew what its gonna be
He's really great at stealing the best scenes in movies especially when he has limited screen time. Makes it count.
Ginger P
Ginger P:
Love him no matter what. I first discovered him in “The Station Agent”. Great actor.
margareth michelina
margareth michelina:
2:42 So, that's how Vin Diesel looks like with hair
He was brilliant in Station Agent. The first performance of his I had seen.
Tommy Pate
Tommy Pate:
avengers endgameweapon maker for asgard
Scott Ortiz
Scott Ortiz:
Truly one of my favorite actors, he steals every scene he's in.
Natalie Bruce
Natalie Bruce:
I really like him in Penelope.
Anton Bruce
Anton Bruce:
He ALSO had a great, if very small, part in "Avengers: Infinity War". And, he had one of the best lines in the movie: "You're about to take the full force of a star. It will kill you". Thor: "Only if I die". His character: "Yes...that's what 'killing you' means".
One of my favorite actors ever. Such a handsome man too.
one of my favourite actors
Anders Thomsen
Anders Thomsen:
I'm missing Knights of Badassdom on this list :P
Regina Walker
Regina Walker:
He was great in Low Down.
Daniel Babineau
Daniel Babineau:
Peter Dinklage is just awesome. He has done something that no other actor of his stature has ever done for me when watching him - he makes me forget about his unfortunate height. He is just such an amazing actor, his acting chops allow his characters and their larger than life personas to completely overshadow his height.
Tyrion. Hand down.
mathy shankar
mathy shankar:
"He drink and he knows things" tryion Lannister 😍
I gotta say, seeing all these Dinklage roles, I now think he looks weird without facial hair
Dark Titan
Dark Titan:
Lol I remember when I was younger and I saw the underdog movie and I saw a midget and I didn’t know it was Peter Dinklage now flash forward I’m now 15 and I notice Tyrion almost everywhere bc of game of thrones
Tails 322
Tails 322:
"Even small men can cast a big shadow"
manuel palma
manuel palma:
me sorprende este gran actor
Peter Dinklage looks like a young Mark Hamill.
Devin Haas
Devin Haas:
My Favorite Peter Dinklage role is from a move called Knight Of Badassdom he play's a character named Hung who is a live action role-player who never brakes character even when he is tripping balls on shrooms
Poisoned Ivysaur
Poisoned Ivysaur:
I'm ok with this list. His role in The Station Agent was pretty amazing.
ஓம் நமசிவாய
ஓம் நமசிவாய:
i liked it before the video starts
Pamela B
Pamela B:
His performance in The Station Agent was really good. I love Peter. He's great at comedy as well, very versatile actor. He was great on 30 rock too.
The Station Agent is my favorite.
Robert G
Robert G:
Please do top 10 top gear moments/episodes/stars/power laps. Please please please
M.W. Currey
M.W. Currey:
I thought Peter Dinklage was great in the Australian film, 'I Love You Too' (2010).
He co-starred opposite Brendan Cowell and Yvonne Stravoshki.
Siuzanna Vyshneva
Siuzanna Vyshneva:
The detective role in Penelope movie should have been landed Gran Prix
Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion Lannister:
When i am the king of the world i will name him my hand!
All hail peter!!!!
And me of course for i will be king! Long may i reign!!!
Jussi Lindeberg
Jussi Lindeberg:
Dinklages character named Hung from the Kights of the Badassdom movie should have been here!
William Seward
William Seward:
The first time I saw him in "A Little Bit Of Heaven" he blew me away with his presence. That said, "My Dinner With Herve" was astounding!
What about when he said "we've woken the hive!" In destiny.
McQueen Fan 73
McQueen Fan 73:
“Every time we deal with an enemy, we create two more.” Precisely what Cersei was too stupid and arrogant to understand
William B. Keck
William B. Keck:
"That's what I do, I drink and I know things."- TL
jesse allan
jesse allan:
Joffrey: "I will see this imp leap from a coffin high on acid! I demand it now!"
It can’t be just me that finds it weird when Peter Dinklage talks in his real accent..
Pd was in Narnia!!! My whole life is a lie!!!
Mari Mazarguil
Mari Mazarguil:
Omg vin diesel had hair
Who skiped just to see if he is there like Tirion Lenister?
As soon as I heard who'd be playing Tyrion, I was waiting for this moment 1:13
#1 is game of Thrones

You can now skip the video
k c
k c:
Thank you soooooo much! I've loved him ever since The Station Agent and am so glad everyone knows him now and can appreciate him! <3
Nothing much, Just a really good YouTuber.
Nothing much, Just a really good YouTuber.:
You forgot when he was in Avengers: Infinity War!
Shana Takoor
Shana Takoor:
I've only seen Game of Thrones and so far, that was my favourite! :-)
Alexander Scalzo
Alexander Scalzo:
I remember the 1st movie I saw him in was Lassie when I was a kid & I admired his acting ever since. He maybe small but he's gifted w/ so much talent, genius, & power!
Geneva Rodriguez
Geneva Rodriguez:
He's scene during the trial in season four is my absolute favorite
Original Death at a Funeral is one of my favorite movies ever
Mary Bogue
Mary Bogue:
Peter is my favorite actor. Watch his new movie My Dinner with Herve
Floyd Mills
Floyd Mills:
I wanted to see "THE FIRE BLASTER" on this list. One of my favorites.
Dunjinz Draco
Dunjinz Draco:
The Station Agent is my favorite.
sagar kumar
sagar kumar:
born to play tyrion lannister