Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Australia

The Top 10 reasons You Should NOT move to Australia and the worst things you NEED to know before moving to Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth!

Worst places to live in Canada -

What's it like living in Australia? Well, for starters, it's a GIANT Island Continent surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Ocean, and also one of the Top 10 BEST countries to live in the World! A big reason for that is the stunning nature. From Bondi Beach to Uluru to the Great Barrier Reef to Surfer's Paradise to Kakadu National Park and Tasmania, the 6th largest country is beautiful and features tons of unique wildlife such as kangaroos, koalas, emus, echidna, platypus, and wombats!
Now while there are some similarities to the United States of America, there are also a LOT of differences, so hopefully this list helps new immigrants! If The Land Down Under is one of the safest and happiest countries in the world with some of the best cities to live in the World such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Cairns, and Canberra, then why shouldn't you live in Australia?

Thanks for watching From Here to There! This is one of my top ten videos where we explain things about the world, it's history, and geography, starting with the different states, cities, and towns in the United States. Find out the worst and best places to live in 2020!

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From Here to There
From Here to There:
*Can we hit 5,000 LIKES for a Top 10 Best Cities to Live in the WORLD list?!* Hope you all enjoy our first video on Australia, and if you'd wanna see me cover any other countries, let me know! Australia is probably my favorite country, and I might end up living there one day, so *I'd love to make a Top 10 Best Cities to Live in Australia list* if you'd wanna see it :)
*What is YOUR Favorite City / Town in Australia?*
Cupcake Savvy's Kitchen
Cupcake Savvy's Kitchen:
Bahahahaha! Lot of misinformation! Where are you getting your stats from?! I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else 🇦🇺❤️
Marilou Chan
Marilou Chan:
He sounds like he just got dumped by his Australian boyfriend.
Alexis Ferreira
Alexis Ferreira:
I live in Australia and the animals don’t want to kill you, they will attack you if you get into their space
IzzyLee Gaming&Stuff
IzzyLee Gaming&Stuff:
Really... you could have actually tried... anyone reading this I’m Aussie and I can assure he has NO knowledge of Australia!!!
Luis de Leon
Luis de Leon:
A whole lot of bullshit. No way I would trade living in Australia for the US.
Fire Sky Cam
Fire Sky Cam:
And only 909 deaths from COVID.
Isolation doesn't look so bad now does it.
This guy sounds like a 2 year old trying to explain taxes
Abouzar Razavi
Abouzar Razavi:
I have been 4 years in Australia. And what can I say most of this video is just nonsense. Australia nature is awesome. You can see lots of rare and gorgeous birds around your place everyday. People are very nice and the weather is also good.
It is interesting that many of Aussie I personally met and had visited USA have the same idea about USA. They all say compared to Australia, USA is aweful.
Villain izuku
Villain izuku:
G'day mate! As a fellow Australian, this is absolutely hilarious, none of these are true but one or two are true. We gotta to learn how to be brave enough to near wild animal. Australia is a great country, we may respect aboriginal culture. Good wage, easy to save up and air are clean. We have too many health insurance or other. Australia always have these things as back up.
unica morta
unica morta:
His voice is sooooo annoying and the way he drags out Ausstrraallliaaaa... 😑🔫. Shoot me
I like how he has to put a nearly 2 minute long section at the beginning "praising" it so that Aussies like me will at least be *ok* with it. Well guess what, you didn't fool me, as an Aussie, I'd in fact MUCH prefer to live in Australia compared to America, nobody can convince me otherwise!
Iz Me Vorze
Iz Me Vorze:
Saying “don’t move to Australia because you can’t live in the middle from the heat”, is like saying “oh don’t live in the ocean because you can’t live underwater” LMAO
Gleb Stepkin
Gleb Stepkin:
When Americans hear "Australia", they think of some dusty clearing with Uluru in the distance and an Aboriginal playing the didgeridoo in a nearby shack.
Time Nixe
Time Nixe:
Drop bears do exist, they're just hard to find. They'll find you instead, if you stand still too long.
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer:
At least we don’t get shot with an M16 in the middle of maths 😂
TrickShot It
TrickShot It:
It’s the tourists that are bad drivers
I live in Australia and can tell you most of this is wildly inaccurate or half truths.
Raani 2008
Raani 2008:
I moved to Australia 11 years ago. I love the heat and you can always escape it because every public building is air conditioned. And your house and cars have air conditioned normally. Summer is barely 2 months. If my friends from Ireland who migrated here can survive it then anyone can. Australia is very beautiful. Love driving around here from north to south. I have visited countries with never ending driving. The bush fires are common in lot of countries and trust me, you don't get compensated via mail box. Firefighters also give their life away saving lives, that is how great Australia is. Travelling, Australians love travelling so 20 hours is piece of cake, and you can always stop in between even while driving to another state, I have done 3 days trips stopping on the way, love the tourist spots. Time zone, there are 23 countries in the world with different time zone including USA, humans don't decide, sun does. Lol. Don't know what cheap plan you bought but my house is 121Mbs. And about animals, leave them alone. Like in USA, bears come and eat you. Australians love camping and always does. Kangaroos are everywhere and they don't like you if they know you are causing threats. Driving, hahaha! You don't travel much seems like. Things are expensive but you are paid good. If I can get double increment in 7 years of work then can anyone. I'm respected and acknowledged at work. And after hours, not few places, I have always done grocery shopping at night and Americans stop burning fuel unnecessarily 24 X 7, give the nature break for once. And mental health , we have numbers because people have places to go unlike many countries which doesn't have much support and care plan so it never gets reported. I myself have been advocate of RUOK and beyond blue and have councillors at work. My friends have used government help as well. USA is 27th ranking in suicide and Australia is 41st which we are not proud of and so should you not be as well. We are very lucky we have help in Australia. And now during covid19, which country is the best to be in.....Australia no doubt. If you want to know why, do your research and make a video in comparison with USA.
Louise Rawle
Louise Rawle:
What a shocking attempt at the Aussie accent,and stop telling LIES YANKEE
Trevor Wiersma
Trevor Wiersma:
In a Covid-19 world, we love how isolated we are.
G Howard
G Howard:
What an incredibly beautiful and unique country. Would love to go there.
So much misinformation in this video. Guy sounds like a weirdo.
oo f
oo f:
why does everyone think they're gonna get kicked to death by a kangaroo? just don't bother them
Paul Martin
Paul Martin:
Haha this bloke is actually promoting Australia .
Joy Salvador
Joy Salvador:
Australia is ranked the second best country in the world. I have relatives.there and they love it.
Aliyah H
Aliyah H:
The rhetorical questions at the start be like “is Australia a country??? Is Australia a continent????” And I just pause it and start screaming 👍
Mixed Box
Mixed Box:
i live in australia and the internet is FINE
Ashlee Sturm
Ashlee Sturm:
7:10 just don’t attack them or they’re gonna attack back. It’s so simple.
Ruth Parks
Ruth Parks:
The fact that Australia is so isolated from the rest of the world is a huge bonus in my opinion
shaun smith
shaun smith:
This made me want to move here more btw I'm from England 😂
Big T93
Big T93:
I can think of more reasons why people SHOULD move to Australia. Going to school to learn and not going to school to get shot being pretty high on the list
"This is the reason why everyone lives 50 km from the coast"
Alice springs: am I a joke to you?
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson:
Bruh I live in Australia there’s a whole lot of cool islands, yummy foods,nice people and good services
blubfish —.—
blubfish —.—:
im not even from australia (im english) but this video still sounds like such bs. most of these things probably aren’t even true, are heavily exaggerated or just don’t apply to most people...
James Snape
James Snape:
“Hardly any poverty” your not from Australia arnt you?
When I first heard him I thought " this is going to be shit", I was right.
Dan Bail
Dan Bail:
Lived here my whole life. Feel very privileged after visiting other countries including USA
Im Australian
Me watching this: umm, Americas worse
Mr dobbysir
Mr dobbysir:
I live in Australia 🇦🇺 and most of these things aren’t true or don’t apply to most people
Matthew Winter
Matthew Winter:
This dude definitely hasn’t been to Australia
Neal Blackburn
Neal Blackburn:
he is lying about the internet speed and cost it is actually a lot worse than he made out
Fadwa Derrij
Fadwa Derrij:
I'm in Australia and I've never had a problem with the internet ones
Given the Covid situation, Australia is one of the best Countries to be in right now. Europe, Canada and the USA are all in the shitter right now.
Captain Harris
Captain Harris:
Damn, cut the uptalk and speak like a man with confidence. I can't watch this.
lmao this guy really annoys me with all his complaining about australia, its actually amazing to live here 🇦🇺
Despicable Lite
Despicable Lite:
I recommend going to Australia
Clunky Bootleg
Clunky Bootleg:
Reasons to move to Australia: No one says ‘anyways’ or ‘Fahrenheit’.
Help this asian.
Help this asian.:
9:17 the way he says “Australia”
Tasmin Ahmed
Tasmin Ahmed:
I’m almost moving there and you’re telling me this? Tf?
Dino's Shed
Dino's Shed:
In Australia we like to say 'if you don't love it, leave'
Hairy Cactus
Hairy Cactus:
This comment section is just complete war 😂
ronald D
ronald D:
internet is perfectly fine, in CAIRNS there is a lot of public pool, yeah in DARWIN was super hot
Liv D
Liv D:
The last time an animal tried to kill me was hmmm... never. My house is about 2 metres from stepping into the bush.
Cadel Howlett
Cadel Howlett:
I’m depressed and my friend smashed his phone after watching this
Sundjer Bob
Sundjer Bob:
Every time he say “ australiaaaaa and oziiesss “ i vomit 🤢 🤮
Mason Pitman
Mason Pitman:
I have never heard of another Aussie complain about feeling 'isolated' lmao, just a few hours of flight time isn't something to cry over
Angus W
Angus W:
We don’t feel isolated in this beautiful land
Tiny Turtle
Tiny Turtle:
I’ve lived in Australia my whole life?? Maybe people need to learn to toughen up
Aidan Armstrong
Aidan Armstrong:
I can confirm that this guy is cooked
Rahul Govind
Rahul Govind:
This is all Nonsense, Australia has lowest rate of Immigration compared to USA..... They are far more better..... Love Aus from Ind 🇮🇳❤️🇦🇺
Triphid Williams
Triphid Williams:
"Everything wants to kill you," at least they don't military style guns and shoot people.
You,Me and them
You,Me and them:
Guessing he has never been to Australia lol.
When he tries to put on a Aussie accent he sounds gay
isn’t your channel supposed to be letting people explore?? hahaha >O<
Toby Anderson
Toby Anderson:
I'm originally from Sydney but have lived in the countryside for over 14 years. Yes we are isolated from other countries and between Australian cities, but you can't have everything. The sun here is full on compared to the Northern Hemisphere. Home ownership is expensive here. Its still a lovely place to live though.
honey bee
honey bee:
Australia is isolated:
26 Million people who live here: Am ia joketoyou?
Depressing Donut
Depressing Donut:
THE INTERNET IS 100% FINE. just saying
Nikita Alvarez
Nikita Alvarez:
It’s the best country! What are ya talkin about!? I wouldn’t live anywhere else than this beautiful country!! 🇦🇺
Vehicle Index
Vehicle Index:
i know all us aussies are getting salty at him but at least he pronounced emu correct
Whitfield Palmer
Whitfield Palmer:
Ugh. Where did this new hideous way to pronounce “continent” come from?
Hugo Morphew
Hugo Morphew:
“Australia is isolated”
Pacific islands: are we a joke to you?
James Hunt
James Hunt:
"Pretend you are having a good time"
Thats the most American thing I have ever heard.
Also half of those things weren't true.
We love our Isolation. We love our Country! You made it sound like we are Aliens🤬 all nonsense. Best Country in World to live!!
Path To Liberty 自由之路
Path To Liberty 自由之路:
I live in Brisbane and I love the heat. This is why I love Australia. ❤️
Brendan Evans
Brendan Evans:
LMAO, from an Aussie was a good laugh. Some truths however no one here feels cut off or isolated! Thank God we are miles away from the rest of this crazy world!!!!!
Micheal Wesson
Micheal Wesson:
Nice video tho! Please who's got something to say about cryptocurrency?
Ann Haworth
Ann Haworth:
Ummmm It gets hot everywhere geeze. I know all about different time zones my family live in Brisbane and I live in Indiana. So I only get to actually speak to them is only a few times a year
9:27 should’ve seen the videos of the uk
Shah Imrul
Shah Imrul:
I love Australia. I love "isolation" .. 💓
J G:
I studied in Tasmania, Australia for 3 years. I had a great time. The people are wonderful. (I’m from U.S.)
D. Wright
D. Wright:
I want to work at an Amazon in Sydney and rent an apartment. Do what I’m doing out here over there just without the fear of a virus.
0:00 oi mate what the hell was that! 😂
Peter Read
Peter Read:
33 people died in the 2019/20 fire season way short of your claim
jack solomon
jack solomon:
This is the second funniest thing I’ve seen today
Olivia B
Olivia B:
He sounds like he travelled here for a month and no one wanted to be his friend so he made this video 😂😂😂
Australia is awesome, I love it! It’s awesome, and unlike many countries in Europe we are not always cold and rainy, which is why all of my German babysitters had moved to Australia!
Justin Lascheit
Justin Lascheit:
im from Australia and after listening to the first 15 seconds of this video he has already made a false statement about kangaroos. ahahahahahahaha
Angelica Vallerine
Angelica Vallerine:
Well I’m not living anywhere else I live in Australia and I prettty used to it
I love Australia!
*continues to stop you from going there*
Johnny Turner
Johnny Turner:
The drop bears do actually exist! I have encountered 2 in my life and I was almost killed.

The wifi is pretty damn good.

Thanks for doing your history research, but ur everything else is pretty shit
Ida Bagus Putu Mahardika
Ida Bagus Putu Mahardika:
I guess its depends where do you live now. For me, with the Covid situation now, I am very greatfull as I live in Australia, wait until you hear about jobkeeper and jobseeker payment, centrelink payment, childcare subsidy, and family tax benefits, you would want to move in! #centrelink, living the dream
Depressing Donut
Depressing Donut:
One time, I was going down a main road and a kangaroo was just chilling in the middle of the road
I am ACTUALLY Aussie. Been here my whole life. Everything you said is true! I hate it here.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost:
One of the best things about living in Australia Is that it IS isolated from all of the other countries in the world!
You’ve clearly never been to Australia
Phuong Giang
Phuong Giang:
What ever you said, the sky here till blue and the beers till so good 🤗
John Barrie
John Barrie:
3:00 pretty darn close to the equator 😂😂😂. Where? 😯 Oh you're serious!
Katie Bolger
Katie Bolger:
Why don’t we talk about reasons not to move out of Australia bc there are at least a million
Jim David
Jim David:
At least Australia can run a national election without issues of rigging-the-system or corruption allegations