Top 10 Robert De Niro Moments

Top 10 Greatest Robert De Niro Scenes and Performanes

He may be the greatest American actor since Brando. He’s definitely one of the busiest – and yes, we’re talkin’ to you. Join as we count down our picks for Robert De Niro's top 10 moments.

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#10. The Intimidating De Niro and Friends (1995, 2001)
#9. Rise & Shine with Robert (1990)
#8. This Silver is Golden (2012)
#7. Sideshow Bob…De Niro (1991)
#6. A De Niro You Can’t Refuse (1976)
#5. Robert the Robbin’ Hood (1990, 1995)
#4. Father Knows Best…You Wimp (2000)
#3. ?

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caesar brighton
caesar brighton:
People keep complaining that Leonardo DiCaprio hasn't won an Oscar. I think the even greater tragedy is that Robert De Niro has only won two!!!
In my opinion he is the best actor alive
Edward Newgate Shiro-hige
Edward Newgate Shiro-hige:
"he may be the greatest America actor since Brando"
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Robert De Niro is truly one of America Greatest actors. An icon, a living legend, and an American treasure.
Der Mexikaner
Der Mexikaner:
Robert de Niro is the Rolls Royce of movies history, a great actor.
Tarkovsky Bresson
Tarkovsky Bresson:
I just can't believe you include Meet the Parents but not include 1900 and Once Upon a Time in America.
Topaz fire
Topaz fire:
I love him with all my heart and I don,t even know him.
I knew taxi driver would be number 1
Il Profeta
Il Profeta:
robert de niros's best moment?
his career. 
The whole movie "Heat" is one of his best momments.
Plapoytas Plapi
Plapoytas Plapi:
Every time I see "Awakenings" I fucking cry
Noble Villain
Noble Villain:
I would have included King of Comedy. It's an underrated classic with De Niro's best acting.
My favorite De Niro performances:
1. Raging bull
2. Once upon a time in America
3. The Deer hunter
4. Taxi Driver
5. Heat
6. Cape fear
7. The Godfather part 2
8. The Irishman
9. The King of comedy
10. Casino
Dave Capasso
Dave Capasso:
Can't believe they didn't have" This Boys life " in great moments
The dude
The dude:
He was so good in heat and casino. I dont think we will get movies like that anymore.
Johnny Marlin
Johnny Marlin:
Deniro Pacino,and Brando.The Greatest Actors to have ever lived period!!
daryl ralph
daryl ralph:
De Niro is a living legend...My favorite actor of all time....."Heat" is one of his absolute best. And while I did like him in "Meet The Parents" for comic relief, ain't no damn way it should be above "Casino" or "Heat"........Period!
Greggery Peccary
Greggery Peccary:
For 'The Deer Hunter' the final Russian roulette scene has much bigger impact
Also, where is 'Once Upon a Time in America'...?
he doesnt own the tangiers in Casino. Just runs it.
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor:
His portrail of Rupet Pupkin in King of Comedy is top three at least. How can you miss that out?
Bharathi Rishon
Bharathi Rishon:
De niro in the godfather is the best performance ever
Chinmay Gupta
Chinmay Gupta:
That deer hunter scene is the best acting I've ever seen(from both de niro and walken).
Susanne Ward
Susanne Ward:
Definitely one of the greatest actors in my opinion.
Joshua White
Joshua White:
No love for The King of Comedy? Outstanding performance in that one.
His best film is King Of Comedy! So underrated.
Rhink McNeal
Rhink McNeal:
he looks scarier as a younger guy, now days he looks like grampa joe.
The Gaming Shed
The Gaming Shed:
"cape fear was so good even the simpsons stole from it"? yeah because the simpsons is the benchmark of artist integrity.
Sourav Das
Sourav Das:
Actually it's inconceivable to be able choose a top 10 list for De Niro. Top 20 would be good. Wait top 30 maybe :P
Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris:
"You never got me down Ray. You never got me down." - Jake LaMotta : Raging Bull
I might also throw the baseball bat scene in the Untouchables in here :)
Daniel M.
Daniel M.:
Playing Lucifer in Angel Heart is one of his most underrated performances.
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones:
"i spent
years in a 9 x 10 cell with men less than human. My goal was to be more than human" Cape Fear
"The Fan", "The King of Comedy" and especially "This Boy's Life" should be included in this list.
Mash Prompts
Mash Prompts:
Goodfellas was my personal favorite De Niro movie. 
Face The North
Face The North:
He was the best in goodfellas and casino
Luca Borghesi
Luca Borghesi:
You forgot "Once upon a tme in America", "The Untouchables" & "We are not Angels"
Why raging bull never won best picture and best director must be one of the greatest mysteries of the 80s.
DE NIRO,.the best ever!!!
McLesnar GOAT
McLesnar GOAT:
De Niro is the greatest of all time,his resume is the most impressive in cinema history
Jack Spurgin
Jack Spurgin:
I really enjoyed his performance in The Mission
all great films but why is Once Upon a Time in America not here, it was an amazing 4 hour long epic drama that should be very high on this list!
Bahh X
Bahh X:
Damn! He use to be really gorgeous!!
Once Upon A Time In America should be in there. It's the only 4 & half hour movies I've watched several times it was so good & De Niro was the lead.
GOD3MP3ROR 1998:
Nahuel Cheruse
Nahuel Cheruse:
El mejor actor que he visto...
jaime nunez
jaime nunez:
6:46 the best save ever!
Bobby Dillon
Bobby Dillon:
Wait, they ranked DeNiro's performance in Meet the Parents ahead of his performances in Goodfellas, Casino, Heat, and The Godfather Part II? That's utter nonsense. Pure buffoonery.
Zeke Edwards
Zeke Edwards:
I feel privileged to be alive to witness Mr de Niro's gift
Godfather part II is 1974 not 76. I'm not sure how that mistake is still up there for well over a year.
How could you leave out his performance in "Angel Heart," WatchMojo? It's absolutely chilling.
The most fantastic of his roles among many great moovies is in "Deer Hunter".
Justin Fortier
Justin Fortier:
My Favorite is "A Bronx Tale"  "It don't take much strength to pull a trigger
But try to get up every morning day after day and work for a living
Let's see 'em try that
Then we'll see who's the real tough guy
The working man is a tough guy"
Maartje Goede
Maartje Goede:
One of my favourite actors... I miss the acting in ''this boy's life'' though.
Michael Felix
Michael Felix:
Brando and De Niro in a movie. Damn !!
Johnny Eckel
Johnny Eckel:
“Did you forget about that restraining order counselor? You’re well within 500 yards”
katarina krnjevic
katarina krnjevic:
Doesn't matter that he is flops now he always considered legend.
Hassaan Mirza
Hassaan Mirza:
In my opinion, Jake LaMotta is his best performance ever, with Rupert Pupkin, Travis Bickle, Vito Corleone, and Awakenings forming the rest of his top five. Michael would be 6.
J M:
Love that flamethrower scene. So badass. Haha.
Meet the Parents above Godfather II? What?
Eva Rose
Eva Rose:
The greatest actor of all time!!!!!!!
Meet the Parents is NOT a classic De Niro performance. jus' sayin'
He was superb in the untouchables 1987 movie
in "Jackie Brown" when De Niro shots Mel - my lovely moment, I was laughing about 5 minutes XD
The Deer Hunter, One of my favorite movies as a young man.  At this point in my life and well before, De Niro is a Mastermind to say the least.
Vishnu Prasad
Vishnu Prasad:
That scene from "The Awakenings"...Oh my Goddd!! 
Best "actor" ever!!!
Soham Sinha
Soham Sinha:
putting Godfather at number 6
nah nah mojo you did insulted him a little bit
Emilio Manuel De Pedro
Emilio Manuel De Pedro:
0:54 you forgot to mention that The Score was Marlon Brando's last role before his death.
This man is a living legend! Watch the Irishman 😍❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Can't believe you didn't include The Untouchables. He had some great lines and scenes in that movie. 
Man Ba
Man Ba:
I thought you’d put his role in Angel Heart,at least in the Honorable mentions.
Irren Haus
Irren Haus:
De Niro was so good looking back then... And I still find him very attractive nowadays... Yeh I know its crazy
Κώστας Αργύρης
Κώστας Αργύρης:
His moments in awakenings should be way higher in the list...He was just amazing!!! And also where the hell is Once Upon a Time in America?
H Jackson
H Jackson:
I'd watch Robert De Niro in any film or on any program. He's my all-time favorite actor! Love you Mr. De Niro!
Katherine Pierce
Katherine Pierce:
Goodfellas is one of my fave movies ever, i love it.
Men of Honor is one of his best and one everyone forgets…
Mmis Tmurt
Mmis Tmurt:
his duos with pesci was always à succeed
JOKER MARINO & Il mago di Oz
JOKER MARINO & Il mago di Oz:
the greatest actor alive and of all times
Aliii Khan
Aliii Khan:
One of my fav actors, a legend..
de niro and dicaprio both my two most favorite actors if all time
Abhishek Beri
Abhishek Beri:
de niro and pacino are both my all time favorite actors but  i like Pacino More...because his  way of dialogue delivery is simply great !!. 

CANT WAIT FOR MOVIE the IRISHMAN ... which stars both Pacino and De niro In Main  lead with joe pesci and guess who the director is Martin scorsese...
Rico Rodriguez
Rico Rodriguez:
his performance in Jackie Brown must be in the list...
Jeremy Snow
Jeremy Snow:
Such an amazing actor.
Antonio Markovic
Antonio Markovic:
For me His best performance is in the Awakenings, he was outstanding, after that Ragging Bull, Godfather 2, Deer Hunter, Tqxi Driver, and Cape Fear
Rajat Halder
Rajat Halder:
Oh my god..... Two vito corleones in a single screen😍😍😍
Amazing that DeNiro didn't win the Oscar for 'The Deer Hunter.'
Devon Angell
Devon Angell:
We watched Awakenings in my highschool psychology class, really touching. :)
Gerard McNally
Gerard McNally:
Robert De Niro = AWESOME!
jody Pass
jody Pass:
6:43 i knew that scene in bo1 seemed familiar
Vinzenz Assion
Vinzenz Assion:
best best best best for ever ❤
Deepraj Gaonkar
Deepraj Gaonkar:
His aging made his appearance more and more iconic
Хетаг Дзуцев
Хетаг Дзуцев:
the best and most touching moment in the Awakenings is the moment de niro sees his mother when is no longer ill
Brenna Morene
Brenna Morene:
Mitchell Wagoner
Mitchell Wagoner:
The Deer Hunter should've been number one
grottoni Andréas
grottoni Andréas:
You forgot the "i never show you my best pitch" scene of the fan.
Christopher Seeley
Christopher Seeley:
They left out "A Bronx Tale", "The Family", "The Intern", and "The Irishman".
Quid est Veritas
Quid est Veritas:
Movie credits starring Robert De Niro should definitely read: De Niro, always imitated, but never duplicated.
Awesometwins 2
Awesometwins 2:
“Gonna pay amm “ is ,y favorite dinrio quote
omfg i remember how i cried like a baby in that dance scene in awakenings sad
Luca Salvarani
Luca Salvarani:
You can't miss Once upon a time in America... that's unforgivable!