Top 10 Times JK Rowling Pissed Off The Fans

Well that’s not exactly magical. For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the times that "Harry Potter" author JK Rowling has managed to annoy, alienate and generally irritate Potter fans the most. Whether it's her comments on transgender issues, her later revelations about key "Harry Potter" characters, or her questionable choice for a post-Potter pseudonym... the Wizarding World writer has racked up controversy and criticism.

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Professor Remus John Lupin
Professor Remus John Lupin:
When she killed me. Like damn rude 😒
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger:
What a great way to celebrate her birthday LOL
Twitter was the worst thing to happen to Joanne
Matteo Pera
Matteo Pera:
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child should not exist...actually for me it doesn't. It is totally without sense
Blue Two
Blue Two:
The fact she gave the good guys painful and brutal deaths while she gave the bad guys much kinder deaths.
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman:
You release this video on her birthday 😂 harsh
Rory Manley
Rory Manley:
She pissed me off when she didn’t kill off Umbridge.
Edit: Ooooohhh she gets sent to Azkaban
L W:
Lets just enjoy the books and be done with it.
My name is Emily and I'm Riddikulus
My name is Emily and I'm Riddikulus:
When she created me.............
FishAnd Jam
FishAnd Jam:
Even if Hermione's colour had never been mentioned in the books at all, it's still shown ON two of them. The front cover of Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (well, the version on my copy) shows Hermione sat behind Harry on Buckbeak, and the front of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (again, on my copy) has a picture of Harry, Ron and Hermione riding the wave of fake gold out of Bellatrix Lestrange's vault. Both pictures show her to be white.
Sophì Louise
Sophì Louise:
The books have diversity.
Wizard Diversity.
There’s a Pure-Blooded main character, a Half-blooded main character and a Muggle-born main character.
I was fine with the wizard poop. That's basically how muggles lived: did it in a bucket and then dispose of it somewhere outside. Muggles in real life were grosser so where's the real shocker 🤷🏻‍♀️
Slytherin Ginger Witch
Slytherin Ginger Witch:
Clearly JK Rowling outed herself as Robert Galbraith, as it wasn't selling very well before hand.
excessively fangirling bookworm
excessively fangirling bookworm:
Jk: Hogwarts didn’t have bathrooms
Me: then what room did Salazar build his chamber under?
Christine Martin
Christine Martin:
No matter if Hermione’s skin colour was mentioned in the books, as long as it’s not central for her character who cares what the actress’s skin colour is??
Didn't Salazar Slytherin build the entrance to the chamber of secrets into the bathroom?
Joe Brennan
Joe Brennan:
Okay I don't rlly like her and a lot of the stuff on this list is bad but some of it is just people looking for something to be angry about
Crafting Bros Studios
Crafting Bros Studios:
For those who choose not to count the cursed child canon myself included, maybe it can take place in a parallel reality
Ira Ira
Ira Ira:
Today’s her birthday 😂sad
এক ঝলক
এক ঝলক:
“If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”
― J.K. Rowling,
The Dumbledore thing is really dumb. How many people talk to their professors about the professor's love life, especially past love life. People seem to forget the books are told from Harry's pov. So of course he never talks to Dumbledore about his love life (that would not be appropriate at all). Sure some teachers may mention a spouse but that is assuming that they are in a relationship currently. This is not weird that it wasn't mentioned in the books, as why would it be. Now it should be a major part in the FB movies as they are both in it, which they can still fix in the next movie.
Alex R
Alex R:
Honorable mention: Harry Potter's round glasses. I got bullied at school when I wore them.
Michelle Contreras
Michelle Contreras:
Stay Strong, J.
Lippy Witch
Lippy Witch:
i will say at least half of them were just really trying too hard to find something wrong, such as the asian characters you cant win either way. she has said really dumb shit but some of these its like... eh.... i dont think she is that clever
Hermione Granger Is White
Miss Revenge
Miss Revenge:
Jesus people do get really butt hurt over something that isn’t real 😂
Slytherin's heir
Slytherin's heir:
This video makes me think that you guys just want something to be mad about.
Rae T
Rae T:
When she said that biological sex is real. Oh nooooo :0
Deus ex Mannix
Deus ex Mannix:
Am I the only one who is 100% fine with how Dumbledore's infatuation to Grindelwald was told?

1. It's not Harry's business in the slightest, so it's no wonder he only gets vague information about it.

2. I feel like it's still hinted (I mean it's what I thought when reading the 7th book, however I imagined that Albus was in love and Gellert rather manipulated him), and I LOVE subtlety. Not everything has or should be spelled out.

3. This was still in 2007. I kinda wonder if she could have written that bluntly and gotten away with it. They already toned down a lot of the emotions in the 5th movie compared to the book, and I feel like the franchise is in WB's cold hands that changes the movies to be more "accessible" for a wider audience... kinda think that would have caused tension between JK and them.

4. While the story of Albus and Gellert is tragic and interesting the same way many other magical subplots are, is Dumbledore's sexuality really something you should bring focus to if it doesn't serve the plot? Like I said I immediately imagined he was gay, but that's because it related to the STORY that was happening. You don't have to scream McGonagall is straight, either. It doesn't have a place in the books. So bringing it up where it MATTERS seems appropriate.

5. I really love subtle story telling. I really just like it so much.

What does piss me off about JK telling everything LATER is that people who interpreted the books differently lose their headcanons. I mean obviously she can expand stuff she already made but didn't have enough space in the books, and I think she should have written a short story about Dumbledore (instead of the mess that is now Fantastic Beasts) rather than just saying "lol here's what happened". It's incredibly unsatisfying to read that in tweets or hear her just say it. And it's so lazy. Imagine actually thinking "Albus must be in love with him!" and READING about how Albus starts falling for Grindelwald.

Tweets are anything but magical. And I think that's the real tragedy. JK just doesn't believe in the magic anymore.

Ok rant end sorry
Does anyone remember those books came out 20 years ago so obviously rappresentation was at a different level of awareness? It's been 20 YEARS (stop denying, we got old 😂). As a disclaimer, I stopped being a big fan some time after the last book so I'm not here defending the critical aspects of her work just for the sake of defending it, but for the sake of what I appreciate the most in life: rationality. Rationally we can't apply today's criteria to a series created 20 years ago by someone that was already an adult at the time (so a grown up in different times than ours). She actually teached to young people tolerance and other good things, we just developed it better than her, as it should be. I see her level of rapresentation as a good step during the transition between what was before and what we have today. Without middle steps we don't get up the stairs, so we can and should be critic about her work but, as we say here, we shouldn't spit in the dish we ate from.
JKR: the werewolfs in mybook are an alagory for how we treat(ed) people with HIV/AIDS an the hardships they face
Also JKR: 99.99% of werewolfs are evil
Amandita :3
Amandita :3:
Some people as they age loose their mind 🤣🤣🤣 HERMIONE IS WHITE
Daisy Brambletoes
Daisy Brambletoes:
I like the Asian lady who played Nagini. What was wrong with her? The explanation is just plain stupid. The Potterverse seems diverse enough for me. When is the PC gang going to just go away and mind their own business?
Brodie Young
Brodie Young:
Sounds to me like the poor damn woman can’t do right for doing wrong .
I'm not upset by any of this. Guess that makes me worse than Voldemort 🤷‍♂️
Internet will always have a problem with one thing or the other. My generation is good at trolling and finding fault in others except in themselves. A Rowling fan this side. ❣
Hunterblackforest hy
Hunterblackforest hy:
greedy goblins is offensive wait till people hear about dwarves
Kazi M Mamun
Kazi M Mamun:
Seriously, couldn't post this any other day could u ? Had to be on her birthday
Deus ex Mannix
Deus ex Mannix:
The goblin one is weird to me. "Goblins like gold" seems like an old belief, and the things look like goblins.
Demy B.
Demy B.:
Nothing of it has pissed me , she's a great author, a woman and a human being.
Charlotte G
Charlotte G:
I feel like nowadays no matter what one says one will get scrutinize and criticized for anything. Can't we just appreciate art for what it is? Moreover, when making art it's difficult to please everyone and to come up with something unique and great.
No, we weren't upset that she made Dumbledore gay, we were and still are upset because she refuses to prove it regardless of the opportunities she's given.
Thumbs up the JK Rowling. Biology is real, not your state of mind. 🤔
Why couldn't they just magically remove the feces from their colon and urine from their bladder?
Cat Girl
Cat Girl:
When visiting the Shakespeare theater in England, I learned that originally at this famous theater, (Remember, this was back in the 1700, way before plumbing was invented) people would pee right where they were standing!-so there you have it, there was a time when, even in the mortal world, people did not have toilets-luckily, in the magical world, witches and wizards could clean up the mess with their magic wands, while in the mortal world, mortals had to cover up their mess, just like a cat using a litter box!
Voice of Neha
Voice of Neha:
Personally for me, I count the 7 books as canon rest are just for fun to me. But gotta admit I was disappointed by cursed child
Daemian Matthews
Daemian Matthews:
Dumlidor being gay dosint change the charter Dumlidor is Dumlidor
Kriti Purkayastha
Kriti Purkayastha:
My opinion about Hermione's skin color greatly depends on how we were used to seeing her always. The Hermione we grew up to know was white, no one can butcher that fact. Even before the movies came out, people made up this white girl with the brown bushy hair and buck teeth, while reading the character. The movies installed Emma Watson as Hermione Granger. The people who grew up with both the movies and the books, always read the books keeping the film cast in their mind.

Maybe, maybe, if they would have cast a brown or black Hermione in the films, people would not have had that many issues.

People had a hard time adapting to the fact that the original cast is not going to reprise their roles, and casting somebody who looks poles apart from Emma (Noma is absolutely amazing and beautiful tho), just gave them a harder time. And the PR team of Rowling made sure that a hell amount of backlash doesn't happen. Imagine her pissing all the population of the world by commenting on the two most pressing issues on the planet, LGBTQ+ community rights & Racism. She would have been finished.

Anyways, I always like to believe that the Harry Potter Universe consists of the 7 books, the Hogwarts Library, and films based on that. Cursed Child doesn't exist for me. Peace Out.
Grindelwald Follower
Grindelwald Follower:
Me reading the title: just 10 ??
Peter Morice
Peter Morice:
We all know what number one is
Sandy Hardstone
Sandy Hardstone:
Some of these are just... People finding an excuse to complain
Joep Kamminga
Joep Kamminga:
Wow people really get offended by everything these days.

Why cant you be critical about something without people saying you hate something.
Tonkin Blake
Tonkin Blake:
I'll just say one thing... JK I love you!!!
Just a guy With a non existent photo
Just a guy With a non existent photo:
I swear i thought howling was spelt in royally because of my phones cracks
*Several people are typing*
Oh Aww Geez
Oh Aww Geez:
What about when she changed Voldemort’s name to Voldemor as the “T” was silent. Like why didn’t you say that before, when they were filming the movies?
Tom Benfell
Tom Benfell:
The toilet one makes complete sense. What did WE do before toilets? Without magic? Lol
E S E:
I've been waiting to see if someone would make this list
anushka guleria
anushka guleria:
I remember how I was excited about cursed child...
I'm still trying to forget the trauma.
This is what happens when you try to make SJWs happy.
Peter Greene
Peter Greene:
8:06 look at the screwy mustache cut on the dame
Martin Ward
Martin Ward:
Most people: We need more diversity.
Most people: What's with the diversity? That's racist!
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall:
Leave her alone! It’s books, and they aren’t real.
robertn800 Nelson
robertn800 Nelson:
Guess women who have had hysterectomies or are older and no longer menstruate 🩸 are no longer Women, which probably includes J.K. Herself 🙀
Some people have too much free time...
So what bet you still read her books ha ha ha.
it me
it me:
6 words: the existence of her twitter account
Merry in Serendipity
Merry in Serendipity:
0:32 it's called prestidigitation
RubyDonuts Plays!
RubyDonuts Plays!:
All I want is for j.k Rowling to put the scene of Draco having his redemption like wth she legit needs help :)
Playkobs Kobi
Playkobs Kobi:
I'm pissed off when she can't bring justice to fantastic beast series and Newt Scamander's character.
This guy love's Clannad68
This guy love's Clannad68:
Dose Nagini actually do anything in Fantastic Beasts 2? I don't think she ever has any lines in the film.
Şimdi Oyun Zamanı
Şimdi Oyun Zamanı:
Uploaded on 31 July(both harry and rowlings birthday)
The Unpublishables
The Unpublishables:
She tapped into a generation of readers and a lot of her readers didn't grow up. She's pretty damn awesome to me.
Luis Torres
Luis Torres:
someone can help me to found this interview 4:23
Jarrod Edson
Jarrod Edson:
What pissed me off is how much retconing she has done in fantastic beasts 2, that contradicts the world she created in the books and help with the movie
Stephen King
Stephen King:
Goblins as Jews? I never saw that.
the cursed child never happened ❤
So, was Nagini supposed to have been played by a Norwegian?
Idk why I'm here, I don't read Harry potter
Severus Snape • 38 years ago
Severus Snape • 38 years ago:
I fell Remus Lupin, she killed me too
Holly Stibbs
Holly Stibbs:
I’ve just realised the mojo looks like a face
Jason Ryan
Jason Ryan:
she really pissed me off when she came out as a unionist tbf
Oni San
Oni San:
Going on curse child and now i regret it because Ron Weasley isnt Ginger why
Marisah George
Marisah George:
The first one though
Richard Brown
Richard Brown:
She's amazing . woke people get a life
RR Productions
RR Productions:
As an aspiring writer I don’t see anything wrong with being inspired by a different culture, writers do that all the time, without being cultural appropriation because they put their own spin to it, even when they don’t change it much
Matias Luukkanen
Matias Luukkanen:
Scavengers seem only too happy to gnaw Rowling now as they have their chance to go at her, after her staggering success and fame.
Dank Poster
Dank Poster:
Qjos here after the announcement of the new book
Lion & the Lamb
Lion & the Lamb:
Are people just finding things to have a problem with J.K Rowling about now? People read way to much into fiction.
Kareena Nagpal
Kareena Nagpal:

Sorry I just created this out of nowhere and felt like sharing lol
4:06 people thought goblin bankers represented anyone Jewish? How'd Blizzard get away with it when they did it?
S K:
And on her birthday no less... OUCH!
Onyx Cartier
Onyx Cartier:
What is it about this woman that makes people so obsessed??? I thought maybe this list would tell me something but the idea that any of these things actually caused controversy is crazy to me.
*sees title*
this is going to be fuuun
Yogi Pete
Yogi Pete:
We are all washed up in this ridiculousness. Thank you so much!
Alex Edits
Alex Edits:

J.k Rowling: Did you know Vernon actually cared for Harry?
hec Mac
hec Mac:
Trevor Taylor
Trevor Taylor:
So sad a very beautiful woman probably on me that thinks so but there you go
Sick Sara
Sick Sara:
Someone just should take tweeter away from her.