Top 25 Best Black Friday Deals 2020 🤑 (Updated Hourly!!)

The brand new deals are crazy on Black Friday 2020! Here are all the top deals I found on the products you care about from Amazon, Target, Walmart and More!
🤑 AirPod Pros:
🤑 $65 Off Acer Chromebooks:
🤑 Beats Solo 3 Headphones:
🤑Insignia 50" TV:

🤑 Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K HDR:
🤑 60% Off Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1:
🤑 55% Off 23.8" LED Monitor:
🤑 Arlo Video Doorbell:
🤑 Ecobee Smart Thermostat:
🤑 Tile Mate + Slim 4 Pack:
🤑 Dyson V8 Motorhead Stick Vac: ($229!!)
🤑 Roomba 675:
🤑 Apple iPad 10.2" WiFi Latest Model:
🤑 15" Microsoft Surface Touchscreen Laptop 3:
🤑 Bose QuietComfort 35 II Noise Canceling Headphones:
🤑 Sonos Smart Beam TV Soundbar:
🤑 Lenovo Chromebooks:
🤑 Insignia Smart TV Fire Edition:
🤑 iRobot Self-Emptying Robovac:
🤑 TCL 4K UHD Smart Android TV:
🤑 17.3" HP 8GB RAM Laptop:
🤑 $14 Smart Thermometer:
🤑 Tytan Magnetic Tiles STEM Toy:
🤑 MPOW AirPods Alternative: ($21!! - Use code MPOWM927)
🤑 Nestle Dolce Coffee Maker:

🤑 DJI Drone:
🤑 $25 Trampoline:
🤑 Fitbit Charge 4:
🤑 HP 32" HD Monitor :

**These are affiliate links. If you buy something through this link I may get a small share of the sale.

In this video we are exploring the Best Black Friday 2020 Deals at many different retailers! 2020 Black Friday are some of the Best Black Friday Deals 2020! This Top Black Friday Deals video is all about the black friday walmart 2020 and target black friday ad 2020.

You may have seen my costco black friday and best buy black friday 2020 video, so these deals are all brand new including some new black friday tv deals 2020. Best Buy Black Friday Deals and Amazon Black Friday 2020 are even better than the Walmart Black Friday video i did a few days ago!

I have done so many 2020 black friday deals and best black friday deals 2020 videos but this one is definitely my favorite so far as it includes target black friday 2020, costco black friday and the best black friday deals 2020! Comment below what you think of the video :)

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The Deal Guy
The Deal Guy:
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! 🦃 I love being here and making sure you're getting the best deals possible over Black Friday! If you enjoy these videos please like my video as it helps me in the YouTube algorithm 🙂
Danny Diaz
Danny Diaz:
It's this guy's prime season.
Yrizzy Drizzy
Yrizzy Drizzy:
The man, the myth, the legend. If you don’t watch this guy you ain’t doing Black Friday right.
Matt, you are just like the energizer bunny. He keeps on going and going and going. Lol
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend..
Best Buy had a 50" Westinghouse Roku SmartTV for $169 for about a minute and I GOT ONE thanks to your tips and encouragement!!
It's a gift for a disabled relative and she is over the moon happy. Wouldn't have done it without you, thanks Matt!! <3
Black Friday is the only day a year where I ever care about deals/sales and I eat it all up! These videos are my Black Friday Bible!
Truly Happy
Truly Happy:
My wife has been asking for a robot vacuum for 2 years, you just made my Christmas brother! Thank you for these videos!!
You sir, are a legend.
Computer : How many tabs do you want open
DealGuy : Yes
John Wolfe
John Wolfe:
Will cell phones deals be happening in the big box stores for black Friday? Or is that more of a Cyber Monday deal??
Paula Lang
Paula Lang:
You are a true gift to humanity fine Sir, Thank You for being such a true Treasure 💞🕊💞
“365 down to 365 dollars off “ 😂
Kel Hayes
Kel Hayes:
I need LOLs and tires for my carrrr
That's me screen cleaner
This made my day!
carol paventi
carol paventi:
You made me laugh so much when you said yea I can't beat this❗😜 I love you thanks for the laughs
Lani Carter
Lani Carter:
Happy Thanksgiving...thanks for the deals and your time! You are awesome and I love that you run through the deals and not ramble 😉
Don’t care so much about the deals, just love the guy!!!
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez:
Jen Arizona
Jen Arizona:
That thermometer was such a great deal. Thanks for including it. I'm so glad I was able to snag one. 🌞
Linda Fitch
Linda Fitch:
You are always so professional. I appreciate you.
Lol @ "I'm a dirty person, cleanliness wise"
@The Deal Guy I was literally waiting for this Matt. Thank you and I know this is one of the busiest weeks of the year for you along with prime day, but I hope you and your family get to enjoy a bit of thanksgiving today/tonight.
Vickie Patel
Vickie Patel:
“That’s my bubble tea.”
Lisa Trott
Lisa Trott:
I love your enthusiasm! Happy Thanksgiving!
Richard Prince II
Richard Prince II:
Dude man I love your energy keep being a light!
Barbara Janous
Barbara Janous:
Ok seriously....your killin' me! You're hilarious 🤣 and on fire on this video!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Love your daughter's smile on that pic you shared via text.
Odi Tzul
Odi Tzul:
I wish i could afford one of those tv’s :(
But fantastic video
Love your personality
Kassel Armstrong
Kassel Armstrong:
Thank you 🙏
UCF Mum:
Happy Thanksgiving 🍁. Thank you for sharing 👏🏻 Stay safe healthy and happy 😃👍🏻👍🏻
C Swan
C Swan:
Whoa! Thats a lot of words! How does your brain keep up? Love these videos and trying for some deals. Happy Turkey day!
Penny Pedersen
Penny Pedersen:
Happy 😊 Turkey Day to your Family 👪. 🤗 😷
CC 3KidsL8ter
CC 3KidsL8ter:
Thank you for the text updates! You're the best!!
Toya Wright Michael
Toya Wright Michael:
Thank you for all the valuable info you bring to we viewers! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
Mike Connelly
Mike Connelly:
Thank you for all your help I got a monitor on sale with your advice thank you very much again
Moe Sneak
Moe Sneak:
Any deals on LG CX
Nota Fakename
Nota Fakename:
Thanks for this! I haven’t really seen any camera (dslr/mirrorless) deals yet hoping for some good luck on Monday 🤞🏽
L Rogers
L Rogers:
Watching from PA and we love your channel!! Hope you and your sweet Fam had a great thanksgiving
jim cricket
jim cricket:
Matt I keep getting screwed out of big screen 📺 so sad 😞 lol
Ana Perez
Ana Perez:
Thank you for all these videos!!!

And to and your family,
Happy Thanksgiving!
Don't forget to eat, Deal Guy! 🦃
Tyler Pritchett
Tyler Pritchett:
Thanks for all the deal updates! Trying to keep up with all the good deals myself has been very overwhelming. One thing worth mentioning, the HP laptop deals are customizable and configurable. For instance the 17z-ca200 you mentioned can be customized to have 12 GB RAM (4 more than stock) for just 20 more dollars (27% off the normal upgrade). So they have deals on upgrades in the configuration window as well without voiding the black Friday sale!
Michael Superbacker
Michael Superbacker:
Hello! Please help thank you!
s m
s m:
Happy Thanksgiving Matt!
kania d
kania d:
Hey Matt! Used one of the hp deals video link to buy a laptop today, thank you!
Christine a.k.a cab
Christine a.k.a cab:
Congrats on 1Mill !!!!!!! Happy thanksgiving 🦃
Thank you so much for making this video!!
Oluwatobi Lapite
Oluwatobi Lapite:
Did the chrome book link change? The one given seems to reflect an old price. Thanks for your help!
Get the mpow x3s for an airpods alternative
Nitaya Kambhiranond
Nitaya Kambhiranond:
YOU are Awesome! Thank you!
EveCali Love
EveCali Love:
I love love your vibe and enthusiasm!! Love your videos for!! Happy Holidays
Brandon Fentress
Brandon Fentress:
Anyone else feel like their grandma watching QVC, when watching these videos? Lol
Keep up the good work
Mackenzie S
Mackenzie S:
Irene A
Irene A:
Awesome! Thank you for posting
Jan Knotek
Jan Knotek:
Also do you happen to have some different code for the MPOW headphones? The code provided doesn’t work
Matt thanks for the great info one question apple ipods ear wireless ear phones do they work with Android tablets or phones?? Keep up the great work.
Matt thanks for the great info one question apple ipods ear wireless ear phones do they work with Android tablets or phones?? Keep up the great work.
1tap BLAZEE:
Peterson Joseph
Peterson Joseph:
Bro you are the people's champion! Thank you for the help on deals!
Carol Ramiccio
Carol Ramiccio:
Great video. Love your channel. Thanks for showing all these deals. Stay well
Loved this! Thanks.
Fun Times 999
Fun Times 999:
Thanks for the heads up on the trampoline. I’ve had the pink one in my cart and hadn’t purchased it yet. Got it, thanks!
That's What She Reviewed
That's What She Reviewed:
Thanks! I ordered some things using your links!
I cant find Apple Airpods Pro when I press the link it gets me into amazon uk not to amazon us
Miguel Cazares
Miguel Cazares:
You always in a good mood and u work really hard 👍 you the champ
Victoria Maloney
Victoria Maloney:
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 Thank you for all of your hard work to help all of us to save money💰
How do you do this, seems like hard work, time consuming, but tyvm
Enes Özdemir
Enes Özdemir:
guys im gonna buy a new laptop from amazon i just wonder there is gonna be more deals in 18 hours or that's all of the deals
You have the best deals on all the stuff I am wanting this year. Thanks for sharing such great deals. Blessings to you and your family on this thanksgiving 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼
fudge I already bought an ipad at walmart for $300! Should've went on best buy
Thank you brother!
Ellen Cox
Ellen Cox:
Wow, I'm pretty sure you have an oxygen bar in your home. Awesome video bud, checked a bunch of deals for me! Great job as always Matt! 🤗💙
Really good video, thank you :) So i really want a monitor with 27 inches and 4k resolution, do you think there will be some good deals on Monday?
Elite Ninja
Elite Ninja:
Can you do a video for best affordable gaming TVs for ps5?
B French
B French:
Happy Thanksgiving! When I tried to text your 440 ph# I got a message back from my carrier that said this is not a valid number.
Yudi Ya
Yudi Ya:
can we get a video on some nice budget lightweight laptops (looking for 4lbs and under)
Ellen Cox
Ellen Cox:
So on top of everything in the video, I hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving, your family photo is awesome. You have a beautiful family!
A Washington
A Washington:
Great Great. I been waiting on a drop in price for a digital thermometer.
Queen Of the castle
Queen Of the castle:
Omg Fr tho Yesterday I kept trying to buy the series 3 Apple Watch from Walmart and in less then 5 mins it was out of stock 3 times 💀
The Heart Of A Villain
The Heart Of A Villain:
The Title mentions updated hourly.... are you doing that via the comments? Just adding new info in comments?
suppa sandwich
suppa sandwich:
This guy would fit in perfectly on the home shopping network. Seems very cable.
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis:
Congrats you made a million subs!!!!
Abduala Amad
Abduala Amad:
Loves this guys enthusiasm!!!
Glenn Milligan
Glenn Milligan:
Your code for the MPOW airpods did not work! Bought them anyway, though.
Rosemary Lizon
Rosemary Lizon:
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
Darlene Hughes
Darlene Hughes:
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...Blessings from Massachusetts...Thank you for all you do !!!!!
Southern Living Garden by MamaBear
Southern Living Garden by MamaBear:
Love your show! Best entertainment on you tube!
Luci N
Luci N:
Love how you have a boba tea 🧋 😄
The link to the MPOW Airpods is to some toilet attachment lol!!
Southern Living Garden by MamaBear
Southern Living Garden by MamaBear:
The AirPods code doesn’t work 😭
i’m surprised you didnt cover the beats studio 3 wireless at target, theyre half off rn
Don Jackson
Don Jackson:
Waiting for ps5 updates!
I tried to use the MPOW coupon code last night but it was expired. Can you help?
Man Tran
Man Tran:
The code for MPOW AirPods MPOWM927 is said invalid when I tried to apply at check out.
Mandy Kohlfeld
Mandy Kohlfeld:
I can’t get the code MPOWM927 for the earbuds on Amazon. Please help! Thank you
You must have broken a record for the most words per minute!

What was in your bubble-tea ... how many dozen did you drink prior to recording this.
CrystalLeigh 864
CrystalLeigh 864:
I freaking LOVE your personality!!!! Congrats on 1 million. I can tell you work very hard. 🙌🙌🙌🙌😊
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson:
Thank you