Top 4 Is GONE!! | West Ham 2-1 Tottenham [INSTANT MATCH REACTION]

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Klat Er
Klat Er:
Moment Dier and Sanchez were on the teamsheet, we all knew where it was going
DSD Xtreme
DSD Xtreme:
COYI ⚒⚒⚒⚒
Man red
Man red:
"I chose the number 14 shirt because I was twice as good as Ronaldo"
Jesse Lingard
Ongeziwe OB-August
Ongeziwe OB-August:
Eric Dier is the most useless player I've ever seen.
800 pages of how we were going to bury West Ham this weekend, where are all those posters now. Hilarious
M Joshua Gill
M Joshua Gill:
Bales back. He needs to start from now on. He absolutely took control of that second half
Justin Finch
Justin Finch:
1. Top 4 would always be exceeding expectations with that back line. To dare is to do, should have gone all in for Skriniar.
2. JM should go back to playing gun ho football and start playing to the strengths of the team. Can’t rely on this defence.
3. Everything about Europa now.
4. Bale will have an important second half of the season.
Sam Chislett
Sam Chislett:
Mourinho is not the problem the defence is a shambles and have been for 3 years. This is down to Levy not going out and getting a quality CB. ENIC OUT
I thought Spurs played well for a mid-table team
Ondra Knězek
Ondra Knězek:
Dier and Sanchez are our Smalling and Jones 😔 I wish Ledley King could play today
daniel earl
daniel earl:
Second half was so good , mourinho actually played to our strengths which was our attack but we need to play roden and Toby because dier will always let us down
n b
n b:
"We created the better chances"

Except the chances that mattered. IRONS!
Tom Mc Tigue
Tom Mc Tigue:
“Bale best player on the park” didn’t score though. Hahahah
Mammal A
Mammal A:
😂 i love watching other fans channels. You keep saying about all your chances but we both had 4 on target only difference is we put 2 away. Most of your other chances seemed like forced wild shots from distance because of how good we are defensivly. We didnt need to throw people forward having wild shots as it only took a couple of mins early in each half to score. Dont get me wrong it is new as a west ham fan to have so much faith in our defense, but even when bale started showing his quality and u started playing better i felt complety comfortable with our lead and not in any great danger.
Dier shouting at Tanganga for the goal and shouting at other players for mistakes is hilarious. Dier is absolute bollocks
Red Rebel
Red Rebel:
Bottom 4 still up for grabs though!
“The rest of the Premier League are fearing us...” lol errr okkkkkk COYI ⚒⚒⚒
liam Gulliver
liam Gulliver:
Well said dumb and dumber ! That’s what happens when you don’t sign a world class CB. Sanchez and Dier are average at best and that’s why we are 9th it’s a disgrace
Sell the defense keep Jose
Thomas Neal
Thomas Neal:
We’re did you get these two from? FFS
Nick Fenn
Nick Fenn:
Tan Ganga was the best defender in the first half, reguilon looked good going forward but made 3 stupid fouls and looked like he might get a red. Doherty was shocking last 20 minutes when we really needed a goal
Essex Andy
Essex Andy:
I Love watching this shit at times as it's Comedy Gold so many times keep it up
youdo onedoes
youdo onedoes:
Gentlemen, this back-terrace look is COLD. Also, you might want to polish your camera-cues. Otherwise, nice one: but there you are, we won.
rey tanaka
rey tanaka:
We should just be playing rodon and alderweireld instead of sanchez and dier because they are shocking
Football Historian
Football Historian:
I mean, how could Jose Mourinho possibly be asked to compete with no world class signings? Moyes got Craig Dawson!
5:58 He says, "What's annoying with me" but there are countless things ⚒
Larry Flewers
Larry Flewers:
As a West Ham supporter I will admit Bale was immense when he came on .
U didn’t give us 2 goals we earned our goals. You didn’t do enough to score at the end of the day.
Top 4?????? Are you guys serious! We need defenders to finish in the top 4.
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas:
Ondra Knězek
Ondra Knězek:
Harry could've got 2 assists and messed it up both times, but I'm not blaming him. Non existent defense, unlucky in offense.
Kevin Salisbury
Kevin Salisbury:
Get rid of dier and sanchez soooo bad the pair of them. Mourinho must be on thin ice now 😔
Might have to go back to park the bus, because i aint seeing us winning since we started playing football...
billy roe
billy roe:
When you play a top 4 team you have to take you’re chances.⚒
I am grateful to God for these two 🙏 So entertaining, without actually realising it ⚒
Rich Tagg
Rich Tagg:
You seem to of been watching a different game to everyone. Spurs were only good for the last 20 minutes. The rest of the match West Ham were much better.
Jocasta Nu
Jocasta Nu:
Dier must be Jose’s love child, I see no reason why he always starts.
Joel Hammer
Joel Hammer:
At least being midtable we might get rid of the insufferable plastics the amazon propaganda piece brought with it🙄
José Coelho
José Coelho:
2 goals very difficult to accept! Today we paid a lot this defensive mistakes because we played good football and created a lot of chances! Can t blame José for recent results and games seriously! COYS
You all forgot about Ledley King, the man responsible for defense training) For CB training 😂 good man good man 👏
Mourinho's choice to play Sanchez and Dier together at the back, that's his fault.
Savanah 19
Savanah 19:
Stop Consoling ur self, we did not play well at all. Very slow in passing. Second to every thing
Karthik Kamat
Karthik Kamat:
The whole defense was asleep for the second goal. Dont spare Lloris though, there's no way he should be beaten from thag angle. The defense is so bad he gets away with this stuff
Marc Noone
Marc Noone:
HAR HAR HAR HAR , you lost your cup final !
Daniella Stuart
Daniella Stuart:
for all you Possession Spurs only had 4 shoots on target the same as West Ham , West Ham were better in defense
Chris Mattravers
Chris Mattravers:
Great to see Bale hitting form!
Takiowns Poker
Takiowns Poker:
Mourinho needs to go back to the formation in the beginning of the season. Double pivot of Hojberg and Sissoko is absolutely necessary.
Last season watching spurs never putting myself through it again
Disco Stew
Disco Stew:
We need a new keeper , two new centre backs and a right back
👑👑👑BOARD OUT, ENIC OUT and bring back a Director of football ⚠️⚠️⚠️
Why not Toby and Rodon? Combining an older head with experience , young up and coming CB with good pace, might as well
It’s mourinhos fault for picking Sanchez and dier u clown sim
connor w
connor w:
Never want to see Sanchez play again.
Jhon Bateman
Jhon Bateman:
Hahaha n your own manager doing adverts showing off his 3 Premier league titles he won with us ouch hahaha
Ben Whittaker
Ben Whittaker:
For a average mid table side you played your best but you should be safe from the drop , however you were playing the top London club in 4th spot coyi 😜
Reilly Martin
Reilly Martin:
Send Sanchez back to ajax.
David Shea
David Shea:
Trying to enjoy Son and Kane playing in a Mourinho side is like trying to enjoy a beautiful dinner by shoving it up your arse
Dier and Sanchez need to hang up their boots I say it week in and week out
Do the players know the games don’t start at the 60’ minute mark??
Seamus Cares
Seamus Cares:
😂😂😂😂😂 lol
Soccer Media
Soccer Media:
Also we’re playing son like he is on form
brioche o'leary
brioche o'leary:
Imagine if Joe Lewis had gifted Jose a class centre half , or two... 20 plus years, 1 league cup... imagine if he had sold to abramovich all those years ago... what did Einstein say about the definition of insanity..
Tazit Dui
Tazit Dui:
I quit ,it's so hard to support spurs damn it!!!!
dave c
dave c:
Mou prob gave up on top 4 bc he's keep playing Dier n dirty sanchez in pl. He's saving toby for europa.
Thek keep using the phrase dumb & dumber... they are clearly used to hearing it ⚒
ghost judy
ghost judy:
We finished above Arsenal in 20/21 season. Amazon prime coming up...
Come on COYS....😂😂😂😂
The Zodiac
The Zodiac:
Remember when Tottenham fans were laughing at man United when they signed reguilon and bale 😂.
Jason Phillip
Jason Phillip:
Both exam had 4 shots on target. Spurs fans clueless
Arthur Hayes
Arthur Hayes:
Lamela was our best player till carted off what game were u watching
Mohammad Sopian Abdul Rahman
Mohammad Sopian Abdul Rahman:
Knew it long time ago....
jack day
jack day:
The save from lloris was a reaction save, not much you can do it’s point blank, defence was just poor
Paul Sheehan
Paul Sheehan:
The best 2 players on the pitch were both on loan.
Mind the gap ladss ⚒
Martin Osborne
Martin Osborne:
I had no idea west ham have won so many cup finals😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒
Atsiz The Iron
Atsiz The Iron:
Ahahaha cry some more 😂😂😂
Paul Sheehan
Paul Sheehan:
That ref was extremely card happy

Did 3 spurs end of the 1st half and 3 West ham the start of the 2nd

Thought he was going send someone off.
Bradley Taylor
Bradley Taylor:
Bro JM picked the team.
Joe Williams
Joe Williams:
Sim spot on. Can’t blame mou for that, hopefully 2 new cb’s coming in summer and ship some out. We cannot sack Jose if we do we’re gonna have to start this process all over again
Big pants
Big pants:
Is that how we bounce back? The Hammers can score and equalize in N17 but we can't do it at their ground. Looks grim.
D C:
Levy must be pulling out his hair. £30M if you want to get shot of Mou 🤣🤣🤣
Yayin Ackerman
Yayin Ackerman:
In this type of game you need speculative strike from outside the box
Shoot from outside and make chaos in opponent's box
Cross not gonna work againts opponent whit 4 giant center halfs in low block
Patrick Neylon
Patrick Neylon:
This s**t is on Levy... He's caused this entire s**t show.. And that's exactly what this is.. A pure and utter s**t show. #Enicout
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed:
I t was not a spill from lioris you dont talk positive
Sam Mole
Sam Mole:
How can you guys have no blame for mourinho when he's the one picking the same players week in week out that keep making these individual errors. Deluded mentality
Anthony Hall
Anthony Hall:
Never mind, always next season 🤓⚒⚒⚒
David Morris
David Morris:
4 on target both teams and you lot 14 off target hahaha
With Aurier and Reguilon back and Bale looking good we should really do better next game. It all rides on the CB pairing
Gary Teeley
Gary Teeley:
West Hsm should of been out of sight 1st half....
day feed
day feed:
F*ck it. just play Rodon and Tanganga next game
Frank eBoy
Frank eBoy:
R J:
Savanah 19
Savanah 19:
Every game almost a different back line how do you expect the team to be solid. Very poor performance. Imagine son playing in midfield at teams. Very very disappointing.
Dan Painter
Dan Painter:
Mourinho selected the team. When you're making early changes at half time, to me it shows you got it wrong. He does it all the time.
Sherwood Déjà Vu
Sherwood Déjà Vu:
I did say Dier should’ve been put in prison after the Norwich game. You all laughed at me, you’re not laughing now are you?
Jc Cortes
Jc Cortes:
Micky mouse team bro!!! Lol
I couldn't give shit where we finish in the league I just want a trophy this season
Alun Wall
Alun Wall:
How Dier plays for England i just don t know.
jase h
jase h:
100pc jose fault.bale n ali superb midweek n still don't start.when u keep chopping n changing n messing with players heads n confidence ul never get the best out of them.
What do you expect, Spurs are a small club and their position in the league proves that. Bale is class
I know that Mourinho is going to cop a lot of stick for this performance, but my god our back line is shocking. This squad should have been refreshed while Poch was here, and it showed in his last 1.5 seasons. Apart from Reguilon the back line is the same (with Doherty being in and out and largely dogshit). Some of these players are just part of the furniture nowadays and are way too comfortable. I am so tired of seeing Erik Lamela run around but with no end product. 166 games played, 16 goals. Mason Mount at Chelsea has 11 already out of 60. Moura is a squad player, Dier and Sanchez are no where near a top 4 pairing. I play sunday beer league and I have a better touch and pass than Sissoko. So many players just there to be there and not on merits. In my opinion, this is Levy's doing and if he has any passion or desire to finish top 4 next season and fill the cabinet he's going to need to do something otherwise Kane and Son are gone and we're proper fucked.