Top Finishes: Rose Namajunas

The former strawweight champion looks to recapture her belt at UFC 261 in her co-main event matchup with Zhang Weili. Check out a collection of knockouts and submissions from Rose Namajunas UFC career, including the memorable knockout that won her the championship against Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC 217 in 2017.

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100+ comentarios:

D Krappenschitz
D Krappenschitz:
Not a single unnecessary follow up shot.
Not even half a second does she hold a submission too long after the tap.
She's class
Dinesh Singh
Dinesh Singh:
Her striking got way better earlier she use to rely on her jiu jitsu to win but now her striking is like poetry
Agostinho Barone
Agostinho Barone:
Shaved head Namajunas = Thug Rose level 999
Liquid Snowy
Liquid Snowy:
Never forget Rose made Joanna tap to strikes lmao
David S
David S:
She's so passionate. Goes from roaring victoriously to gently hugging her opponent to bawling her eyes out in 10 seconds flat. I love it.
TigerBomb MMA
TigerBomb MMA:
Rose has improved tremendously since her Invicta days and even back then she was pulling off flying armbars on girls
Ken Gold
Ken Gold:
Rose is my favourite female fighter hope she can beat weili but going to be a tough one. Can’t wait for it
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard:
Now you can add Zhang Weili. Possibly one of the greatest knockouts ever.
Didn't even imagine she could finish Zhang so easily!
Tengku Syafiq
Tengku Syafiq:
Rose gonna shocked the world this weekend when she beat weili.. Thug rose 🌹💪
Irish Technical Thinker
Irish Technical Thinker:
Just saying the Lord's prayer.
Tal Moore
Tal Moore:
Rose looks like a sweet, little, precious flower on the outside. If she was just some stranger on the street you'd never know she could probably kill you with her bare hands.
konstantinos psa
konstantinos psa:
"You know she is committed.You don't just shave your head if you're not commited"

-Grandmaster of Mexican Martial Arts
Ali Jasim Food Review
Ali Jasim Food Review:
DC: Thug Rose X100
Mario Cervantes
Mario Cervantes:
I freaking love Rose, her attitude, her skills, she doesn’t talk smack. She just handles business.
Marcus Donaldson
Marcus Donaldson:
Shaved head Thug Rose reminds me of a silent child-like assassin you would see in a dystopian movie.
Tyro Cyr
Tyro Cyr:
“THUG ROSE NAMAJUNAS” gets me every time 🌹🏆
taaj howell
taaj howell:
This fight will legit be between the two best straweights in the world.
Luie M
Luie M:
shes that one girl in elementary with this same haircut that kicked our asses for making fun of it.
Gabriel Hogan
Gabriel Hogan:
0:50 the scream made me laugh man 😂
Rose is always caught off guard by her wins,
Michael Flores
Michael Flores:
I love that Rose sometimes releases her emotions and cries upon winning a bout or championship. It seems to show what was endured leading up to the competition, and her sentiments are true and honest. 😍
Rose Namajunas is inspiring. And such a nice, humble young lady, and with a great Louisiana boy.
Tzar Leonardi
Tzar Leonardi:
That Hill one was dramatic, the way she melted and grasped at invisible straws
matt helton
matt helton:
Can we just acknowledge the ref saying "come on ladies, let's work, as they are in the middle of a scramble, and rose is working in a kimora
Jesiel Medina
Jesiel Medina:
The more compassive Rose looks the stronger the opponent she beats. That is pure Greatness.
Ариан Назаров
Ариан Назаров:
God, she is just so gorgeous 😍 It's definitely that Lithuanian heritage.
Today she added another one to this list.😅
vic 1964
vic 1964:
I love her she does not talk crap just gets it done
I started a Pat Barry fan, bc he's a silly dude. But then Rose started to step out of his shadow as a fighter. She such a great champ and a true martial artist.
That head kick on Saturday was outfuckingstanding.
johny k
johny k:
Beating Zhang was beautiful 😘😘
Idk why but her wins brings tears to my eyes like a father watching their daughter win!! Great champion
Gabby Hayes
Gabby Hayes:
She's a killer man. A very sweet and humble killer.
Mark Robbins
Mark Robbins:
Get your belt back Rose!
Corrie Leyland
Corrie Leyland:
4:44 The speed and precision of those photographers switching cameras
Esquire Esquire
Esquire Esquire:
Thug rose is poetry in motion. I am not going to lie I jumped in the air after that kick to end the fight.
She did it again too! KO'd Zhang Weili in 1st rd w head kick. Rose is America's favorite daughter!
Man I forgot how many finishes she has
J Omega
J Omega:
Rose is the most talented WMMA fighter I've ever seen. I don't care about W/L record you could tell she was special when she debuted.
Susan Kenny
Susan Kenny:
All about submission with our Rose but jesus she's just the best especially after her last fight 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Elizabete Marques
Elizabete Marques:
Rose the best!!! Linda, maravilhosa, humilde, determinada, GUERREIRA INCANSÁVEL!!! Parabéns bênçãos!🙏🥰⚘💖🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Ralph Onyx
Ralph Onyx:
I love how this is immediately out of date :D
David Kim
David Kim:
her sportsmanship is on another level
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle:
So clean. And a thoroughly good human being, by all accounts.
Wolf Dad
Wolf Dad:
I like how she hugs them from behind and then from in front.
Alexander Guzovsky
Alexander Guzovsky:
Женский ММА это жесть какаета им другим заниматься надо бы ! Дом, уют,дети,очаг.
Michael Leitner
Michael Leitner:
A: "you want a rose from me?"
B: "yeah for sure!"
A: **choke you to knockout**
Burt Moore
Burt Moore:
Watching her skill set improving each and every time we get to see her fight is amazing l
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
Hell of a way to make a living 😉
Rose winning that belt for the first time is still the most satisfying title win I’ve seen it always makes me tear lol
B B:
Love Rose!
John Matrix
John Matrix:
Add Weili Zhang to that highlight real!
rob banks
rob banks:
Love Rose, she is a noble WARRIOR!!!! 😃👍♥️
probably only girl who hasnt lost her charm to become real assasin. She is something special!
Basil Webb
Basil Webb:
The first fight I was so happy rose beat the breaks off of her for all the mouth.and ended up getting sand bagged LMBO.
The Fatty McGee
The Fatty McGee:
Bruh i loled this whole video. Rose is a national treasure.
Gilbert Batistil
Gilbert Batistil:
I'm inlove with Rose😍🥰 such a classy fighter! A big respect to Thug Rose, truly owns a heart of a champion...
Adriana Montaño Suarez
Adriana Montaño Suarez:
Rose the best for ever
Joe Santana
Joe Santana:
Yo that season was stacked nothing but vets rn !!! THUGGGGGG 🌹
M Chaney
M Chaney:
she can literally go toe to toe with anyone in the division on aspect of the game. she is the champ for a reason. She's effin lethal man.
Logic Wizard
Logic Wizard:
Love Rose
Dude her RNC's are so fucking good, by far my favorite fighter right now
richard mc awesome
richard mc awesome:
Holy crap this women is an amazing athlete!!!
kerwin Cyrex
kerwin Cyrex:
Really Love Her.
Her style
her personality
her ALL PACKAGE fighting skill's
and also her beauty inside and out
kerwin Cyrex
kerwin Cyrex:
Really Love Her.
Her style
her personality
her ALL PACKAGE fighting skill's
and also her beauty inside and out
Teiwaz The Warrior God
Teiwaz The Warrior God:
This woman is the staple of sportsmanship!! All class and confidence!
Fuhe Yu
Fuhe Yu:
I love her sense of sportsmanship.
Matt Guidry
Matt Guidry:
Always knewThug Rose was going to be a great fighter since Ultimate Fighter calm and quick pure Beast
Roses story is amazing im so glad she's been able to do what she's doing in the ufc!
Jer-rod Jones Jr.
Jer-rod Jones Jr.:
The 2 guys changing cameras in the last fight was on point with the knockdown 🤣
Nancy M
Nancy M:
You keep goin' girl. Dontchu stop anytime soon.
Kay Kbiibi
Kay Kbiibi:
She's SOOOOO pretty this spot is well deserved...
Martyn Payne
Martyn Payne:
Thug 🌹
Thug 🌹
Repeat Ad Infinitum
Kenny Silva
Kenny Silva:
Qué genial ver su evolución en todo aspecto. Me hace sentir orgulloso, como si yo hubiera tenido algo que ver 😂. Pero creo que es porque nos identificamos con ella. Una gran campeona.
diego escobar
diego escobar:
One of my favorites fighters in the soport, a excelent martial artist and a humble person, Love you rose
I love her sportsmanship. Great fighter.
Jill Zitka
Jill Zitka:
it makes me really happy to see her hug her opponents it makes me happy seeing respect between fighters
Rose is a star
Jonathan Sloan
Jonathan Sloan:
Yer thug rose 🌹 💯🇦🇺
nUk3M -
nUk3M -:
Rose is such a super hero fighter 🤘
kuya chris
kuya chris:
3:54 realized she is the main character
Damn she can add another to the resume with her win over weili
James Martin
James Martin:
Wow I got chills.big fan Rose 🌹
Norman LaddleSchnitzel
Norman LaddleSchnitzel:
This needs re-edited to include her best so far. The Weili knockout.
This girl is fire🌹🌹🎯👆👌👏👍🏁🏁so so happy she is the champion guys. Much deserved. Amazing
Jay R.
Jay R.:
This vid needs an update 😆
Trashy trash Hey
Trashy trash Hey:
"I have a single leg"
"No, I have a single leg"
Hip Hop
Hip Hop:
God Speed Gurl
Brought a tear..
Rikudou Sennin
Rikudou Sennin:
Her celebrations are top notch😂😂😂
Jay C
Jay C:
What a boss, one of my favourite fighters
Ripper Roo
Ripper Roo:
So humble 💜
Such a determined fighter and great instincts her
wow high level !!!
this need to be updated ASAP after that kick to the head of Weili!
Rose Namajunas. My favourite UFC fighter by a mile. No shit talk, Pure class. Peace be with you Rose 🙏
NyK NyCE Productions
NyK NyCE Productions:
Very respecting of her opponents. Never delivers more damage than neccesary. Im a fan.
When Rose is on the card, we watch!
Holy shit that Hill rear naked choke was badass!!!