Toronto Raptors & Denver Nuggets Trading For Jame Harden If THIS Happens! TONS Of Players Involved!

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James Harden demanded a trade weeks ago and things are ugly for the Houston Rockets. A report came out that the Toronto Raptors and Denver Nuggets are interested in being part of a Harden trade. This video explains it all, and the roles players like Pascal Siakam and Michael Porter Jr. would play in a potential deal.

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71 comentarios:

Jason Scarlett
Jason Scarlett:
Just found your Channel and it's amazing!🌟 You really know stuff 👊 I think Toronto has a great team they already have superstars just sitting on the bench like Malachi Flynn I hope they don't overlook him😏I think he might be the one to give the team the spark 💫 they need...
Lorraine Medina
Lorraine Medina:
MPJ ain’t going anywhere! This 3 team deal makes no sense for Denver.
Zed A
Zed A:
Raptors need offensive power, harden is pure offence. He will benefit raptors the most. Everyone from raps can shoot a 3 and defend, they need a go to guy
lance Pager
lance Pager:
don't do clickbait title bruh
Jay Lab
Jay Lab:
When I clicked this vid I was thinking it should involve my nugs so im glad you did. however, i dont think nugs will think siakim is enough for mpj. also i see zero chance of hampton starting this season, maybe pj dozier
Mickey Bylsma
Mickey Bylsma:
Idk why Denver would trade its second leading score in mpj and after all the time and work they put into him to give him up?? Then to start a rookie over him none the less nah man. In reality we need milsap gone. But three players and 2 first round picks wouldn’t be good at all for us
Good content
Diamond Rattler
Diamond Rattler:
HAHA! No way the Nuggets make that trade
EhCanadianGuy27 COD
EhCanadianGuy27 COD:
Dam I rly feel for Houston
John Dee's notebook
John Dee's notebook:
You drunk think Nuggets would give Harris, MPJ and 2 first rounders for Siakam? LMFAO
Raymond Henry
Raymond Henry:
I welcome the trade if it can happen
Starboy with a big ploy416
Starboy with a big ploy416:
Either trade for Harden or return Derozen into the fold. Masai cannot stand pat, a move must be done!
josh wall
josh wall:
Your trade values seem a little off. I understand that making the salaries work is important but I think there are other players on the table. In a multi team deal I think Toronto wants to come up with help other than Harden. I see Toronto putting Siakam and an aging Lowry in return for Harden and Barton from the nuggets. Houston would get porter, Harris, and picks. This gives Toronto a starting lineup with Barton at the three. The nuggets go to a big 4. And the rockets get 2 young pieces and picks
Stoney Neff
Stoney Neff:
The Nuggets are not trading MPJ
No way the Nuggets are trading MPJ for Al Harrington 2.0
BlxckGxd IAmGod
BlxckGxd IAmGod:
When clearly someone wants Denver to win.
Gang time
Gang time:
Massi needs to pair harden with siakam siakam is a elite number 2 best number 2 AD is 1A talent 1B guy
Trap God
Trap God:
Trade Harden and C. Wood to the warriors
Leonard Davis
Leonard Davis:
Somebody is going to take a flyer on Harden. If he will play solid for you for 3 more years, that could be a steal. Plus I agree it will need to be a 3 team trade.
Tu Tran
Tu Tran:
Hey Troy, can you be a Lạkers fan and despise Lebron?? Asking for a friend...
The executives from these three teams need to see your video : )
dominic valdez
dominic valdez:
The sg spot would be pj not rj
That trade makes absolutely no sense for the Nuggets. They want to get rid of Garry Harris and Will Barton. Pretty sure MPJ is off the table.
Raymond Crisostomo
Raymond Crisostomo:
Ujiri always have his As when trading. Hope this is true.
I'm a raps fan, and I like this trade for all 3 teams. Although, as you pointed out, the raps would be very thin on the wing after this, because they are already. Plus, it feels a but early to give up on pascal but if things keep trending down it'll be too late so now might be the time. I like pascal as a 2nd or third option playing behind a star because he's very good at seizing opportunities in the offense but not leading it. He'd replace jerami grant in the lineup for Denver. For Houston, it's alright, they get some good young players and picks that they could build with.
How does this solve denver's problems. They need a 3nD wing over 6'6" not another power forward, and one that is only arguably better than mpj. Terrible trade for denver.
Mpj is untouchable and doing this trade doesn’t upgrade the 2 spot for denver
Loki Boy
Loki Boy:
Denver would get robbed in this trade... Nuggets fans say [email protected] NO! 👎
No matter how u look at it Harden is not gonna fit in Nuggets line up and his iso play style does not fit Nuggets
Fundings GT
Fundings GT:
Why would the nuggets give up MPJ. Gary Harris, Zeke Nnaji, and 2 first round picks for Pascal siakam and Patrickmccaw
Landin Miyake
Landin Miyake:
This may be the dumbest video I’ve ever seen. It didn’t start that way. It was doing alright but then he said ‘success’ and showed probably the worst trade that any has ever thought could happen. Denver giving two starters 2 first rounds picks a just drafted first rounder for a C tier player. I guess when you only have one brain cell you don’t run into much problems with that idea but..😂😂😂
brankovic brankoni
brankovic brankoni:
Nuggets to trade four players and two first round picks for overrated Pascal Siakam, take your medicine. Maybe Will Barton, Gary Harris, PJ Dozier and pick swap 2021 draft with Toronto for one year leasing Kyle Lowry.

Nuggets receive: Kyle Lowry.
Rockets receive: OG Anunoby, Will Barton, Gary Harris, PJ Dozier and 3 first round picks from Toronto.
Toronto receive: James Harden.

Trade machine -
CJ Rad
CJ Rad:
Warriors need James Harden and so do the Raptors.
Johnathan Park
Johnathan Park:
I hate clickbait!!
Jun Reg
Jun Reg:
Drama clickbait making money for easy way make your own content
Loki Boy
Loki Boy:
Denver is not trading MPJ... They are trying to trade Barton and Harris... Maybe Dozier and Faccu as well...
why would denver give up 2 firsts for siakam and michael porter jr. for Siakam? I love it as a raptors fan but that's way too much for siakam, especially how he's being exposed a bit in this past year
Local Chief
Local Chief:
We're Not Trading James Harden....Please Stop lol
So, this is my proposal for the Raptors they should trade Lowry and honour his service by trading him to a championship contender team. The best trade and a perfect fit for Lowry are the Clippers because it will reunite him with Ibaka and Leonard since they were teammates before and developing chemistry will be easy and natural. The reason for this is to give the opportunity to their younger players like Flynn and Davis to develop their game and see how they perform on the court. This is actually the perfect year to do that and start building for the future. Also, I want to see Thomas play more as well. Let's think about the future Raptors, not the present time. Plus, I think they will still make the playoffs without Lowry. I am excited about the future of this team. Also, this offseason they can sign an Allstar player to stay competitive. The way this team is constructed or the roster they have right now, they are not winning a championship any time soon. In other words, do not make a trade for James Harden and give time to your younger players to develop and improve. So, please make this happen Bobby Webster and Masai Ujuri.
Arman Hassan
Arman Hassan:
Why would the rockets want any of these?
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones:
That’s not the trade for the raps and if they did it VV would come off the bench.

That Raptors team with Harden is just a strange team make-up. It's Baynes and OG with Boucher off the bench, and then all guards.
Elliot Peacock
Elliot Peacock:
Harden and Tucker for Pascal and Lowry
Collin Adams
Collin Adams:
Harden is not coming to Toronto. Sorry folks but its not happening. It would be cool to have a superstar in TO tho.
James Eduard Nicolas
James Eduard Nicolas:
If this happens, the new team of James Harden will rot, and his new team mates will rot.. 😆😆😆
Buctee _2
Buctee _2:
This is trash for the raptors cuz it won't let you contend its trash pascal has to stay otherwise there's no point
Mohamed hassan
Mohamed hassan:
Raptors ain't giving up Matt Thomas. Rockets can take Terrence Davis instead.
Rjay L
Rjay L:
Get rid of siakam his so garbage
James Harden won't play for Toronto because he relies on refs to call fouls.
Stop the cap. Raptors did not mention locker room tensions
The real ones saw the old title
As a Raptors fan I don’t mind this trade. Denver would have a good chance to go to the finals, Rockets will have tons of assets and Raptors will have a star with a ton of good pieces around him.
Nate sports fanatic
Nate sports fanatic:
this is garbage
Jiles Stewart
Jiles Stewart:
I am a MPJ fan, but Pascal is a better wing defender and a better paint scorer. Also Gary Harris is not starting 2 guard material any longer and needs to be traded.
A.j. Gauthier
A.j. Gauthier:
I think James harden is gonna weaken raps defense abilities and he's so naturally good at ball that he won't fit into the hard work defense first mentality which will most likely cause him to act out in Toronto Aswell. Siakam is slowly turning his game around and picking up his 2018 2019 season numbers. Everyone is blowing up this "benched" situation like there's some beef with pascal and the raps lol. Not the case at all!
I like this.
Houston gains massively.
Denver improves, as MPJ is currently a locker room killer.
And Toronto needs this.
D Rose
D Rose:
Harden is worth it but I wanna see him stay with the rockets they look scary together!!
If the Nugs are involved, Masai is going to voodoo that deal into sending Harden to the Nugs while Raps get Jamal.
Mohammad Kased
Mohammad Kased:
No. Im a nuggets fan and I think that mpj is a way better offensive player than pascal and Gary harris is a way better defender than pascal. And you're saying trade both of them along with Zeke naji and cancar and 2 first round picks for him? Are you crazy? That GM would be fired instantly lmaooooo
These clickbate videos are disgusting. They cant even name a source where they getting their information because its NONE out there. Both of those teams dont have the pieces to facilitate a Harden trade.

The Rockets GM has been very clear that any trade for Harren would have to net the Rockets a Star player and a young piece with high ceiling plus a couple of 1st rd. picks.

The Nuggets and Raptors dont have those pieces. And their best assets is NOT what we want. We would have to get pieces like a Victor Oladipo, Cam Reddish, 3 first rd picks.

Thats a quality trade the Rockets would look at. But a Michael Porter Jr, Jamal Murray is not gonna cut it. That's trash, and does nothing for us.

Maybe a 4-team trade where we get back:

- Victory Oladipo
- Michael Beasley
- Cam Reddish
- 2 first rd picks

That's the type of package we looking for. Not these one-dimensional types with average skills. We need a bonafide SuperStar player like Oladipo. A 2nd star player like Beasley. And a young asset like Cam Reddish and 2 firsts.
EhCanadianGuy27 COD
EhCanadianGuy27 COD:
I like the Denver's lineup with Pascal that looks sexy
Cayden Sessler
Cayden Sessler:
If Harden goes to the Raptors imma go crazy Go Toronto 🖤❤
Harpo Marks
Harpo Marks:
Harden for Jamal Murray. Gary Harris is the best player on the nuggets anyway
Zakk Hedrick
Zakk Hedrick:
Why would Houston give up Harden for MPHJ and Gary Harris
Eric Finch
Eric Finch:
Knicks need get Porter
Agustin Carter
Agustin Carter:
He is 31 years old and it's time for him to move forward.... I like to see him end up Denver, Bucks, or Heat.
Emerson O
Emerson O:
The Rockets look scary on paper, but John Wall, Harden, Wood, and Cousins won’t mesh well together.
Dalton Farris
Dalton Farris:
No way denver gives up mpj or Murray.
Calvin Herrington
Calvin Herrington:
That trade is exactly what the Nuggets need. The Nuggets are the 2nd worst team defensively in basketball. Siakiam can guard forwards & some centers plus he proved to be a perfect 3rd offensive option on a championship team
Camden Martin
Camden Martin:
the raptors is not trading pascil, they would trade lowry if anything or vanvleet
Agustin Carter
Agustin Carter:
Raptors are still trash